5 Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing with Other’s Mental Illness

We’ll be sharing five tips for helping someone with a mental illness based on an article from issue two of our magazine One of the biggest factors in whether those who are mentally ill will open up to a person about their feelings is How that person reacts. It can be frustrating when someone in our life is ill. And we don’t like seeing our loved ones in pain and often want to help. These five tips should help assure that your loved one and open up more to you. Tip number one: Don’t allow your negative emotions to be visible Like I said, it can be frustrating trying to help someone who’s ill. You might feel anger, pity, sadness or even hopelessness when trying to help. It’s best not to show these emotions Don’t sigh when your loved one responds in a way you don’t like, and don’t talk to them as if they are stupid. Keep in mind, if they could act healthy they would and if you show a negative reaction to your loved ones, they are much more likely to hide their feelings. On to tip two: do show them that you still care This one may seem obvious but often mental illness makes a person feel broken or somehow let down. Therefore your loved ones should be reminded that you care greatly about them without this reinsurance, they may feel as if no one cares. Tip three: and this one is an important one Don’t tell or remind them that it could be worse. This is extremely unhelpful The idea that knowing that some people are worse off will feel better is simply not true. In fact, it might make your loved one feel even worse Firstly, all that matters to your loved one right now is that they feel bad so bringing up others doesn’t really factor into how they feel. Secondly this reminder may cause guilt within your loved one. They may feel guilty for talking about the illness or even worse feel guilty for being ill at all. This means that your loved one is less likely to open up about their illness to you or to anyone else in the future. Tip 4: Don’t try to relate how they feel to your own experiences, that is unless you have the same illness of course. It can be tempting to try and relate how they feel two things you’ve been through but telling someone who has bipolar that you understand because you have mood swings Or your friend with anxiety that you understand because you get anxious before exams isn’t helpful. Mental illness is a more extreme than other behavior in feelings and it can often feel Invalidating to the person to hear these things. Also, doing this tends to focus the conversation back on you when it is the other person who needs support, so it’s best to listen rather than try to offer up your own stories. And finally, tip 5: do try and research their illness The Internet is a wonderful tool that allows you to research whatever illness your loved one has. You can research symptoms, helpful tips, and read others experiences. This all means that you can support your loved one in the best way possible. Something good to research is particular warning signs and how best to deal with them. Knowing for example, that someone’s first sign of anxiety Can be them feeling very hot is good for spotting when a possible anxiety attack is about to rear its head. That’s it for our tips. We hope that you now feel better equipped to help support someone with mental illness Remember it’s always good for someone with mental illness to seek medical attention and help. If you liked this video Please like, share, and subscribe also, if you’d like more from our magazines they are on sale at www.psych2go.shop You can also check out our patreon at patreon.com/psych2gomagazine

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  3. Also, dont compare them to someone else as knowing that they are better off than others leads them to believe they are weak, and they don't deserve to feel bad if something bad happens to them. If you are a parent and say 'oh dont worry I remember how it was being a teenager' it makes it a lot worse too.

  4. Thank you very much to the staff of Psych2go, i had making this mistakes with my mom more than a decade. All because of my ignorance in how to deal not with mental illnesses but with trauma, pain, fear and so on.

  5. The so called "help" is useless. Mental Health practitioners only see u as a policy number and nothing more. The so called psych hospitals make you WAY worse than when u went in with bad attitudes and soul sucking drugs. They have zero empathy. It doesn't work. After 30 years of doing it their way, I threw in the towel. Useless.

  6. DONT: Send anyone to a mental hospital without consulting a therapist first. Don’t force the therapist to talk about specific things to that person, etc.
    Just let the therapist do their job, let the person open up to THEIR therapist. Mental Hospitals can be traumatic. In most cases they don’t even help, they worsen them. Especially if they have been sent against their will.

  7. Now I know what to do and what to not I obviously did do some of the "Dont's" but I'll try my best to learn from my mistakes and don't do them again but it really got me wondering why did one of my friends tell me that she hides her true feelings and personality and when I ask her if she's okay the next day she acts like nothing happened and I'm really confused I don't want to make her feel bad about it but she really made me wonder is she actually okay or she's lying about it how do I know if everything's alright why did she suddenly changed her personality and acted in a strange way why people are so hard to understand???

  8. I think I saw a kid at school having an anxiety attack today. It was bad. She was standing in the middle of the hall and her arms were shaking and a teacher was telling her to take deep breaths but nobody really noticed it because everyone was just going on as normal

  9. My mom thought I only acted depressed because "all teenage girls have depression these days." She's taken antidepressants for years.

