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[English subtitles are available.] Ziqiao isn’t back yet? Wait a little more time. Many people buy breakfast at the moment. He may be waiting in line. He may be waiting in line. Aren’t you a night owl? How do you know about the breakfast shop? Recently I downloaded a new food delivery app. I wanted to order a takeaway but after registering, I actually became a rider. I’ve delivered takeaways for two days. I’m so exhausted. Perhaps Heaven knows that you have no job, so it is looking for some work for you to do. Hasn’t Ziqiao entered the real estate industry? That industry is quite profitable. How about you serve as a stopgap there? How can this work? Real estate agents should be bold and attentive and calm. She can’t even distinguish between delivering takeaways and ordering takeaways. She’ll definitely sustain great losses. Right. It’s better to rely on yourself rather than others. Instead of asking others for help, you’d better turn to apps. You have escaped reality by playing games? I’m not playing games. I found a decoration app. I’m designing a decoration plan. It seems to be fun. It’s almost like building blocks. I had a video chat with Zeng Xiaoxian for a night and tried many different solutions. Did you have a quarrel? Why did we quarrel? I heard that decoration is one of the three major reasons for the disagreement newly married couples. One of my classmates broke up with her husband because of that. One wants Nordic minimalism while the other wants a Chinese classical style. If you don’t accept Nordic minimalism, I’ll dirty your face. If you don’t accept the Chinese classical style, I won’t even look at you. On the surface, you’re picking a decoration plan. In the dark, it can show whether your three views are consistent with the other’s. It seems that your three views are consistent with Mr. Zeng’s. I have no idea whether our three views are consistent. But is it so difficult to agree on the decoration plan? Last night, Zeng Xiaoxian was unsatisfied after seeing several plans. Accidentally, I pinched a pop-top can. He instantly agreed with me. Actually, when two people are together, there is a process of running through the three views. It’s good that home decoration apps have a hidden function of testing a couple’s three views. Meijia, how about you have a try with Ziqiao? I’ve been with Ziqiao for so many years. We have no problem with achieving a tacit understanding when picking a decoration plan. Ladies, here is the breakfast. Why are you back so late? When I bought the steamed stuffed buns at the shop, the guy standing behind me asked me the characteristic of the buns. I said the buns are characterized by their skin. No matter what the stuffing is, you can’t taste the stuffing for the first two bites. You are skilled at pushing someone down a well and the dropping stones on him. Wasn’t the bun seller mad at you? He has a good temper. He just held a rolling pin and chased me along three streets. So I’m back a little late. Ziqiao, how about we design a room for our baby? There’s no place where I can put my suits, but you even want a baby’s room. We don’t the place now, but we’ll have it one day. We can imagine it. I think, first of all, there should be a comfortable baby’s cot. And then lay a whole piece of carpet with a pattern of flying chess board. Install milk bottle racks all over the wall. There should be a milk preparation counter at the corner. There should be sound equipment near the window. The most important thing is that in the middle of the house, a metal pipe should be installed so that it’ll be convenient for our child to climb up and down. This is the most personalized baby’s room I’ve ever heard of. I’m going to spray a mouthful of soda water over your face! Bar counter, wine racks, steel pipe. Do you need me to find a waitress for you? You asked me to imagine it. Now you blamed me. You shouldn’t have entrapped me. -It’s Dali’s voice. -What’s going on? Isn’t it that Zhang Wei couldn’t help doing that? Let’s go and take a look. iPartment 5 Episode 6 The Matchmaker’s Curse Can you move? I’m the right person to help Dali get up. You are the one who hurt Dali. How do you have the nerve to help her get up? What happened? It’s Zhang Wei’s fault. He actually took a broken chair and made Dali fall. Slow down. Sorry. I didn’t expect that the chair is so unstable. Attorney Zhang, take the initiative and quit. When Dali says she’s going to break up with you, it’ll be awkward. Don’t listen to his nonsense. I was careless. I didn’t notice that chair has a broken leg. Let me say something for Attorney Zhang. Many people have come for mediation