10 Ways to Deal with Depression

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of life. Today we’re going to talk about 10 ways to prevent depression. Now you
can’t always completely prevent it but you can’t keep it from becoming as bad
as it could have and that you know what that means depends on how bad it could
have gotten for you but there are a lot of things that you can do to intervene
early just like when you start feeling like you’re getting a cold there are
things you can do to prevent getting a really bad cold or the flu same thing
with depression there are a lot of interventions you can do when you start
feeling it coming on but there are also a lot of things that you can do to help
keep yourself from getting depressed just like you try to help keep yourself
from getting sick get enough sleep getting enough sleep helps keep you from
getting sick but it also helps your body rest and rebalance and keep you from
getting depressed depression can result from neuro chemical imbalances for a
variety of reasons one of them is being too stressed out being worn down
depression as your body going I am completely out of gas I can’t go anymore
if you’re not getting quality sleep and that’s not just any old sleep it’s
quality sleep then you may find that you start feeling more depressed get regular
physicals there are a lot of hormone changes that can cause depression like
symptoms hypothyroid is one of them imbalances an estrogen testosterone or
progressed them progesterone can also cause depressive like symptoms as well
as other issues like chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia and even anemia or
lack of enough vitamin D so there are a lot of things that are really easy to
treat some that are a little more difficult to treat that are physical in
nature that can cause symptoms of depression if your symptoms are being
caused by something physical then no amount of mental health counseling and
talking that you do is going to give you complete resolution of your symptoms you
have to figure out what’s causing that Oh transmitter and balance the third
thing you can do is eat a healthy diet those chemicals in your brain are made
from proteins so you need to have enough good quality proteins and that’s a
healthy diet you don’t need to get crazy about it you need complex carbohydrates
you know your your grains and vegetables and things like that because a lot of
the vitamins that your body needs in order to turn the proteins into
neurotransmitters are in complex carbohydrates and vegetables so it’s
important to have proteins and vegetables at least and grains if you
can tolerate them water if you don’t have enough water you can actually start
feeling confused foggy headed tired and even depressed if you’re too dehydrated
you can have symptoms of depression too much sugar and caffeine like I said if
the body is too revved up for too long your it may quote run out of gas and
that’s just sort of an image that I want you to get so make sure you minimize
your sugar and caffeine caffeine takes about 12 hours to get out of your body
so what you drink at 12:00 noon is still impacting your sleep quality at 11
o’clock at night so try to cut back on your caffeine after 12 o’clock in the
afternoon a less physical thing that you can do is silence your internal critic
keep a journal or a log of how often you do something and you’re mean to yourself
about it or you tell yourself you can never succeed at that or of course you
screwed that up or you’re such an idiot just keep it tally you don’t even have
to write it down but keep it tally up every time you tell yourself something
ugly or negative I think you’ll be surprised at how awful you are to
yourself and you tell yourself things you would never tell anybody else let
alone your children so silence that internal critic there is no need for it
there is no purpose for it whenever you hear yourself say something
ugly say something back first no I’m not counter it with something positive if
you say if you tell yourself I am such an idiot counter that by saying no I’m
not an idiot I just didn’t do that well but I’m good at a lot of things you
don’t have to say it out loud but remind yourself that you are not all those
negative things because if you keep pounding yourself and bombarding
yourself with negativity you’re going to basically beat yourself down into
depression you’re gonna feel helpless and hopeless so instead of telling
yourself that you can’t do it right and you’ll never win and get it uh silence
that critic focus on the things that you can change and the things that you are
good at because you know what nobody’s good at everything
and nobody’s perfect all the time and nobody does anything right a hundred
percent of the time I wish I could say that was not true but it is even the
things you do really well you’re gonna screw up once in a while but that’s okay
you’re human everybody does it so be realistic practice dialectics this is
the both and you know think bad things can happen and sometimes you can’t
change them however it doesn’t mean you can’t have a rich and meaningful life
you know I lost my job for example well that really sucks and I have an
opportunity to explore whatever in the next door is that’s going to open or and
I have an opportunity to spend more time with my kids until I find another job or
whatever both and it’s finding the silver lining in what’s going on yes it
can be bad but it can be good at the same time when we’re depressed we feel
hopeless and helpless we feel like it’s all going to be bad all of the time so
by practicing dialectics we’re forcing ourselves to look for that glimmer of
hope add some happy whether you’re preventing
depression or you’re already starting to feel a little bit depressed schedule
happiness into your day every day whether it’s looking at silly memes on
the internet or watching funny videos or listening to a comedian what
where it is that makes you smile and makes you happy do that for at least 15
minutes every day anybody can find 15 minutes that’s I’m not asking too much
that helps get your body number one out of the negativity cycle but it also
releases endorphins and happy hormones if you can get a good belly laugh out of
it you’re gonna get even more benefit know your depression triggers we all
have them you know if I have a bunch of consecutive rainy gloomy cold wet nasty
days outside I’m gonna start feeling kind of depressed I know that’s a
trigger for my depression so what do I do I make sure that I have plenty of
bright lights around me that I take advantage of the Sun when it’s out there
that I make good use of the time when it’s gloomy so when it’s sunny I can be
outside you know I try to look at the both and and I try to appreciate the
fact that it’s raining so I don’t have to water my crops or it’s you know
getting the garden ready for spring or whatever it is other triggers could be
people so if you know that somebody tends to trigger your depression or your
anger or make you feel bad whenever they’re around know what it is about