  10. I built enough courage over years to just hint that I have anxiety to my parents and all they said was "fake anxiety. your overexaggerating. your fine."

  11. These were all really good tips! I most especially agree with tip #3. As a person who suffers from multiple different mental illnesses, it would be great if people used these with me when talking to me about them.

  12. Don't quite agree with #1. There's definitely some subtleties to how you do it

    But openly expressing your needs is a crucial part of a healthy relationship, often even more so with a mentally ill person.

    Consider too that you're giving tips not just to 100% perfectly healthy people (which don't exist), but lots of people watching these videos have struggles of their own. And although you may not mean it this way, that tip could easily be interpreted as advice to hold in your "negative" emotions and not let them show. That's a terribly toxic thing for an ill person to believe is their responsibility.

  13. Idk why but when someone tries to comfront me it makes me feel even worse. The only thing that makes me open up is dank memes lol

  14. "it isn't helpful to try to relate to people with your own experiences" wow I can't disagree more. It shows we are trying to relate and these people feel no one cares or tries to relate. What should we do…ignore them? Try NOT to relate?
    I do group therapy and have for 8 years and there are no taboos in our group. We are supposed to express our feelings as we have them (the therapist is a modern psychoanalytic, as he describes himself).

  15. I told my mother i wanted to kill myself and she started screaming and pulling my hair and telling me that i can NOT SAY THAT aaand now i just wanna kill myself even more…

  16. I have a lot of mood swings and my sis has a mental illness ;-; doesn't go really good since I'm just really mean with some moods -.-

    Don't mind this, I wanted to vent a bit 🙂

  17. This is a very valuable information, though I have a question.

    After a while a lot of people with mental illnesses just accept the mindset that they are victims and that there is nothing anyone can do to improve the situation they are in.

    To my observations, talking it out with them repeatedly only encourages that way of thinking and the behaviour overall.

    So what would be the best course of action with such an individual?

  18. I met a friend online and she has a terrible and neglectful family (we're both teens still) she abuses substances and talks about murder a lot. I love her dearly and she says I'm her only friend and she's my only friend as well. I don't know what to do but I'd like some advice.

  19. could you not ask me to stop having an anxiety attack because i can’t really help it, it’s embarrassing for me too. actually, your friends are the ones who triggered it in the first place. i can’t stop freaking out and i can’t breathe normally all of the sudden because you want me to because it’s embarrassing for YOU to be associated with me because i’m clearly stupid and belong in an insane asylum. at least that’s what you tell me. you also tell me constantly that you have anxiety. i know you have adhd, and anxiety can be a side effect. but if you actually had anxiety, you would understand a little.

  20. This helped me a lot! I just wish I had the courage to show this video to my parents. Though, as someone who suffers from psychosis and has a boyfriend with bipolar disorder (as well as both of us having a handful of other illnesses. Hooray for us) this helped me as well. Thank you. ♥

  21. I've done lots of mistakes. It's why I try too Hard to relate to people, cheer them up or give "genius" advice. But most times they just need a hug or reassurance for my love.

  22. I hate when I am doing something silly and my mom says "have you taken your medicine". I currently stable and I get that she is worried about me, but I am not defined by my illness and everyone experiences it differently.

  23. ..I tried laying it down slowly. I was struggling with depression, so I told my mom that I was stressed, and I would like to talk to my old therapist. And guess what. She laughed. She told me that I'm just worrying too much because I'm distracted. I tried pretending like it was fine, but I broke and cried. That's when she finally realizes something's wrong. Always take an attempt at explaining things seriously. Some people really needs it.

  24. I'm at the end of my tether at this point. I'm not here to watch the video. I can't cope anymore, and I can't tell anyone. I'm at boarding school, and if I can't stay here, then my mum with have to switch jobs, which will both mess up her career and my sibling's education (they're in year 12, the first year of the a levels. My mum's work pays for their schooling). If I tell anyone, then I'll have to talk about it. They'll take away my razor, they'll act like I'm a bomb that's about to explode, and I'll feel even more isolated. I failed in committing suicide last night, and I'll have to go back to school tomorrow. I can't stop crying, even when it's my friends talking to me.

