🕉😀 How to FREE Yourself from Depression / Stay as Awareness / Non-Duality Teacher Rupert Spira

It’s this very subtle change of focus. Nothing changes. You don’t have to escape the feeling.
Right there shining, not buried in the heart of the feeling,
but on the surface of the feeling. The light of your own being is shining,
just give that your attention. See that, see the knowing rather than the known. I have some sort of brain condition and I have episodes of depression, where I am just in bed sleeping for extended periods. When you’re just? Can you repeat that last bit?! I’m in bed for episodes, for long periods. I’m just fundamentally immobilized. They’re episodic. They came and go. The question that I have:
When I’m in that space, when I am so heavily
identified with the depression, I can’t access the knowing. There is never a moment that I can actually somehow detach. I’m so in it. Any thought about how to access the knowing,
or how to fundamentally establish myself in that
when I’m in that cycle? I appreciate that it’s difficult. However what you are saying is:
When a black image appears on the screen,
the screen disappears! Exactly! When a black image appears on your TV screen,
does your screen disappear?
Does the black image obscure the screen? No, it doesn’t. You wouldn’t know that you were in a deep depression
if the knowing of it was not present! So, this knowing it doesn’t need to be accessed.
It’s not buried deep down under
layers and layers and layers of feeling. Just like the screen is not buried behind the black image, veiled by it. This knowing is shining fully, brightly,
even in the deepest depression. Well, that’s very interesting when you say that,
because when I’m in this deep dark space,
there is this wanting to connect with the known. Let me stop you. You say ‘When I’m in this deep dark place,’
you are always the knowing of your experience, yes? The screen is never buried in the movie,
it’s never lost in the movie! When you have a depression,
do you know anything of the depression
other than the knowing of it? I would say no. All there is to the depression
and I’m not trivializing your feeling, all there is to the depression is the knowing of it,
that knowing is shining
right on the surface of the feeling. It’s not buried behind it.
You don’t have to separate yourself out from the depression and go looking for this knowing presence, which is buried in the back.
It’s right there shining in this black image. Just like when you see a black wall on a tv screen … The tv screen that was two minutes ago
shining in a blue sky is equally shining in the black wall In your depression, all you know of the depression is the knowing of it. That knowing is not buried or
veiled, covered, obscured, or lost. That knowing is shining brightly in the feeling. So give your attention to the knowing.
You don’t even need to give your attention
to the knowing, because knowing is the attention
which we give to objects. So you just know yourself as that knowing. It’s like watching a black image on a screen and instead of focusing on the black image you see the screen. Nothing changes. You keep looking at the same screen,
but instead of saying ‘I’m seeing a black wall,’
you say ‘I’m seeing the screen.’ The happiness that you are longing for
in the depression is that screen. And it’s shining in the depression! So it’s this very subtle change of focus.
Nothing changes. You don’t have to escape the feeling.
Right there shining, not buried in the heart of the feeling, but on the surface of the feeling. The light of your own being is shining,
just give that your attention. See the knowing rather than the known. That is the happiness you are longing for.
In other words happiness itself
is appearing as this depression. Just as the transparent screen
appears as the black wall. Only because you’re rejecting the depression and looking for happiness elsewhere or looking for the presence of awareness elsewhere That rejection of the depression and the insistence that awareness or happiness is somewhere else, that is what compels awareness to seem as if hidden.
It is your insistence that it is missing
that makes it seem that it is so. That makes perfect sense! Yes, that’s very helpful. So when you discover the knowing in your depression,
– the screen in the image – then turn around
and face your depression. See what is left of it. The thought occurred to me to ask myself the question
‘Am I willing to be depressed for the rest of my life?’ What a thought. It’s not ‘are you willing to be depressed for the rest of your life,’ because if you discover this knowing in the depression in other words if you discover the screen in the image,
the depression can no longer stand, because depression is unhappiness.
It can no longer stand when you’ve seen the knowing. That’s why I say ‘Look back at the depression
and see what remains of it!’ You won’t be able to find it! The depression itself, the feeling itself
will have been revealed, the true substance of the feeling will have been revealed,
which is happiness. Happiness is the substance of all feelings, even our deepest depression. Well, it doesn’t last. It never lasts. The knowing is eternal. Stay with that. Stay with the knowing! Everything we have ever truly longed for
lives shining on the surface of experience, not just the background, not buried in the heart,
but right in the midst of experience. Everything we have ever longed for
– peace, happiness, and love – lives there shining brightly in all experience.

