10 Reasons to Write Your Book THIS YEAR! Dr. Andrea Pennington #2020Author

hello hello, beautiful soul how are you
doing today? Are you fired up for some sort of a writing project this year? I
sincerely hope so I’m now going to share with you my top 10 reasons for becoming
a published author this year and it’s not just because I’m
a publisher and we are inviting you or someone you know to join one of our
group books but I believe that this is a truly transformational experience and
it’s one that I believe every person should have. So you’ve probably heard
someone say that all interesting people have at least one book in them and I
believe that that statement is true. So my number one reason why you should
become a published author is because you can change a life or many lives. Yes, even
little old you! Even if you are unknown. And the example I’d like to show you is
this. Do you know this book? Louise Hay’s “You Can Change Your Life”. This book
changed my life. I don’t even know if it was fifteen seventeen eighteen years ago
early in my career as a physician I was starting to see that people had symptoms
and illnesses that were tied to emotional and psychological issues. Now
early on in our work as physicians, I mean I graduated in 1998, so all of the
the link between mind body was just being formed. So in my medical training
this wasn’t common knowledge, right? And so when this book came out it helped me
understand what I was actually seeing in my patients and even though she wasn’t a
doctor, her book has transformed millions of people’s understanding about how they
can heal their own illnesses. So one tiny little book, it’s not even a big book and
she wasn’t a doctor, and she wasn’t known when she released that book. But it has
changed millions of lives. And so if you know that your story your message
your methodology is already transforming people’s lives or their well-being in
your own experience then you deserve to get that message out to millions of
people and we deserve to have those messages hit us and so you absolutely
could and should be transforming more lives now the second reason that you
should become an author is that you will connect with a global audience and this
is crucial because you get to expand your reach now the very first time I did
that it was in a book called heart to heart I actually have a copy the path to
wellness so this was um the second group book I was ever invited
to participate in to share my story and at first I was like mmm share my
personal story mmm previously I used to be very very private I wouldn’t share
anything personal I only shared kind of the the medical factoid stuff because I
had worked so long as a medical journalist and a documentary filmmaker
but I started to recognize that when people understood that I’m human I got
my issues too it opened up a whole new world to me
and by publishing this book it opened me up to connect with a whole new audience
that I would have never reached including people in multiple different
countries and so by doing a group book you can also share a bit of the burden
of the writing and connect to a global audience because with digital publishing
your work is out in the world instantly your name will now be searchable both on
Google and do you know what the number one search engine is for books its
Amazon so by publishing your your story or your methodology in a book or a group
book like we’ve done at Make Your Mark Global, you will be reaching a global
audience. And so our first group book was this Turning Points which is also
Venepunkter, we published it in both Danish and English
as a flipbook and we took 14 others from Denmark who would never have been known
in other countries or at least not as quickly and we got their work out to the
world. And then we took 29 authors with this book Time to Rise and we got their
stories many of them who had never published in English got to share their
story in English after being fully edited and all of that and now it’s
going around the world helping people in their own personal lives learn how to
rise up from triumphs from tragedy but it’s also helping the authors because
now they have greater visibility around the world the third reason that you
should become a published author is that because you are published you have an
increased credibility and you are perceived as an authority and so one of
the things that I did was publishing this book magic and miracles and this
has 21 authors from around the world as well but what this did for me personally
besides helping these beautiful authors get their their work out this book
allowed me to share an area of expertise I guess that I hadn’t previously shared
anywhere else and so by becoming an author you increase your sense of
authority and prestige because people can learn about you and your work and so
in this book I was able to talk more about the spiritual side of my work as a
spiritual teacher meditation teacher and with the psychic abilities that I have
that manifest miracles that’s not something that was previously seen in my
work on TV or even in documentaries and and that’s what we’ve also done with
this beautiful book the top ten traits of highly resilient people by allowing
people who are already known as coaches or healers to share their personal story
of resilience and how they’re now working with clients as coaches and
healers and therapists now they are expanding
their sense of credibility around the world and the same thing for me too I
wanted to brand myself in the area of resilience because all of my work in
trauma recovery and addiction ties heavily to resilience which is such a
popular buzzword today now the other reason that you should totally become a
published author is it will allow you to deeply connect with your audience now we
don’t always get to connect with our audience on a deep level when we’re on
TV or we’re on Facebook or if we’re just working at an event or we’re speaking on
stage but as soon as you publish your work into a book you get to give people
a behind-the-scenes understanding of why why are you so passionate about the
field that you’re in what’s your your deep motivation what’s what’s going on
in your heart of compassion and so being able to deeply connect to your audience
or your potential audience is a beautiful reason that you should publish.
