So now we need to leave five minutes ago for my neurology appointment which we’ve been waiting for for like eight weeks and the car’s dead. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Yeah. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning. Hey, babe. Good morning. Good morning guys. It’s a crazy morning. Always something, right? So first of all, you can probably tell it’s foggy. It’s very humid outside. Um, Peter went out to breakfast this morning or went to our friend’s house for breakfast and hanging out, hold on. Hold on. And I just like woke up and got ready and whatever but the insurance investigator, whatever it’s called, inspector came to inspect the damage on our car from when that semi truck hit it and apparently he left the car like halfway on, so now we need to leave five minutes ago for my neurology appointment which we’ve been waiting for for like eight weeks and the cars dead, so the…whatever. It is what it is, so our friend is gonna come jump our car for us. It’s rain, it’s pouring out and… Yeah. Oh my gosh, Vadim is here already. Wow, that’s a fast friend. Woo hoo! [Mary] How appropriate that Vadim is wearing our gratitude hat because we are grateful for you! [Mary] Thank you for jumping our car! That was the quickest jump I’ve ever… Whoa. Whoa. Everything okay? [Peter] Yep. Are we good? [Peter] Oh wait. Oh wait, what? [Peter] Are we not started? Are we not? Oh weird! Okay, can you call him really quick? Wah! Okay. We had to charge it again. But this time we’re actually running and while you were out there charging it the hospital called. [Peter] Oh, really? Yeah. For the head cat scan, since I can’t get in to see the ENT yet. We’ll go get a cat scan. [Peter] Today? No. In like a week. But we’ll see. All right, off to the hospital and Vadim is gonna take our stuff to the post office that we were gonna do since we left like a half hour early, but now we’re like right on time. So hopefully there won’t be traffic and… yeah. [Peter] Whew. [Mary] You okay? Oh yeah. [Mary] That was weird. Yeah, it’s really weird that… cuz that wasn’t that long. It was probably like… 40 minutes that…I guess 40 minutes of it sitting on battery. Yeah. But I wouldn’t think it would die so soon, but… Crazy. I had given the adjuster the keys so he could check the mileage on the car. I didn’t stay out there cuz it was pouring raining. And he brought the keys back inside so assumed he turned off the car. Oh well. I’m really grateful we have friends who are so close, because if we had to like wait for roadside assistance or something… We would definitely not make it to the appointment we’ve waited eight weeks to go to. [Peter] Oh man. Holy moly. This morning as I was getting ready or attempting to get ready and I was like trying to get dressed, like on the floor coughing my… brains…lungs… guts, all the things, coughing all the things out. And vomiting on the floor at the same time. Glamorous. But Peter came in with the cleanup crew. Thank you. He’s got my back and my guts. I was just thinking this morning and praying that I would be able to communicate clearly at this appointment because this appointment like, part of me is like really hopeful. I really want this appointment to come out with solutions and ideas and creative thinking and… all the things, but the reality is… they probably won’t have all the answers. And there’s probably not going to be an easy quick fix, but all I can do is… I am praying that I will communicate clearly. I will remember the things I need to say. Peter printed out the… whatever, six weeks of headache logs that I’ve been keeping. And… just do our best. I went on the like online portal last night to make sure there wasn’t any other paperwork that they needed me to bring and it didn’t say anything. So hopefully that’s all… I don’t know. Hopefully I’m not missing something that I need to be bringing but they didn’t tell me to bring anything. So I don’t even like, I don’t feel nervous… Like, I don’t have nervous belly. I will when we drive up but maybe the car not starting took over the nervous belly for me. [Peter] There you go. Haha! [music in background] [Peter] Wow. [Mary] That’s what I wanted to get! [Mary] This is reminding me so much of Scotland like the stone wall and the green and the rain and [Mary] it just reminded me of like walking in Scotland. [Mary] Memories! [whispering] We’re here! [whispering] I just took my mask off…and it fell! I’ll have to find another one before I go out. We’re in. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Yeah. I’m filling out the paperwork. Thanks. [Peter] Mm-hmm. Okay, car pow wow with the Freys. We finished at the appointment. The doctor was superb. Like, super thorough and thankfully, Peter made a good point, he really looked at the big picture and basically, the conclusion is there are about 99 contributing factors. So obviously with CF components, the pressure from all the coughing, the sinus components… I mean like, the list goes on and on. We mentioned IVIG, we mentioned my… blood sugar dropping and you know just like taking all of these contributing factors… First of all, he wants an MRI. So that’s the next step as far as the neurology side of things, so we feel good about that. Imaging is a good idea, and he’s like hopefully everything’s perfectly normal in your MRI, but we need to get that so we can see, rule out anything, I guess with abnormalities there and he wants us to continue, because we’ve got appointments with my ENT coming up and he was like definitely like… go that route and see what they say in the sinus realm. He was kind of saying like hopefully maybe you can do something about sinuses because that’s one of those variables in the picture. And we think it’s like one of the main contributing factors, but… Yeah, and well, what he was saying was it sounds like Mary gets these headaches on the top of her head and then… There’s all these contributing factors to make that headache worse. So there’s the sinuses, there’s possibly IVIG making it worse, low blood sugar… Um… Hormones…and the pressure of coughing being like the biggest like… catalyst