5 Ways To Help Someone with Depression

Heya playas, depression is not an easy thing
to go through. It can take a toll on your mind, your body and your relationships. So
what do you do if you’re the one dealing with a depressed person? Well, in this video I’ll
give you 5 things to focus on to help someone dealing with depression. This is The Josh
Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. One of the most important things to know when
dealing with someone with depression is to always take care of yourself. Your mind may
be constantly shifting over to think about them and how they feel but, you won’t be able
to offer full support if you lack the energy to do so. It’s the same reason why when on
an airplane they always ask you to put your oxygen mask on first and then the children.You
can’t help them unless you’re fully capable to do it. Depression is stressful but you
don’t have to help them all alone, always be willing to get help from others. There
are plenty of communities, forums and even YouTubers like Scott from Depression to Expression.
As long as that persons depression continues, you keep reaching out for support. Because
it’ll make all the difference to them knowing that you’re doing everything you can to try
to help them. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a verbal attack by someone
with depression, realize that it’s not your fault. They may be hurt or scared or are just
simply expressing their feelings and it happens to be in a not so positive way. You might
end up taking offense to what they say and it’s ok to feel that way but it just means
that you’ll have to be extra aware of the fact that this is not how they truly feel.
Don’t blame yourself for why they’re depressed, instead focus on doing everything you can
to bring their spirit back up. “You know, you’re freakin’ crazy!” “God, why are you
so bipolar?” “You know, you’re just a miserable person all the time”. These are only some
of the things people say sometimes to people who are depressed and guess what, it does
nothing to help the situation. Instead, try to learn about depression so you won’t be
thrown off guard when someone starts to feel it. I highly recommend you check out Depression
to Expression, Scott shares numerous techniques on dealing with depression and finding calm
and peaceful ways to live with it. And finally, you’re human too so always be open with that
person about your limitations. Don’t be afraid to talk to that person about how you feel
and let them know that sometimes you can’t take it anymore. There’s this high expectation
that somehow you’re Superman and no matter what they throw at you, you’ll always be able
to live with it. If their behavior becomes too severe, then hopefully your openness will
be that wake up call for them to seek medical help or to reach out to a clinic. What do
you guys think though, have you ever been around someone who was depressed? Leave your
comments below so we can talk about it. Depression may definitely change the type of relationship
you have with someone but as long as both of you can learn to accept the situation and
work towards open communication, then I’d say you’re both doing everything you can to
help each other out. As always guys, love and peace. Hey thanks for watching. If you’re
new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I make new videos every week
on a range of different topics including self help, dating, philosophy and more. Plus if
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  1. My girlfriend is depressed but were long distance relationship 😢 she cuts herself she says her family os breaking apart, she lost all her friends she says she lost everything, i told her im here for her and i always have been she agrees but shes still depressed and ive tried my best

  2. I'm in marching band at my school and there's this kid named Ryland. He has been my friend for over two years and for the past couple of weeks I noticed a change in his personality. At the end of a school day, he barely talks to anyone let alone even look them in the eye. I don't know if this is depression or something else, but I'm very concerned..

  3. I've had terrible depression and my friend Is now going through the same. She has cut herself in the past and I help her by giving her hugs, nice comments about her. And try to cheer her up. I've had fights with her such as.

    Me: please I'm trying to help y–
    Me: I can see you need time to cool down. I'm gonna come back when you've cooled down a bit. Don't forget I care about y–
    "I HATE YOU!"
    Me: okay, I know you don't mean that. I'm gonna go and leave you to your thoughts.

    Or I've made her smile like:

    Me: (pushes her lightly and she springs back up straight) heh, your like one of those punching bags, you know those things that you punch and they end up punching you back instead? Or is that just my experience with those?
    ((She smiles))
    Me: I SAW IT! YOU SMILED! (Laughs)
    (Hugs me)

    But I'm still worried about her.

