2020 Dem Marianne Williamson Addresses Vaccination Controversy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. What is racism?? White people hating other races?? That's how these candidates paint it. Mexicans hate blacks, BIG TIME. They call them MOYOS, but that's OK. As long as whitey doesn't do it.

  2. Correlation does not equal causation. Her implication that vaccines have anything to do with chronic illnesses is not supported by medical science. There are thousands of factors that could be taken into account when discussing chronic illnesses ranging from women given birth later in life to pollution to genetics and stress. Her dialogue on vaccines is dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

  3. Pro science!? She believes in fairytale spirituality and has posted papers endorsed by the Church Of Scientology. Conspiratorial, narcissistic…she perfect for today’s Oprah new age society.

  4. 'Predatory Big Pharma' is a very (real) issue. And Marianne Williamson is to be commended for alerting the public.

  5. Ari was determined to make her look hypocritical and foolish. I lost some respect on this clip. He was not having and engaging conversation to understand and enlighten us on her views, and she still made him look like a hack here.

  6. The depth of talent, intellect and integrity within this pool of candidates astounds me compared to the inaction and moral incompetency of the Republican Party today.

  7. This is a really smart woman who expresses herself with eloquence and has a moral compass and heartfelt values that are inclusive. Brava.

  8. She's already making a difference and people are paying her attention.
    Did you hear Tulsi use her words about "sick care"?

  9. The reason children were not given a lot of vaccines when she was a kid (b 1952) was because most of the "common" vaccines given today were not developed until the 1960s and 70s. You can't "get" what didn't exist.

  10. You can't say, or imply, or suggest, vaccines caused chronic illness. What vaccine causes diabetes, or cancer or Hepatitis?

  11. I, for one, am very impressed with Ms. Williamson. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty keeping my eyes off that thing on her face. Is that a part of her microphone or a skin issue?

  12. She's a creepy con artist. She saw that Trump can do it and she's going for it. NO NO NO. Go away, you creepy evil woman…don't embarrass our side of the spectrum by getting a bunch of democrats to buy into your con. Go back to pastoring in Michigan and make your money there.

  13. I think i will vote for her!!! I thought she was kind of IDK at first. But hey, if donald could do it. I think she can do better.

  14. Every time some Journalist who questions Ms. Williamson with these "gotcha" questions…they never get her because she can explain exactly what she meant and it makes me like her even more. No, she's not the typical political candidate…she is a human.

  15. There used to be mercury in some of the vaccines given. When you give multiple inoculations at once you give an overdose causing convulsions and other side effects, such as brain damage.

  16. I like how she talks about depression.. About the big pharma thing..im glad this host didnt try to stop her speech..

  17. She is 100% on point in everything I've heard! Predatory pharma is a MAJOR problem. It's about time someone brought this darkness to light!🌅
    Go Marianne! 🙏

  18. Marianne has a refreshingly original take on the issues. She dares to be different, and she is able to explain her positions with cogent logical arguments. She is cool under pressure, and I am impressed with her performance in the debates.

  19. As a recent Hispanic immigrant, I don't think I should have pay reparations for slavery! Those billions would be better spent providing new immigrants with free health care and education.

  20. MARIANNE for the USA & MARYAM for IRAN most powerful combination to bring peace to our wounded planet. Google her Maryam Rajavi

  21. Marianne Williamson shows her humanity. She apologises for her mistakes and comments that she regrets. AMAZING WOMAN. No one is perfect! And she allows herself the grace to admit her mistakes, learn from it and move from it. What does Trump do? LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE.,

  22. "that was wrong of me to say and I am sorry I said it" – this is your president?! A human who can self reflect and APOLOGISE! Wake up people! This woman is what you need to fix your country! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER!

  23. This lady is a lunatic. Reparations for black people cause of slavery to people who have never been a slave? That is a waste of money. I would prefer it go to a wall and I am against the wall. And her spiritual answer to illnesses is ridiculous. I hate trump but if this is what we Democrats have to offer then he will win again.

  24. Yes ! Impeachment proceedings ! Nancy, we’re tired of waiting this is about our country & this president is tearing our country apart !!! Time for Dems to stand as ONE & send Trump on his way ….

