29th-year actor Kim Seungwoo experienced a slump? 0 income for 2 years! [Happy Together/2018.02.08]

You’re a veteran actor of 29 years. Seungwoo, you had a slump too? Not really a slump. I wasn’t by my wife when she was pregnant. I was really busy then. After women give birth, their state of mind… – That’ll last forever. / – So I heard. So I decided that I wouldn’t work if she got pregnant a second time. Then after she gave birth to our second child I felt like working again. But I wasn’t getting any jobs. I felt a bit hurt then. I was used to getting offers all the time. I always got scripts send to me. It’s quite embarrassing to ask my manager. “Did I get any work?” That’s embarrassing to ask! It’s embarrassing for the manager too. It’s not like he’d withhold that information from you. It even happened to my wife. She was fine after she had our first child but she stopped getting offers after our second. So the both of us made nothing for close to 2 years. But after that we made our comebacks. My wife was in “Queen of Housewives” in 2009. It was a huge hit. Then I did “Iris” in the second half of 2009. So people thought we had been working for those 2 years before that. To actors, we say we hit a slump when we want to work but we don’t get any offers. That’s what a slump is. Soyoung, you went through quite a slump too. I guess all actresses are like this. I started worrying about what I should do as an actress when I got to my mid-30s. I hit a casting slump once. I was really worried. Then I decided to get into theater acting. But I went into it without any preparation. It was really stressful. The stage started to look hazy. I figured the stage was really dusty. Or you thought it was smog. I figured that’s what it was but then things started looking hazy outside too. I thought it was strange so I went to an eye doctor. They said it was myodesopsia. All the stress caused the veins in my eyes to burst. I could’ve gone blind if I didn’t go in for surgery. That’s how stressful theater acting was. Having to perform live… But I got through it. I’ll be fine since I have Soohee. I can trust her. Just follow me.

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