5 Causes of Adolescent Depression: A Functional Medicine Approach

Hello I’m Doctor Daniel Farkas and I’m
here to talk to you today about adolescent depression and an exciting
health breakthrough. How would you like a state of balance in your life and in
your home. Are you or is a loved one tired of taking medications? It is true
we are in a healthcare crisis and depression affects families as well as
individuals. Did you know that one in five females will use an antidepressant
and that depression in children is increasing at an alarming rate each
medication is accompanied by negative side effects. A common side effect of
antidepressant medication is depression itself so we have to look a little bit
deeper at some what some other possible causes might be. Here are some: #1
digestive issues. Please understand that the digestive system is a major source
of serotonin. Serotonin keeps us happy and keeps us sleeping well. A malfunctioning a digestive tract can cause a source of serotonin to be
depleted. #2 adrenal malfunction from stress, #3 thyroid malfunction, #4
genetic factors, #5 toxicity deficiency, and there are more. Our question is have
you been specialty tested for these things? You may have heard this
before nothing can be done you have to live with it, you have your diagnosis. We
don’t agree there is a new approach now as we look at the ordinary approach of
identify symptoms, treat symptoms, ignore the cause and just manage the condition
versus the extraordinary approach that’s available, which is to use the symptoms
just as clues to order specialty tests uncover the cause to remove bad things
restore good things return to balance and regain health for entire life.
Restoring health is a possibility great news the all-natural approach is not
just in the future it’s here right now. So don’t wait
depression can worse at a time look below for information about getting help
now. For Testing information Call (248) 979-7340 or visit us online! www.backtohealthnaturalsolutions.com

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