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  1. I strongly recommend you all his latest book, which can help you acquire more knowledge on these topics. https://www.amazon.com/Behave-Biology-Humans-Best-Worst/dp/0143110918/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531211889&sr=8-1&keywords=behave

  2. 6:28 this sounds extremely elitist. it could be argued that the greater the level of sophistication (formal education) you have, the more muddled your thinking might be in a situation requiring moral judgement

  3. Re: Hinkley & free will. The exercise of freewill was not of Hinkley, but of those who judge(d) him. Free will must be understood in relation to those making informed decisions.

  4. A.T.Mann round art great laypersons or professional general science syllabus circle center circumference schizophrenia living at the edge interest liebniz pi/4 mathematics soul/sol need a light agni/Ignatius [*8] spelled with a fibonacci 'e' ghee case sensitive 'G' symmetry pi/4 .phonetic charm elementary particles cerns. prime numbers only by one and themselves Z-ero landscape . pi/four [ottffssent] [mtwtfss] archetypes complete set. thx a.t.mann multi disciple tex-t. circle center circumference ratio. pi/4

  5. Go and do both! Im not of high intelligence yet sometimes we overcomplicate our thinking. My mother would tell me do the easy stuff first then the rest and ALWAYS always do your best.

  6. "All the World's a stage and we are merely Players". In these lectures are the descriptions of how our brains are a composite of senses, memory categorisation and reactions at a spread of reaction times, eg the spinal ganglia reacts to pain in the limbs before the stimulus reaches the brain. And then there's many modes and moods of reaction modelled on observed patterns, the roles played by other people.

    So the question "Who am I" is a perennial that is permanently implied for everyone. "Know your Self", as a unique composition of the world around us, is a normal internal conversation with concentric "spheres of influence" and degrees of intensity.

    Setting examples of alternative behaviour is more effective than attempting to change someone else's, ie "to your own self be true", it's automatically shared.

  7. how many schizophrenics contribute a damned thing, as vs the millions of dollars that each costs? If we just shot them, we'd be way ahead. They dont offer a damned thing that a healthy person doesn't and we have 10x too many healthy people. The violent nutjobs, we can do without, just fine.

  8. Of course, one of the most interesting lectures, the biology of religion (and I presume dogma generally) wasn't viewable in the series. Is that because religion (and dogma) poisons everything? If I imagine a world with no religion (greatly mitigated anyway) then I speculate that lecture would have been available for viewing also.

  9. Does he only lecture in an acute care respiratory ward or something? The coughing in this series of videos is driving me nuts. 🙁

    Other than that, brilliant stuff.

  10. november 2018 , i am sitting here after having seen the whole series in the past three days.
    now at the age of 64, i wish i had the opportunity of having the course in university while studying for my degree in law.
    for over 20 years i have been acting as a pro bono lawyer on behalf of people committed to psychiatric wards by civil courts on the ground of them being a danger to themselves or others because of a psychiatric disease.
    none of the literature i read on the matter gave the kind of insight this series have given me.

  11. Sapolsky has the most serious behavioral tick associated with all scientists called self-righteous blind eye syndrome that causes them to arrogantly not see that all of these issues are past life experiences that have been epigenetically written to their DNA prior to reincarnation.

    For your convenience here is the link to UVA department of perceptual studies extensive work on reincarnation: https://youtu.be/0AtTM9hgCDw

  12. Who can spend all day listening to videos and podcasts of Sapolsky, Harris, and Dawkins? This may be the future of higher education–lectures delivered on-line by star professors.

  13. Robert is amazing. But a few comments made about OCD are outdated. The best treatment for OCD is ERP (exposure and response prevention) not SSRI’s. Depression can be a comorbid consequence of the symptoms: avoidance behaviours and extreme feelings of guilt. He’s correct about misfiring in the amygdala. Dr Steven Phillipson is the foremost expert on OCD. He explains that parts of the brain associated with dismissing potential threats aren’t working correctly. Irrelevancy is an important part of brain processing. With OCD, a imagined threat cannot be easily disentangled from reality. That’s where CBT can also help.

    Anyway, I have OCD. Just wished to update this part.

