🇯🇵CHICKEN NUGGET & FRIES Flavor Cup Noodle Ramen vs. DIY Taste Test

Greetings, my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmie. Welcome back to another ramen taste test. Today, I’m going to be tasting this and this was very kindly sent to me by Paul from Critical Eats, Japan. I will put a link to his channel down below. So this is exclusively from Japan and it is the big cup noodle by Nissin So this is a portmanteau of two Japanese katakana words: “pote” and “nage”. And “nage” is short for “nuggets” and “pote” is short for potato. So this contains french fries and chicken nuggets. Super great. So Paul thank you so much for sending this to me. I’m excited to see what this tastes like. So for a little bit of comparison, I thought I would do this… I’ve got a Maruchan instant chicken flavored cup noodle, and I’m gonna cut up some McDonald’s chicken nuggets and some french fries and just do a little taste comparison to see if you could you know Make a little DIY version of this at home And if you like these instant ramen taste tests, be sure to check out the playlist where I try different kinds of instant noodles from all around the world including very spicy ones and some recipes including ramen pizza. So, yeah. Be sure to check it out All right. Let’s do this. Now, it says open here and what you do is lift this up because you know cellophane can be a little bit annoying when you try to open it and you don’t have fingernails. You don’t want to scratch through the styrofoam. So you do this: you pull on this… and that reveals a little slot to… peel… the… (whispering) cellophane. Look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? Now this we can use to reseal the… noodle after we add the hot water. So smart! Love that! So, save the little sticker and now remove the cellophane. Oh so nicely. Yes! Oh, look at that! So those are the little chicken nuggets. There’s the styrofoam egg bits. I see some green onions. These are the bits of potato. They looked more like home fried potatoes that have been cut out. All right, let’s prep our other one. So, here’s the Maruchan and this is the chicken flavor. It’s a little bit smaller in size. Let’s open that up. So that one comes with peas carrots and… corn. Don’t see any green onion. I don’t see any egg in terms of the amount of chicken in there That’s probably half of a chicken nugget and potato I would just say a couple fries will cut our nuggets into similar sized pieces and The french fries will just cut up into again similar sized pieces and I’ll cut some Green onion as well Okay, let’s place our chicken leggett pieces in there I’m just going to use about half a chicken nugget and Maybe one french fry and this is probably a quarter of a green onion Now we’re gonna add our boiling water to the fill line And then using our handy-dandy sticker close that Okay, now we wait three minutes. Be right back. Alrighty, so it’s been three minutes and I have to say I love the sticker edition I highly recommend, Nissin, that you introduce this to the US market. I think a lot of people be very happy about that So let’s just take a peek of how these things look first. Oh, look at this little side-by-side comparison here Okay Nissin Big Cup Well, this one looks a little bit soupy and I have to say of the instant noodles I’ve tried I like the texture of the cup noodles least. They tend to be the thinnest they cook the fastest so they get mushy very very easily So I’m going to dump this out so you guys can see what it looks like That is a lot of noodles. When you put that in a bowl you really see how much is in there. Alright now I’m gonna give this one a stir and dump this one in this smaller bowl. Okay, so right off the bat I noticed that the broths are different colors the original one is a much kind of darker brown color… And it doesn’t seem to be as soupy let’s give the potenage version a taste first. We get some noodles. Itadakimasu! Mm! The broth actually tastes more like the pork based instant ramen noodles. It doesn’t taste like the chicken flavor. All right, let’s give a taste of the potato. Looks like it’s very soft well-cooked Mm Very soft, and kind of mushy but potato-like. More like mashed potatoes. It doesn’t taste fried at all It doesn’t taste like a french fry.
Let’s have a little bit of egg. The eggs were my favorite as a kid. The little puffy eggs and they reconstitute pretty nicely a little bit like a scrambled egg. And let’s finally try a nugget. Here we go. Wow. Mm! That has a very odd texture a little bit spongy just kind of like the meats that you normally get in the beef instant noodle cups, but larger very spongy but has a nice flavor a little bit fried. I wouldn’t say that I would know that it’s chicken but not unpleasant The noodles have the same exact texture as any cup noodle. The flavor is pretty good It’s much more like as I said earlier the pork base rather than chicken and altogether. Not bad. Not quite what I expected It doesn’t taste like a McDonald’s meal at all. It just tastes like instant cup noodles pork flavor with some larger chicken pieces and some potato pieces in there as well the potatoes kind of just Mush and kind of get blended in into the ramen noodles. They kind of just dissolve. Okay. Let’s try our DIY version So right off the bat, I know this is going to taste different because the soup base is different. All right, here we go Mm! That addition of fresh green onions in there is delicious. It gives it more of an oniony fresher flavor Let’s try a little bit the chicken nuggets and the french fries in there So – the french fries actually reconstitute and have that almost Identical texture and flavor as the original.
They don’t taste french fried at all. they just kind of soften and get more like a cooked baked potato or a mashed potato and just Absorb, all of the broth flavor. The broth flavor, like I mentioned earlier, is completely different It tastes like the chicken flavor rather than the pork flavor. So the chicken not surprisingly is very different It tastes and feels like chicken the original had to freeze-dry and of course Reconstitute in water to become the chicken nugget I think is actually a great way to use up the scraps from your last takeout meal Combine it with a cup of noodle to fill it out a little bit and then you’ve got yourself, you know lunch Mm-hmm. And you know how french fries particularly McDonald’s french fries tastes stale like ten minutes after they’re fried. Well, once you put it in the soup like this you have none of that because it absorbs all of the soup broth It’s great Mm-hmm. I always love the little veggies that they include in the cup of noodles as well, too. Mm-hmm All righty. So there you have a little comparison between the original chicken nugget french fry from Japan and the homemade version. Final thoughts: This is pretty good. If you’re in Japan and you want to try it I would say try it but if you want to make a DIY version at home certainly would recommend that as well if you want Something that tastes a little bit more original I would say use pork instead of chicken. But chicken works really really well It’s just not gonna taste exactly like this, but it’s still good in its own right. I think what really makes it for me are the addition of green onions. Green onions in there, a little bit of french fries and Chicken nuggets and you got yourself a second meal. Love it! Alrighty, so let me know down in the comments what your favorite additions are to instant cup noodles or instant noodles in general.
Mine, off the top of my head are eggs And I love to add chili bamboo shoots. Love to add those and of course green onions that really makes it for me Alright, thanks you guys so much for tuning in. I hope you guys enjoy that one I hope you guys learn something. Please share this video with your friends cuz it really helps me out Follow me on social media, subscribe and I shall see you in the next one to do