  25. She's the realest candidate out there! If you guys like her too please donate to her campaign so she can show up at the next debate!! 🙂

  26. If she became president Pharma would off her for speaking against the soon to be trillion dollar adult mandate vaccination plan either that or she will turn the other cheek like trump did

  27. I fell in love with this woman! So articulate, well spoken and honest ( apologised for misspeaking)! Marianne if at all u lose in America, please move to Australia, we would love to have u here!!!

  28. Wow! Williamson, is very wise and she has the ability to look deeply into our country's psychic wounds and how to address them . Bernie and Williamson could be a powerful ticket to raise America up into our true selves.

  29. Support this woman America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. I really like this woman. I just wish she was not such a happy hippy with an education. Her ideas are wonderful.

  31. After hearing her explain her position on vaccines in more detail, I have to admit that she makes decent sense. And her answers on reparations make sense, and seem very compassionate and woke. And she . . . *actually apologized*?! I need to learn more about her.

  32. I think what Marianne wants to say is that we cant trust vaccines as long as there is no independent 3rd party unbiased review.
    To suggest that there is no risk with vaccines is absurd. But she cant say that because the drug companies have the news media and the public brainwashed…

  33. She is laying out the information right there simple and easy i love
    Mariannae only
    Candidate i believe is for the people

  34. Let’s be clear, she’s made multiple unscientific claims about vaccinations and is now trying to walk them back, but even when doing so she resorts to the same anti-vaxer talking points concerning unfounded fears of “quantities” and “numbers” of vaccinations which have been addressed ad-nauseum by doctors and public health officials. Furthermore, her claims concerning depression are bogus as she constantly conflates normal grief and bereavement with actual clinical depression/Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and erroneously states that psychiatrists don’t distinguish between these conditions when considering medical therapy, which is patently false. She’s so unqualified to be passing judgement on vaccinations and clinical depression, and she’s of course unqualified to be our president. She’s an embarrassment to the Democratic Party which is trying to distinguish itself as the party of science.

  35. Look at the host, it's like he's trying to understand but he's going into overdrive. "Zoom-zoom-zoom, oh wow that makes, ow my head hurts!"

  36. They create a problem, then they send a "savior" for the solution. That's how parasites operate.

    And so, she is saying the right things, but her intentions are unclear. Google search her on Google images and look into her eyes. She's got the crazy eyes.

  37. These people in mainstream media, try to give Marianne WILLIAMSON a bad rap, yet they let a nazi President do and say anything he wants. I starting to think Marianne WILLIAMSON is too good for the Presidency of this NAZI nation. She is trying to save this nation, but the ignorant, evil, ugly, leadership of this Nazi Nation will not allow it. People think she is just for Black Americans, but if any American have a brain. Marianne WILLIAMSON is trying to save white people from Retribution from the Most High. Therefore REPARATIONS to the former slaves is necessary for this country to survive.

  38. it looks like what began as a cynical but brilliant way to plug her self-help
    books has now gone to her head and she actually believes she can follow in
    Trump's footsteps as a completely unqualified candidate's path to the
    presidency. The media feeds on her entertainment value. I don't
    remember ever seeing Sanders on Melber's show.

  39. Solutions: As President I will appoint Harvey Wasserman & Mark Z. Jacobson to be the head of the EPA & the Pentagon, to use the whole Pentagon budget to build a million 4-plex homes, each with 100 solar panels, in each state & Puerto Rico, to help stop the climate emergency.

    Supply seniors with Oxygen water, made by adding Food grade H2O2 to a quart of water to drink all day.

    Youtube: paul8kangas. Kangas. 2020.

    Paul Kangas is the most trusted journalist in America today.

    Symptoms of autism: boys suffer frustration from not being able to speak,  
    boys attempt suicide more than girls,

    boys attacking their mothers & fathers violently,
    Autism hits boys 6X more often than girls.  
    Causing boys brutal frustration as their hormones are peaking at age 19.  
    All the mass shooters had been vaccinated 69 times each year, from birth.

    We must test if vaccines cause the mass shootings by not vaccinating half our boys.

    Parents can reverse autism by supplementing them with organic chromium piclonate 
    & all essential 60 minerals.

  40. i’m tired of these big media companies always attacking her and twisting her words. they don’t do this to half of the other democratic candidates

  41. Vaccinations save lives. period! The benefits out way the risks. Just because your child has a healthy immune system and may fight off a virus like the measles, it is not true for the rest. You have to remember with vaccinations you are protecting an entire group of people. People that are immunocompromised (cancer patients, people with AIDs, kids who literally were born lacking an immune system, elderly) cannot fight these infections and can and probably will die if exposed. Then you have infants that are not old enough to be vaccinated because their immune systems are not developed enough for certain vaccines.