to making it be a killer headache and we’re kind of, I mean I’m not saying it’s like on hold until after we see the ENT, but it kind of is because it’s basically, he said let’s see if you can do something about that and then once we’re addressing that maybe we can address other things then. It was interesting because I tried to be as thorough as possible with like here’s how the pain feels and like feels like an ice pick and he’s like, okay, is the knife like stabbing in and out or is it like staying in or you know, like went through those sorts of details and he was saying the underlying headache and then the like ice pick in my head are potentially two different scenarios that make each other worse, which I don’t know. I guess I never thought like oh, I have two different kinds of headaches going on, but it is truly different. But anyway, we feel good about that. He also was mentioning and if you have needed to use Tylenol or like ibuprofen or something in the past, you’ve probably heard the term rebound headaches, and I’ve never noticed that. Correlated it. Right, correlated it But he said let’s try to like hopefully eliminate that factor. So doing Tylenol less. He added another medication. So I have three different medications that I can rotate and he understood the fact that coughing is not only… I’m having spleen pain, hold on. Oh man. You okay? Yeah. I have to breathe and it really hurts. [painful sigh] What the heck? Okay, hold on. Okay. Lightning. Wow. Ouch. Okay, so he knows that coughing is inevitable. It’s going to happen and it is- Necessary. Necessary. Thank you. So he knows that I can’t just not treat the pain and the coughing makes the headache worse and the coughing is necessary and he basically was just being honest and saying like, I can’t fix it probably. But let’s address the sinuses, here’s another medication to put in your rotation and let’s see how it works and tweak your use of Tylenol a little bit and let’s go from there. So overall really glad we went. Yeah. Really glad to get another perspective. You know, as much as we would love for him to be like oh, this is definitely the problem. Here’s the perfect answer. That’s obviously not what happened and we didn’t think that was what was gonna happen. But it’s great to have another person… looking at it from another perspective, I guess. Yeah, so hopefully the ENT will be able to do something for these sinuses. But it is such a catch-22, the ENT thing. Because? Because of the recovery and the potential complications. It’s just… But at this point it’s…it’s worth the risk. Like, and…and… It’s not gonna be the same surgery you had last time. Hopefully not. Because the first surgery they had to like drill in my sinus cavities a lot. So there was more bleeding and we know more. Okay, so like I can talk myself into it like, it’s gonna be okay. But basically the next couple of days, so, I cancelled the horse riding lesson for Monday just because I’m starting to have these low-grade fevers and on Monday I was just feeling so icky. But I knew I wanted to go to horseback riding, but I think I need to take a break from that. Also, my family’s coming into town, so he was like, totally when your family’s here like take whatever meds you need to take so that you can feel like a human and enjoy your time. So I plan to do exactly that and I also told him like some days I think I have this hope in the back of my mind and I know that it’s such a stupid hope that maybe the headache won’t come today. And then I wait to see if it comes and then I accidentally wait just a little bit too long, then I’m backtracking once I take meds and it’s just like… Ugh! But he was like, no just take it right at the first onset and see what happens and it was interesting to talk about IVIG. Because some patients when they take IVIG they have a really bad headache when they’re having the medication. I’ve never had a headache with IVIG. But… Or so we thought. So we thought. Never like directly. Yeah, like do the dose and then like, ah. I’ve never had that but when we zoom out my headaches have gotten more frequent and more severe over the last two years. Yeah, which…which I hadn’t even like thought about but he had been sitting there listening to us talk about all these things and how headaches have gotten worse in the last two years blah blah blah, and then we bring up IVIG and he’s like, well, the timing fits. Like… It’s crazy. When you started IVIG, so he said like I don’t think IVIG is causing the headaches, but I think they’re probably making it worse. And it’s… I appreciate this about him. He was like, it’s another necessary evil, right? Like… IVIG, it has given me some stability that I did not have before. So it’s necessary. But yes, it’s probably going to contribute to your headaches, but we’re going to do what we can to… make it through. There are some other factors about like medications that I cannot take because of bleeding or my spleen issues or whatever it is, and he’s like so this is off the table. This is off the table. You’ve got to do IVIG. You’ve got to do, you know, what you have to do, what you cannot do. And so we’re going to make the most of it and let’s start with an MRI and the ENT and let’s go from there. So that’s what we’re gonna do. Yeah. Now I’m a little bit wondering why my spleen was just hurting so bad. That is weird. Well, you guys, we are going to be running some errands. I am literally like psyched out of my mind. My family is coming into town. So, we’re just getting some last- Tomorrow. I know! I like, that just sunk into my mind that it’s tomorrow they’re coming. Thank you guys for coming on this day with us. Thanks for coming on the fun days on the boat or the lazy, I don’t wanna say lazy but lazy- Simple. Simple days at home cooking in the kitchen or going to the hospital. Or headache updates in the car. Thanks guys. And. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ I think Ollie knew his cue. [Mary talking as Ollie] Good night everybody! [Peter] We will see you tomorrow. [Mary] Good night. [Mary] Oh, you do look a little bit sleepy. We love you. ♬♬

