Surprise~ My puppy is very excited now? What are you doing? Come here now. I miss my puppy so much. Let me kiss your forehead. And your cheek. Let me hug you tightly. My puppy really smells good. You have a sweet smell on your body. Why are you crying? Don’t you feel happy while seeing daddy? But I come to see you although be jet lagged. It’s because you extremely miss me? I am exactly busy recently for the business trip. It’s really a pity for my puppy to stay alone. Well, wipe your tears. Show me you sweet smile. This is what you should be like. Well, let me feel your head. Presents? I came back in a hurry, so… I didn’t prepare it. But…be close to me. Here. Do you hear that? My heart belongs to you. That’s the best present. Why I come back today specially? You know the reason, right? It’s our anniversary. How can I forget that? Be in my arms. Stay here for a while. My puppy without my company, you must have a tough time, right? But… I heard, that some other one wanna spend time with you. Right? Look at me. Look at my eyes. Tell daddy right? How could I know that? Daddy also has “the sixth sense”. I know what you post on the Micro-blog everyday. The one who always gives you likes is the boy I say, right? Nope. Daddy doesn’t feel unhappy. I think that’s good. Daddy also wants to be with you at every second. But, I can’t for the tight schedule. Sometimes when I made the video call with you, I can also feel my puppy’s sadness. But daddy has no way to hug you tightly and comfort you. I am really heartbreaking. My puppy is such a tough girl. I feel your eye socket is full of the tears. But you still try to resist it. Is it because you’re worried that I can’t work attentively? I know that I know. Why are you weeping again? My crybaby. Well. Well. There is a month left. Daddy will finish all the work that time. After that, daddy can come back and stay at your side. But…the man… What? What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. My puppy only loves me? That’s more like it. My puppy is the sweetest. Well, let me keep holding you.

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  1. 😭😭
    Daddy make me soft here. I wish that I can lay his chest and listen his real 💓
    Hugging daddy until fall asleep. Feel beloved and be comforted by daddy 😭

  2. I just woke up and the first thing YouTube show me the video is this video ahdjdkfufufo 🥺🥺🥺 I mean this video is on the top in my timeline 🥺

  3. 今天有一樣有2/5的我和2/5的他在裡面😿

  4. I genuinely cried. I guess he makes me feel safe despite these short videos. Thank you <3
    我真的哭了。 儘管有這些簡短的視頻,我想他會讓我感到安全。 謝謝<3

  5. 每次L笑我都跟著笑
    好甜ㄚ…♥ 真的 好喜歡♥
    我也好想L 要工作根本沒時間聽

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