10 Worst Things to Say to Someone with Depression

If you have friends Unlike me There is a 1 in 4 chance that they have or will suffer with mental health problems Depression being the most common in merry old England But what do say to somebody with Depression? In this video, we’re gonna talk about what you should never, ever say to someone with depression EVER I’m Fuzz from Randomly Twisted And this is the 10 worst things to say to someone with depression Nowadays, the word depressed is thrown around a lot A little bit like “Love” LOL And even Trump But, HEY! Who doesn’t like Trump? [crickets] Erm…this is a little bit awkward… Umm moving on Now there is a huge difference between feeling depressed and being depressed You can feel depressed for a short while, whereas being in depression can last for months And the severity of it is usually amplified when you have depression Now this is one of those “No Shit Sherlock” moments Where positive thinking just goes straight through the window If it was that easy, nobody would suffer with mental illnesses Believe it or not, but I was actually told this by somebody When I called up the Samaritans helpline It actually reminded me of a certain character This is for all those who think they are doctors, and think they know me better than I know myself Simply because I’m not sobbing my eyes out every minute of the day Or if you see me having a laugh with my friends, it doesn’t mean I don’t have depression Saying this doesn’t only isolate someone But can also make somebody, who may be seriously ill, question themselves So please don’t say this Now, you don’t know whether or not to take this as a praise Or a back-handed compliment Whatever it is, if I do look normal, it’s only because I try hard Now, contrary to popular belief, not everybody with mental health problems is a Charles Manson or a Hannibal Lecter Yeah… I’ve never done that before, so let’s move on This is a F*** You Logic and makes as much sense as an evil dentist wrestler or even an evil mummy wrestler or an evil… whatever wrestler… Anyways This is more common than you’d imagine. Reasons ranging from past sin to the wrath of God This is what I call a mega kick in the balls It’s hard enough to hear this from someone, when you’re not suffering with a mental illness Let alone with one This doesn’t just hurt a person’s pride. It makes them feel inferior Leading them to believe that nobody can understand them. And that’s a very lonely place I was sat down like a little child and asked that very question Although, all of us have triggers that may set off our moods Sometimes, there isn’t any reason (logical or otherwise) for what we’re feeling Similar to asking someone with hay fever, “Why are you allergic to the outside?” You’d get the same answer… Out of all the things you could advise anyone, this is the most irresponsible You don’t go up to your friend with type II diabetes and ask them to flush their medication down the toilet Similarly, depression is as real as any physical illness Unfortunately, a lot of the time even doctors fail to understand that

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  1. Saying "don't be depressed there's nothing to be sad about" is like saying " don't have asma there's plenty of air here!"

  2. I have got mild depression and I have had depression all of my life.I have been told those dumb things by others in the past and it pisses me off.

  3. Is there a follow up video with 10 things to say to someone with depression? If I'm speaking with someone living with depression, I'd like some direction as to what not to avoid saying. I got some direction on what to avoid saying from this video. Thanks!

  4. saying “stop being depressed, life is great” is like saying “stop having asthma, you can breathe the air I mean it’s everywhere”

    my family said I’m not depressed even though I did over 10 suicide attempts

  5. I lost 2 loved ones this year and i hate when they say “just get over it” or make stupid jokes that make no sense when they already see that im not into jokes right now and if im depressed i just lay in bed turn the light off turn on some music and keep thinking about negative things that happend in my life and i keep dreaming the same nightmare every single day

  6. "you made this happen"

    …. Did I really? You know what. Those 4 words is why I once for 1 month of detention. It was worth it

  7. I really hate it when someone says 'Stop thinking negatively' or 'You are just faking it' and 'seek some help' I just wanna say this, I don't need your help and how can I stop thinking negatively, I am not faking my depression. I just don't show it.

  8. I’m actually writing a book about my depression that’s going to upset a lot of people. It will be called ‘Depression – Why I don’t need a kick up the backside’.

  9. A couple of days ago. I thought i really trusted that friend of mine, i spilled out all my frustrations to her and was not expecting to receive some negative feedbacks. I know that she's not an understanding person but she's the only friend i've got in that situation. I was exhausted, i was in a new place (i transferred school) so i told her all the emotions i could muster at that moment.
    "Just sleep for a few hours and you'll be fine"
    "Well, it's not like it's the end of the world"
    "Because you put your state of mind in that situation that's why you became like this"
    Needless to say, glad i ditched her. Friends for nothing.