    I'm stuck, and whatever I do, I will fuck up everyone's lives. Suicide? There are no train tracks or main roads near my school. It'll mess up my mum, and my sisters, and my dad. Getting help? I could be taken out of boarding school, my mother will probably insist on changing jobs to one in the UK, which won't pay for my sisters schooling. Both of them will have to worry about me while working, and my sisters will probably hate me.

    I have no way out, and I can't stop bloody crying. I can't cover it up anymore. I wish there was a cosmic, magic delete button, so I just would never have existed.

  25. I came here because I suffer from crippling anxiety and the person I love a lot is suffering from anxiety disorder and depression. it hit me hard because I grew up in a highly toxic environment that caused me a great deal of trauma. thanks mom

  26. Sometimes i feel like my friends dont really understand, i know they are trying to help. But they dont understand that saying "Get over with it. Just ignore it. Stop working so hard. Why dont you just love yourself more? Why are you not listening to me??? Just do what i say!" Is making it feel worse for me because i cant rebutal what they say because i dont wanna hurt their genuine help by saying "I am hurt by what you say."

    So i can only say "Its not that easy as you say…" and they will just say "Of course its not easy because you are not even listening and constant going against what i am telling you!"

    I feel terribly in pain hearing this. And am kinda questioning myself if i am the bad one all this while….

  27. how do i help someone else if i cant even help myself?? its kind of tough.. i dont know what to do.

    i've been diagnosed with a few mental illnesses and i do relate to them. but its so hard.. i'm getting kind of tired, having to act all happy and giddy when around them. especially when i feel really down.

  28. My parents do this and I can’t even mention it to them because I’m scared that they’ll think I’m being disrespectful even if I’m calm about it

  29. My dad continues to say that I am comfortable with how things are, and I could make it all better if I tried harder. On one hand, this seems a bit like victimblaming. On the other… he is 100% correct, isn't he?

  30. My girlfriend was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ever since then, all the things that have been wrong between us, I stopped talking them so much to heart. Because I know that she didn't intent ti hurt me. She just had a bad day, and she deals with her anger badly. She expresses those negative emotions a lot more and I take it all. But for her, I take it in, I am never angry, and I try to protect myself peacefully, not by yelling at her or blaming her. I try to listen, so I know what I can do better. And if I think that I didn't do anything wrong, I try to reason with her. And eventually, we both apologize and make up, when she gets her mood stabilized. She's going strong and taking pills and small steps ahead. Wish her luck, she can do this! I support and love her so so much. ❤

  31. People
    Please PLEASE take these advices.

    My parents fucked me up multiple times when i came to them about my emotional numbness and suicidal thoughts and even cutting when i was young. They did literally all the donts and 10 years later Im 19 i literally would rather burn myself then go to them even if they did change over the years.

    So please.
    please guys.

    Follow these tips I dont another person to end up like me to where s/he feels like they have nobody who understands and feels like they gave up on trusting people with their emotions so instead they brand themselves with a FUCKING TORCH IGNITING A PAIR OF METAL SCISSORS AND PRESSES IT ON THEIR OUTER THIGH BECAUSE THEY'RE TIRED OF FEELING Alone! BECAUSE THEY'RE TIRED OF FEELING Empty! AND FUCKING Numb!

  32. Tip 3 happened to me before

    I was fully mentally broken and grandma said that my cousin had bad mental issues and made me feel useless (it’s pretty common).

  33. I opened up to my best friend about my depression and anxiety and a lot of personal shit a week ago. She sent me a message that she hopes I’m ok and she can’t talk Rn but will talk soon. I understood so I waited. She still hasn’t replied. And I have no one left. I don’t know if I should mention it again or I guess continue with bottling this up. I’m sorry I’m just in a bad state rn and I need to write a lil out somewhere

  34. My parents seriously just talk about their own stories, and when I said I t wasn't helpful, my mom got so mad. Sigh

  35. 3 and 4 especially. As a person with depresaion and anxiety it is the worst thing when someone tries to cmpare my situaion and saying others have worse life situaion that I should be greatful. It makes me feel even more guity about how I'm feeling and like a shitty worthless person.

  36. This is why I don't talk to people because this is what they do everything your not supposed to I have no one to talk to

  37. 😊 💎 Peace be upon you, Mercy and Bless of Allah! 💎 😊

    Peace and love be upon you, and those whom you love, and those who love you and those who love those who love you.

    Sweet Dreams, Pleasant Days & Happy Lives. ^w^

  38. Illness?? TOI 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  39. I have paranoid schizophrenia and depression, I often struggle with self harm and suicidal thoughts. My mom tries to help, but she gets mad, because I don't get better. My dad yells at me and he even told me to hang myself.

