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Today, I am here to talk with you about the five common misconceptions about postpartum depression. Now if you are new to my channel, and you, like me, find psychology and mental health information just totally cool and exciting don’t forget to subscribe, because I put out videos all the time. And I actually have a video that I’ve done in the past about Postpartum Depression. You can click here to check that out to get kind of an understanding about what postpartum depression really is, What it looks like and how we diagnose it? But today we’re here to talk about the misconceptions, right. And the first misconception about postpartum depression, and the one that I hear the most, is that having it makes me a bad mother. Means I shouldn’t have had children. Something is totally wrong with me. I should have the glow and be so excited, but that is just not true. Having postpartum depression has a lot to do with the chemical imbalance in our brain. Obviously like everything in psychology, it’s theorized. Because we can’t cut open a human brain that’s working and see what’s actually happening. But what we know that when we have a baby, our hormones shift. And we have a fluctuation that can cause us to feel irritable, sad, angry. We can struggle to connect with our baby. And none of that makes you a bad mother. All that means is that you really need to reach out for help and support, because we know the number one thing if you get support early and talk about it early It actually goes away much more quickly. That doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad mother, that just means that you were struggling with depression. When we have a baby, we have a dramatic drop in two key hormones. Estrogen and Progesterone And that’s a mouthful. Not to mention any of the hormones that are produced through our thyroid. Those also have a steep drop, that can leave us feeling sluggish, tired, agitated, depressed. The second misconception is that having postpartum depression means that we’ll be crying all the time and just cannot even take care of ourselves or our baby. The truth of it is that postpartum depression doesn’t always present itself as sadness, lethargy, crying. For many people they can feel very agitated and almost irritable. A lot of the clients that I’ve seen report that they lash out at their spouse or loved one or even at their mother who’s there trying to help them, because they just feel so icky. A lot of other people will say it feels like anxiety. So know that postpartum depression doesn’t always look and feel one way. If you feel any number of these symptoms, and I”m looking at my notes because there’s a lot of symptoms. Make sure you reach out to your doctor or a professional, because getting help sooner rather than later is key. Misconception number three: That postpartum depression will just go away over time if we just ignore it. Wouldn’t that be nice. I wouldn’t even have a job; shit would just go away. Boop! Presto, fixo, snap out of it! We know that’s not true. Postpartum depression actually can turn into chronic depression if it’s not treated. And a lot of mothers will feel terrible about having it. Like something’s wrong with them. Something is bad. I shouldn’t had children. Like we go back to misconception number one, so they won’t tell anybody because they feel shameful about it. But what we know is if immediately once you start these symptoms, we talk to our doctor. We talk to our therapist. That’s why I’m in a doctor’s office, because this is usually the first person that you’ll see when you go for your first round of checkups. Let them know that you’ve been feeling a little down, a little sad. Because if we treat it, (snaps) it can go away. Then we actually get the help and support that we need versus ignoring it thinking it’s going to go away And then maybe three years down the line we realize maybe I am depressed. I need to seek some help. Common misconception number four: That postpartum depression happens immediately after we birth said baby. Not true. It usually, a lot of people experience what we call baby blues. Now the baby blues are very very common. Even more common than postpartum depression, and that usually lasts about from two or three days after giving birth and ends about two weeks after giving birth. So we have kind of that period of time for our body to kind of regulate as the hormones are dropping, and that is also very common. But postpartum depression happens after that point. After two weeks and can start anytime within the first year after having a child. That’s a long open window for it to occur, so know that and think about that until your child turns 1. If you feel yourself pulled into a depressive episode reach out for help. Common misconception number five: that postpartum depression is all my fault. Something’s wrong with me. I did it. I deserve hits. That’s just not true. We know that our hormones are shifting. We know that having a baby is really stressful. Often we’re very sleep-deprived. They even talk about the red flags leading up to postpartum depression, in being having a really tough pregnancy. Maybe you had horrible morning sickness. Maybe you had horrible complications. Maybe your relationship was on the rocks, because it was so stressful. A lot of things can happen that are sort of like warning signs to postpartum depression. It’s not all your fault. Nothing is wrong with you. It is very very common, and the truth of it is the more we talk about it The more we share videos like this then the more people will understand how postpartum depression really works, what the warning signs are, Why it’s so common. And the shame and guilt and I’m a bad mother and all these misconceptions will slowly dissipate and go away. So please share this video. Leave in the comments below your experience. What’s something that you or someone you loved went through, so that we can all share in the knowledge, right. Experience and education together are the best combination, so please share. Please like and I will see you next time. Bye! I am not in my apartment, and I am here to talk to you about … wait, I don’t like that. It’s weird thinking where my people go where in life (Laughter)

