5 Common Headache Causes | Brought to You By Excedrin®

not sure what’s causing your headaches
here are some common triggers not getting enough sleep can trigger
headaches adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to
feel well rested keep a consistent sleep schedule leave it on the weekend missing
meals can trigger a hunger headache for some be sure to make time for breakfast
lunch and dinner as if you needed an excuse dehydration can lead to a
headache but don’t forget to drink enough water you should drink enough
water to accommodate your daily activity 13 cups of water recommended for men and
9 cups of water are recommended for women no surprise here stress is a
leading cause of headaches you may feel pressure from your job
school or family fight stress with meditation exercise or other activities
finally Mother Nature can impact your head pain some sufferers report that
severe weather conditions have caused them head pain
keep a log in your headache diary to find out if weather is a the trigger for you in fact a headache diary is a great way to keep track of all your triggers learn
even more about your headaches at excedrin.com.

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