them that triggers you and figure out how to deal with it I have one family
member who is always critical she always has something that she’s got to say this
contrary and I’ve learned that that’s just the way it’s gonna be that’s just
the way she is so I breathe and I exhale and I greet
her and I know that it’s gonna come but as soon as it comes I can say all right
you did it it’s kind of like getting a shot you know you knew what was coming
it happened we’re done with it and I just let it go but that’s how I deal
with that so know what things trigger your depression if there are holidays if
there are times a year if you know Valentine’s Day is a horrible holiday
for a lot of people do something on Valentine’s Day we have at my house we
have an anti Valentine’s Day we do everything in black that day just
because I don’t want my kids to get a hook
into that notion that you should be in a relationship and you know all the Disney
sort of fancifulness on that day you know we have fun with it though and we
really enjoy the anti Valentine’s Day and even enjoy the day after more
because it’s 50% off chocolate so that’s another way of both and you know we have
fun that day kind of making fun of the holiday and then we get chocolate the
next day bonus identify what’s different when you’re not depressed
so think about a time when you weren’t depressed what were you doing
differently were you exercising were you working less were you getting better
sleep were you drinking less were you spending time with different people what
was different and how can you make that happen now how can you alter what’s
going on now to make it more like the times when you’re not depressed because
there are certain things that make us happy and sometimes you know and I’ll do
it myself I’ll get caught up and doing stuff at
work and you know four or five weeks straight I’ll be working and I’ll kind
of forget just put my head up and take a breath and I start getting cranky and I
look back and I go you know what now this is not it this is not how I want to
live my life this is not what makes me happy I need to set some boundaries so I
can spend time with my family and on the farm and with the animals because when
I’m not depressed when I’m not stressed out that’s what’s different get sunlight
we know that lack of adequate sunlight leads people to develop seasonal
affective disorder sunlight helps us make vitamin D and there are tons of
vitamin D receptors in those areas in the brain that are responsible for our
mood they don’t exactly know how vitamin D plays in there but they know it does
so get sunlight if you’re in one of those places where it rains six months
out of the year or where it’s dark six months out of the year
talk with your doctor about light therapy regular overhead lights are not
bright enough and they’re not the right spectrum to give you the benefits that
sunlight would so if you really do experience a lot of seasonal affective
look into light therapy exercise I know you’re like really when I’m depressed
that’s the last thing I want to do I don’t mean you’ve got to go to the gym
and run 5 miles I mean get your body moving exercise releases serotonin
serotonin improves mood and helps you relax so if you can exercise even if
it’s walking around the block or for me occasionally if I’ll if I’m having a
depressive episode I’ll go outside and I’ll try to weed and you know I get
caught up out in my garden weeding and it’s not a whole lot of exercise but
it’s enough I’m moving my body around I’m not sitting on the couch in the dark
watching Netflix all day long and it helps keep your circadian rhythms in
alignment so your body knows when it’s supposed to sleep and it’s when it’s
supposed to be awake it gets oxygen throughout your body which helps you
feel more energetic and it helps release if you exercise for long enough it helps
release serotonin so exercise is a really good thing play with a dog play
with your kids you don’t have to do something where you’re working at 65% of
your target heart rate – additional bonuses for preventing depression
essential oils the molecules in essential oils enter
through your nasal passages and actually do affect emotional states and they’ve
done a lot of actual actual research on this in birthing centers and trauma
centers and they found that there are certain essential oils that help calm
people down valerian catnip and lavender are three
of the best for calming people down but you need to figure out what works for
you so go to your local health food store a lot of times they have sample
essential oils snip give them the sniff test if it’s something that you need
something that’s going to work for you you’re gonna sniff it and you’re gonna
go oh that helps me feel relaxed or I really like that smell and if it’s not
something you need you’re gonna smell it and you’re gonna be turned off by it
that’s how we use essential oils with animals since they can’t tell us what
they like we let them sniff it and the ones they linger on are the ones that
they probably are going to benefit from but I digress things that help you feel
a little bit more energized can include Clary sage peppermint and rosemary I’m
not as big on peppermint as I am on rosemary I would much prefer the smell
of rosemary so again it depends on your personal preferences and your own body
makeup and all that kind of stuff which essential oils will work for you and you
don’t have to put them on just the act of inhaling them the molecules get in
your nose will trigger the effect that you’re looking for so you don’t have to
worry about toxicity or anything you can diffuse them in air diffusers or you can
just have a little bottle and take a whiff periodically if that makes you
happy the other bonus is to minimize anxiety and stress when people are
depressed they often have an anxiety component ahead of time and they go
hand-in-hand people get depressed then they get stressed that they’re never
gonna feel any better or maybe they were stressed to begin with and they just
were stressed for so long that eventually they ran out of gas and they
became depressed but they still have all these stressors going on
if you are constantly basically sitting in your car in the driveway with your
foot on the gas pedal revving the engine which is what you’re doing when you’re
anxious and depressed at the same time you’re gonna crack your own engine block
you’re not going to get any better so in order to allow your body time to cool
down and recharge so it doesn’t so you don’t feel depressed anymore you need to
get rid of those drains on your energy figure out what you can do to eliminate
or minimize the anxiety and stress in your life and that’s a whole different
podcast but make a list of things that cause you anxiety and stress even little
things and see how many of them you could eliminate for one week you know
I’m not even saying forever how many of them can you eliminate for one week so
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