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Hey everybody! Today I’m gonna talk with you about the 5 misconceptions about depression. What do you need to know? And if you like these kinds of videos and you like mental health topics, don’t forget to subscribe. I put out videos twice a week and you don’t want to miss them. So let’s get started. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about depression and I thought it was important that we talk about it and let people know what the truth really is. So, to start off, I want to talk a little bit about what depression is and I will link here to my Major Depressive Disorder video- or MDD- for more specifics. Now what the DSM says is that you’re meeting five or more out of these 9 symptoms that they give for a 2 week period. But you must – always must – have either depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure. So you always have to have one of those, but you have to have 5 total. So there are other symptoms involved and it has to last for 2 weeks. So that’s just kind of a overview of what depression is, because I know people throw around that term a lot. “Oh, I’m just so depressed.” Yeah, we can have down moods, but we don’t have a depressive disorder like MDD. So, what are some of the most common misconceptions? Number 1: That people with depression are just really sad. The truth of it is that some of us may experience depression as simply sadness, but a lot of us may experience it as agitation, irritability, change in appetite, difficulty sleeping, sleeping too much… There are so many symptoms when it comes to depression, that to say that depression is just when someone’s really said is really shortsighted. Number 2: That people who are depressed can just snap out of it. That is, I would say, one of the most common that I hear. “Well, just get out of bed, you know? Just go get sun on your face – you’ll feel so much better!” Uh, maybe if it was, you know, really light seasonal depression that might help, but if it’s actually Major Depressive Disorder, that stuff’s not going to help at all. There are a lot of things we’re going to have to do to help us feel a little bit better, and none of that includes snapping out of it. Number 3: That it is really obvious when someone’s depressed. I know a lot of people who are like, “Well they don’t look depressed! Well, they don’t act depressed. Well, they went out the other night, so they must not be depressed, right?” I hear that all the time, especially from parents. And a lot of my clients struggle because their friends feel that way. And the truth is, if we go back to our DSM, and we read all about depression, it’s depressed mood most of the day, for at least 2 weeks. We may have times, periods of time during the day, or whole days where we feel completely fine. And I know from all of you and all of my clients that a lot of people fake it because they don’t want to talk about it. So we’ll just put on a happy face and pretend everything’s okay even though we really feel like shit. And so I think that that is one of the most common. And if you have any common misconceptions that you’ve heard, leave it in the comments, let us know, let’s talk about it, right? Number 4: That there is only 1 type of depression – it’s just called depression – that’s all it is, it’s the only option. Just like I was mentioning before, there’s Major Depressive Disorder, there is dysthymia, which is a low-grade depression lasting for at least 2 years, or a year if you’re an adolescent – I’ll link to this video as well – and there’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. I have a video on that too. And Seasonal Affective Disorder can happen in the winter months, but some people have A-typical Seasonal Depression, and that’ll happen in the summer. There are a lot of different things, and we can also be going through bereavement if we’ve lost someone and it lasts a little bit longer than that and we still have a little bit of a depressed mood. There are a lot of types of depression. There’s not just “depression.” And Number 5: This is another good one: That anti-depressants just fix it. “Go to the doctor, have them put you on anti-depressants, you’ll feel all better.” That is not the case. Yes, for some people, if they’re already in psychotherapy, seeing a therapist like myself, and they go to their psychiatrist and they get on an anti-depressant and are working on behavioral techniques, yeah, it can “fix it” if you want to use that term. And it can make it a lot better. But, for many of us that’s not enough. And there are a lot of components that go into us feeling depressed. Like the last one, there are a lot of different types of depression, there are going to be a lot of different things we need to do to help that depression feel better, and a pill isn’t gonna “fix it.” I hope you liked this video. Please, please, please share this content. There aren’t things I made up. These are things I’ve heard. And you have told me that you hear. And I think it’s really important that we share the actual, factual information about it. And what depression is really like. And like I said, don’t forget to subscribe because I put out videos twice a week and you don’t want to miss them. And I would love some chatter in the comments about misconceptions or misunderstandings that you’ve heard and what the truth really is because the more we talk about it, the less stigma there is and the better we all get. Am I right? And I’ll see you next time! Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. This is a great video! Unfortunately, it would be nice if it reached the people who actually needed to watch it, but I somehow doubt they are on YouTube looking at mental health videos 🙁 As a follow-up to #4, any tips on existential depression/anxiety?

