☹ Use God’s treatment for DEPRESSION! (Christian mental health)

Hey it’s Rachel today on Crack Your Bible I am going to be answering a subscriber question today. Now I received this
question as an email, so I’m not going to give away the name because I was not
given the go-ahead for using this person’s name, but it is a guy and he
wanted me to talk about Christians with depression. Now whenever you start
talking about mental health, you are going to have people that stigmatize
mental health as like “don’t talk about this” or “oh you should be kind of ashamed, oh don’t talk about going to therapy or taking medication or anything
like that.” Or there’s even some people out there that will say like “oh if
you’re going to a psychiatrist or a psychologist or therapy or you’re taking
antidepressants, you’re not trusting in God. You’re not putting your faith in God.”
And I think that is absolute nonsense, because here’s the deal – now not
everything that you go through is depression. Not everything is a full fledged mental health issue. Sometimes you just have sad feelings, but when they
persist over time and they’re not stopping – yeah you should definitely go
see someone. Go see a therapist! I know that at a lot of universities in the United
States, going to see a therapist is in your tuition – it’s part of your health
services fees and Christians should not be afraid or embarrassed to use these
services. I think that the fact that there’s a stigma around mental health or
even seeking help for mental health, it contributes to there being a
problem for getting help because people are ashamed and they don’t need to be. If
you have a cold or if you have a flu, of course you’re going to take cough drops
and all sorts of stuff. People have no problem self-medicating. Or if they have
something more serious, like they’re feeling pain in their body or they’re
coughing up blood – of course they’re going to go see a doctor! So if you have
some sort of mental health issue, why wouldn’t you go see a doctor? Christians
are still susceptible to the things of this world. We’re still human beings. We
still live in a fallen world. There’s many causes to depression and Christians aren’t immune to being lonely, or feeling sad, or feeling dejected or upset, or
anything like that. Just because you have those feelings doesn’t mean that
you’re not trusting in God or that you’re somehow not a “true Christian,” or
that you’re not actually believing in God, or that you don’t have faith – these
are just part of living in a fallen world. I think it’s important that
before you decide that you’re going to get on some sort of regimen, if you are
going to be taking medication, I think you need to get to the root causes. Are
you lonely? Do you need to put yourself out there where you’re meeting people, so
you’re not cooped up all alone, and you don’t have anybody to talk with? I mean
even God says (Genesis 2:18 on screen) “it’s not good for man to be alone.” You should have a partner you
should have friends and people that you converse with in real life, not just on
the internet, so that you can have kind of that community around you, so that you can (Galatians 6:2-5 on screen) carry each other’s burdens. That’s why we’re supposed to fellowship with
each other. It kind of takes the burden of just life off of you, and
Christians aren’t immune to that. So if you’re feeling lonely, maybe that’s where
some of these feelings are coming from. Let’s get to the root cause of that! Or
you know, diet plays a big part in things. If you’re not eating the best foods –
that’s going to affect (Proverbs 25:16 on screen) your mental faculties. Maybe you need to change up what you’re eating. If you’re not getting enough sleep – Christians are not immune to sleep deprivation and the problems that come with it! Yeah, you’ll feel
off-kilter if you’re not getting enough rest and you need to you need to look
into all these things. Christians are not immune to them just because we’re
Christians. Of course you’re going to be susceptible to these things – we live in a
fallen world. We are human beings! So I think it’s really important to talk
about your feelings. Are you feeling bad? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling
lonely? Are you feeling anxious? Address those problems! Recognize the
problems and address them. If you need to go to a professional for help, (Matthew 9:12 on screen) go do it. There’s nothing unchristian with going to see a physician. There’s
nothing unchristian with taking medication. There’s no there’s nothing
unchristian about seeing a therapist or talking through your problems or
anything like that. But there’s nothing in the Bible that says that.
God works through physicians. Luke, who wrote the book of Luke, was a physician.
He was a doctor! God works through trained doctors. It’s not like “oh you’re
not allowed to use anything and you just have to trust on God.” I mean, I eat food
I’m not trusting on God to just feed me from the Sun, like some of these people –
like these crazy people out that that are like “oh I only get my nutrition from
the Sun.” No! But is the fact that I eat food or I drink water proof that I’m not
trusting God to provide all my needs? No! But I know that He’s providing
the food that I receive. If I go to a doctor, I understand that God has
provided the tools to make this science known to these people, where I live in a
time where I have access to this stuff. God can work through doctors, so I don’t want anybody to feel ashamed if they have to go to a
therapist. I don’t want anybody to feel ashamed if they have to take medication,
if they have to have somebody that they talk to on a regular basis. But I also
want Christians to be wise. I want Christians to use discernment. Try
to find what the root causes are. Are you sad? Are you anxious? Are you lonely? Seek
out whatever you need to fix those issues are, because God does not have a
problem with that. God doesn’t have a problem with you going to a doctor. If
you are sick with a stomach virus or ulcers or something like that, you would
go to a doctor. If you have a mental health issue, you would go to a doctor!
The brain is just another organ that we have and I think Christians need to not
be afraid to talk about their issues. There’s no stigma or harm in talking
about them, I think that we all need to have more of an open and empathetic
mind towards brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling. I think we
need to have an open ear and be ready to carry those burdens with them. So if
you’re struggling, of course pray about it, but also go see a doctor! (Matthew 6:7-8 on screen) It’s totally fine. We know that God knows what we need before we even ask Him. We know that God has already given us authority over all of the schemes of the
devil, so God has already provided a way out of depression for you. He’s already
given you the authority to take that out. So my prayer is that you, dear subscriber,
you take that and you run with it, because you don’t
have to live in a state where you feel depressed and sad and lonely all the
time. You are God’s child. God loves you. God cares for you and He is giving you
the tools that you need to go out and be a successful human being. He wants
you to be able to enjoy life, so everybody please keep him in your
prayers. I would love for you to like, subscribe and share, and I will talk to
you later! Bye!