  10. If someone needs to talk just reply. I'm depressed myself and I'm hardly coping with it but I still feel a bit at ease when I'm helping out people because I understand what they're going through. It's like you you don't know what reason or what to do. Like you're hopeless and don't want to do anything. And so much more sht. When you're at in pain or numb, I'm free to talk. :>

  11. I have depression and when I told my best friend he just said "What a stupid doctor. You can't have depression, you are to happy".

  12. Yep, most of these me parents tell me. And whenever I try to talk to them, they tell me to stop and leave the room👌🏻 aight cool

  13. What about those people that just say they have depression bc they want people to feel bad for them even tho they don’t have it🙄

  14. Help me I don’t know what to do my friend with my friend she has depression and she says she’s pushed me away and she can’t love me and she thinks I don’t love her
    Please help me shes blocked me on everything 🙁 💔

  15. I always loved it when I was told that I "needed a hobby." I understand the rationale but in a truly depressed state, that is the last damn thing on my mind.

  16. ok so i told my friends (wait what are friends again?) but anyways they were pressuring me to tell an adult and that they were also depressed once.😤😤isjshshshndjdjjd YOUR MAKING IT WORSE BITCH:/ and this jerk said "hey, hows it hanging?" to me . ( if you don't get it "hanging" hanging yourself, ahem suicide, depression, yeah he's a jerk) and one other person was like
    wait so you're actually depressed? oh ok cool
    jdksksksjshshshs NO SHIT YEAH COOLLLL THHXXX 😑

  17. Imagine saying one of these to a friend with depression. As if the guy is going to say, “Oh yeah, I guess you got a good point there. I’m going to stop slicing my wrists and really start acting up.”

  18. My friend is depressed and I don't know how to help. I tried talking to him but it is almost 1am he still doesn't feel good

    Sorry I got so annoyed 😑

  20. A common one to me (courtesy of my father who doesn't know I am a sufferer) "stop feeling sorry for yourself" or something along those lines. "Oh poor Julya (in a taunting way)" is another favourite.

  21. The problem is, it’s pretty hard to tell when someone is actually seriously suffering from a mental illness like depression since basically all teenagers these days are miserable.

  22. Fantastic! Keeping this to show all the rude negative people I know and DOCTORS who have these dreadful uncaring words!!!!!!

  23. Sometimes when I do explain why I am depressed they say. „Really, you’re crying because of that!?“ depressed people always feel bad. When they tell you the reason it‘s just the trigger that made them cry.

  24. Depression can't be cured by words and I've been depression for 3 years hearing this for years and if you are not in that person's life so you don't know that they are trying to cover it up

  25. Can I just say: a lot of times when ppl say these things they really are trying to comfort you but… maybe they just aren’t sure how… Also I kno that saying “ I sometimes feel like that “ or “i understand” may feel hurtful because someone without depression might not know how it feels; but that does not mean their feelings aren’t valid those ppl have probably gone through some really hard stuff but they don’t want to say anymore about it because they are afraid they could make their friends depression worse. I I kno it is so so hard to have depression … but … try someone else’s perspective….

    I speak from experience.

    I don’t have clinical (or any other kind ) of depression (as far as I know) but I do know what it feels like to feel utterly hopeless with no one to turn to. So yes. I cannot know exactly how it feels to have depression but my feelings matter too. This is my honest opinion.

  26. I once told my mom about my depression, she threatened to leave me knowing that I loved my family and would've done anything to protect ever since I was a child and 2 years later I almost drowned in front of her but she didn't do anything, then she broke a promise just so I could sign a contract with a agency I don't even know. And she expects me to be the smartest of my class, but I'm just a doctor's wrong answer. When I was born the doctors said I wasn't gonna live.. I wish they were right but no. Instead I've been living behind a fake smile taking 14 depression test and the results always coming out as severe. I don't even know if I should tell her anymore… because I don't want to be her imperfect child. My sister is better than me, she is smarter, prettier, more social, and even more, but next to her I'm incompetent. She has great friends but I don't even know if mine are true. My father is too busy focusing on my sister, my friends might be burdened because of my problems, and I honestly think I shouldn't open up but here I am. Each day gets more and more repetitive, nothing starts to ever change anymore and the only newest thing in my life was the past. The present has became too old because it's been repeated too many times.