  2. Hi there my name is Anna I'm from New Zealand and a new-ish youtuber to the scene. I do vlogs of me figuring my way through my mental illnesses (Depression, Social Anxiety & Trichotillomania) and other random videos like makeup and scrapbooking. I would love it if you checked out my channel. Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi I don't know if you'll actually read this because you're channel has become so popular now but I have school injections next week and I have cuts all up my arm? I don't even know why I'm doing this because it's such a stupid thing to ask but do you have any advice? I have bad social anxiety and I definitely do not want my parents to find out. I'm so sorry for bothering you x

  4. Hi, Kate or for anyone who is reading this. My name is Ellen, I’m 15 years old and I suffer from depression for almost a year now. It is really hard for me to do this kind of question or even to appear here, telling my age, because I’m really afraid that people won’t take me serious or think I’m just pretending. But, ok, heading to the actual question.
    Is it normal to make an effort, so people won’t notice you’re depressed? I’m asking this because heard a lot that when people are depressed or suffering for a similar mental illness, they lose ao the interest about their appearence,not worrying about hair, make up and these kind of things. (I’m really sorry if saying anything wrong here. I don’t meant it).
    However, I can’t really see this happening to me. I mean, most of the time I feel really bad, with no energy to get up and do things, to live a day, basically, but it became almost a ritual to me to take care of my appearence before going out, no matter how unmotivated I was in the beggining of the day. I think it’s because I’m afraid people would notice how really bad I am, how far this disease has got me. Not eating right and not sleeping right, mainly, has done such a damange in my body that without all the make up, big hoddies (because of my body) and the effort of looking at least “healthy” to the society, I feel even worse. As a teenager, there’s always this charge of looking good, presentable, but I’m not doing it for this reason in special. I’m doing it because people start noticing and commenting about how sick you look… It makes me feel really bad.
    Is it normal to do what I am doing? Has it any to do with my anxiety?
    (I’m sorry for my english. It’s not my main language, but I really hope you could understand the point of the question. Thank you for the attention).

  5. The second one is so true. I'm 14 and have had depression on-off for about 2.5 years now. I have done things I did that seemed normal and healthy at the time like cutting, taking pills when I didn't need to etc.. I'm 2 months clean from cutting and 2 weeks from smoking. My friends found out about it like a week ago and told me to be happy. It simply doesn't work because it's like telling a meat eater to go vegan. It's impossible. I tried to act like all happy for over 2 years and they didn't realise how bad I hurtled because it was easier for me to say 'I'm fine' than break down in font of them. I went through a lot of shit, but it doesn't mean that it caused my depression. They just think that if you tell someone to be happy, it is just gonna make them rose because they're forcing you to do something when you didn't ask to be depressed, it just happened.

  6. that people that seem to have "perfect" lives aren't allowed to feel depressed because of it. i know so many people that seem to have amazing lives, and so many others bash them for feeling depressed. it's a really big misconception and i'm getting tired of it being used every time depression is brought up.

  7. I've watch many videos on depression, gotten mad at many videos on depression because it is misrepresented. I've spent more years than most people know about fighting this. And hearing the words "It's all in your head" is the worst thing to hear for someone suffering. I saw one video that I cried, I cried a lot… and more… Depression and loss is nothing to laugh at or make fun of (which happens a lot thanks to internet trolls and bullies) and is a serious disorder that takes more lives than you think. 3rd killer in the US of people age 15-24. And it doesn't stop there. I suffer… I have to try and acknowledge it, most days try to deny it… I'm still working on pushing myself to see a counselor… I'm 46. I have a YouTube channel that has been inactive for several years now because my depression really took over. Then divorce happened and almost killed me, haunts me. I try to get out thinking it will help. I am on anti-depressants, lowered the dose one time… that was not good. Try as I might… I feel empty and I try to escape and I feel compressed by so much around me, so I just sit here at my desk. I found your channel (I'm think via Hannah… could be wrong) and I wish I could find someone like you. I've been to counselors before in my life, the first one put a really bad taste in my mouth. (as did a few others) The workbook you pointed out one day, I had that… destroyed it. Now I'm on Medicare for disability and have limited funds and they don't seem to take it serious and make it where it is even harder to seek help. What do we do when we can acknowledge its existence for a few moments and then find out we seemingly have no help available?