recently. They talked and used gestures. They even stepped on the chair. This chair has really borne the weight which it shouldn’t bear. After all, because Zhang Wei is too reluctant to change the chair, Dali fell. I see. This chair has born the weight which it shouldn’t bear at its price level. I want to go back and lie down. Let me help you. No, thanks. You’d better replace it with a good chair first. Let me. Don’t worry. I’m taking this out. Attorney Zhang, I’m telling you responsibly, Dali is annoyed. Don’t frighten me. Dali is not that petty. In making Dali annoyed, you are far less experienced than me. Just now, her look, action and the smell definitely showed that she’s annoyed. Wei, I’ve told you not to be so tightfisted. Now you are suffering, right? It’s time for you to say goodbye to Bixangying Toilet Paper and Laoyuma Chili Sauce. Last time, I asked you to buy a bottle of 84 disinfectant, but you bought a bottle of 48 disinfectant because it’s cheaper. Both of them are disinfectants. It’s just that the positions of 4 and 8 are different, but why the price is doubled? At the place where you sprayed with 48, we can see mushrooms grown out the next day. Zhao Haitang, what are you doing? I think you won’t be Dali’s boyfriend for long. I’m going to buy new clothes. After you are dumped by Dali, I’ll make her my girlfriend. What do you think of this sofa? It’s not OK. It looks almost like a bar seat. Indecent. Well, I was wrong. I promise I won’t make the baby’s room look like a night club. Where is Dali? She’s in her room and hasn’t come out. She hasn’t even had breakfast. As I said, Dali is still annoyed. Your winter has arrived. Can my spring be far behind? Apologize as soon as possible when an apology still works. I understand. I bought small steamed buns for Dali. Dali. Dali, look at what I’ve bought for you. The stuffing of the steamed buns is rich in collagen. It will help you recover. I’ve got one portion of all the spices for you. Don’t move. I’ll go upstairs and give it to you. No need. I’m not interested. In fact, I’m not mad at Zhang Wei at all. I think I fell from the chair because of my problem. Since I moved into the iPartment, I’ve gained four jin. Heaven is reminding me that I should control my weight. Stop struggling. Accept the reality. Dali’s ex. I haven’t broken up with Dali yet. Spare tire. Where do you get your confidence? From here. I came to apologize after testing my marriage. Isn’t this the WeChat Perpetual Calendar applet which helped me get married? The Perpetual Calendar recently launched the matchmaker prediction section. According to the prediction, the index of the possibility of my marriage with Dali is actually as high as 90%. How to play this? Just enter the two people’s names and then click “start”. It’s a trick often played in the last century. You are still using it to cheat? Chen Meijia. Lü Ziqiao. Why did you have your marriage predicted? You are a lawyer. How could you advocate this superstitious behavior? Don’t be so serious. I won’t take it seriously. I just want to fight the arrogance of this spare tire. Don’t be happy too early. I can play this too. Why could you get 120 points for a paper with a full point of 100? Did you cheat? Because I recharged it. RMB players have an additional 50% marriage index. This stuff can be recharged? Are you crazy? Why is my marriage index with Ziqiao only 20%? No, I want to recharge it too. You are rich, so you can be arrogant? Can you buy marriage with money? Rich people are born to be loved by the opposite sex. Recharging to increase the marriage index is very reasonable. Although the marriage index of Chen Meijia and Lü Ziqiao is only 70%, Chen Meijia and Lü Xiaobu’s marriage index is as high as 75%. Why is the fate index of Ziqiao and Curry Chan 95%? I am a RMB player. Show due respect for my feelings, OK? I’ve told you it’s just entertainment software. Moreover, you are a married woman. Why are you so passionate about marriage prediction? Don’t say that I am a woman. How do you understand the mind of a girl? At least don’t waste money, okay? Our money must be deposited into the baby fund first. I recharge at least for myself. Better than sending things out. Tell me how many women you have given such pineapple dolls to. Come on. I’ve explained it to you. That pineapple doll Curry Chan has is a defective product I made before. I didn’t give it her on my own initiative. She saw it and asked me to give it to her. Besides, I no longer sell cosmetics. I’m now a real estate salesman. What else do you worry about? I… OK. I’ll be right there. Where are you going? A big client wants to see houses. I have to go out. Again? This