1939 Depression Era Health Biscuits Recipe

welcome friends today we’re going to
look at another post Depression pre-world War two recipe and today we’re
working from the Elmvale community cookbook and we are going to make the
recipe for something called health biscuits we’ll get into health biscuits
when we get to the tasting because I think the title is pretty funny but I
know where it comes from I think so very few instructions with this recipe
like most of them so we’re gonna start out with the fats and the first thing in
is shortening and butter and I’m gonna cream those together use shortening very
often I don’t know if there’s another recipe on the channel where I actually
use shortening I had to go out and buy this because we just don’t we don’t have
it so the next in is brown sugar quite a bit of brown sugar so I’m going to cream
that in as well hmmm butter next skin is an egg okay
looking good looking real good normally buttercream together with sugar
and a raw egg I really like but not so much with the shortening next in raisins
because raisins chopped walnuts and the ubiquitous chopped dates all of those
going they’re gonna bring a lot of sugar and flavor and fat to this recipe so
stir those in next in our rolled oats I’m gonna get everywhere they’re very
hard to mix into something like this okay the flour gets some soda and some
salt just mix that in now two things I’m gonna switch to a bigger bowl and I need
some sour milk now this recipe says sour milk in
today’s terms what they were looking for would be fermented or cultured
buttermilk now I don’t have any buttermilk so I’m going to use kefir and
kefir is everything that buttermilk wants to be now the recipe says just to
add enough so that it holds together I don’t know how much that is so I’m going
to be very careful with adding it in because I don’t want to add too much so
just a little bit at a time stir it in add a little bit more flour
add a little bit more kefir and just go back and forth until I get something
that looks right yes I think that looks pretty good now the next problem is how
to cook them it just says drop on buttered pan and then it doesn’t say
anything about cooking them so am i dropping them on the buttered pan and
leaving them to sort of dry and harden like a nobec cookie and we’re putting
them on a buttered pan and sticking in the oven and baking them like a regular
cookie or a biscuit or am i cooking them in a frying pan like you would a Welsh
cake my gut is telling me the oven so let’s
see how this works out so we’ll start with six see how it works out and then
bake the rest so these are lovely oak treats health biscuits red oaks missus
red oaks house it’s what makes them healthy I mean usually they call cookies
healthy and then they’re never owned because nobody lots of sugar is I don’t
think I don’t think they’re health I don’t think they’re healthy I think
they’re we decorate my house yes they’re what we would think of today is an
energy ball or an energy bar okay so it’s like a granola bars they do a
figure eight me and get me going in my day
lots of sugar lots of fat yeah so you got you’ve got sugar from from raisins
dates and brown sugar and you’ve got you know so it’s so gonna be super tasty
they will be soft and chewy um yes mmm-hmm nice and soft
it’s partway between a cookie and a muffin top yeah it does have that that
very bready yeah halfway between a cookie and a muffin top now I had a lot
of trouble figuring out how it cooked them because it doesn’t say how to cook
them um so I baked them for about the same amount of time that you would bake
a cookie but it also occurred to me that they could have been cooked like a Welsh
cake mmm on a griddle yeah on a griddle maybe um I don’t know these are pretty
tasty though yeah I like the the spicy in them hmm
there’s nothing anymore nothing at all there’s a little cinnamon or anything
nothing I’m sitting there right babe so there is a vanilla as well so you could
put spicing in here well soon really I guess I was looking at the mrs. George’s
Shh that’s next oh sorry I really I saw that one I got
really excited okay what I already had the stuff out for this one so okay which
is why I assumed they were cinnamon but it does have a lovely flavor so I think
this is a good cookie um it’s a little bit different than any cookie that you
that you would normally think of as a cookie um
and the ingredients are a little bit wonky don’t listen
Glenn don’t listen you could even put some coconut in it oh yeah you could put
coconut yet so on on that horrific note thanks for stopping by see you again
soon you

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  1. I LOVE your channel, i'm new here and i just love you guys especially that banana splitting trick you did! ps its my birthday today!

  2. Man works 14 hrs and comes to hot home with no running water and 10 babies screaming. "Mildred I'm home what's for dinner"?
    "Hello Clarence I made Livermush and Health Biscuits, your favorite"
    Mmmmmm yummy

  3. I really like this channel. I love cooking channels but you have a great attitude Glen and it can put anyone that’s in a bad mood into a good one. Keep making the great content. I also saw you wearing a Leafs jersey a while ago. So Go Leafs Go!