  8. There's nothing wrong with pretending to be happy around certain people if you don't want to talk about it with them (we all do this at some point, depressive or not), but I do not support the social norm that you HAVE to be happy and if you aren't then it is appropriate to pretend to be.

    This is why I do my best to steer away from that stigma. I can be very polite and even cheerful with someone and if they ask me how I am, if I am feeling low, I tell them, but I will following it up with something like "I've just got a lot going on right now that I need to process," and/or "I'm not ok right now, but I will be."

    If I am struggling though, I have learnt to reach out to the people I know who will support me and help me through it, because I've found that for me, sometimes I can weather the depression and just wait it out (as it will always end at some point), or if I realise it is lasting longer than normal, I get help. I'm really pleased that I can start noticing that I am starting a downward spiral now, and have even struck up conversations with random people just to distract me and disrupt that cycle. It took a long time for me to get to this point, because part of it was acknowledging that it is ok to get help. In fact, it is logical to do so and does not mean I am a lesser person. Smart people know their gaps and find ways to fill them, like skill sets on a team. 🙂

  9. This has been said to me by one of my friends. You haven't got a reason to be depressed. You don't have cancer so what's wrong with you. Grow up and stop being so fragile

  10. Once in my math class last year, a guy told me I my medication is dangerous ( an anti-depressant ) me , and that weed would be better, and " make me happy ". He was tried to sell me some of his weed a day later. Because a semester of high school psychology gave him more insight than three phycologists and two therapists. Ya…um.. no thanks…

  11. my depression has gotten worse because now i dont want to eat i just want to sleep but i think its getting better again back to my just gothic mood and wanting to be left the fuck alone

    thx for this ha bisky vid i cant wait for vidcon i just need the money for the plane ticket first

  12. You're great, Katie and my word are you gorgeous too 🙂

    Much love for doing what you do on your channel <3

    Oh yeah and these misconceptions / myths you listed are absolutely spot on

  13. Could you do a video on Schizoid Personality disorder? I've gotten to a point in my life where I feel very lonely. I'm beginning to think maybe I'm meant to be this way. I don't get enjoyment out of many things anymore, and I'm afraid this lingering feeling will soon become depression.

  14. This was such a good video. I told the wrong person how I was really feeling and I got an entire email on why I had no right to feel bad. That my life was good and I should just get over it. Fortunately I can just put boundaries around my relationship with this person but the words were so hurtful. I know I have a great life. I know that I don't have anything to complain about and I wish I could just get over it. Thanks for putting out what is really going on with someone with depression.

  15. I had a therapist tell me once that she didn't believe I was depressed because I wear makeup sometimes and don't "present as depressed in her office." I guess the fact that I cried every time I went to see her didn't seem "sad" enough or that I had been previously diagnosed with PTSD wasn't enough proof. It is such a misconception that someone has to be slovenly to qualify as depressed. Many suicide cases were well groomed before killing themselves. My point is that you should make sure you are authentic to yourself and find another therapist if one or two don't jive with you.

  16. hi kati my name is robyn and i am new to your channel. I was wondering if you could help me, i think i am going through the first stage of depression. i wasn't always like this, when i was about 7 or 8 my sister died of cancer and i was only a kid so i didn't really know what to do or how to deal with it. Then i struggled with bullying for 6 years but i got through it. Now i am fighting with my parents and family and i don't want to leave my room or get out of my bed or even talk to them. i also get angry at people really easy for no reason it just happens. I have been wanting to ask them about having me go see a theripist but i feel like they wouldn't understand. Im so confused about what to do. I just need you to comment back on what you think is happing that would really help me. Thank you!