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  1. That was a close one!!! The one time the car won’t start… right before an appointment we have waited months for! Oh life… you know those moments when you just have to laugh? Tell me your exasperating life moments in the comments!

  2. Hi guys! I've been watching this therapist called Dr. Joseph Jacobs on YouTube. He has helped a lot of different people with many different pains or problems. I'm not sure but maybe you can watch some of his videos and see what you think. I sure hope and pray that you'll be feeling better real soon!!! Love you all and that means Ollie Boy too!!! Janet from NH

  3. Omgollygoodness Mary, what a day. It is so true that with chronic diseases that it takes a village, or a whole medical center to figure out our symptoms and most of the time, no easy answers. Sounds like you and Peter are satisfied with what he had to say. And he gave you reasons for them you had not thought of. Now enjoy your family visit, the weather is beautiful here in Virginia, humidity has dropped nicely. Oliver looks like he is wanting a swim 🏊. (((Oliver)))

  4. I wish you did not have headaches. But if you have to have them I wish it was not a multi level kind. On a happy note I am glad you are getting the m.r.i. to rule out anything in the brain and one step forward! You got this Mary.

  5. MRIs are so loud but you will do great. I have had so many of them and I hate it. Have you had one before Mary?

  6. What a day you had! Love each of your attitudes. Have you considered a jumper box that you keep in your vehicle to jump your car yourself…no waiting.. it’s right there if you need it. We bring ours in once a month , once we get the reminder, to charge it.

  7. Forget all that bull$hit and use medical marijuana. Side effects are hungry and happy. All of these tests and injections are as damaging to your body as the disease. You don't have to smoke it – lots of cool edibles and tinctures and body lotions. Might help with your nausea and vomiting too.

  8. At 5:59 to 10:39 Notices Red Bull Can in back of window……..

    At 10:42 it ended up being the Red Bull Delivery Truck ! 😂😂😂😂😂
    Don’t forget to laugh everyday!! 😂🙂

  9. Mary,
    I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to start my own blog because I have been a “chronic overcomer”.

  10. Sorry if this is a silly suggestion, but I wonder if preventative meds for headaches are an option? Often tricyclic antidepressants or beta blockers can help with daily headaches. Not sure if this is an option for you but if so they might help you out! Hope you get some relief from the headaches soon and that someone is able to find a solution for you.

  11. I go to my neurologist for headaches and optic neuritius and I recently had my vision go faded which comes with optic neuritius and a spot in my eye that comes with migranes.