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  1. 'That rejection of the depression and the insistence that awareness or happiness is somewhere else; that is what compels awareness to seem as if hidden. It is your insistence that it is missing that makes it seem that it is so.' #RupertSpira

  2. I have a question, if a person has clinical depression does this help? perhaps not a cure but perhaps helps iam sure. But is it a cure for depression? thats my question!

  3. I just wanted to add that maybe this could be a cure, i dont know but iam open and willing to try it own, why not! Ill try almost anything to relieve my suffering and depression!! the spiritual approach works for alcohol addiction, why not this!

  4. Gracias por compartir, Auerelio Yaga
    'Ese rechazo de la depresión y la insistencia en que la conciencia o la felicidad está en otra parte; eso es lo que obliga a la conciencia que parecer que se oculta. Es su insistencia en que no se encuentra que hace que parezca que es así '. #RupertSpira
    'La felicidad es la sustancia de todos los sentimientos, incluso en nuestra más profunda depresión. #RupertSpira
    El conocimiento es eterno. Quedarse con eso. ' #RupertSpira

  5. I understand when he says "stay with the Knowing" that the light of my being is shining brightly on the surface of my experience. Depression becomes just another label… just another word…

    Thank you for Sharing!


  6. 123xyzSam1 second agoafter 31 years on this search the only thing I've found is  the Sedona Method ,amma.org , thework.com good luck-sam

  7. Rupert's pointing is exquisitely clear; and believe it or not his books are even more so. There is not one unnecessary word used.
    I have read The Transparency of Things, and am currently reading The Art of Peace and Happiness. I can not recommend them enough.

  8. Depression is something chemical that happens to the body and makes you feel fearful, powerless, useless, etc. It is not only due to "trying to run away or hiding from it", sorry but it is not that simple. I would recommend heavy exercise and lot of out-door/ Creative activities, in order to burn-out the excessive energy and balance the body and mind back to the equilibrium, only then, rely to philosophy and environmental changes in order to avoid recurrences.

    Knowing of depression (or of any other low vibrated emotion that is manifested in us ) is always there, but the bliss of awareness is not experienced.
    In order to experience the bliss, the freedom and the plenitude of our true Self (awareness) the mind must be pure, serene and luminous. There is no other way to reflect clearly the bliss of awareness.

  10. Many people seems to understand. But really, what exactly you "do", when you do it right? What is the "stay as awareness" method exactly "doing" in you. Because.. if you are aware, if you are staying aware.. who does it? Are you the screen in that moment? Because who is aware, that you are aware, of you "staying as the screen"? Only the screen is aware of your awareness. So I am puzzled, what I should "do" to be there, to stay as the screen. Because only I know is the stream of happenings playing before my screen. I am aware of many things.. but I am not sure if this is all? I am still thinking, if awareness of things, even the awareness of me being aware is enough.

  11. Would be nice to have the questioners mic shut off. His response noises to everything Rupert's said we're so distracting to Rupert's words, lol

  12. Superb! See the knowing rather than the known. Give your attention to the knowing rather than the known. No matter what appears within awareness, awareness is whole, and this wholeness, this completness, is experienced as fulfillment, "happiness."

  13. Is knowledge more important than being? A scientist may have vast knowledge yet be socially inept. Being is all what the individual is, clarity, confusion, beliefs and habits. Knowledge and being must be integrated, wayofspinoza.com

  14. This just really irritates me. People with depression obviously cannot see this so called shiny happy screen that's the whole point. Telling them it's there makes no difference. It just leads to frustration about being unable to see it.

  15. I definitely agree that it is possible To step back from what’s happening in the mind and just appreciate the fireworks that are taking place on the screen without being scared of the noises or put off by the bangs.

  16. I think this person is the best teacher for simple normal people who dont know much spirituality or even those who do ,he says things that help a lot because he doesnt make it complicate it ,although there maybe many enlightened people not all are good teachers of it this person is one of the best one,i can feel my self getting closer and closer to permanent enlightenment it comes and goes but i know i have come half way

  17. Actually I disagree. It is not hapiness as we percieve it coming from objects, but bliss.He wont be happy on top of his depression.

  18. lot of answer has to do with proper combination of vitamins it may take time to find the right healthy balance , if energy is steady and sleep is deep etc ..

  19. He is playing word games here to some extent. The inability to distance yourself from the depression is one of the symptoms of depression. To someone who currently has a clinical depression, his advice is of no use.

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