  17. My fiance has dysthemia. He was only recently diagnosed because he didn't think he had depression because he's rarely sad. His main symptom is that he doesn't want to do anything. He lacks motivation a lot of the time. He had been convinced by his teachers that he was just lazy. It wasn't until after I told him I thought he had depression, after months of trying to convince him to go talk to a doctor (I didn't want to diagnose him since I'm not a professional), that he finally clued into the fact that he might not just be lazy. I still have to repeatedly remind him that he's not lazy because that misconception has been so deeply ingrained into him.

  18. I always embark on a guilt journey, every time I act ok. Because my my family looks at me like: "oh cool, she's over it". What happens a lot is: "what's wrong with you? you were fine yesterday…" and "why are you so irritable? you use to be so sweet?" I truly don't understand them! I've been diagnosed a long time ago, it would be only natural to expect them, at least, not to judge me! Sometimes, it's just too much to handle: my Bipolar Disorder + lack of emotional and motivational support + inability to keep a job + no friends… I could go on. Nonetheless, today I'm grateful for being alive, this chanel, shelter and some hope that still lives inside of me. Thank you for reading. Love from Portugal, A. xx

  19. Hey if you see this i would really appreciate it if you make a video on how to tell your family that you think there is something wrong. i haven't felt genuinely happy for a while. i feel REALLY insecure and all i want to do EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE is break down and cry. and i don't want to live anymore. i just want to tell my parents that something is wrong with my mind and i'm drowning and i don't know how to stop it BUT I CANT BRING THIS STUPID MIND OF MINE TO DO IT. i'm drowning in my insecurities, and my demons. its like i'm constantly in a courtroom, and i'm being judged for trying to be happy. if anyone laughs i think its toward me, if i have some jewelry on ill take it off because i'm afraid of what people think. i find comfort in music buy I'M AFRAID ITS GONNA STOP WORKING. i cant do it anymore and i cant put it in words i have a secret file on my laptop full of just words. i poured my heart out in a poem one night and its stupid. But i hate how much i love being alone. i don't know if i'm just telling myself this. iv'e been felling like this for three months and i already want it all to end. iv'e done research and hope and pray that no one will walk in my room when i'm looking at these videos or on the verge of breaking. I don't want my mom to feel like she did something wrong. i don't was people to have to worry about me constantly but the silence in my head is so loud. And i cant take it anymore. up in my head is were my demons lay, and were they talk, they lay but they don't sleep and they don't silence. They silence me. I don't know what to do so if someone anyone hears my cry for help please come and rescue because iv'e fallen too far and i'm not coming out without help, i cant come out. so if some one could turn my demons off and just talk to me that would be great cause i don't know were the off switch is, and i don't know if there is one. this was just going to be a video request but it ended up being a cry for help. So can you pleas make a video explaining how to tell my parents this. Just keep the request anonymous.

  20. Great Video Kati i have sad i've told my girlfriend and now we are on a Breather not sure what that means but since i have told certain ppl i feel worse so being honest about didn't really help me out what do you suggest

  21. The other day I told one of my friends that I was in the process of getting a diagnosis. I'm already diagnosed with MDD and GAD, but I suspect I might have bipolar disorder type II as well. I told my friend that one of my biggest fears in life was to be selfish or egoistic. She then told me that no psychologist or therapist would ever tell me this, but there is done research on people with depression and it showed that those suffering from it are generally very selfish. It broke my heart when she told me. I did a lot of research after, and I found many people claiming the same, and now I just feel like absolute crap. I understand that depression can make people act/think in selfish ways when you are in the midst of a depressive episode. But I don't understand how that makes us selfish people in general…
    I need someone to be honest with me on this topic…

  22. Thank you for this video! I suffer from Bipolar Disorder; am on medication (not important to name all of them PLUS they are adjusted from time to time!)

