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  1. I’ve been in quite the slump lately, as I don’t have transportation to a gym. I have tools to workout at home but there’s just something about leaving the house to put in that work that’s more mentally satisfying to me. Long story short I actually really needed this. Thank you! 💜💜💜

  2. Can I just say the shorter length of your hair that’s falling on the right side in the beginning of the video would look sooo cute and soPHisTiCatEd on you 😍 but this length also looks amazing!!

  3. Totally needed this. I’ve been blah all week. Usually I workout almost everyday at 2 am. But this past week I’ve been bummed out and I’m such an emotional eater.

  4. I actually REALLY needed this. Lately, I've been in the slump where I don't even wanna go to the gym let alone workout at home. My excuse?
    "I'm just not in the mood. I'll go/do it when I feel like it.."

    Well, time has come and gone, and I still haven't felt like going.
    But, yesterday I finally stepped foot in the gym again, and it felt SO good. This video is just adding to my newly revived motivation. So thank you Jaz! Keep it up, you're amazing! 💜

  5. I'm always going through slumps. I'll do so good at eating clean and going to the gym consistently for a few weeks and then I always fall off for a few days. This video is so helpful 😊💕 And your hair looks so healthy!!

  6. Actually usable tips! Thank you ❤️ I love your personality makes watching longer talk through videos exciting to watch! I didn’t skip none of it 😂

  7. I’m starting my journey again and this was so motivating! I’m excited to be patient and watch my own progress 😊

  8. Nice! Great tips and true true true Jazz!! Keep doing you sweetheart!! 🙏🏾🌹🌹🌹

  9. My depression sometimes yanks me down with it. I was doing good for 2 months and lost 15 lbs and one day I woke up very tired/sad/fustrated/ crying/mad/ hating myself && I try to crawl out of the hole but I'm yanked back in. Exercising does help but I feel as of this is just something harder to deal with at the moment. And it sucks. 😣 But I'm working on getting back on,track thanks,for the tips

  10. I just started going again and feel like i don’t know what I’m doing so I get bored. I’ve taken kickboxing classes and I loved it. It was intense cardio in a short period…so doing the cardio machines are just boring to me now. I want to get toned and build glutes but I don’t even know how to begin

  11. Great video! I love how she views fitness. She’s not like these fitness models on instagram and she doesn’t have a weird tiny waist and a big butt. Like she’s normal. And I don’t mean that negatively whatsoever. Jazmine is absolutely gorgeous. But she’s someone I can relate to. Don’t compare yourself to someone else or people on instagram that probably have had plastic surgery done, which there’s nothing wrong with but ur beautiful just by simply being you. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and you have to showcase it. Like if you don’t like the few inches of fat on your waist than do something about it but don’t say hey I don’t look like her and I’m ugly in comparison. I love how positive Jazmine is and she has a natural woman’s body. She seems to know that there’s nothing wrong with having curves or not being a size zero. I love how I feel that I can relate to her and she’s realistic about health and our bodies. And life’s not all about what you look like. It’s about how u view yourself and how happy you are everyday. And I feel like Jazmine feels the same and she views fitness in such a positive and healthy way. Love you Jazmine and your positivity!!! Can’t wait for your move in vlogs! ❤️❤️❤️
    Btw sorry for how long this is 😱😂

  12. These are all sooooo true!!! My worst habit is weighing myself every day looking for a weight loss:( I now have given away my scale and focus on how I feel!!

  13. My slump lately is emotional eating. Gym is ok, but a philly cheese steak is just.so.yumm. ok im working on it. Thanks for the motivation!!!!!

  14. I'm so glad you've found your groove again! You're looking great and you sound happy! Keep it up lovely. Also, love your necklace I'd love to know where it's from

  15. I love your hair in this video😍 I was just wondering if you have noticed a difference in your anxiety levels since you have gotten back on track with your health and fitness? Also, did you fall back in love with lifting or something different?! Love your videos❤️❤️❤️

  16. Yesss Jaz! This is a video i needed because last June-November i was in such a great place, lost 30 pounds, and since then I’ve been in the biggest slump & gained 10 back. And this video has definitely giving me some tips to hopefully get me back on track. Thank you 💞

  17. I really like your channel, you inspire me so much, your positivity and realness. ☀☀ So keep going, I wish you the best 👏😇

  18. Your hair is amazingly glowing!!!! Ahhhhhh that cut is perfect for you! 💜😘🖤
    I love this video too!!! Soooo friggin relevant! Thank you! 💪🙂💜

  19. I have been in a slump lately and not only do I suffer with this but I suffer from anxiety and depression and I know this may sound cray but if I’m not at the gym and focusing on my nutrition then I find my depression gets all out of whack. I do me and I do what I like and I just try do my best and at the end of the day it’s all we can do right!

  20. I love how you said don’t compare yourself to others. I’m constantly doing that every second of the day. 😩 It’s a constant struggle to stop but I’m trying 🤞🏽

  21. Thank you for this video. I really needed. this. I love your necklace Jaz! can you please tell us where it is from.

  22. I love what you said about stop comparing yourself!! It's hard but I try my best. Its hard because I've lost 30lbs before and gained it back but you're right I need to focus on myself.

  23. Love everything about this video!!! Soooo true! I just went from losing 40lbs, being the fittest I’ve been, to suffering a depression and horrible dark time in my life for about a year and a half, gained it ALL back and then some. Now I am back to consistently tracking and hitting the gym. Just trying to find myself and trust the process and enjoy the journey! I want to start documenting my journey here on my channel because often times we don’t see the hard stuff, the steps to the “fit body”, and I would love to share that with others. Even though it’s sooo hard to see myself like this and take pics to share with the world! 😬💪🏽

  24. I lost 15 lbs after starting a healthy lifestyle in January with a goal to look great for a vacation in July. I got really stressed with school and work and began neglecting my overall health. It’s been 2 months and I feel like I lost everything I worked towards. My vacation is this week, so it’s a little to late to try to get back into shape… but this video made me realize that shit happens and everyone falls off the health wagon.

  25. A fantastic vid Jazzy . This is a wonderful reminder , no matter where you are at , in your life/ training . Brilliant ! You are looking good lately girl . Love ya . Norm.xxxx

  26. just came here from frannys roommate video and I just wanted to say that u made me laugh so freaking much throughout it and that ur awesome!

  27. I checked ut the app. its actually rlly good. usually u have to pay to get any of the features of a fitness app but this one is different

  28. Does anyone know what her ethnicity is? She's so pretty! Also loved this video I agreed with all the tips ❤️❤️❤️

  29. My slump is my diet, I'll eat very low calorie meals that way I can have all the junk food and still be inline calorie wise, I'm slowly getting better at my diet though.

  30. Thank you girl im a new suscriber to you im glad I found you really 💖 this helped me a lot bc I've been really depressed about myself lately. This helped me realize things, bc I was so lost and I didn't know where to start. I got this thank you ❤❤❤ you're a life saver

  31. I started crying when you said tip #6 because I can’t stop comparing myself to others. I just want to be healthy but then I see these skinny women and it just makes me jealous and makes me stop working out because I always always tell myself that I will never be able to be like them.

  32. I always am doing great the entire day with sticking with my eating healthy and working out then when night hits my cravings go crazy…any advice on how to control cravings

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