111(b). How to energy heal sadness trauma and stress; LIVER 🙌

Hi there. I’m Yvonne Decelis again one more time; it’s Tuesday it’s January 7th and it’s about a quarter to four I just
realized I had left out one thing I said I was gonna do in my last video the one
about distressing and doing the sadness anxiety and grief or sorry trauma and
overwhelm I said that I was going to show you where I learned I saw another
video about the liver Meridian because the liver meridian trace it usually from
what I’ve learned ends right underneath the pecs you started the big big toe and
you trace up the center of your legs or I’m sorry not enough the center I’m
sorry for this trace you started the toe and you actually trace up between your
legs all the way up to where your coin is and then you let your hands go to the
side you go up and then in and underneath the pecs you can also kind of
very vigorously massage under the pecs and you might be tender if it is it
means you need it according to once again down and even but one other
exercise that I saw by prune Harris who is another energy medicine guru she’s
from the UK she said this was part of the liver Meridian trace and she started
up here she pushed in pull apart to the side and then
slide your hand down and put your chin and shake your hands out and I’ve been
doing this a few times and I find this to be a pretty helpful exercise I do
feel their temperature shift when I do this so maybe I’m shaking shaking some
negativity off maybe there’s something wrong with my liver I don’t know I can’t
really tell for sure and sorry I know this as long as I don’t know why I’m
doing this but it’s possible that there’s something in my liver Meridian
that needs helping because I really do feel this shift when I do this so you
may want to try this too but again I’m just doing this because I
said I was gonna show it in my prior video and I realized that I neglected to
so this is just part two to the last energy healing video I did I will put a
link to this one at the end of that one and I’ll also put a link to that one on
this one so pardon the confusion but I did just want to do one more video
didn’t want to short you guys because they don’t know when I’m gonna be back
to do another one anyway thanks again for your time namaste
okay some light cheers and I will be back with something in hopefully a few
days take care of yourselves be well

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