10 Symptoms of Depression EVERYONE Should Know

[cheerful music] Before this video starts I want to let you guys know that this is the only video going up this week I am preparing for mental illness awareness week next week I wanted to ask you guys what are some disorders or some topics in mental health that you would like me to spread awareness for because that is what next week is all about. Also, on my instagram and my twitter we are doing hashtag i am stigma free again if you guys dont know what that is you take a picture with a sign saying “I am stigma free” you hold it up, snap a shot, and tag me on Instagram it just goes and shows others out in our community that we are stigma free we believe in mental health awareness and it is okay to talk about mental health openly please start sending your pictures in so i can start posting them throughout the week next week let’s get on with this video Hello everyone! My name is Kristen and welcome back to LikeKristen Today I want to discuss if you are depressed If you are watching this video you are either worried about you or a friend loved one, family member, and you want to know Is this person depressed? Today I want to give you 10 symptoms of depression There are a lot of other symptoms and everyone is different when exhibiting symptoms of depression so don’t take this step in stone If you think you are depressed or going through a depression Please reach out for help. Tell your parents tell a doctor, tell a therapist, tell a school counselor talk about it. Even if you feel like “Oh, I’m not that bad.” Or “Other people have it worse than me.” You are exhibiting these symptoms and they can get a lot worse without treatment If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms please reach out for help Someone who is suffering with depression has a bleak outlook on life they feel hopeless and they feel worthless inside. They don’t feel like they belong anywhere. They feel like there is no hope in life and they feel like they are a waste of space. very worthless. They just don’t see a point anymore. A depressed person has a loss of interest in daily activities If they once liked to do music or they once liked to go hiking and they don’t really seem to be doing it anymore and they don’t seem to be enjoying anything anymore this could be a warning sign Appetite or weight changes A lot of the time our appetite changes when we have depression we could lose a lot of weight or we could gain a lot of weight so if you see someone who is losing a bunch of weight and they are not on a diet or they haven’t told you about losing any weight or wanting to lose any weight or they are hiding their weight changes this could be a sign Sleep changes, Insomnia is very common for people who have depression It’s really hard to sleep with all of these negative thoughts in your head. They could be waking up at really early hours of the morning or staying up really really late Anger and irritability are very common in people who have depression feeling agitated, feeling angry, feeling violent even is common. Your tolerance level is low your temper is short and you turn to aggression really easily Low energy. Feeling fatigued is a very common symptom. and a lot of people experience this. its the feeling of feeling just so empty and so tired and so you don’t want to do anything basically. you have low motivation. you are feeling very heavy and really physically drained all the time and you dont know why even small tasks are getting to be very difficult for you Obviously, fatigue can be a symptom of other physical medical problems so go to the doctor. this is why we always tell people to go to the doctor. if you think you have depression because those symptoms that you think you may be exhibiting could be medical problems that can be fixed. Self-loathing. Strong feelings of worthlessness and guilt. again these are very common You criticize yourself for the littlest things that you do and you dont know why you do this but you feel so guilty about things you feel so critical about yourself Reckless behavior is also very common for people who have depression Reckless behavior could be a lot of different things it could be drug abuse, alcohol abuse gambling, getting into reckless situations driving faster. You know, anything that can be considered reckless behavior where it is out of the ordinary for that person Concentration problems are always common for people who have depression as well because with all of these negative thoughts in your head and just feeling tired and feeling worthless and just having this consent cycle going on in your head its hard to concentrate so concentration is very difficult it’s hard to make decisions and it’s hard to remember the littlest things and you can’t focus unexplained aches or pains Maybe your shoulders are tensing up, maybe you have more back pain more headaches more shoulders more physical pains that don’t really have an explanation to them. it’s very common to exhibit physical symptoms when you don’t want to talk about your depression your thoughts go other places in your body. maybe you get more headaches maybe you get more aches and pains in your your body because your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong So depression symptoms vary between males and females in what they exhibit Men are more likely to talk about the symptoms of fatigue and sleep and physical pain While women are more likely to talk about the symptoms of Feeling guilty, feeling worthless, and feeling very tired all the time In child and teenagers who exhibit depression anger and aggression are very common and its not usually the sadness part of depression its usually the anger and the aggressive side because they don’t know how to express how they are feeling If you think that you have depression I want you to know that you are not alone there are thousands of people in america right now who are suffering with depression as well I want you to know that it is okay to reach out for help its extremely okay and there are so many treatments for depression whether it be medications, support groups support systems, therapies many different types of therapies to help you there are resources out there to help you there are people whose job is to help you and they are passionate about helping you I will leave some links down below where you guys can go find some resources in your area to find treatment and resources Let me know down below if you suffer with depression what are some common symptoms of depression I might have missed also, how did you reach out for help? I want to talk about that in the comments, how did you go about reaching out for help? did you tell somebody? did you go to the docotr? did you join an online support group? what did you do? let me know down below I love you guys and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. 🙂