  4. My girlfriend was trying to help me out with my depression and she told me this is what helped her with me. I immediately agreed with this video and to be honest, I have the biggest respect for josh, having made this video, so just thank you

  5. i see videos people making fun of depressing people and people who cuts…..I've been depressed for 3 yrs.. i'd will always push my family and friends away…sitting in my room for days…i'd have cut…starved myself…i can't even stand up for myself because i'm afraid what people would think about my comment… did it once…(didn't work out)..there's people saying "EWW ur so Emo or ur sick" …….. like don't you evem=n know what you are doing!!??? making people feel worse:( just think about it…… u don't know what i've been through…u don't know how much pain i have to go through…. you don't know me like that….. nobody is perfect!!!! ti'll that point i'd almost committed suicide But wait (just think about it.. just imagine u were gone right.. think about how ur family and friends feel? lets just sat it was thanksgiving.. but u were again, think about how sad ur family or friends feel)

  6. yea iv'e been through alot but i still succeed… i'd got helpp and i got better…. if ur going thro alot pllzz talk to somebody..it will help trust me… i didn't like it but i was dong this for my familyy…. and friends….there's gonna be ups and downs but trust me stay syring ur gonna make this thro it…no matter how bad it is.. KEEPP CALMMM AND STAYYY STRONGG guys!!!!

  7. my friend is depressed for… idk a year or so
    and we had a huge fight last year and i felt really bullied by her and her friends. she later said sorry and i forgive her. but now she is living with depression and she even sends me photos of the blood and such….
    i tried to help but she always gets back in that swirl where she cuts herself and talks bad about herself

    she likes a boy that she met trough me and he is a real asshole but she wont let go of him.
    i am sort of thinking that this is my fault because if she never met him, she had less problems then now and it would be easier to help her..

    i dont know what to do anymore 😰

  8. Been around a friend whose dad left and mom died of cancer. So he had to watch her mom die slowly and now she's left with her older brother as her guardian that used to (might be ) molest her and now he just abuses her when she refuses to cook for him.

  9. I need some help with a girl mate of mind. I don't know much to say but it seems that she is suicidal, and has depression. I honestly don't what to do because i try to cheer her up but it just makes things worst. I don't want to get her flowers or anything because that would seem just to awkward and strange. Her mum also has stomach cancer and her christmas wishlist was. My mum to feel better, and to be happy. I don't know how to react because i feel if i don't help she might kill herself. please help somebody I've been friends with her for 6 years.

  10. My partner (5 1/2 years) has been depressed for most of her life and it's been difficult for me to deal with sometimes before she got her official diagnosis a while ago and started taking medication. the meds improved her condition so so SO much and her current therapist has also been amazing.
    I often experience heightened empathy so I suffer with her on her bad days and there are times when we both just don't do anything and just lie around all day. which is okay because we're together.
    Fortunately we've been able to work out a few things to help us both, and ever since we've been 100% open about our mental health (her depression and my (still undiagnosed) ASD), our relationship has improved a lot. Our disorders have some common symptoms we face (e.g. executive disfunction, isolation, and anxiety) and we can be 100% honest about our needs and it's just pretty good overall. I love her dearly and she's amazing and I'm glad she also does her best to support me.

    the world needs more videos like there <3

  11. My family has had a lot of depression, I had it really bad when I was about eight, but I'm over it now and I wanna help people who are going through it.

  12. My moms depressed and I don't know how to help her T-T please I don't know how to make her feel better! Do you have any tips?

  13. what about if you AND that person are depressed. I just got depressed when my friend I'm spending the night with was depressed. And I can't do the thing to realise that they are human to, beacause I do not belive I'm human.

  14. There's this girl I love but she's Depressed she cuts her self and cries in her room and I love her with all my heart but she also has her parents that are not together and the grandpa is dying

  15. I'm such a terrible friend, I can't even tell my friend that I care about her. She cuts herself, but she said that she stopped now, but I know how addictive it is. She has anorexia too. Everything because of me and my stupid weight. I can't even apologise to her, because she says that it's not my fault, but she just doesn't want me to feel bad. She is an amazing friend, I am the one who's worthless, but she just doesn't understand that…

  16. I have a friend, and he deals with depression, we were so close and then he told me he had depression, about a month later he started ignoring me, whenever I tried to talk to him he would make an excuse saying he had to go, he hasn't made any effort to talk to me for a year now and I've given him so many chances, and I don't know what to do, I don't want to lose him, he is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, what do I do ?

