5 Foods That Help Ease Anxiety, Worry & Depression

Five foods that help ease anxiety and worry. Aww noo. Intro. Number one. Walnuts. Walnuts take the edge off any depression with
their high omega 3 content. Being shaped like brains they must support
overall brain health. Yay. Number Two. Complex Carbohydrates. These foods help the body to release serotonin,
a feel-good hormone. Whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal,
sweet potatoes and whole wheat pasta are good sources. Number 3 Green Tea. In green tea, there is a naturally found amino
acid called theanine. This has been shown to relax and be anti stressful. Number Four. Turmeric. This wonder spice mainly used in curry dishes
has been shown to notably boost mood and create a happy feeling. And number five. Dark Chocolate. Studies have shown that dark chocolate relaxes
the blood vessels. As well as releasing serotonin and boosting
your antioxidant levels, this will help boost your mood wherever you are. Thanks for watching Weee Leemons health. Please subscribe for more health and well-being
videos. Bye Bye.

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