10 Easy Self Care Tips for Depression

Everyone deals with depression in different
ways. Some try to handle it by themselves, while
others get help. We’re not telling you that you can fight depression
on your own, but there are definitely certain things you can do for yourself that could
help massively. Here are 10 self-care ideas that you might
want to try. Journaling; you might be surprised at how
big of an impact this can have. Many studies have looked at journaling as
a way fight depression and the results are very promising. Journaling forces you to reflect and it helps
you get things off your chest, even and if you’re just admitting things to yourself. Reconnect with a friend; Even if you have no desire to get out and
talk to people, you should probably at least make an effort. Researchers have looked at the most effective
strategies for dealing with depression, and actively participating in your own social
life is a very beneficial tactic. Humans are social animals, so we actually need a community of some kind. Comfort food; certain foods and diets definitely
have a strong effect on depression. You could choose to go super healthy and that
definitely helps with our state of mind. But you might be surprised at the antidepressant
qualities of various foods, including chocolate which has serotonin boosting qualities, tea
and even coffee are actually great for fighting depression. And this is backed by numerous studies. Humor; you’ve all heard that laughter is
the best medicine. Well, that might not be too far from the truth. Humor is actually a great way to deal with
depression. Watch a funny movie, see a stand-up comedian,
do whatever makes you laugh. Laughter releases endorphins and decreases
stress hormones among many other benefits. St. John’s Wart; We all know that antidepressants
are one of the most common ways to deal with depression. These are special medications prescribed by
professionals. But some might want something a little more
natural. If this is the case, then St. John’s Wart
is definitely an option. This natural herb has proven effectiveness
against mild depression, although it won’t do much more for severe cases. Physical activity; Sometimes the simplest
solutions are the most effective. Time and time again, studies have shown that
regular rigorous exercise is one of the best ways to fight depression. Exercise releases endorphins which are natural
feel-good chemicals in the body. Seeing the physical changes in our body after
a hard workout is a great and mood booster as well. There’s really no downside to getting a little
exercise done and you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel pretty good afterwards. Bibliotherapy; another proven method of dealing
with depression is bibliotherapy. Although the word might sound complicated,
it’s actually pretty simple. Bibliotherapy is the use of books in therapy. This is probably one of the most popular self-guided
forms of therapy out there and it has a great track record. Usually, there’s an initial consultation with
a professional therapist and then the patient uses a book to guide themselves along their
therapy journey. The book instructs the patient on how to improve
their mood, deal with depression and conquer anxiety. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s only
recommended for those with mild depressive symptoms. Yoga; a few different studies have examined
how Yoga can help with depression, and they’ve come to the conclusion that it can be very
effective. Someone say that yoga is just another form
of exercise, but in truth, it’s more than that. Many people describe yoga as a kind of meditation
in motion, it can be spiritual in nature and it can also be very introspective. The results speak for themselves. Meditation; meditation might just be one of
the oldest self-care techniques in history. People have been meditating for thousands
of years and the effects of this practice are well documented. The aim of meditation is to attain inner peace
which makes it a perfect strategy for combating depression. One of the most popular methods for dealing
with depression these days is mindfulness, which is a type of meditation which focuses
on being of ourselves, our thoughts and the people around us. Numerous studies have examined the effects
of this on depression and it has proven to be quite effective. Quite simply, it gives us greater appreciation
of our own lives. Massage Therapy. It’s always good to treat yourself to a nice
massage, but if you’re trying to pursue a lifestyle of self-care, then you might want to seriously
consider massage therapy. You left this method until last for a reason. Massage Therapy is only loosely linked with
decreased depressive symptoms. It won’t cure depression but it will decrease
stress levels. And hey, getting massage is never a bad thing. What are some self-care techniques that you
do to fight depression? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have used all these tips and guess what it works!!! 💖 Remember that for most depression is just a phase. A dark cloud above us. But know that the sun is waiting to shine through!⛅
    Love you psych2go!

