2 Ways To Beat The Afternoon Slump | Avoid the Afternoon Crash

Are you feeling the afternoon slump? Today, we are talking about my two-pronged
approach for avoiding that 2PM crash. I am Sheila Viers and for those of you who
are not familiar with me, I help women to break-free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage
so they rock their dream body and feel amazing in their skin. Today, we are talking about that dreaded 2PM
crash. You know what I’m talking about where you’re
working through your day go go go and all of a sudden you just hit that wall. So maybe you are in the corporate world and
you’re sitting at your desk and you’re like “Oh my gosh, I have got to go to the vending
machine and get myself a snack and some caffeine” or maybe you’re at home and you’re taking
care of the kids and all of a sudden you’re just like “Oh my gosh, I need a nap.” So what do you do? Today, I have two strategies to share with
you that are going to help so so much. So the first prong, in the two-pronged approach
is what to do in the heat of the moment So you’re right there you’ve hit that wall
and you’re like “Oh my gosh, I need to go get a snack, I need to get some caffeine.” For a lot of people, this ends up being a
bag of chips, and a soda or pop, if you’re from the Midwest just like me. Or maybe you grab a coffee that makes it tough
for you to go to sleep at night. Instead, here are some of my best tips
You do the best you can, you make the best decision you can in this moment
Because it’s kind of like jumping out of an airplane and then looking for your parachute
And you’re like, “Oh shoot, I should have grabbed that”
You know, when you’re there in that moment You kinda have to say “Alright, what can I
do right now?” So here are some ideas
Number one, instead of grabbing a bag of chips and soda or that coffee,
Instead, grab a whole food option So if you’re at work, at the beginning, you
can bring in a bag of fruit You can make sure that you have a single-serving
packets of nuts in your desk and some peanut butter
So that you can make yourself a little snack right there in your desk
You don’t even have to go to the vending machine Also, instead of caffeine
Grab water, a lot of times when we think we’re having that crash
We think that the only solution is caffeine, when in reality, a lot of times it can be dehydration
you’re body is craving water so go and get an iced water
which will help you wake you up as well chug that
I promise you would notice a huge difference Another thing you can do is to get time for
some fresh air Move your body
I remember one of the things that my mom told me
That she used to do when she was in the corporate world
Is if she couldn’t get outside she would go to the bathroom and do some stretching
and some jumping jacks I think she’s gonna kill me when she finds
out I told you that but it’s true
Sometimes you can’t get outside but you can get to the bathroom
Go there and again, do the best you can to get your body moving
And finally, my last tip If you can do this, this is like a super bonus
is to have a dance party A little five-minute dance party with yourself
Turn on your favorite Spotify playlist Grab your favorite song and just move your
body I swear this is one of the quickest ways for
me to be able to shift my energy whether I’m in a bad mood from feeling really
tired When you start dancing, you just sort of create
energy Tony Robbins actually talks about this in
his events It’s not food, it’s not sleep that creates
energy We have energy inside of us we just have to
shift our vibration shift our energy and get it back to that mode
of feeling high vibe versus when down Okay that’s the first prong
Here’s the second prong in this approach And that is plan for success
One of the bigger strategies that I teach my clients is act, analyze, adjust
So look back on the things that maybe have not worked for you and let’s plan for a better
future right? If you find that you’re tired everyday at
2 o’clock let’s do something to shift that so that we
can set you up for success And the best way to do that is to get more
rest ahead of time I know what you’re thinking, “Sheila, if I
could get more rest, I would” But here’s the thing a lot of times we tell
ourselves these old stories about how we don’t have time
Or we can’t get more sleep or we don’t have time to workout
All of these sort of excuses that we use when in reality
it’s really about managing our time more effectively and prioritizing our needs and desires
which honestly, for many of my clients is one of the hardest things to do
It’s all about worthiness and it’s about taking care of ourselves
So get more rest Do whatever you need to do at the end of the
day to clear some space to make sure you can go to bed earlier
Make sure that you’re setting yourself for more restful sleep
So you’re turning off all your electronics at least a half an hour before you go to bed
As they say less is more, do less You do not have to be superwoman all the time
You can say “no” you can ask for help Remember, taking care of you is one of the
biggest gifts you can give yourself those that you love and this world as a whole
because when we take care of ourselves then we show up as the best versions of ourselves
in every aspect of our lives So here’s another aspect of act, analyze,
adjust Let’s look at what you’re eating throughout
the day before 2PM
So a lot of my clients who tell me that they’re hitting this wall every single day
When we go back and we look at what they’re eating
A lot of times, they’re skipping breakfast or they’re skipping lunch
or they’re skipping both So of course you’re body is going to repel,
of course you’re body is going to crave energy It makes sense, right? So let’s nourish your body properly and take
care of it So we can circumvent this whole 2pm crash
completely Make sure that you’re getting in whole food
meals throughout the day And you’re drinking enough water
When I say taking in whole food meals that means, things like salad, like minimally processed
foods And I aim for an 80-20 split
So you’re hitting at least 80% of your meal from whole food sources
And I talk about this a lot on my website and in my other videos
So if you need more information, definitely go to my resources page on my website and
check those out And finally, make sure that you’re planning
regular breaks For many of us, we think the solution is to
just go go go And just rock through the entire day, just
powering through When in reality, if you segment your day
and you have a block of time when you’re working on a focused task and then you take a break
and then you’re working again on another task and then you take a break
You’re gonna be far more focused and far more efficient than if you just try to go go go
without every taking a break throughout the day
Because in reality, you’re gonna become exhausted, depleted, and burnt out
Give it a try, you will see a dramatic difference During those breaks, make sure that you get
up and walk around, you stretch, you eat something, you take deep breaths, you hydrate yourself
Do all of those things that are really gonna make such a big difference on how your body
feels overall So that’s my two-pronged approach for avoiding
the afternoon slump If you like this video, please hit the like button and share with a friend who needs to hear this And if you want more tips and tricks just like this, make sure you head over to my free video series which is all about breaking free from body jail so you can rock body freedom where I give you tons more of tips on how to set yourself up for success when I say body jail, what I’m talking about is this idea of going through life in this world of restriction trying to control everything and ultimately not really feeling that great So in that free video series I teach you exactly how to set yourself up So that you can not only rock the body of your dreams, feel amazing in your skin But then be actually able to go out and do those things in life that are most meaningful So if that sounds great to you, then make sure you go to sheilaviers.com/videoseries So you can watch that video series and you’ll get access to the very first video in that series right away

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