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  1. How do you eat junk food and stay so slim? I'd love to see you do a "what I eat in a day" series and/or a series on how to maintain your weight.

  2. I'm not a big fan of the cup of ramen, but I do have a favorite place here that makes amazing pad thai. I buy that and add things to it. My favorite ad would probably be shrimp.

  3. Hey Emmy love your videos i just had a question. What do you do with all the food you don't eat? Does like your family eat it after your done filming? Ive always been curious. Keep up the good work girl!

  4. You never say anything is absolutely delicious, "it's ok" is the top review I have seen out of all your videos.Let's face it death is "ok" so I want what's the best.. I don't care what's ok. So by definition you know exactly what You think is delicious. So make a specific series of the 50 most delicious foods to you, but remember this is a top 50 of what you like the absolute most, you can't say "it's ok" just foods you think are way over the top the most delicious things on the planet. Nothing tops those 50 for you and only you.

  5. emmy! i was going through my kitchens 'junk' drawer and found an Ikea grater/container like you have! it made me sooooo happy. i truly love your videos. and you've seriously got me really interested in bees. i find you so soothing. just everything. your demeanor. your quirkiness – like when you accidentally spill something and how you react. it's so cute. thank you so much for being you. im a total lacto-ovo vegetarian. have been all my life. i'd love to see you do something vegetarian related again….maybe like some elaborate tofu? i don't even know if you like tofu. but i'm sure you do. THANK YOU! you really are like a natural Xanax for me. i suffer from anxiety….sometimes crippling. and you are my new go to. i like you better than Netflix. thank you so much. you really help calm me down and get back to 'okay.' no medication required!

