3 Tips to Help Cope with Depression

hey guys I’m Iris hi I’m Shuntaro so depression is something that we both know and understand by hearts couple weeks ago I was hit by depression for the first time I guess, what really got me, was the isolation and the confidence Well, over-confidence that I would transition from Taiwan to Canada with no problems at all because I’ve done it before and and, I guess, I was wrong because one morning I woke up with this feeling that I wish I didn’t wake up I opened my eyes and was just hoping that my problems would just go away I didn’t want to deal with the problems and that was when I realized.. this is depression yeah, I was actually feeling the exact same thing when I was in depression first time was in my first year university similar transition, from high school to university
I came from Winnipeg I moved to Toronto I didn’t know anyone here for me, it was wasn’t the first time to move to somewhere new but then, what was different was my previous experiences
I was able to make friends right away people actually approach me in those situations
but this time, I didn’t actually I couldn’t make any friends
yeah, for the first time I was actually alone and lonely so first, for me, well, for you too, was verbalizing our problems yeah it was
I had the opportunity to talk to a counselor and that helped she helped me identify
I didn’t even know it was depression she helped me identify that condition and also helped me with the problems I mean, identify the problems and just talking about the things, the
feelings, or the things going on in my life talking in general actually helped me a lot
it actually helped me organize my thoughts that brings us to the next point which is the support system yeah for me, having friends and family there even though they don’t know or don’t understand the problems it’s just having them there
you know that they would support you no matter what it’s really helpful our school has a system to help students, not just mental disabilities but like physical disabilities as well something like taking notes for classes which you cannot attend you know, when you are having bad days
dealing with some family issues exactly, or you can get more time for your assignments and exams final point is something that you can do for yourself for me, doing little house chores really helped me move along into getting back into that social life because when I told people about my depression their reaction was well, just get outside and and talk to people it’s a huge leap from not being able to get up from your bed to going outside because it takes steps, like, baby steps so for me, doing dishes, doing laundry, mopping the floor really help me getting back my energy and to go outside what is your key takeaway from depression it can happen to anyone and most of the times
you can’t do anything about it it’s it’s more important to focus on how to cope with it how to live with it at this moment rather than trying to fix this problem because most of the problems are the thing is, with depression is it’s a problem that you can’t fix right away that is troubling having going through this experience myself really helped me understand people like you, my friend because before I never really know how to relate to people with depression and going through this made me realize that anyone is can be prone to depression anyone
even though they seem very bubbly and positive and happy they could be yeah please tell us
what brought you into this video and, I guess, your personal experience or story on how to get better

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  2. 我們總會在人生中碰到各種問題
    Sometimes walls exist not to block your way,
    but for you to find the reason and method to get over it.


  3. In my case, listening to music or taking a shower with warm water was helpful and made me feel calm. But to be honest, I did it because It makes me stop overthinking my life and depression. I just want to stop thinking :/ And I used to take an antidepressant. I don’t know if it is effective but at least, meeting a psychiatrist and taking an antidepressant make me think I’m trying to overcome my depression.
    These days, I’m trying to accept and understand myself as reading books or watching videos about psychology and philosophy. 🙂 and I plan to take an antidepressant again.

  4. It is a very worthy topic to be discussing and I am sure that your time was difficult, but with all due respect, if you were struck with depression or the first time a matter of weeks ago and it has only lasted that long, why do you feel able to offer advice about how to cope with it? I really don’t mean to suggest that you were merely feeling blue for a couple of weeks, but depression is a serious, complicated, and often long-lasting mental health disorder, sometimes completely debilitating. Some genuinely insightful advice might be more appropriate to those afflicted with this awful problem.

  5. Aloha Iris,

    I did and just got threw depression, it was hard to tell or mention to anyone about it.
    I had it for about year and half, it effected my life in a lot of ways. I was literally at the point of committing suicide, even when I was at work on a ship.

    Iris I'm willing to share and tell about my experiences with depression, just message me on Facebook and I'll be glad to tell you.


  6. I had to be stronger or choose to die. Because I couldn't afford a therapy. If I pay for those expensive sessions, I wouldn't be able to have some fun. This would kill me inside. That's why I chose to spend on anything that could make me smile a little bit, be brave enough to quit a job and find another one later. I don't want to think about my retirement. If I worry too much, I will get depressed.

  7. You are looking very beautiful, Iris. I mean you were already beautiful. But, does Canada make people to become more beautiful?

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