  12. we should start a go fund mr for the frey life to get a new car what do u think people they are wonderful people thanks frey life for sharing your lives with us peace

  13. I also keep up with Claire Wineland who also has CF. She is in desperate need of a lung transplant and needs some help with funds. If anyone can go check out her last video (not sure how to post it), maybe you can help.

  14. I have a enlarged spleen, I just went to the emergency for the pain and very nausea. So it flared up, which I know I have the issue. Also during the MRI they noted that i have a peptic ulcer, imagine that… Well anyways you all have a good night and I hope you find out who's the one giving ya the hard time (our systems) hard to understand. 💜 and as always I will see ya's tomorrow
    your friend, Bonnie 💫
    Nite Olie

  15. Mary we have worked with a neurologist for headaches and they suggested peppermint oil near the headache and it suprisingly has helped so since it's natural I thought I might suggest it to u. Good luck

  16. Praying the MRI will turn up SOMETHING but NOTHING…I mean, that's what we ALL want when we have chronic illnesses. Answers… but not bad ones.

  17. So sorry for all that you are going through. I will pray for you Mary and for wisdom for the doctors.

  18. You'll find out later that you were kept from an accident or something like that. God is really good at that.

  19. Have you tried Fiorinal with codeine? It has been a lifesaver for me. The moment I feel the beginning of the pain I take one and don’t ever get the headache. Praying for you you both from Houston ❤️🙏🏻

  20. Mary, your spleen is located under your rib cage in your upper left quadrant, not low on your belly. Just wanted you to know.

  21. I hope you get some ideas, I’m praying for you. I get migraines headaches due to me getting crushed in an elevator doors, and I am on so medication for so many symptoms, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, I having hearing loss, unsteady on my feet I don’t see very well so I fall all the time, I have low pressure, I see a neurologist too, he suggested botox, but I didn’t want to because I’m so afraid of needles, I have a migraine every single day, I take medicine for them but I think my body I immuedto it so it doesn’t work, I have so many other them to deal with because of this injury loss of shot term memory, but I just pray and I I know I’m going to hang in there and take each day head on!! I have so much medication too! My headaches put me back to bed too

  22. I can’t imagine coughing with a terrible headache. Do you ever just get really angry? Just unadulterated anger? And if you do, does it make you feel guilty about it, like your not allowed, or like your wrong to feel that way? I’m talking past frustration. Do you feel that all feelings (even anger) must be felt? It would be a great talking point for a Monday, or holiday vlog. I watch you guys every day because you lift me up in my heal struggles, but I’m just curious if you have those extreme moments, or even longer than a moment😤😡🤬😠

  23. mary and peter are looking particularly beautiful and handsome in this vlog! not that yall arent usually but..did u do something with ur hair 😂

  24. I get terrible headaches with IVIG and it’s usually worse 2-3 days post infusion. It feels like my brain bounces in my skull. Hope the sinus stuff is the start of some resolutions for you! You’re both amazing!

  25. Careful guys I killed my battery like that before and it continued to die especially when it starts getting cold

  26. So pleased you made the appointment and it went well. I love the NHS but only waiting 8 weeks for an appointment would be a miracle!! Currently waiting 8 months for my appointment!! Xxx

  27. Mary, could you use Turmeric as pain relief? It is said to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties as well as general pain relief. Also, would swapping from IVIg to SCIg (sub cutaneous) be an option to help the headache situation? xx

  28. I take those vomit bags from hospitals and use them all the time. all you got to do it throw it away. you can even buy them online. yes I buy them online. I don't live with anyone to clean up after me and when I'm sick the last thing i want is to clean up vomit. also stock up on hospital masks

  29. I went to a neurologist about my headaches. That did nothing. My primary care doctor ended up sending me to a headache specialist and he told me that my migraines don't fit into any one category. They are a combination of 3 different types. I've had so many CT scans and MRIs of my head and they all come back fine! So he just gives me the medicine to help take it away most of the time. And since there is no pattern a preventative medication won't work, I've tried almost all of them. Now I have to make an appointment with him because they have picked back up. Wonderful!

