В дороге – Евротур. Часть 2 (Краков, Освенцим, Вроцлав). Польша|Poland

Hello everyone from Paris! Just kidding. There is no sea in Paris. But then the sea is in Yalta, in Crimea. Love this place. Who are these guys that were just on the video? We met through the couchsurfing.com Couchsurfing is a global hospitality service. That is, users of the service can be found in almost any country in the world. For example, I have visited 34 countries. In 30 countries I met couchsurfing users. Couchsurfing is very useful for people who travelling. For example, if you come to a new city for yourself, then who better than the locals will be able to show it around? Show the best attractions, reveal the secret where the most delicious food. Through couchsurfing you can find people for walks or excursions. You can have coffee together during breakfast or vice versa, go to a pub for a beer in the evening! Also in couchsurfing you can find people who can host you for night. And it’s all free! Even then, it is not necessary to host someone in your house. Why do people enjoy couchsurfing? Because travelers can get a free tour, an overnight stay and find a company for a walk. Why hosting people? First, to help other people. For practice in foreign languages. To learn something new about the world, because pet travelers always have many interesting stories. Fourth, so as not to be bored. Why not meet the man who traveled half the world? Or just with some kind of person. Each user has a couchsurfing profile. There you can know what languages a person speaks, what countries he has visited, what books he reads and what films he watches. For the safety of users there is a feedback system. Reviews can be left after each user meeting. Reviews cannot be deleted. Also, couchsurfing is checked by a document, phone number and address. Couchsurfing is a free service, but you can pay for use it. This increases the credibility of other users. Under this video I will leave a link to couchsurfing. Follow the link and register! Travel and host! Travel and be hospitable! And now about the prices in Poland. Cracow sausage costs about three dollars per kilogram. A package of Camembert cheese 125 grams costs about $ 1. Ballantynes whiskey costs about $ 12. And the local Zubrovka vodka is $ 5. French wine can be bought from $ 3.5 per bottle. The currency in Poland is zloty. One dollar – 3.88 zlotys, One euro – 4.26



And in Poland they take care of the homeless.
zlotys. So multiply and get prices! And in Poland they take care of the homeless. Walking around the city in the evening, I saw a lot of people in one of the squares. They distributed food for all those in need. Evening. Had a dinner, walked around and sat on a bench in the center of Krakow. A saxophone is playing nearby. Heat, I didn’t even fasten my jacket. It is visible to the moon. Very good and sincere. I think about what I liked here. I would like to come back here. And then I caught myself thinking that there were already so many places in which I was going to return, but did not return. Today is my last evening in Krakow. I don’t know if I will ever be here again or not. And the next morning I bought a bus ticket to Auschwitz. A place, getting into which, I do not want to talk. Approaching it, it dries up in the throat, And language sticks in the sky and is not capable of creating a single word. Auschwitz is a death camp in which millions of people have been executed. According to various sources, from one and a half to four million people. Auschwitz is a place where experiments and experiments on people were practiced. It studied the effects of chemicals and tested pharmaceuticals. Prisoners were artificially infected with malaria, hepatitis and other dangerous diseases as an experiment. And Nazi doctors practiced surgical operations on healthy people. Auschwitz is the place where many prisoners went to the wire. That is, they committed suicide by touching a barbed wire under high voltage. Auschwitz is the place where millions of people flew into the chimney! That is, they were burned in the crematorium. Auschwitz is a place where newborn children were immediately killed by drowning them in a metal barrel. Auschwitz is the place of the most mass extermination of people in the history of mankind. Auschwitz is a tragedy that must never happen again! Last night, sitting under the city hall, I thought it would be great to return to Krakow again. And voila, not a single bus in the direction I need. Therefore, I return to Krakow, spend the night there and continue the journey tomorrow. I’m going to Wroclaw! I leave at 5:50 in the morning. It’s dark, but it’s good that there are lights. Already see the bus station. And on the way, I thought about the Auschwitz concentration camp. I could not believe that this could happen, more recently. And then I decided that the only thing that can be done now is to continue to live, and try to make the world a little bit better. The Centennial Hall is the first of its kind in the sports hall, made entirely of reinforced concrete and without any decorations. Built in 1913. Unesco World Heritage Site. He slept only a couple of hours a night and one hour on the bus. I feel a little sleepy. Just arrived in Wroclaw, and here it is cool, about 8 degrees. Therefore, I don’t feel like sleeping anymore. Europe has several major bus companies. One of the cheapest buses is Flixbus. At least when traveling in Poland, it’s profitable. Moreover, the buses are very comfortable, with a toilet and Wi-Fi. It is better to buy a ticket in advance through the website or mobile application. When I bought a ticket at the box office at the station, they took a commission from me – 5 zl. Today I will buy a ticket through the site, it should be more profitable. My tram has arrived!

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  1. Excellent video Oleg, great to see you developing so much, loved the interviews, and of course Oleg time!! Looking forward to part 3!!!!!

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