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  1. School counselor:Calls Parent to deal with it

    Parent:Calls doctor to deal with it

    Doctor:Says your fine

    And it starts over again…..

  2. I tried to tell my mum I had depression and said I was to young and it was a phase now if I’m crying in my room and my mum walks in she just ignores me because it’s “just a phase”

  3. Hmm well I went out one time.. (There were a cuple of things befor that)By my mom notecing i was acting weird so I just sead that I was kinda a little deppressed. So I went to a qshiocrist with mah mom to do a test for deppresion. I made half of the test "pretty" since I know the therepist wold tell my mom how doeppresed I actully was and I didnt want to be more of a bother to hear then I alredy am. They sead that the test resoults sead I was depressed tho i didnt have a sever level.. Just normal or smt like that.. Lol. Went to a qshyetrest to talk, she was rood as hell so I never went again ;3 its been about 4 years from then and continuing hah . oh and simptums, u missed out on Emmm self sabotage.. but on the level that you might not think is self sabotage (or self harming).. Like.. You feel you dont deserv friends so u unconcesly sabotage it by ruing ur Friendships(but u kinda alredy sead that eh…). Oh also you might start giving away your stuff since you feeal like you dont need it (but thats more a sing for ppl that think their friends might have depresstion) andddd……. Eh you might start acting more chieldish(jocking around, acting lil hiperactive [to keep away any moment that u cold be by ur own mind]) or doing things that ming destruct you from the deppresive thoughts(like staying awake all night reeding manga ;u;)… Heeeh eh sorry for not beng much of help tho 😛

  4. I keep talking tests and I have the symptoms your saying but my mum keeps saying I don’t have it or I’m naturally angry or I’m going through a faze I don’t know what to do 😞 and yes I do self harm I have anxiety my mind thoughts are everywhere like ur fat or cut I just cry sometimes 😢🙁

  5. Yo, I'm probably too late but can you do a video on the differences and similarities of Social Anxiety Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder?

  6. I want to tell my friend who is depressed about my depression because there probably the only one of my friends who will truly understand but I don't know how

  7. I tried to tell my mum and she just said " you're not depressed it's just hormones" that's her answer for all of my problems

  8. You know what… depressed people won't even click these type of videos…… reads the titlesighs and keeps on scrolling

  9. I have most of these symptoms, but I don't have depression, I mean, why would I? There are people who have it worst than me and not be depressed so why should I be?

  10. Well I mean….."you're too young too have real problems",yeah right….I have had depression for…like f-forever,but my family doesn't think I have it…..so I don't get help so it's just getting worse

  11. I had an extreme down phase yesterday evening when my mother told me to "go die" for the first time.
    Thankfully I could turn to my friends and they talked me out of doing anything more severe.

    There is hope.

    There are people, who love you.

    Take your time and take care.

  12. All of these were true as you said I stay up too late and can’t sleep I’ve been falling asleep around 5:00 am and waking up late obviously but yea

  13. I have all but 1 symptoms and i dont know why i still have it
    I have told my friends
    I have told my parent
    I have told my school counselor
    I have told my family
    I have told my doctor
    I have told my therapist
    I don't know if its something wrong with me or the people im telling but either way i feel HORRIBLE 🙁

  14. I don't get it, I feel like I have depression, I'm suicidal. But.. I can be happy, I can genuinely smile.. I don't get it..

  15. I tried to tell one of my best friend about my feelings and he was happy to help but for some reason I feel like I am annoying

  16. I have commented before, I always feel worthless, angered and alone, I’m 10 years old! I have almost attempted suicide to no avail. I have gone to a councillor but I could open up it was to hard. I suffer from anxiety so bad that I’ll be laying all happy and then feeling like I’m dying, and not being able to breath! YOU HAVE GIVEN ME HOPE, for once in my life I can feel happy about my existence. I told my mother and she didn’t help, I can’t tell my father for fear of being judged, I have told my siblings and they did nothing. I can’t tell my. Councillor for fear of being judged and being different. YOU ARE MY HOPE, THANK YOU KRISTEN!

