today some Adobe Illustrator headaches
and their remedies courtesy of dr. Satori stay tuned in to the very end
we’re have an absolute lifesaver for you to use in the form of a free plugin so
the first problem that might cause you some huge problems is the align to pixel
grid function now in CC that’s situated here but in older versions our debut
illustrator I think it’s under the fly down menu in the transform window and
that’s located in the top right corner you’re going to need to uncheck the
setting called align to pixel grids but in CC you just click this button here
but anyway how is this seemingly benign setting a headache
well it’s activated in C when I go to move an anchor point around like so I
cannot place it where I once because illustrator keeps snapping it specific
locations and I can’t even place it in line with my design now if you’re not
aware of this setting you can go literally insane trying to figure it out the next headache that you might
encounter randomly new graphic design workflow comes from a setting hidden in
the preference menu now if you’re having some issues with screen renders you
might want to turn off this setting here to see if there are fixes things because
the GPU performance setting can create all kinds of problems so as you can see
on screen now designers have encountered some weird and annoying problems simply
because this setting was activated during their workflow the GPU setting is
meant to boost performance but it can also cause some issues on specific
machines the third headache that you can encounter is dealing with hex color
codes now a client might actually require that their design uses a hex
color code and you can find the hex color codes in the color palette here
now the problem with this is that a hex color code is strictly related to RGB
color designs and documents so take a look at a color code here it ends in CC
but once I actually add it to my design and then duplicate the object then go
back and check it’s actually been changed to a different color code this
is because I’m gonna CMYK document the way around this is to simply explain
to your clients that you need a spot color or a CMYK color for your print
project and not a hex color code now I’ve actually encountered this myself a
couple of times in the past and a client would understand if you explain it to
them properly so the fourth headache before I reveal to you guys the awesome
plug-in that is gonna save you some frustrating times is related to a
command on your keyboards so here I’m trying to select my design and see the
path and the anchor points but whatever I do I can’t seem to do that now the
issue here is that I’ve accidentally clicked command hate by mistake on my
keyboard and all I need to do is simply repeat this command to revert things
back to the default view so the last headache today is when you forget to
save your work and then illustrator crashes on you but there’s no need to
worry anymore because there’s a free autosave plug-in that you can actually
download and I have linked it down in description box below so head away to
that website and grab it for yourself totally for free remember if you want to
keep boosting your skills and your awareness as a graphic designer
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until next time design your future today peace

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  1. Great Job Tom, done good tips. Thanks for the autosave free tip. By the way, I run a graphic design forum on Facebook, would you be interested in popping your head in and saying high to some sporting designers once in a while? Many subscribers to be had who would love your videos. Once again, many thanks Tom

  2. Awesome…
    Many thanks..
    I was seriously having big trouble with that GPU setting.. i had to get my software reloaded 3 times n had got my macbook reformatted 3 times.. but that problem dint go..
    It ws such an easy step aftr seeing ur video on illustrator headaches..
    Thank u soooooo much…

  3. The mysterious Ctrl + H I've ran into this issue in the past and boy did it give me a headache! Im glad now you've shown me how to clear that headache ! Thanks bro

  4. Very useful video indeed! I wish I could watch such a video something like one year ago since I had to find a 'cure' to my AI headaches by myself when I started learning. 🙂

  5. I see that you have crossed 100k followers. All your great content has paid of.
    Did you do any advertising or marketing?

  6. Align Art Pixel is definitely a headache, I use to think there was something wrong w/ my Illustratior cuz it wouldn't snap where I wanted it, thx again for the plug-in 😄✨

  7. Sometimes, when I usign Eyedroper Tool, Illustrator does not copy the color, it converts any color into a dark gray.

  8. After all the years that I have used AI, the biggest pain is that it is still too hard to select handles, even when I change the styles and sizes in the settings. I have used other drawing programs and none are as finicky as AI. But i still love it.

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