  2. People often wonder how i am able to survive without phone service ha ha. I dont need the world blowing up my phone.
    But i like

    Spending time with my dogs
    Listening to music

  3. chocolate creates depression. Because it damages the brains own reward system. Because of the sweet and the sugar, the brain releases serotonin. That's because in stone age sugar was pretty pretty rare. You had to work hard in order to gain some of it. Today you can just buy chocolate, thus overloading your reward system. Of course, first chocolate helps, because serotonin and dopamin are released which make you feel better, but in the end it damages the brains reward system further. It's like a drug. In modern consume culture we have many things that destroy our reward system just like this. E.g. the smartphone.

    I don't know much about depression but I'm sure modern society and just things like this cause so much depression that now in germany roughly a quarter of the population had to deal with it at least once in their lives.

  4. I dunno changing my environment changed alot? Like j shifted away from a place that always put me down

  5. Tips that helped me:
    Humor (I’m the one who makes the jokes)
    Physical activity
    That’s mostly it

  6. Personally i used to smoke marijuana to keep me calm from overthinking all negative thoughts when i was at my lowest depression state.. it almost took me a year to finally realized that i can’t stay like this forever

    no matter how depressed you are, always remember there is someone out there who are ready to give you a helping hand and time always heal.. you just got to trust in yourself and don’t expect positive vibes would come to you immediately.. it takes time and believe me, the moment you’re out of your depressed state, you will see life completely different again

    maybe that is how i view it now, since i felt so much better and appreciated with everything around me.. and also depression teaches me alot about life, both good and bad

    have a good day to whoever reading this, you are not alone my friend.. just take a deep breath and let your unnecessary anxiety slip through, it’s not worth thinking about it

  7. “Anything is better than nothing”
    Random guy on the internet (which I’ll never thank enough) gave me this advice a couple of months ago and it helped me sooo much that I’d feel a complete asshole if I don’t share it with you.
    It’s super easy and yet super hard to do, so pay attention.
    Basically, we all know that one of the biggest issues with depression is that feeling where you can’t do anything. Taking a shower is so damn hard it seems impossible, cooking and eating are just words on the dictionary, etc.
    Well, what he said (and what I’ve been trying to do) is: force yourself to do something. It doesn’t need to be something big. Matter of fact, the key is starting very small. You want to take a shower but you’re not able to do so? Go wash your face. Even washing your face is too much? Brush your teeth. Baby steps. It may sound dumb, but it’s really helping me.
    I love you all

  8. I love the way you guys personified/animated depression. Makes it feel a little less scary, and seem like something that us who suffer from it can deal with and even in some cases, overcome completely.

  9. I have a LOT of plants and it makes me happy and gets me to think more about caring for my plants then my depression and anxiety.

  10. PLEASE!! Please talk to a medical physician before going on St. John's Wort because it can mess with medications like oral contraceptives, blood thinners, etc and can be toxic or deadly if there is a drug reaction to something you're taking. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe!! Please, just check, I don't want people to die!

  11. I draw or doodle when I feel depressed or anxious. It helps just to let your mind go and do whatever comes out of you. Another thing is trying new things or sitting outside for awhile.

    And to those scrolling the comments…stay strong and hang in there, things will get better! ❤ hugs :3

  12. Seven More Tips On How To Combat With Depression:
    ~ Take a nap, since sleeping is one of the easiest ways to fade from a mood you dislike, and will help bring back your motivation
    ~ Do something kind for someone, since it makes you feel like a good person, which boosts your mood especially since you made another feel good
    ~ Draw pictures, since it channels some energy from your mind and soul and helps you feel more content
    ~ Think about some of the greater things you know, write them down, and educate yourself. This way, you feel smarter and will help boost self-esteem, and feel less depressed
    ~ Catch up on your favorite book/show/entertainment/etc, since it allows you to feel joyous in the moment of what entertains you
    ~ Think about all of the good things about yourself, and instead of dwelling on anything negative that flows through your mind before/during/even after the process, give yourself some counseling advice and empathy. It will help you grow stronger as a person and feel more capable at handling such intense situations
    ~ Don't allow your emotional well-being destroy you inside. Instead, grant yourself the initiative to either logically directionate yourself through the situation and move away from focusing on them, or you can allow yourself to truly and fully FEEL what you're feeling and it will pass, and then you'll feel good afterwards.