  14. At about 40:00 in the video:
    Wiping out the sense of uniqueness: Science claims all matter is made up of quarks, electrons and interacting energy. We are made up of matter. And of course also, if my latest Theory Of Everything idea is correct, that what is called gravity is a part of the currently recognized 'em' photon, gravity being a force that acts 90 degrees to the em forces which of course act 90 degrees to each other, and that the 'gem' photon is the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in this universe, then we are all beings of 'light' in a universe made up of 'light' and interacting 'light'. We are basically all the same and basically no different than anything else in existence.

    Consider also: Science claims that everything in existence came into existence from an expanding singularity, including the very forces of nature this universe functions by. But now, does everything in existence even exist per se, OR does ONLY the singularity exist in the form of all things?

    Revised TOE: 3/25/2017a.

    My Current TOE:


    1. Modern science currently recognizes four forces of nature: The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, gravity, and electromagnetism.

    2. In school we are taught that with magnetism, opposite polarities attract and like polarities repel. But inside the arc of a large horseshoe magnet it's the other way around, like polarities attract and opposite polarities repel. (I have proved this to myself with magnets and anybody with a large horseshoe magnet and two smaller bar magnets can easily prove this to yourself too. It occurs at the outer end of the inner arc of the horseshoe magnet.).

    3. Charged particles have an associated magnetic field with them.

    4. Protons and electrons are charged particles and have their associated magnetic fields with them.

    5. Photons also have both an electric and a magnetic component to them.


    6. When an electron is in close proximity to the nucleus, it would basically generate a 360 degree spherical magnetic field.

    7. Like charged protons would stick together inside of this magnetic field, while simultaneously repelling opposite charged electrons inside this magnetic field, while simultaneously attracting the opposite charged electrons across the inner portion of the electron's moving magnetic field.

    8. There are probably no such thing as "gluons" in actual reality.

    9. The strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force are probably derivatives of the electro-magnetic field interactions between electrons and protons.

    10. The nucleus is probably an electro-magnetic field boundary.

    11. Quarks also supposedly have a charge to them and then would also most likely have electro-magnetic fields associated with them, possibly a different arrangement for each of the six different type of quarks.

    12. The interactions between the quarks EM forces are how and why protons and neutrons formulate as well as how and why protons and neutrons stay inside of the nucleus and do not just pass through as neutrinos do.


    13. Personally, I currently believe that the directional force in photons is "gravity". It's the force that makes the sine wave of EM energy go from a wide (maximum extension) to a point (minimum extension) of a moving photon and acts 90 degrees to the EM forces which act 90 degrees to each other. When the EM gets to maximum extension, "gravity" flips and EM goes to minimum, then "gravity" flips and goes back to maximum, etc, etc. A stationary photon would pulse from it's maximum extension to a point possibly even too small to detect, then back to maximum, etc, etc.

    14. I also believe that a pulsating, swirling singularity (which is basically a pulsating, swirling 'gem' photon) is the energy unit in this universe.

    15. When these pulsating, swirling energy units interact with other energy units, they tangle together and can interlock at times. Various shapes (strings, spheres, whatever) might be formed, which then create sub-atomic material, atoms, molecules, and everything in existence in this universe.

    16. When the energy units unite and interlock together they would tend to stabilize and vibrate.

    17. I believe there is probably a Photonic Theory Of The Atomic Structure.

    18. Everything is basically "light" (photons) in a universe entirely filled with "light" (photons).


    19. When the electron with it's associated magnetic field goes around the proton with it's associated magnetic field, internal and external energy oscillations are set up.

    20. When more than one atom is involved, and these energy frequencies align, they add together, specifically the magnetic field frequency.

    21. I currently believe that this is where a line of flux originates from, aligned magnetic field frequencies.


    22. The Earth can be looked at as being a massive singular interacting photon with it's magnetic field, electrical surface field, and gravity, all three photonic forces all being 90 degrees from each other.

    23. The flat spiral galaxy can be looked at as being a massive singular interacting photon with it's magnetic fields on each side of the plane of matter, the electrical field along the plane of matter, and gravity being directed towards the galactic center's black hole where the gravitational forces would meet, all three photonic forces all being 90 degrees from each other.

