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  1. Kyle (it is Kyle, right?) this is great. I do most of what you say in this video. You cover so much here, wow. It reminds me of the quote, "the unexamined life" is not worth living. This is not actually a comment-able video. What you say is well researched and incontrovertible (sp?) that I don't think there'll be a ton of comments. My suggestion is for people who don't do these things is to watch the video again and again…these are the keys to a productive and happier life. Also, if you don't do all these things, do them. If you do do all these things, start recognizing and being happy that you do do them.

  2. What time does this guy get up at? I have to be out the door by 6. To read, workout, eat, shower and get dressed I better get up at 3

  3. Thanks for the video, you sumed up the most important moments, that may help people to feel and think healthier throughout the day, and the video is very friendly. These things that I have found myself years ago when I tried to improve my lifestyle, to feel eadier without exaustion and self-abuse. I have found the importance of the mornng silence and privacy, the time that I can devote to myself, relax and even sometimes I take a bath. To make morning a very pleasant time I started to wake up one or even two hours earlier than I used to, and went to sleep in the night also two hours earlier. It is important to go to sleep early, at least not later than 10 p.m., but I feel great if I go to bed by 9.00 p.m. or earlier. I think it is also important to go to bed at the same time every day. It is also good to exclude stressful activities on the time before going to sleep – no TV, less Internet etc. As for physical activities, besides the gym, I think, walking in the nature, watching the wildlife, gardening or at least looking after the house plants help a lot. I will share your video, and I hope to see more such videos dedicated to healthy lifestyle 🙂 I think they can help many people. Wishing a great success, Karli

  4. Hey man like your video's. Can you make a video on book to read it would help me out. Thanks man love you work

  5. Thanks a lot for all your tips Kyle! You are so motivating, amazing, and what not. This is the 2nd video of yours that I've watched since I'm new to your channel. Can't wait to watch 'em all!
    Keep going and thank you once again!❤️

  6. it is ma morning routine 😀 hina khan here n em Muslim.i've to wakeup early in the morning for my prayer its really good man love u n ur work as well❤

  7. You are awesome with this much information in a single go. I feel so good to have stumbled on a video of yours. Keep doing this. Thanks a lot.😊👍

  8. I just create the youtube channel but I'm so afraid that my friends and people will laugh at me as my content is comedy with pie and funny travelling life. I really want to make people laugh, the world is so messy with politics things and bad stuffs so I want to bring something fun. The confidence in this case is so important! Do you know how can I change my gmail of the channel? So my friends won't see?

  9. Well some of us just have time to jump out of bed, have a shower, breakfast and run to work. To do that I woul have to sleep like 4 hours, I'm quite sure sleeping 6-7 hours is more important.

  10. This app called todoist is a great Google calendar managent extension, so it an app call septograph where you can see a visual widget clock of your day and a Google home page extension I forget the name of that also connects to callendar.

  11. Thank you for sharing your advice and kind, gentle sharing with the world. I believe it sets a tone for how others speak to and treat each other. It’s easier to identify who needs extra kindness if Everyone can “follow the rules”.

  12. I enjoyed the information, but you spent a lot of time on sponsors, and the rest felt like we were talking a stroll through the mud. Congratulations on the sponsor, but I've seen this same thing on other channels and it's obvious they have a format they want you to follow. Either they, or you, need to find a way to get through it faster and with more interest. My brain literally shut off and I failed to engage when you got back on topic.

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