having ambitions having goals having
money goals financial goals is not bad but if that’s your only goal to
accumulate money money money then you cannot be happy, chase happiness and you would have your money as well that’s a fair formula! hi everyone so today we’ll
be talking about three things that can help reduce stress in your life, those
three things, they are a product of your internal being and they must be
addressed so that you can reduce your stress and you can you can have a better
quality of life. Number one – we all want to be successful – no doubts about that
but there is a problem there, the problem is we want to be successful,
most of us, majority, we want to be successful in front of people’s eyes you
know so that the reason why this causes stress and or may cause stress is
because first of all the definition of success is not yours and second the
definition is of the people, you will never be able to do justice to being
successful because people keep on changing their perspective keeps on
changing and the definition of success keeps on changing the definition of
success should come should be a product of your internal being should be a
product of your internal vibe, not of the external environment, so that is number
one! Number two, we all focus on temporary pleasures and you know we buy things
we don’t need to impress people we don’t like this is a quote I read somewhere and
I thought I can relate it here nicely and easily – the problem here is
temporary pleasures they are temporary that’s why they’re called temporary
pleasures. We don’t focus on internal fulfillment, internal fulfillment doesn’t
come from buying stuff from material things they come from things like giving
back to the community doing stuff that you love you know, if
you chase money which we all are chasing I was also a victim of that until some
time back and the reason I’m creating this video is these three things that
are learnt to reduce stress I wanted everybody else to know that and then
coincide with and see they can agree or disagree and if they
agree and if we can help even one person I’m a winner that would give me
happiness that’s why I’m creating this video. When you chase happiness you
naturally cut out all the bullshit things that you’re doing, wasting time
on things that are not relevant you know you make good decisions about what you want to
achieve because the goal is saying but the process, the journey, you must be
happy about the journey you must balance the journey! There are so many
stakeholders in your life if you just focus on one thing, it would be at the
expense of another, and then that would not give you happiness! NOTHING has
destroyed dreams more than this one line what would other people say we don’t do
stuff which we want to do which we like to do which we are passionate about
thinking what would other people say I say fuck them what what other people say
is none of your business because if you start thinking what other people would
say then you don’t you don’t leave them with anything to do because you’re doing
the job as well let them think, let them judge! don’t!! DON’T stress over it – just be yourself do what you want to do compare your
TODAY with your YESTERDAY so you can have a better TOMORROW – then tomorrow will be today if you look at tomorrow – tomorrow WILL BE YOUR yesterday so you got to keep comparing yourself a day before! you know! STRESS is, it is, it is
bad, it’s bad for your health you know I don’t know how more simply to put it but
seriously, try to cut down these few things so that you can have a
stress-free life from these three things perspective, because these three things
are in your control and when you have these things in control there are many
other dependent things that will eventually come in your control so do
that and leave some comments and feedback – let me know what you think
about this! Take Care

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  1. Great confidence for your first video and definitely a strong topic done nicely but briefly. Need more in depth thoughts and analysis 😊👍🏻

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