Finding Chandra

A True Washington Murder Mystery

Scribner, May 11, 2010
Hardcover, 304 pages

"Washington's In Cold Blood, expertly and marvelously told by two of journalism's greatest investigative reporters."
-Bob Woodward, author of All the President's Men and The War Within.

In the fall of 2000, a young woman from an upper-middle-class California family left the West Coast for Washington, D.C. to begin an internship at the federal Bureau of Prisons. Chandra Ann Levy was not unlike the thousands of college and graduate students who arrive in Washington as interns each year. She wanted to leave the familiar surroundings of her home in the San Joaquin Valley and find her own way in the nation's epicenter of politics and power. Seven months after arriving in Washington, Chandra signed off her computer inside her Dupont Circle apartment on a warm spring day and went for a walk in her gym clothes. She was never heard from again.

Six years later, two investigative reporters revisited WashingtonÕs most famous unsolved murder...

Praise for Finding Chandra

"A remarkably detailed, straight-up exposé of bureaucratic incompetence and human folly, set against the alluring backdrop of Washington. It's an impressive feat of reporting and storytelling, full of the kind of plot elements that seem unbelievable and are made all the more engrossing because they're true."
—The New York Times Book Review

"Disturbing and unforgettable."
—People Magazine

"There's not a spare word or pointless sentence in Finding Chandra, a crisp retelling of the missing-intern mystery that consumed cable news in the summer of 2001. Even readers repelled by the endless coverage will consider the book an absorbing, sober account of Chandra Levy's sad story. It gives Levy her due as a human being, not as the object of endless breathless updates that often amounted to nothing.
—Miami Herald

"A triumph of investigative journalism."
—San Francisco Chronicle

"An exhaustive and authoritative account."
—Wall Street Journal

"A meticulous study of the case and the media circus surrounding it... Higham and Horwitz's compelling story brings hope that justice may finally come for Levys."
—Publisher's Weekly

"Fine reporting and behind-the-scenes drama; a must for true-crime fans."

"Essential for those interested in true crime mysteries or the world of Washington, DC, politics."
—Library Journal

"A well-reported, well-written chronicle of a botched criminal investigation and its disturbing aftermath."