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  1. While we're supposed to cast our cares on God (1 Peter 5:7) know that God can and does work through doctors! Not everything is a demonic attack and you should visit a healthcare provider to make sure your diet, sleep and social schedules aren't bringing your mood down.

    Please make sure to keep this viewer in your prayers and that God shows him the right course of action for his depression.

  2. Great video again Rachel Thanks I know that god is there for me in all aspects of my life sometimes though I know I need to get out of the way and let him guide me

  3. so glad I just watched this! I've felt guilty for a while for taking medication for my anxiety and saying I'm a christian, but like you said my brain is an organ too! For anyone else struggling i recommend reading Philippians 4: 6-7!! That really helped me during anxiety attacks!

  4. Interesting to me that Jesus said He experienced all temptations that we do and I think that would include depression. Can you speak to that? Did He know depression or despair such as when praying in the garden just before his arrest and crucifixion? Seems to me that He did.

  5. The brain is flesh and can get sick like any other part of the body. Chemical imbalance is a real illness! Yes, the enemy takes advantage of our weakness! Psychiatry is necessary for those who need help! Thank you! The more I watch your channel, the more I like you! There is a vacuum of wisdom in the church! And, it should be said, mental illness is not your fault! It’s hereditary just like other illness! And sometimes we can all get depressed due to life circumstances! The Lord is our help 🙌🏽

  6. I've only been baptized Catholic. Life gets the best of me, and I've tried medication, and all it does it make me feel worse and lose my mind. I don't believe medication is the way for me. So I do understand how fellowship is essential. It may sound funny, but get out and get some sun. The vitamin D from the sun will help too, along with what this video suggest. Talk to someone, and ask God to show you the scripture you need. 💜

  7. I agree! I have been told that I am not a real Christian because of my PTSD and depression. God has put an amazing therapist and psychiatrist to teach me how God made my mind and spirit to battle and heal these things.

  8. Even David in the Bible suffered from Depression. Read the Psalms and you will see how he was depressed at times. I think that puts us in good company as David was the apple of God's eye.