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  1. Amazing video, Kati! I never heard about PDD before, which shows how important it is to educate people ☺️
    Where did you film it though? You made me curious 🙂

  2. Hi, Kati! I have been trying to change my username and I haven't been able to do so. I've been trying to change it from "@celia" to "@cece", but it won't let me. Is there something special that you have to do? Thank you for everything that you do and have a good week! XOXO #KatiFAQ

  3. The hardest part of ppd for me is the irritability and the rage. It has been so hard to go from having endless amounts of patience with my toddler to having almost none after having my second. I also have PTSD from having a traumatic birth and postpartum anxiety. I sought help almost immediately after birth and got into therapy at about 6 weeks pp but almost a year later I feel like my symptoms are still the same and not really getting better.

  4. Hey kati ! I was wondering..If social anxiety causes that you care too much, and depression causes that you don't care at all, how can you have them both?Also.. Are clinical depression and depression the same ? I have been diagnosed with depression , but does that mean that i have a clinical depression? Or do this two differ from eachother? Really loved your video<3 #katiFAQ

  5. i read that high epa omega 3 supplementation during and after pregnancy could help with PPD, but a quick pubmed search seems to indicate that where benefits have been recorded they've been negligible, and the jury is still out. still, it's one possible factor in a much more complex situation.

  6. I loved this video kati very informative and intresting . I love the new doctors office background . my mom had post natal depression but she got the help she needed but I know some aren't as lucky but they should be able to get the help they need like my mum did .

  7. Some feedback on the background/set: It reminds me of dentists from the 50s and their rather brutal methods. 🙂 Not a good association with mental health. Maybe you could make the set/background a bit brighter/more positive/more modern. 🙂 Just an idea.

  8. I'm so happy I sought help for PPD my biggest fear was that my baby would be taken away. its been a long road but I'm better and enjoying my baby girl.

  9. Thanks so much for this video, it was really good! My mom struggled with depression for so many years. She raised four kids (and is now raising a fith one) and did a really great job but it must have been so hard for her. She only got help a couple of years ago and I'm glad that she did. She has a lot of guilt, feels like she was a bad mother when in reality she was great. I wish I could go back in time and be more understanding as a child but I didn't know about her depression back then….

  10. Kati, is is possible to develop an eating disorder that as nothing to do with losing weight? I've recently had some extremely severe IBS attacks and it's made me never want to eat again. It's to the point where I'm trying to move as little as possible so I use as little energy as possible so I won't get hungry, and just looking at food makes me feel sick. I'm really scared, please help me. I'm seriously obsessing over food and how not to eat it.