  6. 7:55 "Always love the little veggies they include in the cup of noodles too"…That's the first thing I dump out xD I rarely add anything to my noodles, but if I do it's probably egg. I want to try with oyster sauce too though, because I love that shit.

  7. I saw an article over at The Kitchn today, and my first thought was, "This is something Emmy would be interested in." A brined, smoked watermelon, odd yeah? Curious? https://www.thekitchn.com/watermelon-ham-ducks-eatery-261223

  8. I like to add freeze-dried, or air-dried vegetables to my instant ramen, and I top it with some strips of nori after it's 'cooked'.

  9. You should do a food video from the YouTube channel you suck at cooking! Lol I think that would be cool to watch

  10. Years ago the US had amazing Korean instant noodles. Unfortunately we can't find them here anymore. Miss the seafood packs. Miss Chicago too. Tasty video

  11. I like to throw out the seasoning packets with my noodles and use a cube of chicken or beef bouillon instead. It's really good with an egg or two and some cheese added. I also add whatever pantry spices sound good that day.

  12. U need to write a book describing a variety of foods. Or even an ebook. I love how u describe the flavors and textures in everything you try.

  13. Have you tried the MaMa Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum ramen yet? They're my favorite. The noodles might be a little soft for you, but the broth flavor is really addicting.

  14. Oh I cringed so hard when I saw you put in the nuggets and french fries BEFORE you boiled it with water LOL Would it not make more sense to add it in after so it doesn't get chewy? The non diy one has to be cooked because the "nuggets" etc are dehydrated, the Mcdonalds is already cooked lol

  15. I don't use the flavour packets with mine, instead, I steep the noodles, add evoo, tuna or salmon, season with Mrs. Dash, and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.

  16. My favorite additions to instant noodles are cheese (I'd put a whole slice in there), egg, chopped lettuce and some pepper to top it off

  17. I sometimes add leftover KFC nuggets to my instant ramen or yakisoba (I prefer on yakisoba), they aren't that bad at all. If people can put sausages and fried chickens in ramen, so why not?

  18. Emmy!! Try it with chicharrones!! So delicious. I love putting them in a few at a time to get a crunch. But all soggy is delicious as well.

  19. One of these days they'll come up with cup noodle flavor "cup noodle" and it will immediately sell over 9000 tons…. U just know it…. They have a "milk seafood" cup noodle ffs

  20. Another person who covered this particular product decided to add in some fries and nuggets to the already existing fry and nugget bits… It might be a good idea, especially if you end up eating the little bits before finishing the noodles, maybe?

  21. Imma laugh if the US marketing will bring cup of noodles like those and people will still struggle and not know that theres a sticker at the bottom and feel stupid about it 😂

  22. I like a poached egg and spring onion in my noodles. Sometimes some mozzarella and any spare seafood I have. I throw in some korean rice cakes if I can want to fill up too

  23. I hate we can’t get the Cup Noodle flavors here that they have in Japan. I loved the seafood and curry kind when I was there. All they have here is crap generic “beef” and “chicken” flavor and the like. Even the Asian markets where I live don’t carry the good stuff.

  24. I think it’s so strange that Emmy doesn’t have her own show on some network or cable tv station yet..? It seems a lot of channels are grasping for anything these days and this smart, funny host is ripe for stardom. Hopefully fate will intervene & reward this awesome young woman.. Eat Kentucky Moss 😁😁😁

  25. I think you should have waited to add the nugget and french fries. They weren't dried out like the authentic version, so they didn't need time to absorb water.

    I love the little packs of dried vegetables in instant noodles too!

  26. HOW do you manage to chew 7 times and swallow the food COMPLETELY before speaking?? Idk why I'm so amazed by it….

  27. My fav additions are green onions, celery, mushrooms, spinach, lettuce, eggs, roasted seaweed sheets and BEAN SPROUTSS🤤❤️

  28. I wrote u mamy time. U see.or not i dont know. Bir i want sent u diffrent and wonderful turkish food. Please help me how i can sent u…I want ur reply pls🙏🙏

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