is the third time this week. As a real estate salesman, I must attach importance to service. If my service attitude is bad, how can I make money to buy milk for my baby? Who are you? Take a closer look. Don’t you recognize me? You are… The White Lady? I’m a matchmaker. Didn’t you predict the marriage with the help of me during the day? Matchmaker? You are not in the applet. Why are you here? Of course I come to you for an emergency. Wait. Why do you look exactly the same as me? Am I dreaming? You finally figured it out. I’ll be straight with you. I want to take back the marriage red thread between you and Ziqiao. To take it back? Why? Because there is a problem with the relationship between you and Ziqiao and the red thread is slowly fading. That’s impossible. I get along very well with Ziqiao and we show our mutual affection every day. Others are jealous. Marriage that can barely pass by recharging. How can there be no problem? Besides, Curry Chan is fishing in troubled waters. You must be very worried now, right? She has come to live in the apartment for a very short time. I’ve known Ziqiao for long. Who is the bronze and who is the king? Don’t you know that? But when it comes to fate, it doesn’t matter who comes first. It matters who is strong and who is weak. Think about it. She can share pineapple dolls with you now. Maybe tomorrow she can share your husband. Is there a matchmaker like you who persuades me to break up with my husband? If there is really a problem with Ziqiao and me, shouldn’t you help me? But I told you that the red thread is slowly fading. Wasn’t I helping you? You should know what to do. How could I have such a dream? It’s so late, but you just came back. It’s so late, but you are still awake. Why is there a smell? You sprayed the hair gel? I met a rich boss today. Rich people, you know, believe in fate and feng shui. He was worried that the house I sell to him is haunted, so he asked me to accompany him until now. I had to reassure the boss. So I specially did my hair and dressed as a Taoist. I spent the night with him. We burned the sandalwood incense for a whole night. So my hair became like this. All right. I’m going to take a shower. Why does this sandalwood incense smell a bit like pineapple? Heaven, I just want to be Lü Ziqiao’s only pineapple doll. Keep other pineapple dolls away from him. Please. Please. Have a good rest. Take some Vitamin C pills. Have more water. Did you eat that? Yifei, you are so sweet. You are having a video chat with Mr. Zeng early in the morning. No. Curry Chan? Meijia. What happened to her? I guess she caught a cold when delivering takeaways a few days ago. This morning, she is coughing and sneezing. She is afraid that she’ll transmit the virus to us, so she moved into the inner room upstairs and is going to be isolated for a few days. Curry Chan has been isolated? My wish came true. This happiness comes too suddenly. Thank you. My feelings are respected. What’s wrong with you? The bad news came too suddenly. I have no time to react. Are you OK? Everything is settled. I’ve set up the tent Yifei lent to me. As long as I take a good rest, I’ll recover soon. It’s OK. I’ll continue to set up the tent. I’m going to hang up. Are you too active? You bought a chair and took it here to please Dali early in the morning. I came across a delivery man downstairs. When I saw the address is here, I signed and accepted it. The receiver is called Planck’s Number One Fan. Who is Planck? That is my idol, a famous scientist. You bought this chair? I sat on Zhang Wei’s chair and made it break. I have to buy a new one for him. At this time, you should face Zhang Wei’s photo and practice throwing darts. How can you spend money to fuel his arrogance? True love. Zhang Wei, with you as his girlfriend, is so lucky. What are we waiting for? Send it to Zhang Wei and let him be happy. I’m not going. No need to seek trouble for myself. What are you afraid of? As a man, if you don’t experience more, you won’t make progress. Besides, do you want the three girls here to move such a big chair? Go, go, go. Let’s go. Zhang Wei. You come at a good time. Take a look. Making use of three broken chairs, I made this new chair. Am I amazing? Open your eyes wide and take a good look. Like this one. This product which is well made, has fine lines, designed by a famous designer, and made with particular material deserves to be called chair. That is worth less than 20 yuan. It is worth more than that. It cost me 85 yuan to buy these three chairs. Plus the payment for my handwork, I think it is worth 350 yuan at least. Who gave you the confidence to add 100 more? Don’t put it together. This is the new chair I bought for you. Dali, when you don’t blame me, I’m thankful. How can I accept it? This chair may cost several hundred yuan, right? Attorney Zhang, this pile of junk costs 85 yuan. As for the price of this chair, please give wings to your brain and imagine hard. So this chair costs more than 1,000 yuan? This chair costs me half a month’s spare-time income. It’s not too expensive. 