  17. I’ve been losing a lot of weight
    Not eating enough
    Change of appetite
    I suck in all the air in my lungs and hold it there til I can’t breathe
    Hoping it will make me look thinner
    I’ve been having weird shoulder and back pain along with idk rib pain
    I wear my hair down I front of my face where ever I go hoping no one will see me
    I look in the mirror and I see a ugly creep
    I don’t love myself
    So I don’t understand why someone loves me
    I like to stay up late like til 3 am I like waking up about 6 am
    I pretend to be happy so my friends and family don’t worry
    Anyway yeah

  18. Hi me again aha yea iv been watching most of your bids in the past couple hours but if you have all this simptoms does that mean for sure you have depression? I mean my friends consider me one of the nicest people but my friend wouldn't give me space and I snapped and he was up against the wall before a fell down criying does that also mean I might have depression? Or am I just a bad person?

  19. I don't want to tell it to anybody anymore, coz I expect like how it always happened, the answer is "It'll be okay".

  20. I go thru these random things I go thru really HAPPY HIGH HIGH MOODS and with some VERY ANGRY moods and after my HIGH HAPPY moods and ANGER MOODS I get VERRYYYY DEPRESSED and down and all that then repeat

  21. I'm not sure if I have depression or if I'm just so desperate for attention that I fake my emotions. After all, I'm perfectly fine at school when I'm joking with my friends. If I was really depressed I'd feel just as worthless at school as I do at home. Maybe it's just hormones. I don't know. I give up trying to figure out what the hell's wrong with me.

  22. I honestly don’t know if I have depression because it’s so infrequent. I can go weeks or even months with feeling pretty happy but occasionally I’ll just snap out of nowhere and feel so so bad for a night or a few days and then I’m just kinda numb for a while. I don’t feel like I’m sad enough to have actual depression. Very recently I started scratching at myself and I tore up my ankles yesterday night because it was so bad. My mom came in my room today and I was so distracted and so distraught that I forgot to cover my ankles and she saw. Im so scared

  23. Wow, I suspected that I was depressed, due to my lack of motivation, doubting self and insomnia. But, now I know I am. I exhibit 8 symptom you listed.

    I know you said to reach out. But, what do you do when you have talked to people you know…and they just shrugged it off? And what do you do, when you just don't have the strength anymore to reach out farther?

  24. I'm 15 years old and I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and schizophrenia at the age of 9. I have had a rough 6 years with battling my mental illnesses and going to therapy. Still to this day I am attending therapy and I'm drinking medication to help with my struggles. When I was 9, my mom put me into a mental hospital to help with my problems but at the time I had thought she just wanted to get rid of me so I didn't let anyone in and refused the help. My mom told me when I was 11 that she had noticed my sudden mood change and said I was losing weight, didn't feel like playing with my siblings as much and was often wanting to be alone. She said it was for my best and that she didn't want to take me there… it took me quite a while to open up to my therapist but she never gave up and eventually I began to speak… I am glad that she didn't give up on me because now I'm feeling so much better… Thank you for this video and I appreciate your channel.. I am now subscribed and hope to see more videos about mental health 💞💞

  25. WOW, you show such strength for someone so young. Thank you for making this video. I’m 58 & I have depression. I went to my family doctor who sent me To another Doctor Who specializes with depression. That doctor prescribed some medicine and then sent me to another doctor that specialized in talk therapy. Neither one of them were able to help me at all. The doctor that specialized with depression just kept giving me more drugs and actually turned me into a zombie. And the talk therapist doctor wasn’t any better. So after several visits, I finally went back to my family doctor and he was able to prescribe some medication that really did help. Even though he was stepping out of his field a little bit he was able to give me the help that I needed. The negative stigma that’s attached to mental illness is what keeps people from talking about it openly. Thankfully there’s people like you that are brave enough to bring this out into the open. Thank you!