  17. I need some help guys, one of my friend is depressed and she always tries to hide it.I really want to help her, but she doesn't talk about it😢

  18. hey Josh I've spent 4 years with my girlfriend n I just don't know what to help do u have any advice to give on how to help them when they hit rock bottom, I will beg for some help this will make or break my relationship n I'm willing to do everything to get her back

  19. I don't even know the exactly time that how long I have been in depression.Untill my 2nd year of high school,I got noticed that and went to see the special doctor.My aunt told me that she had realized something unusual on me when I was in 6 grade of primarily school.There is a classical real story she told me,when I was in that age,she had seen something wrong ,so she askes a few questions on me,“what feelings do have about your dad/mom/aunt(herself)?”I answered in very normaland calm way,“No feeling(about dad)/I hate her(about mom)/ It's a love-hate relationship(about my aunt)”And she said she was shorked about the word i answering.She realized that serious and she told this to my mom,she highly suggested that my mom should take me to see a psychologist but my mom might think it's a shame to admitte her daughter's problems so she just told mt aunt it's all bull shit,she told my aunt to stop it and she said I were fine and had nothing problems to deal with.So I didn't get treat on time.I didn't even known my problems in that time as I have truly good friends in school,high marks in studying and teacher's concern.However,Then my depression got serious and serious.I start to lose almost every interest and estranged from my friends and families,the words I said every day become lvery less,it even can be counted on my fingers.The worst thing is,I got anorexia and don't feel like to eat(Not because I were losing weight,I don't know either,but pressure must included.I mean I can eat,but almost I eat by forcing myself in psychological,I want to be healthy but I just very painful when I were not feel like eat anything ).And now I'm in an abroad university because I can't take high school anymore so my mom send me to abroad at the beginning of my last year in high school, which means I actually didn't finish high school.And I still keep some thoughts and style from high school,I felt happy in the early time I came to university,however,as time passed,my old problems appeared agin.I'm really know i need help from an organization,hospital,professional doctor and nurse.But I still learning English and I don't know where can I get all of this resources in Thailand,the country I'm studying.I feel like I'm in the hell every day.I searched so many information about my illness and I tried to fight it by myself but at the end I found that I can't.Someimes I really hate myself,I truly want to defeat my illness and have a normal healthy life,that's all I ask for.I know I'm not belong to that negative patients,I want stand up but I'm really in an endless balck circle.I don't know what to do and I'm highly insecurity.I don't want to waste and miss all the best time in this beautiful age(I'm 18).Anyone see this please help me.I'm really determined to fight my illness,but I just need somebody's help and support.I would really appropriate it if you help me.

  20. my friend is depressed, and shes always talking to me about her problems and i've been dealing with it for about a year. but i've come to a point where i can't deal with anymore and she refuses to get medical help, i've had to distance myself from her now and i was feeling really guilty, thankfully this video made me realize i shouldn't have to feel guilty. thank you so much.

  21. She doesn't listen to me. One day she says I'm a great friend, the next she ignores me with someone else. I'm just being used

  22. This girl I like has depression but she told me not to tell anyone but I want to help her but I cannot help her

  23. my best friend tried to open up to me and i tried my best to help her but i thought that i couldn't help so i was selfish and blocked her out. i hated seeing her miserable and when she told me how terrible life could be it took a toll on my own life so i let her stop trying with me. yesterday she opened up again because she couldnt take it and she said that I was the only person who listened to her and when i blocked her out before it was her turning point. and now she made me feel hella guilty. all the people with friends with depression i feel you because we could've had such a better life if we didn't have to deal with them, but we have to because we love them and can't let them commit suicide.