  11. Hi! There is a lot going on with the show the 100 now, where they killed off a lesbian character again in a drastic way (you might have hear about it, they basically was giving us hope that it will be okay we believed that and then they still destroyed us, it has a lot to do with lgbt representation on tv) maybe you could make some video about getting attached to fictional characters? This thing hurt me to this point I've never been hurt, I struggle to get myself together and I know a lot of people also feel that way too. It's kinda new to me because I watch a lot of shows for example GOT where they kill people all the time but I've never been in a position like I am now and it makes me feel kinda pathetic you know? I don't remember I've ever even reacted like that to death of a real person and it makes me wonder if it's a big problem and if I should do something about it. But you know as I sad I'm ashamed of how it made me feel so it makes it really hard to go and get some professional help. I would really appreciate your advice on when it's okay to feel certain way and when it's becoming to be unhealthy and dangerous, I think it would be helpful for others too since it's a really big problem especially on tumblr community these days. I apologize if there are any mistakes because english is not my native language and thank you for your time!

  12. Kati, I just recently found out I'm pregnant and I am over the moon! However, with a history of depression before my pregnancy, I have a huge fear/concern that this will be an issue for me. Thank you for the info and encouragement! It was definitely helpful and eased some of those fears. Keep doing what you're doing, it's an amazing service!

  13. Hi Kati!
    What do I do if my therapist thinks im faking my mental disorder. I feel that I am not, and Im very concerned. I feel like he doesnt trust me to tell him the truth. Do you have any videos that you might think can help me?

  14. Great info! I was overwhelmed with the Baby Blues after my first baby. It wasn't like me to cry for no reason, and not have a CLUE why I felt a sudden wave of sadness from time to time. My OB/Gyn had me wait it out for two weeks. I called exactly two weeks later and she had me in her office THAT day to talk about PPD. I felt awful! I did feel ashamed, embarrassed, confused, and weird. I trusted my doctor completely, so I took my prescription. I had several check-ins with her, and I did finally start to feel better! The medication I was prescribed was safe during breastfeeding. It's been twelve years now, and my daughter turned out healthy without any issues from the meds. I still suffer from my depression, and I was watched carefully with my second baby. Listen to Kati, and listen to your doctor! Catch this ASAP. Hugs!

  15. Hi Kati I would also recommend to talk about perinatal mood disorders in general and not only PPD but postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD and postpartum psychosis. And maybe add resources in the End of your video such as Postpartum support international etc.
    Footnote: PSI conference will be this June in San Diego so if you are interested:)

  16. After my first child was born I was never diagnosed with PPD but I definitely had the baby blues, I missed being pregnant so much that I would get jealous of other pregnant women, because I wished that I was still pregnant. I literally and figuratively felt empty inside. It was the strangest thing because during the pregnancy I actually didn't like being pregnant, gained a ton of weight, basically felt horrible about myself. But with my second I gained a lot less weight, felt so confident, and just loved being pregnant that time around. And after my second baby was born I did not have those same feelings of wishing I was still pregnant, I guess because that pregnancy was such a positive experience. So I took that as a sign that my family was complete!

  17. Are you more likely to experience PPD if you dealt with depression in the past or does this not effect it?

  18. Am I likely to get PPD if I already struggle with depression and anxiety pre-parenthood? Something I've always been worried/afraid of.

  19. Hey Kati, if you've been diagnosed with depression previous to having children, are you more likely to have postpartum depression? I was diagnosed with depression in 2009 and I've heard that when you become pregnant, you have to go off anti-depressants for the safety of the baby, is this true? and if so, how do we deal with our depression then?

  20. hi, i have a question. is it normal for me to feel threatened by other people's talents, looks, illnesses and problems? i've noticed that whenever i see ppl in casts or injured or something like that i get really mad. i know it's not justified or right to do that, but I can't stop. i really need to know if this is normal or just irrational. thank you and i love your vids soooo much– ohmigosh you've gotten me through some really hard times and now i just binge watch your vids all the time. THANK YOU #KatiFAQ

  21. I would love it if you could talk about antenatal depression, which I didn't know existed when I was pregnant. I think awareness definitely needs to be spread about this because it can feel so isolating. Love your videos ❤

  22. Thanks so much Kati! I'm expecting my son to be born in 2-3 months and will definitely be on the look out for those signs. I didn't know that much about PPD, so your videos were extremely helpful <3

  23. How would this work within the child's developmental process? Could this potentially delay or disrupt the developmental process?