    And yeah…

  13. Honestly a lunch I love and constantly eat is rice, spinach, raspberries, and cheese cubes. It's healthy and it makes me feel better. If I work out that day I add yum yum sauce (unhealthy) and soy sauce (healthier that yum yum sauce) if I don't work out I use soy sauce only. If I'm lazy I add nothing at all.

  14. Find hobbies. I'm a painter and painting has helped me so much honestly. I also enjoy writing on quotev. Hell, even playing the Sims can help. Get creative.

  15. God. 3 minutes in and all i can think is "well that wont do crap for me". Well, looks like im to far gone for anything

  16. Any "self care" tactic is only a temporary fix and addresses the symptoms, not the cause. You feel bad because you're not good enough, that feeling is accurate, explore it, further define it, discover where you're not good enough and in what field of interest then at least you're not working with a vauge feeling anymore, but a concept and a fact. As to improve, I don't know yet.

    The following information only applies to those who are endeavoring in art: I'm only level 2 and after years of hard work and practice I can't even get to level 3, for me level 4 is where self worth starts without it being a blatent lie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j38HRF17YMA
    That being said I lucked out on finding this video because it quantifies and puts into numbers my dreams and goals, half of them anyway, the half that can at least in theory, still be salvaged.

  17. This is a great video, with some great ideas! St. John's Wort works against an epilepsy med that I am taking. So that one is out. Thanks!

  18. I had a mental breakdown 2 weeks ago cuz of my social anxiety and depression I was loosing my mind at 2 am I went downstairs to cut myself (for the first time) I was scared to do it. so i went to bed without doing anything after 15 minutes i went downstairs again took some pills (a small amount) right after taking the deadly pills i was scared AF for what i had done got headaches and numbness in body for 2 days luckily nothing happened i still feel the urgue to kill myself but i'm too scared.idk what's happening to me💔 i feel stupid for doing that.

  19. Water helps a lot for me, so when I feel too bad I force myself to take a shower and get out of the house for no apparent reason. I also enjoy being in the rain. It kind of makes my mind clearer.

  20. About humour.
    When I got into severe depression a few years ago, I've spent two weeks straight crying EVERY day.
    One night, on the TV, I stumbled onto my favourite trio of comedians. I bursted out laughing. My laughter filled up the house and my parents got a little weirded out. I hadn't laughed in DAYS.
    I am always thankful for those three people because I grew up with their work and got me thru thick and thin, literally ♥.

  21. Depression doesn't care

    Depression doesn't care if your beautiful
    Depression doesn't care if your skinny
    Depression doesn't care if your rich or poor
    Depression doesn't care about how happy you WANT to be.

    Depression just doesn't give two fucks.

  22. 1. Minecraft
    2. Minecraft
    4. Minecraft
    6. Minecraft
    7. Minecraft

    8. Minecraft
    9. Minecraft
    10. Minecraft at 3 am

  23. Awwww… I think that the creature symbolizing depression in this vid is very fricking cute
    When I saw it, my level of anxiety, stress, depression and tiredness became lower. Thank you Psych2go!

  24. Volunteer work can really help depression. If you're allergic to Ragweed, do not take St. John's Wort. It can also interact badly with many drugs, so check interactions first. There are supplements that help depression too, like B complex, Magnesium threonate, and Krill Oil.

  25. Eating healthy alone doesn't work, it takes a combination of all of the above. Lol I like your analogy of fighting depression in the ring, it's pretty on point, it's an everyday fight

  26. Are there any other students that how they feel about their selves is how their grades are

  27. So like there's that new anime that came out which is like that adorable little fox girl that takes care of like the dude that works his butt off and stuff like that and she's like 800 years old and her name is senko San, what I'm trying to get at here is the very wholesome moments make me tear up a little bit, especially like the first few episodes where he had memories of his like grandmother and stuff kind of reminds me of like when I was a child and I had me crying a little bit because it really touched with home, of course every night I have Suicidal Thoughts but I just say yeah that's going to happen to me, I'm not sure but all I know is I don't want to get real help because they'll send me to a mental hospital and give me those horrible horrible depressive pills, rather take my chances with a random loaded gun in my hand then take those pills

  28. i miss journaling 🙁 i used to do it all the time in hs. i think using social media pulled me away from it, that's not a bad thing, but it feels like the way i journal change?