  9. I’ve suffered all my life…and I am medicated but trusting in the Lord fills in the gap that medicine can’t. How can one know how to truly forgive those that have hurt you without Jesus? How can one have hope for being healed in this world or the next? I thank God for his love. I still have bad days but my good days of focusing on heavenly things outweigh the bad days of focusing on worldly things.
    Yes the medication certainly helps and without it I’d be in trouble. One day when I get my new body I won’t need it ❤️

  10. So I've been binging on your videos. And this came up randomly (after YouTube crash ) I've scrolled through your videos and didn't see this.

    And the views 777.

  11. I have to say that anti depressant did help me to get out of an abusive relationship. My brain was so numb in certain ways and blinded. After taking anti depressant I began to see the demon ( I can't call him an ex, he doesn't deserve that title) for who he was.

  12. I agree with most of your videos as they are full of truth but sister I don't completely agree on this one due to what I've studied. Deuteronomy 18:9-13 . Go in the Greek #5331 pharmakeia from 5332 medication ( pharmacy) magic, sorcery,witchcraft.
    Primarily pharmakeia signified the use of medicine,drugs spells,then poisoning,then witchcraft ( Gal 5:20; are 9:21; 18:23). In sorcery the use of drugs,wether simple or potent, was generally accompanied by incantations and appeals to occult powers, with the provision of various charms, amulets,etc. Professedly designed to keep the applicant or patient from the attention and power of devil's, but actually to impress the applicant with the mysterious resources and powers of the sorcerer.
    5332 pharmakeus from phafmakon (a drug, spell-giving potion) a druggie (pharmacist) or prisoner , (by extents.) a magician-sorcerer.. is what is said in the Greek.. So any medication which alters the brain in any way isn't ok .. I agree one should seek help if needed ,but one should really seek Jesus concerning any mind issues and not be dependent upon drugs made by man . Jesus is the healer and Great Physician . The drugs man gives can only help with sympthoms but the don't heal anyone and have many side affects .. Jesus tho heals and makes those who trust and depend upon him whole .. Not saying it's easy cause it's not but we all must learn to seek the Lord and lean on him for strength to overcome everything in life he is the only real way , truth, and life .. Drugs will not heal , but Jesus does .. God Bless You all.
    Honestly Jesus even had moments of depression when he was in the garden praying before he was to be killed.. If Jesus our savior went through it he most defently can help us and see us through to victory if we just trust him and cast down wrong thoughts and emotions remembering we wrestle not against flesh and blood. The enemy throws lies in our minds and he works through emotions. Learn to cast them down when they don't line up with Jesus , we have the mind of Christ therefore anything not in line cast it out with truth and any emotion that doesn't line up with love and the fruit of the spirit cast it out by choosing to do what Jesus would do ,choosingvon purpose to think how he thinks and act as he acts .. What Would Jesus Do .. Amen .. wrong thoughts and emotions are either from the enemy or from the flesh sin nature things that need to be dealt with and nailed to the cross .. So pray as well seek God about all things .. prayer is vital and pray in the spirit ..

  13. I dont know. Get what you is saying. For the first time in a long time i got a really good nights sleep without the Desyrel, last night. I just got to a point with my social worker where she says its ok and permissable to not see a psychiatrist anymore and for me this is a great blessing and freedom for me. Just speaking for myself, i have been classified as "mentally ill", a term without a defintion, for many years now and i would NOT or ever tell someone esle if they feel they need to to not seek appropriate treatment, because that IS A VERY DANGEROUS THING TO DO. Having said all that, and this only applies for me only, i was told by GOD that i had trusted too much in a lie and was told to put my faith in Him rather than the drugs they all want me to be dependent on for the rest of my life. Please try to understand that, and it is just a fact now, that here in Michigan and also, probably everywhere now in the states, there really is a terrible PSYCHIATRIC AGENDA and a NWO SERPENT MEDICAL AGENDA to be subjected to PHARMAKIA and continue, for ensalvement indefinitely in that, for me. This will very much come into play with many people as part of the devils endtime ANTICHRIST DECEPTION. Regardless, will pray for your friend at any rate this nice mourning.

  14. thank you for addressing this issue. I wish more fellow believers had more compassion for those suffering as they are for recovering addicts. I have learned that reading the Bible or even better – singing praise to Jesus will lift me out of a deep anxious and sad state. Praying for ourselves I thought was wrong. I guess you meant when e e pray for foolish things. What is foolish?