8,500 yuan. 8,500 yuan? Is it comfortable? No. I feel like 8,500 pins sticking in my butt. Dali, thank you for your kindness. But I can’t really accept the chair. My hips are too hard to sit on such an expensive chair. You are a lawyer. In the studio, there should be a chair that matches your identity. But the chair is used for a person to sit on but not to scare me. With this three-in-one chair, I’m contented. What if your client falls again? You asked a good question. So I reinforced the bottom and the legs. This chair is strong enough for a 200-jin fatty to sit on. Is this the point? What actually don’t you like, the chair, or the price, or the fact that I give it to you? Oh no, that’s a fatal question. Dali, I like you giving it to me, but it’s too expensive. It’s more expensive than the total of all the other furniture in my office. When someone sits on it, I worry about its safety. As no one sits on it, I worry that it may be covered by dirt. In the daytime with many clients here, I worry that too many people sit on it. At night when there are no people here, I worry that it may be stolen by someone. You see, then I’ll worry about the chair all the day, and how can I focus on work and miss you? We have to get out of our comfort zone. You’ll have your own law firm, and bigger clients. You can’t always sit on a chair worth 85 yuan. When I have bigger clients and my own law firm, it’s not late to buy a chair worth several thousand yuan then. You need to be more confident. Think what you’ll turn to be. I know it. He wants to be an inheritor with a huge amount of money. Dali. Anyway, I can’t accept this chair. Please return it. I give it to you. But you ask me to return it? You don’t need to, and I can get a piece of cloth, cover it, and protect it. Anyway, I can’t sit on it. I really can’t stand it anymore. Zhang Wei, you like this shoddy chair so much? Wide in the front and narrow in the rear, it’s not stable with a stiff back support and a strong smell of glue. Wait. This chair inclines. Don’t laugh at me that way. If it inclined, I would eat it. How come? When you eat it, tell me, and I’ll shoot a video to entertain Zeng Xiaoxian. I’ve got a bottle of Lao Gan Ma. You can eat the chair with it, and it may taste better. You really won’t accept it? Dali. Zhang Wei, look at you, go say something. No need. I’m already a well-prepared backup. I can go for it now. Thank you for giving me this chance. Get away. Dali! Matchmaker? Oh dear. You came again. What did you do? I told you to think it over, hoping that you would tell Lü Ziqiao about breakup, but you made a wish, and it was realized. Breakup? I’ll never do that. Curry Chan has moved to the top floor in quarantine. So she isn’t a threat to Ziqiao and me. Curry Chan is just one of the problems. One of the problems? What other problems are there? Think about it. Why did he choose a night club style to decorate the baby’s room? What would he do in that environment? It’s not hard to imagine, right? That’s impossible. He used to do that kind of thing. But after he knew that he would have a baby with me, he changed a lot. But he has so many signs of cheating on you. You really don’t know them? Or you pretend that you don’t know them? What signs? Go search on the internet. I’m leaving. Bye! The rate of cheating. Signs of a husband cheating on you. Working overtime often, 30% for cheating. Coming back home late, 40% for cheating. Taking a bath right after getting back home, 50%. Looking tired with a strange smell of fragrance, 60%. Oh no. Ziqiao has all the signs. So in total, the rate is very high? Dali. Are you still mad at Zhang Wei? I was quite surprised. I didn’t expect that he would insist on it so strongly. I feel that my plan to change my boyfriend has come to a critical period. Because of his family background, Zhang Wei has been sensitive in money issues. Any effort to change the other party in a love relationship won’t end well easily. Dali. You had such a serious quarrel with Zhang Wei today. Are you not worrying that he may go and choose another woman out of anger? No offence, and I just said it to help you think. I didn’t meet this before, so I don’t have any experience. If there are already signs on cheating, what will you do? Why do you look at me? As if I had such