    My first episode I experienced was a very bad depression, which lasted months! It ended with me ending up in hospital for suicidal tendencies.. But, the point I am trying to make is, that I could've saved myself a lot of agony and feelings of being misunderstood if I had sought help earlier. Back then, I KNEW I wasn't okay, that this was not normal and I needed help, yet felt I wasn't "sick enough" to receive the support I so desperately needed!! The stigma of mental illness is still strong..
    I especially related to the myth of just 'snapping out of it'! If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that.. Wow.

    Thank you for making these videos and helping to inform the public about what depression etc is really about and what it is like to have it.✌🏻️❤️

  23. Kati I hope you get to read this. I just recently found you on here and have watched so many videos of yours already. I got a few of my friends to watch your videos and I'm encouraging my friends to watch your videos if they are confused or whatever about a mental health topic… anyway I have been in therapy for a while. been to a behavior center and yeah… well after watching some of your videos I was able to change therapist and talk to my mom and have an honest discussion with her about how I felt and I explained why I did some of the things I did. and I feel so much better now. I actually do have a lot of questions for you if maybe some time we can talk or whatever…. keep helping others… Just like u helped my friends n me!! really appreciate it. hope we can talk!

  24. I wish it only lasts for 2 weeks LOL …. that would be great I have Major Depression as well as BPD and PTSD and a touch of OCD….. Ive just come to the point were I have to be okay with the way I am and work with what I have and try try try …..

  25. Is an eating problem a big sign of depression? Idk why but for the past year ish I've been skipping out on breakfast and lunch.

  26. Everybody feels 'down' from time to time. In my case, I lost my left leg due to some medical screw ups following 'routine' knee replacement surgery. I now have a prosthetic left leg. However, being both 69 YO and having been off my feet for well over a year, regaining both balance and stamina has been a bit of a challenge. Everyone says "Mike you seem to be handling this very well." – 'seem' is the operative word. While I do try to stay positive, it is not easy. When I am really struggling I want to just eat comfort / non-healthy food. But weight works against walking with the prosthetic – and being 6'5" gives me a high base weight. Keep up the good work Kati.

  27. it's a sad when people say depression is in your head because you control your happiness. it's mind over matter. stuff like that makes talking about my depression hard

  28. Thank you for posting this video, I suffer from depression, ptsd, borderline personality disorder, and schizoaffective disorder. Its very hard to get family to understand.

  29. For me , it has been said by family members that if I took antidepressants at day one of living I would be fine and wouldnt have to worry about any type of side effect or the such,. It is kinda offensive tbh ….

  30. I'm curious. Is "Melancholic Depression" it's own separate thing or is it simply a description of length/severity of major depressive disorder?

  31. Thank you for putting this out. and people who talk about their depression or mental illness are not just baiting or trying to seek attention. they are crying out for help. that may be the only way to reach out

  32. You don't say "People with Diabetes are just fat."
    You don't say "Oh, you're anemic just snap out of it."
    You don't say "It's not obvious that you have heart disease. You don't have it."
    You don't say "There's only one type of cancer. It's just cancer."
    You don't say "You have HIV? Just go to the doctor and you'll be cured."
    So don't say it about depression

  33. my mom says im not depressed that its only a faze . when i was hospitalized for suicidal ideations she told me i was just being arrogant

  34. I mostly hear but you’re life is great Yes but I am still depressed I have been like this for weeks I am just empty and I am filling out more Of The boxes now I am The seems Happy is horrible
    5 months later I have started binging and restricting yay and my self harm is more consistent

  35. We're not lazy. We 'simply' just lost all the motivation, literally lethargic, and want to be safe by doing something certain according to our minds.