  29. the thing is even if i want to do those things i still don't want to leave my house or talk or see friends bc i feel like i annoy them even if they tell me that's false and i just want to be alone and even if i know that like journaling or sing or write etc may help me it's like i don't have the strength to do it and it makes me feel even worse

  30. This video should be played after every single depression medication commercial to show natural methods lol 😆😁

  31. The other day I tried to take a relaxing bath in an effort to try to find a new way to calm my anxiety
    Ten seconds later my dad is screaming at me to get out of the bathroom because a pipe in the ceiling happened to burst and water started pouring from the ceiling all over the kitchen
    The worst part is my family is actually trying to sell the house lmao

  32. The most important point is how to help people with depression to get their strength and energy back to do all those tips…

  33. Problem with these tips: mostly people don't have the energy to do them
    Solution: My therapist does this with me everytime my energylevel is low: Step 1) Get into a comfortable positon and close your eyes
    Step 2) Feel your body, be conscious of yourself (start with your toes and work your way up the legs, then go to your shoulders, arms and fingers, then your back and your stomach. Try to identify certain feelings like emptiness, warmth, being cold, feeling heavy etc. and just recognize what is there)
    Step 3) concentrate on the part of your body where you feel one of the things I listed above, if you feel many things just pick the strongest feeling. Try feeling it deeper (and it's not a shame to start crying while you do this, because sometimes the triggering moments of those feelings start appearing before your eyes)
    Step 4) open your eyes and try to project your feeling into the space you're at (for me it's easier to connect the feeling to an object and not project it into the air)
    Step 5) let it be there, let it get bigger or smaller, just let it be
    Step 6) close your eyes and take a deep breath
    Step 7) open your eyes
    Step 8) Grounding: name 5 things you can see. Take a deep breath. Name 4 things you can touch. Take a deep breath. Name 3 things you can hear. Take a deep breath. Name 2 things you can smell. Take a deep breath. Name 1 thing you could or can taste. Take a deep breath (repeat as much as needed. It's not bad if you start naming the same things while doing it over and over. Just don't think about it too much, justy say the first thing that comes to your mind. If you feel stupid while saying things out loud for example because you're in public it's okay, just say it in your mind. But in my opinion it helps to say it out loud)
    Step 9: Do the selfcare tips

    If you're not able to do steps 1 – 7 right away start with step 8 (repeat as needed) and then do it once again after steps 1-7

    Other tips:
    – take a walk outside (even if it's just out of the front door or while listening to music, just go outside and walk arounf for a bit)
    – travel around. Get in the car or even better on the bus or the train and just travel around with no destination. When you feel better again try to get back to your starting point
    – put everything away and get yourself in a comfortable position and let your feelings be (it's okay to feel nothing or start crying etc). Just lie or sit there and do nothing but breathing
    – do something that comforts and relaxes you, even if you got other things to do (for example run yourself a hot bath or play video games). It might get better after a bit and then you can do the steps from above to complete the task you should do
    – take a nap
    – try to find out if the stuff you're concerned about is "your stuff". If it wasn't supposed to be yours "give it back". If you can think of a person to give it back to I like to visualize the thing as a package and I hand it over to them. If there isn't a person I imagine a ball and kick it into the void
    – put on music that fits your feelings
    – write a list of things you have done today, highlight the things that were good and highlight the things you have accomplished even though you didn't want to (preferable in another colour). Name those things out loud and tell yourself you did a great job here (even if you don't believe it)
    – improvement on the journal thing: think of a colourscheme and think of the feelings you typically have (for example dark green = super happy, green = happy, yellow = somehow okay, orange = empty, red = depressed, blue = super depressed, black = suicidal) and mark each day with one of thoss colors. Try writing why you felt like this on that day. Over time you may notice what stressed you out and what made you happy, so you can try focusing on the happy stuff and cross out the stressing stuff as far as it's possible

  34. I agree with this video 💯percent. When you implement these tips to your life, you’ll find yourself to be a lot happier. 😁

  35. I journal all the time and have for years. It's not only because I enjoy writing, but also because I have no one else to talk to, anyway.