experience. Yifei, they say that people would much likely cheat on each other in long-distance relationships. How do you and Mr. Zeng keep your relationship? If someone cheats, it’s not about the relationship, but about the person’s will power and morality. What if the person is weak-minded and doesn’t care about moral values? Ziqiao? No, I’m talking about Mr. Zeng. A relationship needs to be managed. After the relationship has lasted a long time, the two people would share many memories. When we have a quarrel, Zeng Xiaoxian would think of ways to talk about memories with me. As we chat, we get happy. Ziqiao. What’s wrong? Meijia, I have something to say to you. But you were sleeping. So I waited here. And now I can’t even feel my legs, and I get a cramp. We can talk tomorrow. Sleep. No, I can’t wait anymore. Meijia, I’ve been so tired these days. Every day I get up earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs, eat food worse than pigs’, and work more diligently than donkeys. I don’t make much money, but I’ve met a lot of troubles. I feel so painful when thinking that I have to live such a life for dozens of years. But you promised me that you’ll be a good husband and father. I said it on impulse. I’m still young, and I have many dreams to realize. I’ve decided to move out tomorrow morning. You’re a brat! Watch this! Oh no. Why did I have a dream again? Ziqiao? You hit me so hard! Why are you here? I’d rather that I hadn’t been back here. I tried to put the quilt on you, but you slapped me so hard. Just what did I do wrong? I had a nightmare. I’m sorry. All right. I’m going to take a bath. Wait. When did you get leopard print underpants? I bought it lately. Why don’t I know that? The man that bought an apartment last time treated me to a meal at a food stall because he liked my service, but then I had loose stools. I went to the toilet, and found that I didn’t have tissues. After thinking for a long time, I used my underpants. All right. Getting new underpants secretly, the rate of cheating is 90%. No. I have to try Yifei’s idea. The stars tonight are so pretty, right? Are there any stars? Clouds are all over the sky. Ziqiao, how long ago did we watch stars like this? It’s 1 o’clock at night, and it’s dark. The only things I can think of are ghost stories. You were not like this when you flirted and appreciated the moon with me back then. OK, OK. Give me a second and let me feel it. The wind tonight is so chilly. Don’t look at me. I only wear a vest inside. Put it around you. Don’t catch a cold. Ziqiao, how long ago did we appreciate the starry sky like this? I don’t remember it. I only know that I have been looked down upon for a long time. Ziqiao, you know what? I like watching stars very much. Because I once saw a shooting star, and then I made a wish of meeting my Prince Charming. Then I met you. Now I really want to see another shooting star, and then I can make another wish. I hope we can forever, forever, forever be together. You didn’t do it in a right way. If you want to have a nice chat, you should find comfortable environment. How could you get in the mood to talk like that? I think it’s very romantic to watch stars. You wanted to look up at the sky, but Ziqiao just wanted to lower down his head and sleep. Luckily I got here with you. If you had let Ziqiao come for antenatal examination with you as he is sleepy, I wonder what might happen. It’s all the matchmaker’s fault. I’m so worried. What matchmaker? Just the one that predicts marriage in the app. She appeared in my dreams. She told me that Ziqiao would cheat on me, and asked me to be careful. You believe what happened in dreams? Besides, it’s ridiculous of dreaming about the matchmaker. Dreaming about a matchmaker, it often happens. Many pregnant women have such dreams, about the god of dish washing machines, the god of crayfish with thirteen spices, and others like the god of TaTa Bubble Gum. I met pregnant women who had dreamt about these. OK. Go pay the bills, and then have blood tests. Your family needs to stay, because I have something to tell her. You can go. She has serious antepartum depression. Depression? Just because she dreamt about the matchmaker? After a woman gets pregnant, because of a series of physical discomforts and quick changes in her life status, she may go through a period of mental sensitiveness. Any external pressure and mood swing may result in bad effects on her. You mean, negative energy accumulates in Meijia more quickly than in others? Right. Once it overwhelms, it’ll cause something big. I mean, if she can’t effectively vent the negative energy, she may do something weird. Dreaming about the same thing, this is one of the symptoms. If it goes worse, she may do things weirder. What should I do then? Try to comfort her, talk with her, and let her vent her feelings. Most importantly, don’t irritate her. OK. Yifei, when I went to have blood tests, what did my doctor say? He said that you and the baby are very good, and he told you to feel relaxed and have good rest. Glad to hear that. On the way back, can we pay a visit to the supermarket? Ziqiao likes the spicy numbing hot soup there most. You just suddenly showed off your love to him. OK. I’ll go there with you. What happened? Ziqiao said that he caught a cold. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have asked you to watch stars with me… Not that. I was too busy working, and I didn’t spend much time with you. After I get better, I’ll get some time to be with you and go outside with you. Enough. Are you showing off your love to each other even when Ziqiao is sick? Where is Curry Chan? I hope you didn’t do anything bad to her. She just took some pills, and is sleeping. Take some pills, and call me after you wake up. Love you. Yifei, I want to go to the top floor to visit Ziqiao. Don’t do that. If you are infected, what Ziqiao and Curry Chan have done would be in vain. Dali? Are you still mad? Do you need me to comfort you? Save it. Dali isn’t here. Come. There is something more important for you. OK. Ms. Hu, please go ahead. I have classes this afternoon. I’ll leave Meijia to you. Her doctor said that she has antepartum depression. Don’t give her any chance to think about those bad things, and try to make her laugh all the time and keep her happy. Understood? That’s so hard. Is it as hard as pursuing Dali? Go for it. You can do it. See you. Two people make a bet. One of them says: “You’d better give up. You can’t win.” The other says: “I don’t think so. You can’t win me in Dou Shou Qi (Jungle board game), because I’m slimmer (pronounced as ‘shou’ in Chinese) than you.” Isn’t it funny? Zhao Haitang, you are even worse than Zhang Wei in telling jokes. Meijia, cheer up. Or I’ll be scolded by Ms. Hu. It’s easy to cheer me up. How about you catching flu, and taking care of Ziqiao at the top floor for me? You cheering up on the basis of me catching flu, that’s not healthy at all. It’s Ziqiao. What? Why don’t you call Meijia? OK. I’ll do it immediately. What did Ziqiao say? He asked me to take lady’s pajamas to him, but since there are viruses everywhere at the top floor, he worried that you might be infected, and he asked me to take them upstairs. Wait. Why didn’t he worry that I might be infected? He asked you to take lady’s pajamas upstairs. Is it… Sweetie. You are all wet. You may catch a cold. Sweetie, It’s fine. I’m wet, but I feel warm. Sweetie. I’ll ask Zhao Haitang to bring pajamas for you. Sweetie, please help me get changed. Go and come back quickly. Then tell me what happened there. Go, go, go. Are you disinfecting or watering me? Didn’t you want me to catch flu just now? I don’t want to be infected. What did they do at the top floor? Curry Chan threw up over herself just now, and Ziqiao asked for the pajamas to let Curry Chan get changed. Ziqiao helped her get changed? Not that. She wore other clothes inside. Ziqiao asked me to take a string and candles to him. A string and candles? Bow to the heavens and earth. Bow to parents. Bow to each other. Go to the bridal chamber. What are you waiting for? Go up and see what’s happening. Go, go. What are they doing actually? They need the string to hang pajamas. Curry Chan’s clothes need to be dried. What about the candles? To be used as lights at night in the toilet. It’s all dark at night, and they may get hurt in the toilet. I was so worried. I thought… What did you think? I thought they had a barbecue at the top floor without me. Zhao Haitang. Come help me. To write a letter to break up with Zhang Wei? Or to cry on my shoulders? What are you thinking? Help me carry a thing. I made a thing that can help Zhang Wei and me make up. You asked me to help you carry something that helps you and Zhang Wei make up. Have you ever thought about my feelings? It can really do that? What are we waiting for? Go carry it. You want us girls to carry it? Go, go. Quick, quick. What is this? Don’t try to peep. You’re acting mysteriously. You are all here. What is this? Zhang Wei, I thought about it last night. What you said made some sense. This is a startup law firm. What you need is not a decent chair, but a tool that can help your business. So I returned the chair. Dali, you are so good. And then I made a new chair for you. Another one? Even more expensive? Don’t worry. I made it with the remains of the three chairs you dismantled, and the abandoned wood at the trash corner of the community. It doesn’t cost any money. You made it yourself? Isn’t this a prolonged inclining chair? 