4 Your Health: Workplace support for depression

many Americans overestimate the health benefits of marijuana and underestimate the risks researchers from the University of California in San Francisco surveyed 16,000 adults about their views on marijuana more than a third believe the drug helps treat pain insomnia and depression and many incorrectly assumed that pot cannot be addictive and that secondhand smoke from marijuana is safer than tobacco smoke also we hear a lot about depression and mothers but a new study suggests some fathers struggle as well researchers from Indiana University surveyed a group of parents during their child’s well check visit four and a half percent of fathers and five percent of mothers screened positive for depression experts say pediatric clinics could help address depression in a family and depressed people who feel supported by their employer tend to take fewer days off that’s according to a new study of more than 16,000 workers across the world it showed companies whose management offered help and support to employees with depression had less absenteeism managers in Mexico and South Africa were most likely to offer mental health help to employees for the latest health news go to koat.com slash for your health Sean Mooney news for Tucson

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