  26. I've just finished a class named WRAP which stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. This helps me to help myself before during and after panic attacks, depression and mental health problems I go thru. This plan is unique because it's my personal plan. You can find it on YouTube and other places. Please look into this and/or do something to help yourself. You deserve it

  27. The only thing I need in life to make my mental health better is her ADORABLE FACE AND OMG THAT TOOTH GAP JUST ADDS TO IT ALL 😍😍😍

  28. Thank you for this video. I have suffered with depression since I was 16. I have had many ups and downs to the point where many times I have tried to end it all. Thankfully I'm still here and I think that's so I can help others. I am in therapy for depression but it has not been easy. Especially when no one really understands your own personal feelings. They can sympathize with you but don't feel exactly what you feel. It helps knowing Mental Health is being talked about more and more. Again, thank you for this video.

  29. All the 10 symptoms of depression that was mentioned on this video, I got every single one of those. In fact I’ve had depression since I was 18 years old.

  30. I'm 13. I'm going through a really crap time in my life at the moment. I feel almost all of these. I've told my mum that I think I have depression because she has depression herself and I thought she would take me to a doctor. She just told me it was hormones. I don't know what to do… Please can somebody help me. I have no idea what to do

  31. My depression is quite bad and I literally had a nap in my class when we were doing a test bc I was so worn out from my emotions

  32. I am depressed and have been for years, I didn't realize it for so long though because this has been my normal for so long. I want to give up, I am so tired everyday but I can't sleep. I just feel that my heart is heavy. I am done with feeling alone, guilty, and knowing that I don't matter much to the people around me. I wish I felt that I belonged. I wish I loved myself. I wish I didn't have to run to the bathroom every time I start to worry even the slightest. I wish it were easy to have friends, to have a boyfriend, because surely I'd feel cared for or loved if I had them. And I feel even worse about myself for feeling these feelings because I have an amazing little girl, who is my responsibility to raise and teach her how to love herself and to be happy. But how in the world am I supposed to teach her that? I try so hard everyday to only let her see the best part of me even if that requires faking it because I feel so different on the inside. I can't leave this world because of her and I won't, but I wish I didn't feel like this.

  33. Loved your video mam…i need a few online support groups for a friend who definitely needs help…..i can't find any….i am from india..

  34. What are you supposed to do when you tell your parents and they either don’t care or they say "you have nothing to be depressed about your too young to even know what that means"(I’m 16 I know exactly what it means and they dont know the half of the causes)what am I supposed to do then even when I was diagnosed by the doctor they said it was for attention…help please

  35. I hve all the symptoms. suicidal thoughts everyday and I'm always numb and week. tried to go for counselling but nothing helped so I stopped. my parents think um just going thru a phase and I'm just terribly messed up. I'm always mad and I hate it.

  36. I don't feel like I belong where I like and where I go to school

    I'm still interested in a few thing but I've lost my interest in having lots of friends and any friends in general

    I don't think my weight has changed

    I can stay up late but when I'm finally tired I can't sleep

    I can get very angry over the smallest things

    I get tired faster then I have before

    I have very bad memory and I can't usually tell you what I did this morning but I can remember a mistake I made 3 years ago

    I smack myself with my binder and book and I randomly fall on my knees cause it feels…

    I have trouble concentrating and I always want to get out of my judgy class

    My leg might ache for no reason one so ever

  37. I don’t know what to do. I want to be happy, but I just can’t. I hate myself. I don’t even know who I am. I question life on a daily basis. I wake up just as exhausted as the night before. I need to tell someone, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I just want someone to read this. That will make me feel better I guess.

  38. No one trust me. No one cares. It's my problem so no one cares. If i tell them, they'll say i'm just seeking for attention. -_-

  39. You are so awesome! I'm just now finding you! Thank you so much for talking about mental health so openly and showing others that we are not alone!

  40. I daydream too much….this may seem like a wonderful thing at first because it might mean I may have a fulfilling and busy life but really I am just trying to escape reality, to avoid more sadness or starting self-harm (NEVER BTW).