    24. As below in the singularity, as above in the galaxy and probably universe as well.

    25. I believe there are only two forces of nature, Gravity and EM, (GEM). Due to the stability of the GEM with the energy unit, this is also why the forces of nature haven't evolved by now. Of which with the current theory of understanding, how come the forces of nature haven't evolved by now since the original conditions acting upon the singularity aren't acting upon them like they originally were, billions of years have supposedly elapsed, in a universe that continues to expand and cool, with energy that could not be created nor destroyed would be getting less and less dense? My theory would seem to make more sense if in fact it is really true. I really wonder if it is in fact really true.

    26. And the universe would be expanding due to these pulsating and interacting energy units and would also allow galaxies to collide, of which, how could galaxies ever collide if they are all speeding away from each other like is currently taught?


    27. As I as well as all of humanity truly do not know what we do not know, the above certainly could be wrong. It would have to be proved or disproved to know for more certainty.


    Here is the test for the 'gravity' portion of my TOE idea. I do not have the necessary resources to do the test but maybe you or someone else reading this does, will do the test, then tell the world what is found out either way.

    a. Imagine a 12 hour clock.

    b. Put a magnetic field across from the 3 to 9 o'clock positions.

    c. Put an electric field across from the 6 to 12 o'clock positions.

    (The magnetic field and electric field would be 90 degrees to each other and should be polarized so as to complement each other.)

    d. Shoot a high powered laser through the center of the clock at 90 degrees to the em fields.

    e. Do this with the em fields on and off.

    (The em fields could be varied in size, strength, density and depth. The intent would be to energy frequency match the laser and em fields for optimal results.)

    f. Look for any gravitational / anti-gravitational effects.

    (Including the utilization of ferro cells so as to be able to actually see the energy field movements.)

    (An alternative to the above would be to shoot 3 high powered lasers, or a single high powered laser split into 3 beams, each adjustable to achieve the above set up, all focused upon a single point in space.)

    'If' effects are noted, 'then' further research could be done.

    'If' effects are not noted, 'then' my latest TOE idea is wrong. But still, we would know what 'gravity' was not, which is still something in the scientific world. Science still wins either way and moves forward.

  15. I highly recommend these Stanford lectures on Human Behavioral Biology by Professor Robert Sapolsky. These give you a Stanford level education on what can cause behavior be it genetics, environment, or neurological, hormonal, and endocrine processes. I have learned more in the 25+ hours watching these than I had in my formal education decades ago. Be enlightened and be grateful for the revelations contained here.

  16. "Do not write that down…"
    Gonna miss your free lectures, you brilliant, brilliant rock star of a biologist. I hope you get a nobel prize or whatever it is you want. Interested people, if you can spend 10-12$ a month, you can get more lectures of Dr. Sapolsky on Audible.

  17. Disappointing: calling Jerusalem Syndrome a distinct disorder when it would be like calling every paranoid schizophrenic patient who thinks their medications are contaminated as having Contaminated Medication Syndrome. Entertaining as always, but in a medical discipline suffering from dumb, inconsequential distinctions (a bloated DSM) it is misleading and not helpful Bob! Depending on a more precise engagement, this is either some histrionic disorder or some brief psychotic reaction or depression with psychosis or even a bout of bipolar disorder, mania, with psychotic features. But it does not need another name unless you think its inhaling the dust and drinking the water and then it would be psychosis, substance related.

  18. Scientists who are atheists cannot be a true scientists because all their studies inherently work towards proving their atheist point of view. Sapolsky, if he could only get outside his arrogant self, would probably say that he has evolutionarily selected towards his bias for the survival of his atheism.

    If you want to see true scientists look at the university of Virginia Department of perceptual studies; link: https://youtu.be/0AtTM9hgCDw

    Or read “many lives many masters”. These are people who by their own admission objectively studied and objectively discovered the truth.