  15. I have relentless insomnia with depression. I got some blue bonnet liquid calcium and melatonin that worked wonders! Natural medicine is the best defense, just don't get the cheap, synthetic carp they sell at your grocery stores that sell cheap, fake food

  16. My husband has been depressed for a few years now. He doesn't want to take any meds or see a Dr bc he says he believes God will heal him. He also takes issue with medicine because his parents are addicted to pills and always chemically imbalanced bc of it. He now wants to try natural remedies like cbd oil, but it's unregulated where we live. So he wants to just smoke marijuana. I don't know what to do. I don't see how marijuana would help with the depression. I know it would help with anxiety and sleeplessness. I just wish I could convince him to see someone

  17. Thank you soooooooo much for this. I am SICK of "Christians" telling other Christians to stop taking mental health medications. They justify their reckless statements by saying, "I stopped all my meds and only trusted God and now I'm better." Don't get me wrong, if that worked for that person, AWESOME…but that isn't the case for everybody. Discernment is key. Do not listen to anybody but your doctor in regards to this type of thing. I believe with all my heart that God gives certain individuals a heart for wanting to heal and help ppl physically. I am very choosy when it comes to finding a doctor. Not all doctors have a heart for healing ppl. They are just in the profession for money, prestige, maybe it's family tradition, whathaveyou. Some ppl take more time deciding on what pair of shoes they wanna buy but when it comes to choosing a doctor, they just go with the first fool that pops up on their approved providers list from their insurance. Also, many "Christians" that make these reckless comments about not taking medications at all, have never themselves or known anyone that suffers from a chronic illness. Instead of trying to judge ppl for taking medications and seeing doctors, they need to go somewhere and have several seats. I suffer from both mental health issues (ptsd, anxiety, depression ) and I have a chronic autoimmune disorder. These meds are no fun to take. The side effects from the autoimmune disorder drugs are ANNOYING. Bottom line, if you are blessed with perfect health, just be thankful. My condition wears me out all the time. I've suffered for years and years (legit decades) with it. God has taught and shown me a lot through my illness. I have a very high tolerance for physical pain as a result. Also, Yahweh has shown me things about myself and how I should view life through my illness. We all have different paths in this life. Some ppl's paths might seem more difficult than others. I have learned how to pray through my illness. I used to ask God to just cure me. Instead I praise Him daily and ask for strength to persevere in His name. If Yahweh feels like it is appropriate for me to be physically healed in this life, great…if not, still great. As painful as my infermities are, I have a tight relationship with God as a result and have met some really good God fearing doctors in the process. What ever the Most High sees fit to allow in my life, that is what it will be. He will help me and strengthen me daily while I take my meds. Brethren and sistren, you are able to talk to God yourself. Don't listen to any old Joe blow who feels like running their uneducated mouth at you and condemn you for being ill and having to take meds and frequently see a doctor bcuz of it. If you want to know what's up, get down on your knees/flat on your face, fast whatever it requires and find out for yourself. God is on speaking terms with all His children. That could very well be Satan working through that fool who is judging u for taking medications. Rebuke them in Yeshua's holy name and keep on moving.

  18. It's outstanding that you are handling the hard questions and the difficult and complex topics.

  19. Mine is I want to get married. I feel there's intense competition between Christian women to find someone with scarce resources and I won't measure up. i wish I could be Baby in Dirty Dancing and meet my Johnny Castle.

  20. The carnivore diet seems to be helping a number of people with mental issues like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Watch some carnivore videos on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. I'm doing a carnivore diet for my arthritis and my wife has told me my mood is better. Previously, I tried pretty much every diet with either little or no benefit. Carnivore diet is way better for my arthritis. Who knew? I've been studying functional medicine for 20 years and only figured this out in the past year.

  21. I take medication for depression & anxiety. I don't care who knows it, I am Not ashamed. I am proud of the fact that I was a strong enough person to admit that I needed help. Depression, anxiety.. these are human conditions. If anyone here is experiencing these kind of things Please talk to someone. Don't go through this alone. Speak out and let someone give you the tools you need to get through this rough time in your life.

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