  41. that's so hard to live with ed and depression, suicidal thoughts here in Russia
    People do not understand all importance of mental health, they say "you're too young to have problems"
    also sorry for my English

  42. please help me , i am really depressed from school my clasmates and i am in the end , i don't know to do know . I am scared to tell it my parents or friends … i am angry for my mum and i cry for it late i want kill all around me , only one what is helping me are horses i love them but nobody live forever …

  43. I have like all of these and I don’t like talking to my guidance teacher cause all he says is to go tell your parents.
    I went to him so I didn’t have to go to my parents…

  44. I tried reaching out for help but my family hasn’t done anything and I’ve tried talking to them about it they haven’t done anything …..they just make it worse 😔💔 whenever I try talking to them about it they always just tell me that they don’t have time or that they don’t wanna hear it

  45. 1. Uhh….sh*t..
    2. Um. Maybe one or two things..? But my interests change. Still like a lot of the same bands..anime..painting my nails. Etc.
    3. Well…I’m kinda fat but, it’s always been that way. And I try to go anorexic so I’m not this way but..yeep.
    4. Oh..sleep? Um….. I’M A NIGHT OWL OKAY? And thoughts about the word n crap keep me up..
    5. I mean I’m always sassy to my parents. Or really anyone (cept teachers and adults other than my parents). But..not aggressive.
    6. I mean I said I was night owl.. so obviously I’m tired going to bed 4 30 am on a school night (has happened aaand I AM PROUD) and wake up at 8. But low energy because of depression..? I mean. Usually I get my sadness when it’s gym and I suck at everything and wanna cut, or I think of my siblings problems, or Sundays. Before school begins again on F*CKING MONDAY. and I feel empty.
    7. Oh..yeah..first that sounded but when you exp,aired it. Yeah. I hate myself. No doubt bout it. The self esteem issue was the begining of it all. I look in the mirror and say, “wow. You are ugly as ****! but, get used to it.”
    8. I mean not really. Math class I might die from confusion (middle school is tough). But I can concentrate.
    9. The only pain I feel is when I cut and it feels good at this point (that’s dark). Other pain is when I’m running with my friends and we tackle each other, I fall down, and begin my weird session of laughing because those were the good times.

    When I didn’t)t want to die,…anyway!

    10. Almost a teen (LESS THAN TWO MORE YEARS YALL). And I’m a girl..so… But aggression..so…worthlessness, oh AAAAALLLLLL THE TIMME GIRL!

    Oh my god what am I? XD

  46. I want to go to somene but my dad is rejecting his own problems so others are invalid and I do not want to burden anyone

  47. I tried to ask for help but they didn't believe me and now it's been 5 months I feel worst. Now I keep thinking of killing myself in different ways. I'm even getting ready for it and crying every night questioning how did I end up like this?.

  48. I did reach out
    All I got is disappointment
    It made me feel shitty

    I often stay up late and I dont know why I mean I can sleep but as soon as I lay down It often goes away even if i do sleep I'm tired I often compare myself to others too they say that's normal and even hurts often like my back and shoulders and headaches too sometimes and sometime guilty that I'm not good enough (by my standards) and when I opened up to the councilor she told my mom I'm not depressed and that I'll pass but I still feel it there it sucks i hate I've also started self harming not to much though I dont want anyone to know

  49. I hate myself idk whats happening to me like i lost interests in listening to my fav band that almost everyday i always listen to their songs and watching anime reading mangas like im tired of it i used to watch a lot and read play games. But now…? And im not sure if im depressed but 79% of it i feel them

  50. I was diagnosed with “slight” depression from the therapist that i was seeing for a short time. During the second appointment with her, she had asked me if i had a plan to kill myself. i said no. instead of accepting that, she GAVE me a plan. she said pills would be the best way and then she told my mother that she was very concerned about me and that i needed a psych evaluation and medication. we stopped seeing her.

  51. ive told my parents so many times that i think something is wrong and they only now are getting me help after years of nagging

  52. I keep telling myself I don't have depression cause it's one of those things you think won't happen to you and yet I do have a lot of the symptoms

  53. well I have literally all of these but I always get told that I don't have it be I always laugh so can someone pease help 😕

  54. I've tried telling my mom she thought it was only teenage mood swings but I've also told my friend he also has depression I hope he gets better I don't care that much if I get better I just don't want my friends to suffer anymore

  55. People don't even take depression seriously anymore like that think u want attention like no i want help

  56. If I told my parents they wouldn't believe me all they would say is "kids can't have depression". I just write about my life in a notebook and try to understand why it is happening.

    Kristen is always so cheerful 😘 love u all

  57. when she said “insomnia is VERY common for people who have depression” I literally got goosebumps because that’s literally me, im just crying because i know things will NEVER be the same.

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