1 Minute Migraine Tips – 7. How to survive a migraine

1 Minute Migraine Tips
How to cope during the migraine When my head is really killing and no medication
is helping, the number one thing that helps me through is this menthol stick, 4head.
This is the actual stick and you can just rub it on your temples and your forehead and
it feels so nice. It’s just cooling and very soothing I normally put so much on that it makes my eyes start to sting but I like this because
it does take my mind, or helps to take my mind off my migraine.
But be careful what menthol stick you use. When I lived in Canada, I got a similar one
and was slathering it on my forehead. A couple of days later, I could peel flakes of skin
off my temples and forehead. It was disgusting so I obviously reacted badly to that one and
haven’t used it again since.

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