4 Daily Habits That Help You Manage ADHD

Hello, I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health the channel that offers advice and friendly support within our like-minded community with daily uploads on mental health self-help and Self-improvement so make sure you’re subscribed then you’ve turned the bail Notification button on so you never miss a daily helpful uploads that can help you today’s video is coming up right after this Ostracized from across society just cause to suffer from a little anxiety. Please help me I said quietly through gritted teeth and applied for sobriety many people with attention deficit disorder also known as ADHD have a great deal of trouble Managing time and stay on task to completion before I carry on with this video I know many of you are going into the comment section right now to make fun of the way I say ADHD, I’m sorry, that’s my accent. That’s how I say it. I’m English. I say ADHD This means starting tasks but never finishing them losing track of time and working on things that interest us, but what isn’t actually Important this daily ADHD routine is going to help you overcome those challenges In your life it all starts with a simple Notebook, which you will take with you everywhere You go. I don’t care where you go. You take your notebook with you you need to train yourself and develop the habit of picking up this notebook and Taking it with you in your notebook It must include four Lists the short list the calendar the long list and the routine list Those are the four lists you need in your notebook The short list will include your highest priority tasks that must be completed that day Not the next day not next week not next month Not next year on that day by the end of the day the stuff that is written on your short list must be completed the calendar will include any appointment or Project with a specific date and that must go on the calendar Not only that but any preparation you need for the appointment or the project must go on the calendar Too. For example, if you have a test coming up, you will not only put the test date on there You will also have to incorporate in the calendar a day or times that you need to revise for the test So you need to make time and put that in your calendar to the long list will include Anything you need or want to do that does not belong on the short list or the calendar? These could be fun activities such as going skiing or going on holiday these Activities go on the long list that don’t have a specific date that need to be completed or done by The routine list will include things you need to do at certain times or in certain situations This will help you. Remember if you have forgotten to do anything and help you develop routines and habits So if you need to clean up your house you write it on the routine list to remind you to clean up your house This is going to be your daily routine that you are going to follow That’s why it is called a routine list this notebook With these four things in will become your life which will help you remember things you need to do short term, but also Long term and will also help remind you what you need to do in your daily Life such as your routines or your chores this notebook has helped so many people who suffer and have ADHD they have said this notebook is a lifesaver It will take some time and some practice to remember to take the notebook with you Everywhere you go and to constantly check your notebook it will take some time and Eventually, once you get used to doing that it will just become another routine in your life I know what is it from you guys and goes in the comments section down below Do you suffer from ADHD? Are you going to try this notebook trick that could help you with your life Do you have something already that is similar to the notebooks that you do in your lives? Let me know in the comment section down below if you enjoyed this video and you’re going to try this notebook routine give this video a like if you new here make sure you subscribe to Authentic mental health for more mental health content like this again in the future Take care guys and girls and I’ll see you all tomorrow for another video

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  2. How are you doing today,Charlie? Your accent is uplifting IMO. Your a very inspiring Charlie, don’t stop being you!! Peace and love!

  3. Sixth comment where I am it is 10:26pm. But I’m way to upset to sleep or even think about sleep I’m having a really rough time right now

  4. Hahaha….thats me
    I had to delete all my projects because i start but never finish
    I am an artist so my projects are drawings and little animations
    I have to start makeing a program only to find some space in the school day only for drawing

  5. Thank you so much I have ADHD and sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy thank you so much I will try these out!!And by the way I am I think yesterday’s video I didn’t actually think I was a toxic person I was just kidding I’m a very kind person I try to not make fun of people your accent is very smooth/calming You dont half to explain yourself you can talk how you want to talk one more thing I saw your clothing / shirts I’m thinking about buying one of the I’m not crazy shirts our the brain sign your logo

  6. Omg this sounds amazing! I have ADD. Im always zoning out for hours. There are days I can sit outside and just watch the clouds go by. Dancing in my own imagination. And it's nice…. but I dont get anything done lol.I already use a planner and that helps me when I get overwhelmed, but this notebook and how you set it up into segments and organize it makes everything sound so much more straight forward and more simple instead of letting it jar around in my head. I will be trying this! So much love and thanks!

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