This is a book that I published just last year, The Real Self Love Handbook,
and it allowed me to share my personal story which I previously shared in a
book called ‘I Love You, Me’ and then I expanded it
into a handbook because it includes so many exercises and guidance on how to
build resilience establish a foundation of self-love and live an epic life. But
since on that first book Heart-to-Heart and since I noticed that people really
wanted to know who I am behind all the credentials and how I’ve manifested this
life by sharing my personal story and my expertise in a book it has allowed me to
connect with an audience on a much deeper level and that for you can
translate into greater loyalty I now have people who fly around the world to
attend my workshops and my retreats and it’s so amazing because these are people
I may have connected with on Facebook and then we get to connect again in real
life and that is a deep connection and for me as
a healer that’s what I love I don’t I didn’t love being in a little box
seeing patient after patient because I’d like to go deep in my work and now being
a published author and speaking around the world that’s what it’s allowed me to
do now the other thing that you’ll notice when you become an author is it
allows you to increase your confidence once you get a book out there even if
it’s a group book where you’re just sharing a single chapter it will
increase your confidence in yourself and one of the people that that really
worked out well for is Leslie von Oostenbrugge she is from the Netherlands and
she’s in our book called Time to Rise and this year 2020 baby we are releasing
her very own solo book and so this is a huge step for many people being able to
step out in a language that may not have been your first language and to be able
to share your expertise with that sense of authority it increases your
confidence and so we’re also going to see some solo books out from other
authors who’ve been in our group books besides Leslie we have Joyce Wazirali
we have Kimberly Wright who is currently dusting and polishing a
manuscript and also Yvette Taylor she is the author of this big baby look at how
huge this is we published this book at Make Your Mark Global in partnership
with Yvette, The Ultimate Self Help Book I have to just brag a little bit about
her because this leads into one of the other things and that is getting you
more opportunities to show off in front of people that you admire like I’m going
to show you this one so Yvette shot up and became a number
one best seller and then she got to present the book to someone that she
admires greatly and that is Bruce Lipton whom we all know and love. And so by
increasing your confidence you will get out there more now the next reason that
you should become an author and write a book is that you will get higher rates
for your personal one-on-one coaching or mentoring for your speaking engagements
and you’ll also get more speaking engagements studies show that if you are
a published author you are more likely to be selected for speaking engagements
this goes back to point number three where it’s a sense of elevating your
credibility having a book behind you means that more speaker Booker’s are
more likely to choose you now they the next reason that you should become a
published author is you’ll also be eligible for media interviews and this
wasn’t was a big thing for me a few years ago I mean not only did my very
first book way back when the Pennington Plan get me on TV well I was already on
TV but I got a bunch of TV interviews but when I published the orgasm
prescription for women it shot to number one after being on a UK TV show and now
one of our newest authors in the Top Ten Traits of Highly Resilient People, Rob
Godard one of our Global Luminaries published the second edition of Suicide
to Success, and he recently did some radio interviews including the BBC so by
becoming a published author news outlets and podcasters and bloggers and other
media people will want to interview you and that’s a key key reason that you
should become an author and Rob Godard you will see is also in our documentary
film which is coming out later this year so it makes you so much more sellable in
in one way and the other thing that is really good about becoming a
a published author is that you will attract more clients. When people can
read your book and get a sense for who you are understand the why behind your
work and your mission and they see that you’ve either included case studies or
they get a sense for why your method would work you will be able to attract
more clients and as I said before that also means that you will also be able to
charge more money the next one is kind of a sneaky one one other reason you
should become a published author is because it’s healing it’s empowering and
it’s personally fulfilling now if you happen to have had some experiences in
your life that we’re challenging that you have overcome there’s something
magical that happens when we write them now I teach LifeWriting and so I want
you to understand that you don’t always have to publish what you write when it’s
personal but for those things that you have truly healed and you’re ready for
when you publish that book you will find that you elevate to a next level in your
healing and recovery journey it is so personally fulfilling to finally get
stuff out and have it just objectively seen as a part of your life and not some
blemish on your life so these are just some of the reasons why I believe you
should write a book especially if you’ve heard someone saying hey you should
write a book it’s true alright and even if you feel like gosh Who am I to write
there’s so many other people out there who’ve already been there done that it
doesn’t matter because there are millions of people who are dealing with
the kinds of challenges that you’ve experienced or you’ve overcome when
we’re going through stuff we buy multiple books from multiple authors so
there’s a room for you and the way you speak and write and communicate is
different from me and different from everyone else that’s already published
so that means there’s room for you to connect with the people who would most
enjoy connecting with you so if this sounds interesting to you and I want to
invite you to participate in of our group books at make your mark
global so one of them is holistic healing we are looking for authors who
have experienced a health challenge and they have healed or are in the healing
process but they’ve done it in a holistic way meaning not just
conventional therapy maybe you added in art therapy or nature or animals or
homeopathy or any number of energy medicine techniques if you have
personally overcome a health challenge or you are in the process of rising
again then I’d love for you to check out our group book and see if it’s a fit for
you this is an author funded program so everyone contributes a little bit to the
editing and the polishing and the publishing and then we donate the
proceeds to charity and the second group book that we have going on is about
manifesting love now if you happen to have manifested your beloved into your
life or you have a technique that helps other people manifest love and I’d love
for you to check out this book project as well this is going to be a juicy one
because so many people are opening their hearts to love and finding love in
non-conventional ways and so we want to highlight those stories where the
universe has brought people together in unique ways to help us all reconnect to
that sense of hope that yes there is someone out there for you and all you
have to do is connect with them so check out our group book projects and of
course if you want to publish a book all by yourself
well we at make your mark global we do that as well with our full author
packages from the editing the copywriting the cover design to your
marketing launch we do all of that I would love to be your your partner in
publishing so if you’d like check us out at make your mark global com
I also have a free publishing essentials mini course that will explain the whole
process of publishing whether you publish with us a hybrid boutique agency
or whether you want to go and write up a book proposal to send
into a big publisher or if you want a self publish check out our publishing
essentials to get all the details on how to do that I interviewed some amazing
authors who have done both systems both self-publishing and traditional
publishing just to give you an idea of what really happens to you as an author
when you hand over that manuscript alright my friend so it was lovely to
connect with you I am super excited to see some of the comments about what kind
of book projects are bubbling inside of you and I sincerely hope that we can
work together to bring your beautiful work to the world and until we meet
again please do remember that you are a gift to this world so share your
presence with passion much love you

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