  36. Can you guys talk about the 2nd type of suicide?
    Usually when people think of suicide it's something like, "I am in so much pain, I need to free myself from this pain".
    But the second type of suicide is still VERY common but never talked about, which is, " I am a horrible person, everyone who loves me is suffering. I need to help the people I love and free THEM from the pain I cause them".

    1st type: I am in pain, I need to free myself

    2nd type: everyone around me is in pain, I need to free them.

  37. Hahahahaha, my life has always been controlled by my family. Good thing you people have never met my family…..

  38. Besides reading and physical activities (as mentioned), try music too. I have a playlist on my channel if one wish to try to listen.

  39. I used to fight a lot in "clubs" to earn money and keeping my mind away from depression and I found that walking in the forest or going on a nightwalk really help but don't get your mind get carried away so bring a Book alongside stop under a lamplight read a bit and walk again it really helps believe me , I was fighting the wrong way and now I feel a bit better thanks to this tricks I've learned and some selfcare keep in mind that a fighter fight first in his mind then in real life 🙂
    Sorry for mistakes english isn't my native language

  40. "Inner peace" shows the Mercedes logo 😂

    Lol that little black thing reminds me of Luci from Disenchantment

  41. I love this video so much! I especially appreciate how you designed the character "DEPRESSION". I love how the video shows how depression doesn't leave entirely, but it can be managed. I also like how cute the creature is. He's not evil, he's not the bad guy, he's a part of us and we just need to manage it.

    Although depression doesn't leave completely, this video definitely shows that it DOES get better! (with time and practice). 😉

  42. These can and will help, as someone with depression, you need to find what's best for you, not everyone is the same with depression.

  43. My ways of dealing with depression varies from time to time. And the thing that worked once, might not work the next time. Therefor I have different ways of dealing with my issues.
    I'm in a quite difficult, personal situation at home. In a way that I can never feel completely safe or at ease. I'm always on edge, waiting for the specific moments. The moments when something triggers my negativity to overflow. (I usually feel overwhelmed and frustrated, irritated and sometimes I even feel like I'm gonna burst out in anger) It can be the smallest of things… For example; my dad walking up the stairs to his room, hearing him eating, hearing him coming into the same room as me or something else casual. For anyone else, it'd be no big deal. But for personal reasons; these simple, small things, trigger my negativity and has a huge effect on me.

    My negativity can strike me like a lightning, in any moment, sometimes for no reason. It usually strikes when I'm in the best mood. For example if I've just done the dishes, cleaned the kitchen or completed an artwork, exercised my horse or anything else that makes me happy. Then the joy drops rapidly after about 10-30mins. Then I'm down in the dumps again and feel worthless, frustrated and sad. I start looking for faults and wrongs. Usually with myself or my daily life. And I usually tend to look for wrongs with myself as I try to sleep at night. When I lay there in bed, not doing anything, the thoughts come creeping up on me. I can lay there for hours, simply thinking about past memories and things I've said and done that has been wrong or clumsy. Or simply painful, horrible things that has happened in my life.

    This is what I try to do to cope with my mental issues….
    1. Sometimes I feel so angry, sad or frustrated that I just can't stand it anymore. My head's spinning, the negative thoughts are just growing louder… …so I make myself a big cup of coffee. I simply sit down, enjoy my cup of coffee in peace. Usually while watching some youtube videos. Or sometimes I just spend some quality time with my animals whilst enjoying my cup of coffee. I t really calms me down and puts my mind to rest.

    2. Riding. I'm an equestrian. I ride just about every single day. And it really helps me get away from the negative thoughts. I always feel energetic and excited in the saddle. I enjoy life and enjoy the moment. And as I'm planning on becoming an author, riding really gives me the inspiration and motivation I need for that dream. Whilst on horseback, I get the best ideas for my novels. The horses and the riding feeds my soul.