  30. Im glad Mary this appt was a good one. Positive thoughts!! All will fall into place and get this problem nipped in the bud 🙂
    Much love to you both xo

  31. Hi Mary, I have sinus troubles as does my son and we have had some good results, with Neilsmed sinus rinses, a very simple thing that might help a little, might reduce painkillers/rebound headaches. I often get caught in the rebound trap – perhaps something that might help, just a thought x

  32. now i’m rethinking my migraines because i do ivig once a month so i wonder if that my be happening too

  33. Mary you need to calm down. Ask your doc for anti-anxiety meds. You are a very nervous nelly. Did you mention to your doc you never wear sunglasses? Everything your doc told you we could have told you and it wouldn’t have cost you a dime, or your insurance company.

  34. You are VERY fortunate that you can take abortive meds for your headaches. I wish I could, but because of my allergies, I'm stuck with narcotics, and Dr's are hesitant about prescribing narcotics for migraine and tension headaches because they supposedly cause rebound headaches. Many for some people they do, but I have never had this problem. Anyway, best of luck with everything. I hope you find answers soon.

  35. Just my opinion, but I think that the sooner your head is scanned, the better, no matter what it is. Seeing what's wrong or eliminating possibilities is important. Just know that if there is a spinal fluid leak, a CAT scan probably won't show it, but an MRI will. And it CAN be fixed. Did the neurologist bring that up or rule that possibility out?

  36. Just a quick question idk if you've answered this already. Are you on the transplant list?

  37. Y'all need to buy what is called a Halo. You use it to jump start your car and it is amazing. You can find them on QVC or HSN.

  38. I have daily headaches and chronic migraines. They are no fun. I've had a brain MRI, been seen multiple times over the last couple years but don't have any answers. Being seen next week for it again and hopefully they at least send me to a neurologist. I'm glad you got in to see one so quickly.

  39. I would really think about the sinus surgery. The recovery is brutal. I had mine a month ago and am still having issues from it. My headaches have been worse since too.

  40. Wow Mary, does Peter EVER get annoyed? What a great guy! Oh ya, he also get curly hair in the rain 😂😂 and Mary? You are an inspiration to a lot of people. God Bless You 💕

  41. So happy you've got a neurologist who can see the " bigger picture". Love you guys! Sonia

  42. I always get my migraines two days after IVIG and now I get migraines more sporadically several years out – it’s crazy that my reaction to a drug can change over time! So interesting to hear this conversation about your appointment, and thank you for sharing!!!

  43. Oh gosh, I feel so many of these things. Glad you got another detective on the headache case…I have been having horrible headaches in part from my IVIG that aren’t 1:1 connected and are exacerbated by other meds. A necessary evil for sure. I found that isometric exercise (headstands!) and vasodilators like L-Arginine are making a difference for me to deal with the hyper viscosity and extra plasma. Also switching to a non-glycine formulation and lots of raw coconut water!

  44. My IVIG is constantly giving me headaches… Hope you can find a solution to the headaches! Hugs all the way from Iowa!

  45. So although ivig is necessary, could you switch to weekly subq instead of IV? Subq tends to have less side effects because you are getting less of a dose at one time.

  46. Mary, I want to just say, it really does sound like you are in good hands with this Neurologist so far. I am not just saying that, because I agree with him on several things either! LOL! I don't know enough about IViG to discuss anything, but at least he was really listening to your history and the possible correlation with the exacerbation of your HA's! Sure, that's his job, but lets face it…some are better than others! They all aren't created equal! I am proud of you for cancelling you horseback riding in preparation of everything else. I know that isn't always easy (I was a rider for 12 years before having to stop). Weighing those priorities and thinking ahead! Good luck with the ENT, I'll say some extra prayers for you. I know enough about ENT stuff, and so do you! Ugh…..sorry! ENJOY your family and don't forget to rest! 🙂

  47. I feel like I have the problem of holing out hope that pain won't happen and waiting just a little too long to take pain meds. I struggle with pretty painful period cramps. They often keep my up at night and cause repeated dizzy spells along with nausea. I think about pre dosing before the pain starts but I end up also hoping maybe this time it'll get better on its own but it never does.

