3 Tips to Help Prevent Holiday Depression in a Nursing Home Explained by Allen Tittle, Akron Lawyer

Allen Tittle, Cleveland nursing home neglect
and abuse lawyer. One of the biggest issues for residents in
a nursing home is depression, 50% of all nursing home residents suffer from depression; with
the holidays coming up, that can easily get worse. I wanna try to give you three of the big tips
in my opinion that will help prevent your loved one’s depression from getting worse. Number one, make sure that they feel included
in the family’s holiday plans, whether that be just letting them know what’s going on,
actually asking for their opinions, making sure that they’re able to come to the family’s
holiday gatherings or going to the nursing home and having the celebration there, make
sure that they feel included. Number two, make sure that the nursing home
has some social activities to make sure that they feel the holiday spirit, whether it be
a holiday party there at the nursing home, at the facility or some other event, you gotta
make sure that they’re just not sitting in their room alone thinking about what they’re
missing out on. And finally, this may seem obvious, go visit. Go visit more than normal. Holidays are a tough time. Folks in nursing homes have a tendency to
feel like they’ve well, they’ve been forgotten about. You can’t let that happen. Allen Tittle, Cleveland nursing home neglect
and abuse lawyer, providing some tips on how to avoid or how to prevent your loved ones
depression from getting worse during the holidays. Thank you. take care. For truth. For justice. For you.

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