  24. Hay Katie, I am finishing my therapy soon and for BPD but also have ED. I am scared as its the first time I will be alone since leaving care and I'm really attached to my therapist. I just don't know what to do, restriction is starting to creep back in and I feel like I cant do anything at the moment no even go to work. is this normal?

  25. My mum had PPD after she had me and I only found out recently from my dad, apparently it put a lot of strain on their relationship and it hasn't been the same since. Is PPD genetically linked to normal depression? I have it but I don't really have any reason, nothing traumatic or bad has happened to me so I'm confused about why I'm depressed and I feel awkward talking to somebody about it because I feel like there's nothing to talk about and they'll think I'm faking it…I know there's normally genetic and environmental triggers but could my mums depression explain it?

  26. I was hospitalized 5 months after my first and 6 months after my second. I already have PTSD and depression and anxiety. I try to hold on and do it all myself! I was moody, sad, anxious! Thanks for educating people!

  27. Are women with depression before pregnancy more likely to experience PPD after giving birth? That's a worry for me. Thanks Kati.

  28. Oh my god thank god you just posted this😩😩😩 I'm 18 and I've just had my first child. Lately I've been depressed. I've been dealing with a lot of mental health issues most of my life( eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar, low self esteem..) the list goes on and on. Idk what to do. I can't even look in a mirror without crying because of my stretch marks. On march 14th I have to go back to school and I'm having severe anxiety about having people looking at me. On top of this I've been arguing with my boyfriend.. I feel so bad because he's just trying to help but I get so mad at him. If you could shed some light on what I should do that'd be awesome

  29. Hey Kati. I'm 17 and have suffered with depression since I was 13. I have one friend who I can talk to about it but she is unsure how to help as she is not trained in this specific area. I see her twice a week but I text her and phone her when I feel down. Could you make a video on how other people can help in different ways? Love your videos!!

  30. Can somebody explain what its like having a therapist? I think it may push me to get help like my friends want me to do and I've been too terrified to do.

  31. Hey kati, I really like these '5 myths' videos. I would really appreciate it if you could do one about avoidant personality disorder or personality disorders in general. I was diagnosed in December and I am struggling to explain it to others so it would be great to show them a video to help them understand. Thanks.

  32. Hi Kati, I have struggled with eating disorders, depression and self harm for years now. I have been in therapy for 6 years, and seen many different therapists cause it felt like I never connected with anyone. I am at a point where it feels like I am not treatable and that I should just give up. I feel like no on understands the depth and severity of it, and I don't know what to do.

  33. Wow, I can't believe there's apparently still a huge stigma around this! That's… hugely not okay, because shame is shitty. As a millennial, all messages I can remember receiving about postpartum are literally about how common and treatable it is. Maybe that's a sign the stigma is lifting?

  34. my post partdum depression started the second my baby was born. Was hospitalized when my baby was 2 weeks old. my son is a year old I am back to myself. I am a good mom. My post partdum depression started right away. It can start right away. it got worse within two weeks of having my son but it started right away.

  35. Post partdum depression can start the minute the baby is born . You are wrong about that cause it did me. I was hospitalized when my son was two weeks old. You are wrong it can happen .

  36. My friends grandma had ppd but it ended up driving her insane and would make her kids do strange things for no reason like walking the long way home in the rain instead of getting in the car next to them and going the short way and she almost drowned her daughter once till she was sent away to a mental hospital where she died

  37. I've been suffering with PPD for over 4 years. Unfortunately I don't have insurance or the money to go towards help since I have 2 children to provide for… Can you possibly make a video of coping skills, tactics, etc… to help people like me who can't afford to seek help. Please and thank you! 😘

  38. Keep an eye out for infedelity. The shame and guilt can drive a woman away from the man she loves. She can even categorize him as part of the problem as simply being a family member and can forget that including being a father and husband, he's her best friend who can handle and wants to help with serious issues in the Partnership! It's just far too easy for a woman suffering to take advantage of and be taken advantage of other men who are always too often ready and willing to pick up the pieces for personal gain. It's like there's an ocean of people other than your spouse that will comply to your false desires at no benefit to you or them long term besides topical reasons. All you have to do is stay on the boat with your family but the depression forces you to walk the plank, all the while smiling back at your oblivious husband as you repeat to him that your just cleaning it.

