5 Easy Tips to Beat Anxiety! Mental Health Help with Kati Morton treatment therapy recovery college

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to talk with you
about five tips to beat anxiety. So stay tuned. So like I said. Today I want to talk with you about five
helpful tips to beat anxiety. I’ve heard from so many of you,
that you struggle with this. And there are so many ways that we can help ourselves. And this is only five. There are tons of ways. But these are just some helpful tips to get you started. Number one. Keeping busy all day. I know that sounds really silly and simple. But often times our anxiety loves and lives in the quiet. When we have nothing to do. And we are sitting at home. And we are moping about. It kind of takes a mole hill and turns it into a mountain. When we have time to ruminate and think about things. It can make it so much worse. But if we are just going about our day. We’re doing things. We’re making deals. We’re breaking hearts. We don’t have time to think about it. So I would encourage you, if you are able,
plan your days out. Make sure you have things happening. Back to back to back. You’re scooting on through. The second helpful tip is what we call ‘feeling focusing’. And this is something that we can
do no matter where we are. Which I love about tips. Because we never know when the anxiety may strike. And feeling focusing is when we focus on the area in our body where we feel the anxiety. For some of us it might be our throat. Our chest. Our stomach. It could be in our shoulders. Wherever you feel it physically. I want you to focus on that spot. And I want you to slowly breath into it. And if you find your mind wandering. Bring it back to that spot. Keep breathing. Slowly. And I know this is just one of those things where you are like, ‘Kati that sounds really weird.’ But I promise you by drawing your focus
back to the area in your body. Back to that area. Over and over. Your anxiety will diminish. It’s because our mind can’t go out searching
for more things to worry us with. It slowly dissipates. The third helpful tip is exercise. Now obviously I don’t want you to
do anything to an extreme. But taking a thirty minute walk. If you like to run and it’s not unhealthy. You go for a run. Maybe you jump some rope. Maybe you take your dog out. Maybe you walk with a friend. Maybe you do yoga. Whatever it is. If you play tennis. Play basketball. There’s so many things to do. Just last week I went to Target and got Sean and I some tennis rackets and basketballs. So we can play. Anything you can do to exert some physical energy. Can help with anxiety. Often times when we have a lot of pent up energy. Anxiety thrives. So having an outlet for that. Even if it’s just nervous energy. Having an outlet like exercise. Can really help bring it down. The fourth helpful tip is phoning a friend. I feel like we are on
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? But it’s really important to contact people and to have people on what I always talk to my clients about,
on your ’emergency call list’. And this isn’t a real, this isn’t like an emergency
‘I’m going to the ER I’m bleeding, I broke a bone.’ This is ‘I’m feeling stressed, I’m feeling overwhelmed,
I don’t know what to do right now.’ We need to have at least five people on this list if you can. Because we never know who can pick up, right. Some people might be in class. Some people might be asleep. Some people might be at work. We don’t know. But we want to make sure we have
people that we can contact. Even if it’s a text. I know now we text more than we actually call. But I want you to reach out to people. Because having someone on the line. Having someone talking to us. I think calling is the best. Because hearing someone’s voice can be so soothing. And sometimes when we feel like we are
a ten on our anxiety scale. It can help bring us back down to maybe a six. Or a five. And the more we talk with them. And the more we kind of vent to them
about what’s going on with us. The better we will start to feel. The fifth and final tip. Is something that I don’t really
talk that much about on my channel. And that is going to see a psychiatrist. And the reason that I wanted to put this in here. Is because there are those of us who doing these things. This feeling focusing, we’re exercising, We’re trying everything to help ourselves. We’re seeing our own therapist. And nothing gives. It’s not getting better. And sometimes it’s getting worse. And seeing a psychiatrist,
they can offer medications that can help with it. Now obviously I’m a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I’m not a physician. I don’t prescribe medication. But it can be so helpful and so pivotal in your recovery. And don’t be ashamed of it. Many people seek help from psychiatrists. How else would they even exist? They wouldn’t have a job or career. People see them. When we can’t do enough ourselves. The medication can help us get there. I often tell my clients, and this still rings true. All research shows that therapy and medication gives us the best possible outcome. Because sometimes our mind is running so quickly. Things are happening so fast. That we can’t even think about doing
anything to help ourselves. We’re just trying to stay afloat. It’s so overwhelming. And medication can help with that. Bring that anxiety level down enough. That we can actually take action. We can start making steps towards our recovery. Putting things in place. Creating plans. It can give us that little bit of squish we need to get started. So I would encourage you. If you have tried a lot of things. And that’s not helping. Reach out to your psychiatrist. Or your general practitioner doctor. And let’s start working on recovery. As always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I put out videos five days a week. And you don’t want to miss them. And if you have any tips and tricks of your own. That have helped with your anxiety. Can you let us know below. Because we’re a wonderful community. Sharing in our experience. And together we’re getting better. And we are towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Now don’t forget to like the video. And if you click below there’s a little share button. Don’t forget to share it on reddit. That will help more people get the tips and
tricks that we know about. It will help get that information out there. And keep working with me. Towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. The snaps don’t bug the, Okay. I like to snap. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. I live in a constant state of anxiety. for a few years now. I just got on medicine and gonna start therapy soon. I'm ready to get my life back!