    Chronic illness is another issue. There are many factors that play a role in chronic diseases. Toxins in the environment (in which trump cut funding for), preservatives and additives in our foods that other countries ban, overall nutrition (balanced diet decrease bad fats, inc fruits and veggies, decrease red meats…), exercise and education on health. I think health can be promoted by discussions with doctors and educational providers. Pediatricians should pound it is children and parents. Parents should use this education and incorporated it into their everyday lives. Schools should provide healthy lunches. I remember in elementary school Fridays were the only day that juice, cookies and fruit roll-ups were sold.

  42. MUCH better interview than others who were actually interrogating her and trying to tear her down……. unsuccessfully of course. Im so glad shes on the radar of so many Americans…. she is so sincere

  43. Where is she on reparation to the Native Americans, Hawaiians and Peurto Ricans and Somoans on stolen land? Agree with her on big pharma and vaccines 64 from birth to 18 now.

  44. My son received all his vaccinations as a baby and youth . Yet, at the age of 10, I woke up, hearing him talking very loud at 3:00 am and leaning over a balcony that was above our living room….saying “look at all the people”!
    I rushed to see what was going on and found him with glassy eyes, red spots all over him and after checking found he had a temperature of 104 degrees. We bundled him up and to him to emergency, where he was diagnosed with Measles….the kind he was vaccinated for! He was very sick for several days. The health unit was advised and started an investigation. They discovered that 11 students that got their vaccines from the same clinic ALL had Measles and traced it back to a bad batch of vaccine. So yes vaccines can cause problems…but they can save lives….all his friends that had a vaccine, were absolutely fine, very healthy. My son received immediate attention and he is very healthy! Could it be that parents who hear stories about vaccines hear about people getting seriously sick think all vaccines are a health risk? I hope not….all his friends are
    perfectly fine, very strong….and now 40 years old! They all have healthy kids and life is good! Guess what I am saying is don’t blame the practice of vaccinating…..many other factors could explain the situation!

  45. Her voice is so relaxing and she is very intelligent. People like marriane live in US and you put hillary against trump in 2016 😐😐

  46. Since year 1988 there have been fewer than 6,000 total serious adverse effects with causal evidence proven to have been directly related to ALL vaccinations (144 per year average). To put that into perspective, from 2006 ~ 2013 there were 1668 proven, causal, adverse effects related to the over 2 BILLION (2,236,678,735) vaccinations administered.

    That is a .000000834% chance of having an serious adverse effect to any vaccination.

    You have better odds of getting killed by lightning, a hippopotamus, or even ants, than getting seriously ill from a vaccination.

    Without being vaccinated, just contracting Measles alone, you have a 30% chance of having a serious reaction to the disease (hospitalization, long term disability or death) including a:

    7% chance of Otitis media
    6% chance of Pneumonia
    0.7% chance of Seizures
    0.1% chance of Encephalitis
    0.2% chance of Death

    You are right, you do have a choice: 0.000000834% (risk of harm vaccinating) vs 30% (risk of harm with no vaccination).

    Source: US Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administrator (HRSA), and CDC: Vaccinations and Immunizations

  47. I have read, listen and attended Marianne Williamson for over 25 years. I lost my son to gun violence to gun violence, and 3 years before a husband to cancer. Her work has helped me to forgive and live my life with complete peace and turn from fear and move on. Love is over used word but she actually helped me understand what it really is as we gaze into the eyes of our neighbors and strangers let alone a family and loved ones. She does care and her work is transforming. Over 40 years of action to back up her ideals she speaks about.

  48. YES! Less scientific research paid for by Pharma. Finally someone questioning them! All 4 vaccine manufacturers are convicted felons having been fined $billions of dollars for lying, destroying data, bribing doctors and politicians and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. I wouldn’t even buy a door knob from them. I’d vote for her to fight for that issue alone.

  49. The interviewer looks as if he is going to fall off his chair trying to navigate conversation about the vaccines into big pharma’s benefit. For some reason people become so aggressive when they try to defend a lie.

  50. So she used to speak the truth about depression before she was a candidate and against pharma… but now she changes her tone? why?
    Guess like any season polititian you can't cut the hand that feeds you. Suddenly she is a fan of big pharma and vaccination

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