    3. Playing my guitar. This one's one of my most unusual ways of handling my issues. I don't usually play my guitars anymore. Mostly because I lack interest nowadays, since I don't really know what to play and I feel like I'm stuck in my progress. But when I do play – I feel so relieved. It's like the guitar is removing all the negative energy from me.

    4. Meditating. This one I'd like to do more often than I actually do… It really helps me a lot and I don't understand why I don't do it more frequently. I do have a hard time relaxing and tend to overthink all the time. Therefor meditating has helped me a lot. I'm never as relaxed as when I'm meditating. And only then do I realize how tired I really am. It really gives me an inner strength and energy. Not that type of energy that makes you wanna run 3 laps around the house… …but a strange sort of energy that gives you the strength to fight whatever thought that is holding you back. It gives me the energy to stop the horrible thoughts from taking over my mind.

    5. Photographing. Since my dad bought me a camera last christmas, I've been way more active when it comes to photographing. I only photograph outdoors, specially wildlife and nature. Sometimes my pets at home, but I prefer to simply let the road take me wherever it wants and then I'll let it show me whatever it wants. I can sit on a rock for hours, waiting for a bird or a deer to walk by. It really makes me enjoy the world around me and makes me enjoy living. It also makes me feel like I'm good at something. Specially since no one judges my photos in a way as my other hobbies. And I keep on photographing, since I've found an awesome website where one can upload as many photos as they want and compete against other photographers. Since I entered that website, I've felt proud over my photos. And I really do feel good when I go out to photograph. It's like a little adventure. And I can just leave my problems behind, for who knows how long. Could me ten minutes. Could be an entire day. And when I get home – I don't have to come back to stress and negative thoughts. Because the first thing I do when I get back is to get a cup of coffee, sit down and sort my photos. I choose the ones who I believe are the best and then I keep them. It really is a healing activity. And thrilling too. Sitting there out in the wilderness, not knowing what you will see, hear or feel.. Not knowing what will cross your path… A wild boar, a deer, a moose, a bird or a snake.. Could be anything. It really is exciting.

    6. Spending time with my animals at home. I do have many animals. 2 horses, 2 dogs, about…. 6-7 cats I think…. Lost count of them… ….3 rabbits (gonna buy a new one so that will be 4 at the end of summer..) and I've had guineapigs, pigs and hamsters before. And other cats and dogs.. …Anyways. I usually try to spend a lot of time with them. It's good for both me and them. I know that they love me. And they know that I love them too. I can spend some time with those who I can truly trust. These past few weeks I've tried to spend some extra quality time with my dogs. Playing with them (which gives both me and them some exercise) really helps me clear my mind and it gives me a lot of laughs too.

    7. Watching Russel Howard's videos on youtube. He's a comedian that I stumbled upon on youtube. I thought I could give his video a try. And he was HILARIOUS. Since then I've usually watched his videos while drinking coffee, whenever I felt down and needed to take my mind off things. His videos really help me see things from a more positive perspective. He makes me laugh (which I rarely do anymore).

    8. This is for my sleeping problems ONLY – > Earplugs. Yeah. Earplugs. I have kittens living right above my room. They play every night, running across the floor, fighting and playing, moving things around. And also I have 2 snoring dogs in my room. At the same time, there are various other random noises and constant, overwhelming thoughts that keep me awake. One night I just couldn't take all the noise anymore! So I took a pair of earplugs and put them to use. Weirdly enough, when all the irritating sounds stopped, my thoughts had a hard time affecting me as well. I had a lot less trouble falling asleep. … Now they don't always work. Sometimes I unknowingly let my thoughts take over. And it's difficult to push them away once they're in. But combining my earplugs and meditating – that has really paid off. And I can usually get at least two more hours of sleep.

    I have more things on my list. But I think I've said enough. These are at least 8 of my ways of coping with my depression and negative thoughts.

  44. I use to be in a dance class but stopped when symptoms of depression started appearing. I’m not in a dance class currently but I do still dance a lot and it really helps with my depression and PTSD

  45. Another very important tips are: listen to your fav music and maybe go to concerts of your fav artist/band, spend time in nature, …

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