  2. what I feel is that sometime medication is very very important because I have seen anxiety turning into depression so if you feel that yes it is going that way then to visit some psychiatrist because it may take one week or two but there medicines can restart your life take it as a common problem with most of people even all the people they are having but nobody wants to recognise it to live happily do exercise daily

  3. Iv been fighting depression for 10 years and I feel worn Out! I haven't got the energy to beat the anxiety and panic attacks. I'm just tired. To the point were I no longer look after myself, I haven't had a hair cut in months I can't even be bothered to shave or sometimes even stand in a shower. Iv had cbt twice and did the full course but nothing helped… so what's next. Iv had just about every antidepressant and anxiety Meds my doc can give me.

  4. Can you give ideas for social anxiety. I have problems talking to people in public. I am a student photographer and I need models for my assignments. I have it hard to find models because I am afraid to make that first step.

  5. Hi, Kati Morton! I am interested in psychology, and that is what led me to your videos. I have come across many of your videos today. I thank you for your tips and information. I have liked many of your videos today. One tip that has helped me before for anxiety is breathing in and out through my nose and focusing on the breath. Have you ever come across some kind of tip like that before?

  6. +Kati Morton I am talking to a friend tomorrow about her boy friend. She has never met him before, they have been communicating online. He is a convicted pedophile but has convinced her that he was wrongfully convicted. He wants her to move to California with him. He can't move to where she lives because of the conviction. I see many red flags that he will be abusive. My friends seems to prefer to live in a fantasy where this man is perfect. How should I approach this?

  7. whenever I feel anxious I stop what I'm doing and breath. I don't know why but it seriously helps so much! something That also helps me lots is praying, I acknowledge that I may not know why things are happening but they are all in control. Finally, I like listening to people's problems so I call a friend and get my mind off from mine

  8. Hello everyone, if your struggling with anxiety I really encourage you to check out self-help for anxiety (SAM) app. It has great tools for dealing with anxiety as well as a great forum to talk to other people and be encouraged (anonymously). You don’t have to suffer alone!

  9. I feel the opposite to the first tip, for me doing stuff gives me more anxiety than just sitting not doing anything… Maybe it's the type of anxiety?

  10. I have spent months studying treating anxiety at home and discovered a great website at Aghy Magic Method (google it if you're interested)

  11. Can therapists diagnose a mental or neurological illness?. I think i have Asperger's (now just known as Autism) and i want to get it diagnosed to know for sure i also have anxiety issues to discuss. I don't need any medicine for anything though. I'm a bit weary of visiting a specialist because i've never seen one and i don't know how a diagnosis of Asperger's will affect my life. It would help in me knowing i have it and finding, i'll be bale to deal with it better, but it might affect me getting a job in the future.

  12. unfortunately we cannot refer ourselves to psychiatrist in UK. Mental health support is not that important here, one has to be at point of suicide for any kind of support sadly.

  13. Thank you so much! My anxiety is mostly in my stomach and the exercises and breathing really helped! IS it weird that chewing gum helps me? I don't know, but anyways, thanks!

  14. Phoning a friend isn't always the best idea because people will reinforce your anxiety. I live in Indonesia and people just tell you to get on with your life. They don't reinforce so you give up using your anxiety as a reason to get attention and you just get on with things.