  36. I get a double whammy with family, friends, co-workers talking behind my back because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression. I have days where I'm too exhausted or depressed to function. I hear that I think I'm special that's why I call out from work. That there's nothing really wrong with me, it's all in my head. I have even had 2 therapists tell me that I could get to work everyday if I really wanted to. I was humiliated each time this happened and never went back. Especially because I had sought out therapy each time to get help with missing work and coping with not being able to do things as I once did. My income has become severely impacted which causes more stress, depression, fatigue, etc. Not only is this not ok, I can't seem to get others to understand that this is not something I'm choosing to do. I WANT TO WORK! In fact, I wish I could work both a full time and part time job right now to help myself out of the financial hole I'm in. My dad tells me I shouldn't be so depressed. If he survived being on the front line in Vietnam then I can pull myself together. It hurts not being validated or understood. I am attempting Therapy yet again starting next week. This time with a Psych NP who has tons of experience. I'm hoping this time it helps.

  37. As someone who has been literally diagnosed (a few times), by different practicing doctors with MDD, I've noticed a misconception that because I have force myself to be proactive at dealing with it (aka. Playing some bass or going to a part of the house where some people I love are and just sitting with them) I obviously don't have MDD. The key term that people seem to forget is 'force myself'. Dealing with depression is hard and it's easier to wallow in it (plus no shame to people who do that. It's all a journey and sometimes sitting with your emotions is healthy for getting comfortable with your feelings and accepting them. Obviously it's a matter of whether it intrudes in your daily life.). Most depressed people I know in therapy didn't follow a lot of the strategies to begin with because of how demanding it can be to even consider getting out bed in the morning.

    The pain of depression and the lethargy of depression are as present as ever and haven't gone away. The difference is my willingness to accept that whether or not I get cured is not worth thinking about and instead focusing on strategies to help day to day are healthier and more effective (despite how hard it can be).

  38. "but you're beautiful why do you have depression?"
    " your life is so nice i wish i could be you"
    First, why do you think i have depression because of the way i look like
    Second, you clearly haven't heard of acting. You don't know how my life is in reality

  39. Ive had a lot of doctors prescribe me ssris without recommending therapy. What's the point when they know Im not in therapy or haven't gone? (Im starting to get the ball rolling and seeing one. I was just wondering.)

  40. Sometimes I just give up in making people understand my depression. Whatever, I don't have the energy to care. Just leave me by until I rot away.

  41. Common misconception often experienced is that people with depression are lazy. And don't "want to feel better bad enough"… wow, I'd pretty much give anything to never experience it again! Thanks for all your videos Kati!

  42. A myth I grew up with and to some degree still believe, at least about myself: Depression is just a part of the teen anxt experience…. I call it: stupid teenager syndrome…. And I used this term about myself for many years… To me it was just a label to make others understand it better on their own terms… but underneath I'd still be suffering with an outward smile, waving….

  43. If you’re put on anti depressants, anti anxiety, or anti psychotics does the medication over time suppose to make those certain things go away or is it something to help “cope” with?

  44. I think I've had depression but I'm not sure. Feeling tired and just going through the motions like going to my classes is normal. I guess I'm happy about what I'm going to college for but most of the time I'm just going because I don't want to get in trouble. I had a rough childhood and most of the time I don't know how to feel. I'm doing well in life now but I still don't know if I do have depression. I don't have a way to get to a therapist but I try and see the social worker here at my college. Everytime though you talk about depression Katie I feel like it's feels I have when I'm not normal. I usually feel out of body or numb when I think I'm depressed for a few days.

  45. I was just diagnosed with MDD with mixed features. There's not a lot of info on it. Most people talk about bipolar with mixed features and that's actually what they thought I had at first. Apparently MDD with mixed features can lead to bipolar later. Anyone know any good resources for MDD with mixed features? Is like to learn more about it.

  46. Thanks my friends have been stupid when I reach out to them. If they see this video they'll probably wonder how they got these ideas

  47. People look at my outward appearance and say that I don't seem depressed. I have RBF (Resting Bitchy Face), but I also have a slender physique and good posture. Seems to support a myth that one must be overweight to be depressed.

  48. Been trying to talk about these things for DECADES with friends and family. The stigmas surrounding Depression are so dangerous because it causes more isolation and hopelessness. KM your vids are very helpful in knocking down aka educating folks on the realities of these disorders/diseases. Thank you!

