10 Ways To Reduce Stress

I it’s Robin opens a green smoothie
ground they were talking about ten ways that I kick stress to the curb the
letter that dear greens me the girl I’m fascinated watching your life as a busy
single mom of 4 kids in an owner of two businesses and last year didn’t you
speak in like a hundred cities I feel like I live constantly stressed out what
are your ways to stay healthy and avoid stress from devida well the answer is
88 cities last year not a hundred 2014 of the most stressful year my life so
thank you your email really gave me a great opportunity to reflect on what
I’ve learned I hope but I share has meaning for you to share some major
principles that helped me live a life of happiness and relative peace even though
I’m a single mom I travel a time and I have what by any standards would be
called a high stress job I did terrible experience last year feeling deeply wrong with tremendous
harm to me and to my business the damage was both emotional and
financial I could have spent many months or even years of my life pursuing a
conflict that would have made me whole and would have made me rich or I could
settle and and the dispute with peace and forgiveness and I’m trying to choose
the latter I also by the way got myself into therapy to turn the corner on a
completely so why did I do this I want to share some hard one concepts I’ve
learned that have radically changed my life for the better I’ve had more than my share of these in
life since I bet you’ve had some too I’m gonna give you the very best things that
have helped change my mindset my thought patterns and my overall happiness number
1 I’m vigilant about not opting into drama and negativity in my family my
business or the competitive sports teams I play on or intimate relationships
there are always opportunities for drama and negativity in life than to swerve
all that it takes serious consciousness and commit about what I’m spending my time thinking
about and doing I try to spend my unstructured time well but I’m out
running the shower or driving I use it to think through problems and turn the
energy of something from a negative to a positive news here’s the thing my days
on this planet are numbered and I wanna spend them doing something awesome with
my life every five minutes that I spent being angry is five minutes of happiness
that I gave up when you get clear on that it makes decision making easy and
you want a lot less time spent on dumb stuff I decided that spending my time on
lawyers fighting in courtrooms isn’t what I want for my life so even if the
personal cost to me is big I have this on my vision board and I look at it
every day make something beautiful of your life I
can’t do that if I spend my limited life fighting or regretting or not forgiving
or stewing and worrying number to Carnegie Youth how to stop worrying and
start living read it it’s kind of a Bible for me on how to live it did not
come naturally to me to severely limit the amount of time I spend worrying one
thing he does is to remind yourself of the statistical improbability of
whatever you’re worrying about actually happening so by the book Dale Carnegie’s
how and and and stick around with you and read a chapter every day so year
later do the same thing all over again I read it over and over good to have the
whole book pretty much memorized number three attend to the feeling of stress gets
through tuned into your emotions and how the negative ones feel the year we’re
quickly ask yourself what my feeling and why you can’t solve something if you
don’t even know what it is in my twenties I used to spend hours or days
being angry intense without even really knowing why there’s been a lot of time verbalizing to people close to me when I
was just on hungry about instead of doing the internal work of checking in with myself breaking it
down and then releasing it now I get real and I get real fast then you really
clear on what’s really bothering you which might be a level deeper than your
conscience like you can access first choose to talk yourself through it use your tools to break it down I feel
stress in my whole corps here to hear so where where do you feel it feel it and
then consciously break it down mentally go to a safe place for sixty whole
seconds in your mind and you’ll learn a tool to shift your mental energies my
safe place is at the top of Provo Canyon where I bike race ski on either side of
the canyon and so imagine what it looks like what it feels like imagine the
smell that put yourself there in every way number 42 profound questions to ask
yourself every day that I learned from my friend Matthew one what is the
purpose of your life this is what you want most really what is the purpose of
yours my answer was I want to be happier and help others be happier so I’m always
checking in with what I’m doing or thinking about right now towards that
end is what I’m doing right now making me or someone else happier too will this
matter in a year if it doesn’t stop giving it energy number five very
related don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff when you get clear
on this principle of how much of what we get angry about what we worry about is
small stuff her whole life changes for the better numbers six find joy in the
small things every day gratitude works wonders almost every day
a little things happened that are really cool noticing them and taking a moment
to feel grateful for them can really impact the quality of your
life when I’m out running or biking ever rule to always check in with the
question what do I love about my life my friend Megan wouldn’t says that she
writes at the top of her paper every day and the good news is that she filled it
in number seven live in Einstein time rather than newtonian time gay Hendricks
wrote a book called the big leap that changed my life now I know what it is to
create time I know that time doesn’t own me i’m
not always book breathless and rushed in behind anymore I know that I will make
as much time for the things that matter most that’s gay Hendricks the big
leagues number eight as you can tell I love to read green new knowledge every day especially
in the area of self-development make sure not all of your reading his escape
reading after it a year to you become more grounded and more peaceful with far
more tools to calm yourself down and talk yourself through stress if you read
the development books are great way to build your character you studying in
pondering and practicing talk to others around you but the stuff that you’re
learning and journal the stuff that you learn so that it becomes part of your
way of being number nine practice the art of letting go and forgiving someone
on a regular basis make letting go a guiding principle of who you are this is what I learned from my divorce
is how many things I can let go of and fast because so many things in my life
changed at that time so quickly I decide whether to cling to them screaming and
kicking or to accept and be at peace I make a goal of forgiving people faster
and faster when someone flipped me off on the road I forgive them instantly why
should they get any of my energy so I like to say no mistake in my head to
people all the time especially people who do stuff like that number ten just
do never crawl into bed and wine don’t don’t kill hours just great being with
your sleeves life is amazing as we use our waking hours to be productive to
problem-solve to tend to others needs all of this brings good karma lot of
times the answer to your problem that has you devastated is a lot simpler and
quicker than you think we just think you can help me with this you always
cultivating relationships because that’s how you solve problems is with awesome
people who love you hoping you will hear a little bonus thought in addition to
those ten principles which is my final thoughts are you believe in car you’re doing good works going good it’s
going to flow back to you ecclesiastes 11 1 cast your bread upon
the waters and after many days it’ll return to you but the law of karma in
Scripture hope you believe in it but some good stuff out there it’s going to
flow back its gonna be all over you before you know it I’m robbing open to
other groups many girls you next time

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