  15. While some of these tips are useful they are band aid solutions. The trick is to understand the cause of your anxiety so you can then reduce it as much as possible.

  16. those are not the main ways to cure anxiety
    thanx for helping people,but would be better if you know what you talking about
    all tips you mentioned were how to put away anxiety aside for some time,not how to cure it

  17. I've been investigating treating anxiety at home and found an awesome website at Kevs Control Plan (check it out on google)

  18. I don´t have anyone to call… friends around me seem not to understand and I always feel like I am bothering… with stupid things cause other people have REAL problems… or sometimes I feel it´s too much for them, or sometimes they say things that make me feel worst instead of feeling better… So now when I feel some kind of anxiety what I do is stop doing what I was doing and try to do sth else… not always work… but sometimes it helps…

  19. People anxiety comes to you because u didn't finish the task
    Anxiety literally power of mind

    Anxiety is high state of self awareness

    Anxiety is ur first step to make a change

  20. I tried to call my 5 people on my emergency list
    1 – was on vacation.and having sex
    2 – was having sex
    3- was cooking dinner….and having sex
    4 – blocked..no response..but i bet they were having sex
    5 – sleeping….after having sex

    Oh well…i best go for a run…even though it is chucking it down..😛😛😛

  21. I think calling should be an absolute last resort! For me, I force myself to cope first, and not depend on others. If all else fails then I may call, but even then it's few and far between that I do!

  22. 1) Being busy / Being productive / Distractions
    2) Feelings focusing: Focus on the body part where you feel anxiety
    3) Exercise
    4) Contact a friend (Try to have 5 people on this list)
    5) See professionals (Therapist, Family Doctor, Psychiatrist, etc)

  23. Jesus gives peace that surpasses all understanding. He brought me from suicidal wreck going crazy to peace in mind and heart. Turn to him he loves you. 🙂

  24. One thing that helps me is remembering that feelings are reactions to our thoughts. I like to pause, focus on my thought, and analyze. For example, when I am feeling anxious I worry about highly improbable things like just dropping dead. So ask myself, is it really likely that I'll just drop dead with no warning? And I remind myself that I really need help I know how to find it.

  25. I would exercise but I still struggle with anorexia and I don’t think I’m eating enough to be exercising.

  26. I feel anxiety in my head cuz I as every time before I have an anxiety attack I get headaches/migraines ( it alternates) and it feel someone is squeezing my brain help… is this normal?

  27. What would be the name for ."fear of driving alone and being a lone in most situations? I've had it for many years. I feel i need it find what triggered this n also .thanks

  28. I feel anxiety in my heart and I can't even utter a word sometimes because of this anxiety….I know everything in my life is okay ..but then also for no reason I feel anxiety…..I start thinking about negative aspects…..it really really really really really really hurts……I really want to get rid of this anxiety….I'm dying..I can't explain my feelings…

  29. 4 of these would not help me, anxiety keeps me from doing my work though I am busy, breathing or taling to a friend would not help. And if a pyschiatrist gave me advices like the above ones I would not bother to go 🙁 only exercise helps frankly.

  30. I have really benefited from your videos over the past 2 years. Now i have finally subscribed. Thank you. God bless you. <3

  31. Me: starts feeling anxious
    Me: clears clutter on the floor, close the windows and all the doors, turns off the lights and lays down in bed
    Me: comes across this video on YouTube telling me I should do exercise and socialize instead Welp. Phone a friend it is.

  32. I have a terrible case of anxiety right, and it makes me want to die, and I'm trying so many things and it won't go away. I also happened to have an overactive imagination that makes really hard to escape anxiety. I just wish I could make it go away.

  33. #KatiFAQ Hey kati been loving your videos. I have a question about opening yourself up. I have sociol anxiety and having my anxiety makes it really hard to open up and talk to people. Sometimes even when people touch me its unconfortable. Do you have any advice to start opening up so I don't stay in my shell forever

  34. Tip one works
    Tip 2 is helpful and it does work
    Tip 3 idk
    Tip 4 is amazing
    Tip I don't want to do it cause it makes me feel not normal

  35. I feel anxiety in my head most of the times. I feel some weight in my head and my eyes feel sleepy.. I can't stand still… I keep on placing my hands on anxiety spots.. I can't concentrate..and this is what happens with me everyday

  36. i am sure i had PPD after my first pregnancy. now I am second time pregnant. i am looking for as many coping skills I can learn so that i am better prepared this time.