  24. I got 4 people I know who I know are depressed b/c they told me.
    keeping your self at your best and being open to them and lighting up their world is the best advice I think you provided.
    3 are medicated….but I wonder if that's working.
    I don't know if it's each person's situation or the systems in place themselves.

  25. My girlfriend of 2 months is depressed and I just don't know what to do I've talked to her and she keeps pushing me away I'm scared because she has also but tlking about suicide
    I'm so scared help please

  26. I'm under depression. but noone even cared. so I tried making attention to myself to make people notice, trying to make them laugh. but I got in trouble doing that, and they just kept on talking

  27. wat hapens if the friend was bullied till kindergarden till 5 grage and right now maybe till six th grade abot to enter

  28. I used to be very depressed but I overcame it. now one of my friends is going through some tough times, saying she feels she's not good enough. She just now revealed to me that she used to cut after two years of being friends. I tell her things from my experience that I hope will make her understand that she can and will overcome this like I did. i just want her to know that her life is precious and that she is loved. that I know she is good enough. she is one of a kind. I hope that one day she tells herself she'll be fine

  29. I need some help fast. My gf is going through a rough patch, and it feels like anything I do she ignores. Can I please get some help on how to approach her Depression and anxiety. Please message me if you can help

  30. my sister and a friend of mine is depressed. I wanted to know how I can help them, both of them experience doubts and self loathing and has been sent to the mental hospital for numerous times. I may not fully understand what they are dealing with and why they feel this way..

  31. I'm going through depression atm and honestly I don't know how my best mate is still sticking by myside its insane… I don't meen to be down or not interested in the things he is showing me I just cant get enthused about it I'm sure he is feeling different about me… I really do try but its hard to be friendly and interested in stuff when your not interested in anything…. I try to not see him so much because I know eventually he will have enough and then I'm left with no one…. not much reason to continue after that… family and my friend is the only thing keepin me round once they are both gone so am I nothing else will matter after that

  32. hey, I have a friend who is just 14, people just sexually harasses her, and she is in depression anxiety …….. n she thinks suicide is the only solution for this thing…… do you have any solution to deal this thing???

  33. My friend is really depressed, but since she had bad experiences with psicologists so she won't seek help. She has no one in her family to help her, in fact her family is toxic.

  34. My friend is going through some tough things right now and it's really hard to talk to her about it. I want to help her I just really don't know how…

  35. I have someone who's depressed and I don't wanna lose him I want him to understand that I'm here for him that he doesn't need to break up with in order to find space I told him to many times im here for you babe talk out with me but what can I do please help me 😭 I haven't stopped crying for the past two days and I'm still crying I love so much for him to feel like this

  36. Help, my dad was divorce with my mom and lives far away from me now he is very sad and every time it's Christmas or my birthday he always sends a but ton of gift and notes saying he is so Sorry

    It's sad and I feel very bad for him

  37. My "friend" Kevin his friend told her that she liked this girl then she told his crush and he was sad she told everyday and he said life is gonna be hard for him
    Now. 🙁

  38. My best friend has been going through depression for years and I am and always will be there for her. She has tried to commit suicide multiple times even tried when I was with her. She is doing really bad right now bc her bf of 2 years just broke up with her. I am very scared that she is going to do something she is going to regret.

  39. Ok i need a bit of help. So i have been depressed for a few years, mainly due to bullying, etc, but i have only told like 2 people this. Anyways the problem is that someone i know is depressed and i know how (now from this video) to help them but i feel like if i then bring up my own depression in future then i will just be called an attention-seeker because this person is 100% about it and has me helping them, so i have no way of speaking to trusted people about this.

    Any Advice is incredibly welcome, i am really stuck with this

  40. hey yo my best friend currently suffers from deppression is suicidal and to top it all off is going through a real nasty breakup now i to have been depressed before but i have no fucking clue what im doing or how to help the best ive been able to do is just listen to her problems anyone got any ideas on things i can do to help her thx

  41. Two of my friends have depression one I have feelings for but she is with someone else so I'm just learning about ways I can help her

  42. There are also these nice reads… Practical meditation and The way and goal of Rajyoga…. these are from 'omshantistore'.