  19. The last part of the lecture was powerful and should have been. Education (especially given the way we ration it) is not just personal enlightenment, but it confers responsibility, even on those of us who didn't get ours from elite institutions like Stanford. I'm quite certain I will never be in a position of great prominence; but I am a citizen, I am a husband and father and grandfather, I am a neighbor, I am a professional colleague, and as shy as I have been all my life, I do have some small degree of influence on those around me. It therefore behooves me to use my education (for which I could only pay a fraction of the actual cost), not just to help me earn a living, but to help me do what I can to make the world (or at least the portion over which I have any influence) a better place for those in it.

  20. "The purpose of science is not to cure us of our sense of mystery and wonder, but to constantly reinvent and reinvigorate it."

    Robert M. Sapolsky,

  21. They should fuse this man with Microsoft Halolens and The Cassiopia Project (www.thecassiopiaproject.com).A good name for god is POLYMER…

  22. I am not even into science but I admired Sapolski cause he could make it interesting in ways even I cannot comprehend.

  23. What a journey this has been!!! 25 lectures – 36 hours – 10 days invested – one absolute rockstar of a personality! Life will never be the same again! Thank you, Professor!

  24. I remember a teacher of little kids getting really angry at this 3 year old because he couldn't colour between the lines. I said he couldn't because he hadn't developed enough yet and she said all the others could but he was just lazy. I said well for one thing he might be a few months younger than the others and for another not everyone develops at the same speed and she said "actually, they do" and stormed off and I'm still mad and this was years ago

  25. I wanna thank Stanford University and professor Sapolsky for these lectures. They're getting quite old, and yet they completely changed the way I see the world. Thanks again.

  26. 1st lecture: 3 million views
    last lecture: 200 thousand
    youtube university really isn't different from real life

  27. Where can I listen to the audio for the lecture following schizophrenia? He mentioned not video recording that one earlier in this course

  28. Jerusalem Syndrome story is absolutely great… "Psychiatric SWAT Team… ship(s) them back to Biloxi" … Classic Line. He brings up a pretty valid point though. As the societies change and the way of life throughout the world changes for a few billion people, we're going to continuously see some of the most unbelievably bizarre syndromes and afflictions of human beings. It's quite amazing, but also quite logical if we think about the factors (billions of people, shared information on a global level, social change/upheaval, bacterial strains evolving, new chemicals synthesized on a daily basis, etc. etc.).

  29. The Quantum Erasure experiment suggest that the Past is Adjusted to Support the Present Observation.

    Consciousness is All. Reality is Proceedurally generated.

    Your body is an Avatar. It is proceedurally generated by our observations.

    Objective Materialism died in Copenhagen in 1927. All attempts to resuscitate it have failed.

    For more detail see Dr. Tom Campbell's My Big TOE on YouTube and in print.

  30. Cure for Jerusalem Syndrome? Go to Vatican City instead. You will not be disappointed. It has all the smells and bells if that is what floats your boat.

  31. I would say we need to demand compassion. For far too long the sociopaths have been in power. Enough of that static. Demand your representatives be compassionate. Don't vote for people who don't have any empathy. Don't tolerate working in a toxic environment, find a humane work space. Demand a humane workspace if you can.

  32. Having seen the last of these feels like finishing a great book. Some of these were honestly one of the interesting lectures I've ever seen. Sapolsky is just one of those few who can grab your attention from the beginning till the end. Very grateful for putting these online, thanks

  33. I just binged this playlist over a weekend… All because my testosterone levels are out of whack… I could have listened to him forever.
    Maybe there really is something ot be said for the expensive universities… My lecturers in weren't anywhere near as engaging and thought-provoking as Sapolsky..

  34. Wow! Such a bittersweet feeling to have reached the end of a TRULY fascinating journey, but what an amazing finale – gracefully tying together all the numerous diverse “factoids" & “buckets" of information & ideas [to borrow from Sapolsky’s idiosyncratic lexicon!], yet powerfully conveying to everyone present, now they have “environmentally acquired” [?!!] that knowledge, they have “inherited" a moral responsibility to use it wisely & compassionately, for the betterment of all people, most especially those who are THE most vulnerable members in our society.