  37. I haven't done anything today and my anxiety is super high right now and i can't sleep with all the thoughts running through my head

  38. hey i really like your videos really helpful an you do a video about how to controle yourself when you are up and down i mean bipolor disorder when you feel mixed feelings in the same time 😉

  39. Watching animal videos and playing a smash hit or pinball or something. It's hard not to feel guilty doing "useless" things tho… but I need them

  40. Thank you so much for making these videos. I have been struggling with getting help for a while and I feel these videos are really encouraging me to make some changes!

  41. I personally disagree with #1. It's true that keeping busy can be a distraction. But sometimes anxiety in quiet times is a sign of something going on and you shouldn't constantly run away. You should address it and deal with it in a healthy way.

  42. Instead of medication, try acupuncture, Chinese herbs prescribed by an herbalist (I take them for anxiety, depression, and am amazed at how I feel like myself again), meditation, yoga. Even reading to expand your mind past your ingrained beliefs that keep you stuck in your patterns. Real medicine exists – real medicine HEALS. Love is also the answer 😉

  43. I made piece with death. I accepted that one Day I’m going to die and it’s out of my control so when my anxiety hits and I’m worried I’m having
    a heart attack I tell myself that it’s not my choice if I die now then I die it’s out of my control. It seem wrong but my anxiety stops when I stop giving a shit.

  44. Tip #1: Do stuff. Tip #2: Focus on what you're doing Tip #3: Do some Physical stuff Tip #4: Talk with your friends, or do stuff with them Tip #5: If living a balanced life works, then you should check with a psychiatrist Tip#6: Why are you visiting your psychiatrist, Emma?

  45. I know this is an older video, but this is very helpful for me right now. Thanks for this video! ❤️ These are some great tips that I will definitely do to feel better.

  46. I don't know about that first tip. We need to take time to relax. Having to keep busy to beat anxiety kinda sounds like nervous pacing to me.

  47. Hey Kati I’m soofia My anxiety is really high above the danger zone I’ve tried everything to bring my anxiety down throughout my whole life I’m taking anxiety tablets everyone morning I’m just not giving my anxiety tablet enough chance to kick in to my boy at all I’m sick of fighting my anxiety to bring my anxiety down I’m feeling really anxious around myself I just don’t my anxiety to escalate between my two support staff Lilly groves Leanne tuner anymore I’m always saying to myself I’m scared of leaving my house to go out face people everyday in my life in case someone says something to me feel more anxious heartbroken scared kind regards soofia here is my mobile number 07951875572 please save my mobile number in ur mobile phone u can call me on WhatsApp anytime u like

  48. I've learned, during a very difficult journey 🙏away from my seemingly Christian long time husband, about an incredible problem in the world. He actually has dangerous covert narcisisissm. Many, many persons are apparently adept with nocturnal sorcery.
    They wait until the person they target is asleep, then place Scopalamine and/or similar drugs in the sleeping persons mouth. (This sleeping person could be any age or gender.)
    Anyway, the target is awakened in a drugged, submissive, childlike unquestioning stupor. The drugger -mugger/s then use the targets for porn, oral and other sex, various kinds of torture that doesn't leave marks, garnering info, etc…
    The victim wakes up in the morning with no memory of the abuse, but a plethora of harsh symptoms begin. These include "strange" fears, anger, depression, lusts, etc…
    I use and recommend the use of portable inside locks on the bedroom door, and secure the windows when traveling. I have a security system in my apartment, the windows are secure, and there's an added inside lock on the main door. I'm now coping with the aftershocks of having been one of the targets for many years. God's blessings and grace, journaling, helpful advice and support are very needed! Take care. 🕊️🌷

  49. Hi Kati my anxiety is really high then it should be its above the danger zone then it should be its getting out of my control too it’s not my fault that I push people away because no one understands my anxiety depression anymore how do u think I feel? Do u care about how I feel?

  50. I'm going to a concert and there's a girl there who is obviously moving on me by messages chat, and I fear it so much, I can't be with anyone because of this.
    I totally panic when there's a girl this happens, I mean, really hard with painchest, vomit and etc

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