3 Best Home Remedies For MIGRAINE RELIEF

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to show you home remedies for migraine. Have you experienced a headache that only effects
one side of your head. It could be migraine. Depression, irritability, pounding pain, nausea
and vomiting are symptoms of migraine. Flashes of light or black spots, numbness or weakness
in arms, legs or any side of the face. Migraine may result from a variety of causes
such a low blood sugar, allergy, infection, excessive intake of drugs, weak constitution,
low energy, improper sleep and rest, excessive smoking and drinking. Home remedies for migraine, remedy number
1. This is a very simple remedy. You take half a cup of spinach juice and then you add
a cup of carrot juice. Mix this well. Drink this to get relief from your migraine. Remedy number 2. In this we take a quarter
cup of cucumber juice, lets add a quarter cup of beetroot juice and finally to this
we add a quarter cup of carrot juice. Stir this well and our home remedy is ready. Drink
this to get relief from migraine. Remedy number 3. This is a very simple remedy
that you can do at home. What you have to do is take a lemon lying at home. Put them
into a mortar, grind them very well and then take that paste and apply it to your forehead
as a plaster. This will give you relief from your migraine.

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