    I'm so sorry for wasting your time I didn't mean to.. I just tried to open up. I'm sorry.

  27. I might make a video on my channel about typing about my story. I am 12 years old, and already have; Depression, Anxiety, Conduct Disorder, and Insomnia. (Along with trust issues) Only because one reason, my father. I'll make the video here soon if your interested

  28. My partner does most of them. He even said to me you are just a spoiled brat and an attention seeker. I don’t know who to ask a help and what to do this point

  29. I fake laugh and fake smile so much that sometimes I can't even tell if it's real or I'm just trying to please everyone else who thinks I'm ok. When people ask me if I'm fine, I say "yeah", hoping they ask me again.

  30. The most worst thing I think that u shouldn't say to a depressed person or to anyone to risk it
    My friend:I got depression yesterday help
    Me:(what I'm thinking): wt fudge who just says that on their literal second day of depression also u can't tell if u really have depression on the first to second day u don't rlly realize it at least in my case when I first had it I thought it was boredom(what I said) …
    My friend after when I tell her even though she said she had depress; omg u should go check that with an adult
    Me in my brain:wt heck if u have depression u would realize that one of many reasons that people have depression is because of adults cuz they yell and cause stress and make u feel worthless cuz they are more wise so u take it into words
    That's all I got

  31. (I'm in 6th grade, my my teacher once told everyone that if you have depression, you're only thinking about yourself. I wanted to smack her because I had depression when I was in 5th grade. People with depression don't always think about themselves!)

  32. Depression is a mental illness.
    Telling someone with depression to "just stop being depressed" is like telling someone with autism to "stop being autistic" And don't come to me saying "They are two different things!" they are two different TYPES of mental illnesses. I should know, one of my friends had it once, I hope I never feel that way, I asked him about how it felt and he said, quote, "Emptiness, don't know any words to describe it better than that" I can't even IMAGINE how it feels, so if you or one of your friends are depressed, please seek help! I know that you guys already heard this a lot of times but, I don't know what else to say. Thank you for reading.

  33. A guy asked how my doctor visit went. I told him the situation. He ignored me and proceeded to explain he has a small bump on his leg and had to spend a lot of time in the hospital the other day. Then he says the doctor is going to check to see if it's cancerous.
    Conclusion: I just asked how you are doing so that I could one-up you and tell you how great my problem is. (If he does have cancer I'll show some empathy towards him but not until then. fa cough

  34. 9 , 7 people ay that ,6 people don’t believe me 4 may family tells me #3 for sure #2 always happens No one cares to understand me I cry every day every thing gets to me feeling like I’m not the special person that I used to be people used to like me and say how sweet of person I was not anymore

  35. I remember when I told my friend that I have depression and I told her that I got axienty attacks too, and she laught and said: "Get some help you crazy bitch!"

  36. I see people in the comments saying “your skin isn’t paper don’t cut it” and stuff like that. When I see that I think that’s like telling a blind person to look harder. This can hurt someone even more, it can make them feel like there’s no reason for them to feel like this.

  37. when my mom found out she said like 6 from these things to me lmaooo and I think the question why are you depressed is alright but only once because there is also a possibility that something happened (for example ur dad died or idk) and that that caused the depression

  38. heres to save your time:

    10. “I was depressed once”
    9. “Just be positive.”
    8. “Have a cup of tea”
    7. “You don’t really have depression”
    6. “You look normal though”
    5. “Isn’t that was serial killers have?”
    4. “You brought this on yourself”
    3. “Thats life- get over it.”
    2. “Why are you depressed?”
    1. “You should stop taking those pills”

  39. some of us just dont produce any dopamine hence the depression. and for the past 30 years. hell i could win the lottery tomorrow and id be depressed two days later. now thats bullshit and thats not an analogy. 😕

  40. I’m glad I came to watch this because I don’t have depression but I don’t want to be insensitive and say something to someone with depression that would make them feel worse luckily I haven’t said any of these 😊

  41. Random Dumbass: “You can’t be depressed! Other people have it worse”

    Me: “You can’t be happy! Other people have it better”

  42. Ok…have a good one maybe you feel better:my mom was in a sekt.jehivas whitness!!i had to go with her and my 2years older brother too.my father was katholig and my brother quit to go to the sekt.so my mother only gives me love,my father for my brother.when i stopped 2years later my mother act like she dont love me anymore and my father was shitting on me at all.i ran away from home with 13and was years on streed and get drug adekted.jail was the next.so depression is really a normal thing for me i dont understand how people dont can have this.life is not beautifull,its a hole shit!!!