  4. I didn't have all the ingredients for the biscuits, so I made the peanut butter cookie recipe next to it. I noticed that the recipe didn't go crazy with sugar. Most modern cookie recipes call for ridiculous amounts of sugar, I'm not a fan. They turned out OK, but could have been more peanuttie (if that's a word). They must have made tiny cookies back in the day, I only got half the stated yield. Also needed to add 5 min to bake time to get them to brown on the edges.

  5. It seems the YouTube algorithm has been kind to your channel — more than double the subs since just five days ago, including me! YouTube probably noticed all the Binging with Babish, Bon Appetit, and America's Test Kitchen videos I've been watching, and brought me here. These videos are great and you two are just the cutest. <3 Here's to more Depression-era recipes, crazy sodas, awesome dishes, and whatever else you come up with next!

  6. There is something very comforting about your videos. Maybe because it reminds me of cooking with my dad when I was young. Or perhaps it's the subtle, dry, wit and the cozy kitchen. I've been watching them before bed ever since I found this channel a few days ago. Cheers from Alberta!

  7. What Id tell ya man! You made it to over 100k subs! Hope you get that well deserved plack buddy! Keep up the amazing content!

  8. Your production quality is Great. Your receipt ideas are what separate you and your wifes reactions are why I keep coming back.I love the channel.

  9. He ate raw egg. Oooh no!
    I make similar soft cookies only without shortening and use dried apricots, and they taste great.

    I love the idea of using old-time recipes, you should get hold of Newton's Everything Within. It has recipes, household tips etc, and was published in the 20s and 30s I think. I made some of the sweets from there and they were very nice.

  10. When you say depression era are you referring to the Great Depression (which was American) or some Canadian depression

  11. Here in New Zealand (and Australia) we have Anzac Biscuits. They're traditional over here and Anzac day is 25th April so would be cool for you to try them sometime soon. These biscuits have amazing flavour and are incredibly soft/chewy so would be a treat. Anyone can do these too. Here it is:
    1 1/2 C – Regular Flour
    1 1/2 C – Rolled Oats
    1 1/2 C – Coconut (Desiccated or Threaded)
    1 1/5 C – Brown Sugar
    190 g – Butter
    3 Tbsp – Golden Syrup
    1 1/2 tsp – Baking Soda
    3 Tbsp – Water

    1) Heat oven to 160 C (320 F)
    2) Sift flour into a large bowl, then add rolled oats, coconut & brown sugar. Mix.
    3) Heat butter, golden syrup & water until melted & mixed. (stove-top or microwave)
    3) Stir baking soda into butter mixture. Should froth a little.
    4)Pour butter mix into flour mix. Stir until combined.
    5)Roll mixture into 30ml scoop size balls (no bigger than golf ball size) and place onto baking paper lined trays. Press down slightly but not too much as they will flatten otherwise. Allow room for spreading.
    6) Bake for 10-15 minutes or until nice and golden. Do not over bake or will become hard.
    7) Let stand in baking tray for at least 10 minutes after cooking before handling as they will be extremely soft.
    8) Enjoy your delicious biscuits.

    This can make a fair bit so you can halve the recipe if desired.

  12. Shortening Never heard that term before. Looked it up, it saids it is some what like Margerine which I know from Denmark, but rarely use, because I think it tends to give you a funny greasy feeling in your mouth.

  13. I imagined when you turn the camera off you guys are like genius level scientists lol just the vibe I get from you guys

  14. Found your channel via the Cola recipe and them I'm binge watching all the things and learning a bunch!

  15. Greetings from Eastern Ontario! I'm going to make these for my power lifting competition coming up!

  16. Back in 39', shortening was much closer to lard, and like on my grandmother's farm, lard would be kept in the kitchen after renderings and other cooking. Most of the country people, and many of the city people I'd presume too, would have used lard instead of the shortening called for in the recipe.

    Today's shortening, most of it at least, is rather far removed from what they made back in the 20's and 30's.

  17. Very interesting video..I always appreciate your comments regarding the tasting ..very well done 👍 thank you for sharing 👏👏🤙🤙👍

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