  35. I kinda wish all the Stanford students who were deeply privileged enough to have been physically present for all his lectures, had collectively risen to their feet, stood on their desks, & saluted Robert Sapolsky with the words: "O Captain! My Captain!"
    Oh, what the heck – I’ll do it myself! [Brief pause while I climb atop my rickety dining room table, much to the puzzled alarm of my somewhat concerned & perplexed dog!], & recite those words, directed towards my iPad, in sincere gratitude for the amazing opportunity to share in the experience, via YouTube. Kudos, Sir!!!

  36. Academics nevertheless tend to be reductionist. If this professor had gone into economics, every human behavior would make sense to him in terms of socioeconomic pressures, and he would reassure his young people that money isn’t everything there is to life. We writers thrive on human commonality; we’re never threatened by it. But biologists do tend to ignore external reality. Is it because I have a visual cortex that the moon exists? No. Is it due to the auditory structures I inherited from my parents that the compositions of Beethoven exist? No. But if an area of the brain is found to sense, briefly, maybe only once in a lifetime, the presence of a cosmic intelligence — well that’s just pitiful and easy to dismiss, right? Wrong. Evolution is a long, slow process.

  37. not really speaking of the 'exceptions' in life, but for the life of me, i cannot understand how we can administer/manage a society without at least the assumption of free will.

  38. Psychoanalysis reached a feverish pitch in the 1950s. It became modish, among the upper classes, to talk about your "therapist". We were told in school, that someday very soon, there would be no more prisons, because all poverty would soon be eliminated, and there would no longer been a motive for stealing. The rest of the violent crime would be explained away by declaring that all violent criminal acts were the result of some kind of mental disorder, and therefore should be treated in a mental hospital, not a prison. So much for that!

  39. So if a person commits a sadistic, and senseless murder, it is OK because they are suffering from a mental disease? NO! The mentally defective are culpable! A thousands sick acts can be explained away by a state of "Mental Agitation". Fact is: Dregs, and Perverts, DO exist and they must be separated from the rest of society. If not in huge costly prison, then by way of euthanasia. Dr. Konrad Lorenz was perfectly right.

  40. A worthy conclusion to a great series of lectures!
    If you want more life changing stuff then do also check out the lectures about human behavior from Prof. Jordan Peterson, which are also all free here on Youtube.
    I can't recommend them highly enough.

  41. if you morally distinguish people from their own limbic systems, that is the first step on a road towards a world without limbic systems

    everything that makes people interesting could end up diminished. it's a dangerous road.

    but i'm willing to take it

  42. Well some things are just lack of exercise and the wrong way to acquire knowledge and info and process it. Any take all that outs

  43. I wouldn’t trust in what our hemispheres tell us. Most of the time are very wrong. Because… evolution. Same thing as 500 years or more. An individual should recognise what “its” meant to do physically and mentally. Trust his most people have none and just stay in a sort of plasma state and just live like another species that has grown too much

  44. Torturers of animals, as are psychiatrists, hate protesters, who protest torture of animals, and torturers of even human children and therefor terrorise and gangstalk protesters of torture to animals or human out of their way and punish protesters against torturers of animals and protesters of sadists with death.

  45. This man has changed my entire outlook on life, on a fundamental level, I love this lecture series, honestly I think everyone should see them. Bravo Dr. Sapolsky

  46. i heard humans have 30 new chemicals in modern humans as opposed to 50 years ago who didn´t have these 30 new chemicals in their body. How does it affect human behavior?

  47. After careful consideration of these insightful lectures I'm no longer upset about killing and eating other people. Do I really have a choice? Come on now!

  48. Thank you, I don't know what else to say… I stumbled upon the first lecture and thought I'd just give it a shot. 4 lectures later that same day I decided maybe I need to start taking notes, because I want to remember this stuff.

    A couple of weeks later, I now have extensive biology notes with all sorts of study references, brain parts I'd never heard of, genes, hormones, diseases and most importantly how they all work together in context for 22 lectures on my phone, and I don't even study biology at a very advanced level. I've learned a whole year's worth. Thank you.

  49. Robert Sapolsky is a champion of research and education for neuroscience and human behavior.

    I have been listening to many types of lectures for decades and his capability to relay his message to all levels with great clarity is unmatched.

  50. Less of 3% of ytb worth something. This is the best of that 3%. A hidden treasure that worth all the other 97% of sh*t over the internet

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