  43. From last three years my brother behavior are charged he is always talks negative, while he was doing engineering he was unable to clear his exams and getting starded live quite alone and talk mostly negative ( was so much concerned about wrong going on politics, crime , religion etc) . Ater that unfortunately he was unable to got engineering degrees ,after that worse happened he stop eating , when ever we trying to give him food he through it, he was says i will go some where else, i don't want to live with us , i will go on country border and die for country. .and he also talked about wired things that you all unpure persons and i also gets unpure ( some time also said that you all are ghost ,i am the son of ghost) and i will go army , save our country and die for country ( so that i will become pure) , he also packed all the thigs ready to go but some how our family relative came they talked to him and he get cool down, they taken him to there home for fews days . After that he became bit normal but continued to think negatively, he always get tensioned about politics, tension about religion, crime and so on. But some how one one year passed and again one more time he get that kind behavior, that he doesn't want to live with us , he goes to border and die for country he also packup there everythi and ready to move, but again my cousin came and talked to him. And take him to his home. He also tried to take him to psychiatrist (doctor) but ran away from doctor clinic, after that for some month he cool down became quiet normal , but mostly he live alone, stopped eating home food (prepared by mother), he only eat out side usually some snaks only, he eats very less, he also become weak. He mainly lives alone , thinks negative only, so much anger in him, (for some days become normal but again get in there depression mode) from last two years we are thinking that how to help him, how to take him to psychiatrist (doctor) because he is not ready to go. We all family suffering from last few years because we know that he is in depression from last 4-5 years but we can't help him. His age is 27- 28 year
    Please help me

  44. Somtimes my girlfriend is depressed because her life is not going well. So I try to make her fell better by hugging her or kiss her on the cheek. Also I make her laugh by making funny jokes during math class.

  45. Well you the viewers are awesome and the most caring persons in the world ! You care about your friend, who are going through something horrible ! 😉😍

  46. I think my internet friend is depressed she is 17 and she struggles to get out of bed. Is just talking to her and playing games, listening to chill music and just that sort of stuff going to help make her a better person please help me i dont know what to do

  47. I have a frnd who is in depression he say he has no purpose for living he takes pills so that he can sleep and he wants to give away his life how do I deal with him ?

  48. I have a friend who is depressed and I will do anything to help her, If I don't help now it will be too late, thank you for teaching me more.

  49. Useless. All you said was other people say. You could give tips about stuffs which may get their "spirit back up"

  50. Any body help me plz .. I suffering from depression … I can't sleep I can't eat … even I can't cry … help me plz my brain is died

  51. I want to have a normal life but I can’t every day I deal with depression and I’m only 10 😭😭😭😭

  52. Its me because u know me because u dont know that what in your mind its me is nothing and why i or you exist and what the point of living well im feeling dark inside bright out sude where you be funny outside and you sad and depresed inside =:::) welp im over now,he he heh what a butiful day

  53. See this great lecture by Dr Zaid Kasim Ghazzawi on anxiety fear depression from the guidance of the Quran. You find peace & tranquillity in your life & answers to all questions.

  54. My girlfriend I and I were I just got out of it trying to love her through it and help but didn’t know how thanks for the help

  55. Nice advice.
    I have also helped my Friend many times.
    I saved him from suicide twice. By my own hands.. had big fight.. I fell on ground running after him… But ykw? When they are depressed.. it's the temporary feeling and temper.. the satan plays with their mind and they keep on thinking negative.
    My friend thought that he has no one. He lost his uncle who loved him and he never had the same love for about 6-7 years… He prayed daily that he wants a true friend. And now I am his friend.

    Duh.. I am writing so long..
    Here is what I want to say.

    If your friend is like fire (🔥) you should be water (💧) so that he cools down…
    You know.. 🔥+ 🔥 = atomic bomb!

  56. I love my best friend deeply…but she is depressed for her ex relationship… how can I stand by her?

  57. I'm always thinking about my friend who has depression. He cuts him self. When ever he does cut himself I cry or feel empty

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