20. Remove ice pick headaches with energy healing; 01/04/2019 YDCtv

hello there it’s Yvonne Decelis and I
am coming to you on YDCtv! It is Friday January 4th and it’s about 10:30
p.m. I’m just here to show you really really quick life hacks sorry to
everyone who hates air quotes but I can’t really think of any other thing to
do there so put that in the quotes there this is a quick one um and it doesn’t
work for everything but just a really quick one this is really good for like
ice pick leg pains if you get icepick headache pains or some some other types
of headaches this will help with as well whatever side of your head that hurts
that hand just squeeze the webbing between your thumb and forefinger if you
hold down on that you can do it either with your thumb on top or on the bottom
either way this will help make the headache go away I know know for sure
why that works I know that this is a longer Meridian line I believe this is
along the large intestine meridian but anyway pressing down on the webbing
between your thumb and index finger can really help and again it doesn’t help
with every single headache I will be putting more videos here too there is an
energy exercise you can do for headaches it’s just a little bit longer so I just
wanted to put this really quick one up to just add something to my channel but
I will be putting more videos up soon anyway you know thank you as always for
coming to my channel namaste peace them liked and please go down
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have a good one take care hope to see you soon

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