  39. I definitely experienced postpartum depression. First it came out in irritability and anger towards others, especially my spouse. I started to experience sadness. I'm so grateful for this video because I didn't think that irritability and anger could be postpartum depression. This video was so helpful, thank you so much!

  40. How do you treat it after your child is 2 i never caught it early and now ive crashed 😫😢

  41. # 2 was totally true for me. All I did was cry. Had no need to shower, brush my hair or teeth. Nothing. It was horrible. So glad its over!!

  42. I don't have anyone to talk to. I have tried but people don't care enough. I haven't been to the doctor though. But I just watched this to the end and made an appointment with the doctors. Thanks so much x

  43. Baby blues can turn into ppd sooooooooooo and sometimes y’all doctors say oh you just got the baby blues and it’s full blown ppd 😩🙄 I had it bad with both children..

  44. I had my daughter three months ago and prior to my pregnancy was diagnosed major depressive. I was successful in my recovery after the diagnosis for a year and a half but after I had my daughter I spiraled back down into depression. I was very suicidal over the weekend and meet with a mental health professional tomorrow. I believe that I'm borderline post partum psychosis because I have delusions and began seeing things that weren't really there. I would never hurt my baby though I know for a fact. It's more towards the hate that I have within myself. I definitely feel like a terrible mother. I'm hoping my appointment goes well because I am really hanging on to that right now… Thanks for this video. I wish my spouse and family understood what I'm going through but I'm more or less told to suck it up. I think the not being able to have anyone understand what I'm going through that makes all of this even harder to cope with..

  45. This is my first pregnancy and the most stressful time of my life since I became pregnant. I've been depressed/anxiety minimally before here and there going on in my life since I was 14. I am 22 years old now and struggling with my depression and now occurring panic attacks (seems to have to gotten worse since I became pregnant). I am 28 weeks and feel so ashamed of myself for having this and to afraid to talk about it with my family or my husband because I think people would say I'm being dramatic or I'm too sensitive right now. It almost feels a like giant fissure forming in my brain and chest. I'm going to see my doctor Saturday, so hopefully I'll have some courage to say something. Women out there who are experiencing this, please dont be silent.

  46. Yes I was stupid enough to put my hand up and admit I wasn't managing. Reward = non-custodial mom. Ladies keep your mouth shut and somehow keep up the facade.

  47. Thank you for this video! Currently going through it, but getting better. I find the physical symptoms the worst part of PPA!

  48. Thank you for making this video, Kati!:) Your videos helped me open up to my husband about my postpartum depression. Now, two years later, I am expecting my second baby, and I make videos about how I overcame PPD on Youtube. I hope to be the positive voice for another woman, like you were for me. Keep it up, Kati!:)

  49. If you had postpartum after your first child is it likey too​. have it again with baby #2? or have it even worse than the first time??

  50. What if you already have major depressive disorder when you get pregnant? Will it get even worse after giving birth?

  51. Can ppd cause urges to talk about intimate stuff with other than your husband. I found my wife talking about very intimate stuff with some guy tht she knew long time. And her anger towards me is super high. She is talking about divorce. She cries for no reasons and blame me for failures etc. Then she will be ok for sometime but then all of sudden again the same cycle of anger etc.

  52. I was told if you try to get help you will be labeled and children could be taking away. An breastfeeding mom worry about medication.

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