80% of disputes to be mediated in iPartment are about love relationships. The inclining chair Zhang Wei made reminded me of a similar design I saw during the trip to South Mountain. This chair is called Love Chair. As long as the two parties needing mediation sit on this chair… What are you doing? Just talk, and don’t show off your love. This is what this chair can achieve. The two parties needing mediation naturally get close, and have body contact. Scientific research shows that compared with language communication and eye contact, body contact can better stimulate the part in the brain on memories, and promote the brain to continuously secrete positive hormones. It’s true. This chair reminds me of the scenes of Dali and me dating. The contact will remind the two parties of the days when they rely on and support each other. With the common memories and feelings, mediation becomes much easier, and the two parties would make up. Are you still mad at me? Of course not, silly. I know a noodle restaurant with very tasty food. Next time we can have a date there. It doesn’t matter. Go on showing off. I was refused by Dali 100 hundred times. I want to sit on the chair with Ziqiao. It won’t be helpful. Why am I in a dream again? Can you just disappear? I don’t have much time left here. About taking back the red string, have you thought it over? You dare mention that. If not for you, I wouldn’t have suspected that Ziqiao cheats on me, and he caught a cold and moved to the top floor for that. So you are blaming me. You made the decision. If you had trusted him, how could it have become like this? Even Zhang Wei and Dali could agree on it, why can’t Ziqiao and I reach a consensus? Zhang Wei and Dali just fell in love, and their love is growing. But you and Ziqiao are drifting apart. Your love is dying. Is there anything I can do to save it? Since you love him so much, I can help you once more. To win a man’s heart back, you need to… Meijia. Meijia. What’s wrong with you? You were sleeping as you stood. Pregnant women need more sleep than others. This is usual. Dali, tell me, how to win a man’s heart back? Zhang Wei. where are you going next time to date as you said? To eat noodles. Yeah. To win a man’s heart back, I need to cook for him first. I’ll go cook noodles. That’s so funny. Ziqiao, I see that you’re much better. Why not go downstairs and be with Meijia? Let me stay here for several more days. If I go down, she’ll keep asking things. What may she ask? She has found it out? She’ll find it out sooner or later. No rush. I’ll tell her several days later. Hello. It’s done? Of course I’m serious. I won’t let go of this chance. OK. I’ll transfer the money to you now. Done. Transfer the money. I can go down in a while and tell everything to Meijia. Are you going to tell me everything? Tell me now. Meijia, when did you get here? Lü Ziqiao. Just what things have you hidden from me? Listen to me. No rush at all. You can tell me several days later. Meijia, Ziqiao is… You want to say something for him?! Tell me, the money you just transferred, is it the money we save for our baby? What did you do with it? You gambled? Or you have a third woman? You think I would do those to you? You know what you do. In fact, Ziqiao… Meijia. I’m your husband. Since you don’t trust me, how we can live on with each other? I don’t know what you are busy with every day. You even used the money for our baby. I think the one that wants to ruin our life is you. Meijia, the air here isn’t fresh. She and I haven’t recovered. OK. Even if you don’t trust me, for the sake of our baby, could you please go down and rest? I go down, and you can stay together? Why do you always make a fuss? I didn’t do anything bad to you. Get the money back then! I can’t get it back now. You haven’t changed at all. Brat! I want abortion. (To be continued) The rain drops down, without knowing the way back. I stay at a lonely corner, feeling lonely. The long night is cold. Stars sparkle. I wait for you lighting a candle for me at this moment. The life is full of sadness, happiness, ups and downs. After twists and turns, I come back to the lonely corner. Seeing your back becoming vague, I can’t control myself. The life is full of gathering, separating, breakups and makeups. But why do I feel so empty inside and painful? Burn memories into ashes and scatter them in the wind. Don’t be sad anymore. Staying at the lonely corner, I don’t feel lonely anymore.

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