  43. "It's that phone you're on all the time."
    Yes, I have heard this by many adults.
    They say "Oh experts say it causes depression." Like wtf?

  44. I think that something you should not say to someone is " I wish that I would aborted you " especially id your their mother

  45. My mom took me off my medication some months ago cuz she said it's all In my head and I don't need them. Those pills were a really big part of why I was feeling a little better now I feel like shit again. ¯_(シ)_/¯

  46. You forgot one ! here let me help you
    Number 11 : Don't say that life is gonna get better and you love me when you don't know me as a person (that one was for all the people in the comments saying dumb things thinking they can heal you with just a "i love you")

  47. "why can't you be normal?"
    "just get over it"
    "you talked to the doctor, right? so why you feeling the same now" lol
    "you have everything. why would you feel depressed?"

    well I'm sorry mom. From now on I'll try my best to smile and act normal like you always tell me. It's hard but I will.

  48. You will read through a lot of fact concepts on this treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it) which is also easy to understand. After the healing process, I made the decision to volunteer at a shelter and I couldn’t be happier than helping others. I really didn`t have directions in life before I read through this book. I had been taking antidepressants for nearly three years and had shut myself away from the world..

  49. When they say "you have to fix yourself"*, *"stop saying in bed all day so u can feel better" like what the heeek???? I stay in bed because of my mental state, and how do u expect me to fix myself when obviously am reaching out for help because its impossible for me to do that.

  50. 'It's all in your head,' or 'Go out more often you will feel alright'. To whoever reading this and struggling with depression, don't feel bad whenever you hear such phrases. We are all in this together. And elifeguru is always ready to give you hand to get out of your suffering. Let's know.

  51. Most of the time I smile at the ones who call me ugly or stupid or others..I do this because they don't know something that I do..

  52. If I had a nickel for every time I was told these exact words. LOL. Yea Hannibal Lechter's sound he makes about the Liver and Farver beans I cant even make that Noise. Again LOL.

  53. "stop it, i care about you" – when they really dont, theyre just too tired of your drama
    "you're crazy! trying to kill yourself because of your stupid depression"
    "depression is a choice, and you chose to fall in it"
    "you're not normal, normal people has friends"
    "you think you're normal? you're just the same as people with real mental disorders, actually, you're alot worse"
    "you know nothing else, you're all about being depressed"
    "look at people your age, look at your cousins, they're making their parents proud while youre wasting your life"
    "why can't you be like them?"

  54. One time my dad told me that people have it worse than I do when I was in a dark time. Kind of made me feel like crap 🙂

  55. can i speak here for a second? this video here made me feel so much better that SOMEONE understands!! my friends say every one of these.

  56. My parents just tell me to stop taking my medicine, it’s all just in your head, be positive, and what do you have to be sad about. No matter what I say they never believe and tell that I just have my head up my ass. Sometimes I wish they could just see inside my Damn head….

  57. "let God set his good intentions to you"

    How i wish his good intentions set me away from depression.

  58. I told my father I was depressed and that I was struggling with life. He told me that is how life will always be and you have to get used to it. My fucking father. I have been having a hard time trusting him and spending time with him.

  59. Someone I thought I could trust uses 7 and 4 on me all the time and it’s breaking me apart thinking about it

  60. This has got to be the most retarded thing I've ever heard like I understand some of them that stop taking your medicine advise anyone suffering from depression to stop taking their medicine as you are putting your body out of a job how can your brain release endorphins if you're constantly plant in your brain up with artificial drugs

  61. My dad once told me “People have a harder life then you” and “You’re not suicidal”. Like, wtf kinda parent are you telling your kid that?!

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