  49. not everybody who's depressed self harms. it gets annoying when people ask to see my arms and I tell them no, then they tell the administrators im harming myself. :/ even if i were to, it would be somewhere less obvious.

  50. I was fuckin' depressed as hell during early December of 2017 to mid-February 2018, and those winter months will come soon, so I'm afraid I might have seasonal depression and go through that again…
    Holy oof.

  51. Thanks for saying that just a pill is not going to fix it that's totally true I used to have a bad depression one from one pill to another and they didn't help. I have to quit pills because I'm terrible side effects and then the depression just want to weigh after about a year

  52. I hate it when people joke about depression cuz it is really annoying as i also suffer from depression.And sometime people will say that is just the part of life just deal with it.

  53. I’m pretty sure that I may have depression, I’ve scored very high for it on tests and I seem to fit the description. But I have two common misconceptions I’ve hear: the first is that, if you’re under the age of 18 you simply can’t be depressed. Although I get that young people are “going through a lot of changes,” it doesn’t just mean you can disregard the fact that a teen may be depressed. I have a lot of friends who struggle with depression, most of which are under the age of 15. The second is that you need to have gone through a horrific event. I remember talking to somebody when I was ten or so about how I was very sure I was depressed because of my suicidal thoughts and other things. She proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t possible for me to have depression because I hadn’t been abused like her, or I hadn’t been raped. People have depression and suicidal thoughts for many different reasons, and just because someone wasn’t physically hurt in the past, doesn’t mean they can’t have depression.

  54. Or they might fake it because they don't want their loved ones to worry or they know that their loved ones might try to minimize their problems.

  55. "You are depressed because you are absorbed with yourself and egoistical. Try and get some kids/family, you won't have time to be depressed ". Ladies and gentlemen, my sister.

  56. i notice that depressed people are happy people that look like they arent depressed. while sad looking people are just sad and think about killing themselves but dont do it cuz theyre not depressed

  57. Depression is defined as lasting at least two weeks?! Weaklings. (jkjk not trying to be mean) But that was so surprising, I would have thought at least 6 months. Maybe years.

  58. I am one of the several people who got depressed and it .
    happened to me years ago after divorce. My self-esteem was at a realMy self-esteem was at low point when I got this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) and my self-confidence was smashed. Within weeks of reading your book and placing your advice into practice, my depression had totally removed and my self-confidence started to come back..

  59. ''Being depressed means being sad and angsty ALL THE TImE, if you are fine even content (or the therapy is working) now it means you are a poser'' is my favourite.

  60. I really appreciate how you are reading right from the DSM and making sure you have the correct information!

  61. Honestly I have no clue how long I felt this way but it started really showing in 4th grade, I'm in seventh now and nothings really changed for me. I feel like there's this belief that younger children can't have depression. Depression is somewhat present throughout most of my family and of course I barely knew what depression was until 6th grade. I never thought I could possibly have it until my sister pointed some things about myself that suggested I could. Before I say anything else I am still currently in therapy and I have not been diagnosed with anything so I'm not exactly 100% the best person to hear this from. I am not trying to self diagnose and I'm not trying to be some quirky popular girl. I'm actually one of the least popular in my grade though I'm friends with a lot of people. This is what I really mean to say; depression isnt supposed to bw something beautiful or exotic, quirky, and cool. Depression is a mental illness and it deserves to be treated as such.

  62. Can you do a video for what you should do if you're depressed and possibly have other issues but you don't have money or insurance for treatment but you need help

  63. I have a coworker who thinks depression is os easy to get over, he also has NO sympathy for people who commit suicide!

  64. I been suffering from depression for so long im on medication and now im just feel so numb and it’s scary

  65. Yeah the DSM can be useful but it's amazingly binary and defective in its rationale and inclusion of conditions/ diagnoses.

    In control groups tested some people who didn't respond to antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs did respond well to Yoga and Meditation. That particular data is not supposed to exist, it's too difficult to generalize and so 'expertly define' depression if such things are considered – and so many will pretend it doesn't exist. The world we live in is fairly full of lies, but you can find truths.

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