  48. Hey Mary ❤️ I've had the icepick headache every now and then, and it all came down to a tooth! Could you get a dental appointment and x-rays taken? My tooth got treated and I didn't have the pain in four years, but now it's starting to bother me again. Just a suggestion, and a possibility to check out! My friend got diagnosed the suicide headache, but it was taken care of in a dental appointment. It's amazing how everything knits together. God bless in Jesus name! Also I'm loving Peter's sermons! Glory to God 🙌

  49. Maybe you have a chiari malformation because that causes immense pain when coughing and sneezing sometimes. Glad you're getting ot checked out! 😘

  50. Ada was at Boston Children's from 7/3- 7/11 for a lung transplant eval and CF exacerbation. We were keeping our eyes out for you all. Also learned a church that interviewed Peter is one a dear old friend of ours is at. Small world…

  51. Mary I really believe you should get a vbg ((which can be drawn from your port)) to test the levels of co2 in your blood and your blood ph.. if it is elevated it causes headaches, confusion, short term memory loss, thought derailment, blanking thoughts, fatigue and many other things and is very very bad in cf..

  52. I totally understand what you going through. I get migraine. I get botox injection and nerve block done. I hope you feel better. Find out what causing your headaches. God bless you and Peter..

  53. Have you ever had blood gashes done when you have these monster headaches? High CO2 levels cause nasty headaches.

  54. You are a sweet couple I was wondering if you are gonna have any children you would make awesome parents

  55. Headaches are sign of chronic dehydration most likely caused by a low salt diet. Check out the Salt Guru on YouTube. Doctors get rich off selling drugs and surgeries, don't be a fool. http://www.saltinstitute.org/salt-101/

  56. Not sure if you will see this or if it was suggested but they have portable jumpers that you keep in your car. I have one in ours because I have several medical conditions and missed an important appointment once due to a dead car. Might be handy to get one. They can be a little expensive (I paid $130 for mine, but it was top of the line and they have cheaper ones though it was suggested to me to not get a cheapo one). Blessings to you guys!

  57. Idk why I thought it was funny when Peter said, hopefully the ENT at 10:41 , and the RedBull car drove by. 😅

  58. I have the same headache and have for a few years on and off and we are still
    Trying to rule out what is causing them and it’s not sinuses

  59. I have hydrocephalus and a few other things that give me a lot of headaches, and my neurologist told me the same thing about "rebound" headaches from all the ibuprofen I was taking. Unfortunately, the solution for me was literally "just take less ibuprofen" but now I get less headaches.

  60. I'm so glad you have another doctor on your team that supports you and understands your needs!! That's such a comforting feeling! Praying for a successful journey figuring this out <3

  61. i suffer with Bad Migraines I Had A Bad head Ache Last Night Hate Em 😯 i Had a MRi in 2025 then they told me I Have migraines and its a sickness i Had No idea what this Pain in back of my head was ???

  62. Hi, I haven't watched that many videos on your channel, but am thoroughly amazed by your strength. I was just wondering, at 9:40 – what kind of thing were you felling when you said 'lightning'? Belly or head pain? I am really interested, since I also sometimes get
    very sudden bellypain, which I always describe as 'lightning', but since now no one has really said that they new what I meant by that. At one point I thought it was just ovulation, but that wouldn't correlate with my cycle. So… just wondering 🙂

  63. Wow! It sounds like you had a great appointment. You were so well prepared and the doc seemed really open to understanding your specific situation. I have struggled with chronic migraine and I also work at a health system with our Neurosciences team so I feel blessed to work with many of the care team that has been part of my care. In one of my appointments my Neurologist told me that there are about 126 different kind of headaches. I am not surprised that you have more than one thing going on. I love that your Neurologist mentioned this to you. Treating headaches is so tricky. Often people get frustrated because they don't understand how complex treating headaches/migraines is and they think their doctor isn't helping them. And not to mention that every individual's situation is different. I am praying you can figure yours out. It doesn't sound like you will be able to get rid of them entirely but if you can do some things that improve the situation it all contributes to taking some stress off of your body and helping you feel better. I am new to The Frey Life. You, Peter and Ollie are lovely. Prayers for more good days.

  64. Mine gave me imatrex and another one it really helped me I have really really bad headaches to where I throw up with them I can't lay down or sit down I mean my head fells like it's going to blow up for real but now I have no insurance so now the only thing that works on them is Excedrin but they don't know what causes mine so I know how you fell with the really bad headaches

  65. I love how Peter never gets angry or frustrated or yells and looks just to solve the problem and move on. I'm so tired of other peoples drama.

  66. How did you have come give me a charge friends in N.C. Already? I wish I were as balanced and emotionally healthy as y’all. Such good examples.

  67. I just had a neurology appointment for my “head stinging” . I can relate. Cat scan for sinuses. Prayers for you Mary.

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