  40. Why does everyone act like I chose to be like this?
    They say I just have to relax and ignore it. They say that the others have worst problems. They say that I will never be able to live my life, cause I'm scared of everything.

    Wanna know what? I know that, and it makes me feel a horrible person

  41. what if your friend with mental illnesses uses you as their therapist? i feel like a bad person but i can’t deal with that. i don’t know what to do and i spend my whole time worrying that my friend might kill himself. he also always makes the impression that i’m the only one he has left, but i don’t want that responsibility, i can’t. i don’t know what to do, what if he kills himself because of me?

  42. ill never tell my parents bc i know exactly what they will say: "just a teenager, probably bc of the period you got mood swings"

  43. This is the kind of video a mom with a depressed kid would go to and try to do but fail some of these things are true but not all of them giving them some space is good to and also not always bring up the depression

  44. I'm mentally ill myself but I find it so hard to help and respond to my mentally ill boyfriend. He has a very severe form of depression and has been in treatment for years. He says nothing has worked for him and he's completely given up on going to therapy or taking his meds. Now he smokes all sorts of strange herbs to help. What do I do?

  45. Also, if the person wants to be left alone after talking to them, but you wanna keep talking, LEAVE. THEM. ALONE.

  46. My family doesn’t know I’m depressed. They don’t know that I’m starving myself, that I need help with school, and that I wish that I could die to make the world a better place. I even tried to attempt suicide two times, but the second time I was almost caught. I was about to stab myself with a knife when my brothers came into the room. I just froze in the spot and my brothers doesn’t know what I was going to do with it. So I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in for almost two hours. Im “fine” now but still struggle with suicidal thoughts to this day, and my parents STILL haven’t even noticed my problem.
    To those who ask why I’m everywhere in this channel, I just feel safe to talk about it because I’m just SO GLAD that there are others who feel the same way as me

  47. For some reason I'm scared of getting better.
    I have depression and for some reason I don't want to get better sometimes.

  48. I often hear my parents say that they know what it's like to be lonely when they don't cause they tell me about stories that happened with them and there friends when I don't have any friends other than my cousin

    Also my dad usually says to stop being selfish when I'm depressed and having suicidal thoughts because he has PTSD and I shouldn't be sad over nothing

  49. My parents thought that us (2 brothers and I) were perfect; no disability of any sort.

    After failing various courses, I'd hear, "try harder, what are you going to do with your life?" and many other things.

    Come to find out, I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and in 2008, I was Baker Acted. I had spoken to a psychologist and she said that I wanted attention. 7 years later (2015), I couldn't walk. Constant pain, pounding headaches, etc. and now, parents and I are a lot closer than before. Than either brother.

  50. I would send this to my friend because they have made me feel worse in situations, but they blocked me everywhere so I can’t. 🙂

  51. My own mom is nice but when ever I make a mistake or something she yells at me and keeps telling me about homeless have worse then me! I GET IT! she doesn't even believe me when I told her I was depressed! I don't even know what to do with her anymore! But mostly she's nice! I'm sorry if I sound like a selfish spoiled brat, in fact you have the right to tell me off too maybe I am selfish and my mother was right all along I just thought I would tell my feelings right now…I just need advice even though I probably don't deserve it I'm sorry.

  52. 2:02 finally someone said it
    That only makes the person feel like they just stupid and they shoudn't feel that way.
    That mindset of "you could be worst" is horrible and will make things even worst.

  53. Nobody tells me that they care, my parents just say "you have to make your own happiness" and my friends just say "you need professional help, stop using replika."

  54. i swear this channel reads my mind. every time i’m dealing with anything the EXACT video i need pops up. thank you bunches for all the help this channel provides!

  55. Keep in mind if a person is dangerous,they are to be avoided at all costs. Some people pose a threat with a great potential to murder or physically harm others.

  56. I got a bit scared when I heard not to relate their experiences to my own, but then felt relieved when it continued to say "unless you have the same illness." In my case, it's "HAD the same illness" and thankfully I hadn't accidentally done any of the Don'ts to my friend. I understand what he's going through

  57. My sister hates me :*( The internet ruins everything. I opened up to her about being depressed and she chewed my head off cause all I said was I needed her. 😪

  58. Also make sure you take care of yourself through this. Sometimes your loved one can get too overwhelming for you and you need to step away from them. Don’t feel guilty for this.

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