5 Weird Ways To Cure Nausea

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  1. When I’m feeling nauseous I take a hot shower to make me feel better. Bonus……. If I actually do vomit it can be easily washed down the drain.

  2. Oh God!! I vomited in my mouth just watching!! Really burping as I watch them eating spoonfuls of mayo and jumping.

  3. 4:22 Link boy, ya good? I can't tell what's going on with you anymore after that lol can't imagine how some of the crew felt

  4. I’m was so up set before I watched this. But you guy are the only people that make me happy and forget about my problems 😄😁

  5. I have never laughed so hard in my life when you guys did the fart spray masks. I made my stomach sick laughing so hard. 😂👌 Also…ginger essential oil is the best for nausea!

  6. "Get it off! Get it off your face, man!" Then proceeds to thump mask off Rhett's face with trash can. 7:56

  7. It's not often you wish for your favorite youtuber(s) to projectile vomit on camera for their audience.

    But here I am, wishing it.

  8. You halfway doing the masks was a let down… Not as extreme as you used to be.. I was disappointed.Entertained, but disappointed none the less.

  9. I hate it to break it to you, but the fact that a guy makes plenty of videos of himself puking? There’s about a 98% chance it’s a fetish thing

  10. I work EMS and a little trick we use to help nausea is having the patient hold an alcohol prep pad to their nose and smell it. It actually helps lol and there's real scientific research behind why it helps

  11. Can only take zofran every 6 hours and I'm like nauseous almost 24/7 But thing that helps most is unfortunately simply avoiding certain foods.

  12. Cranberry juice is far too acidic for nausea. Crystallized ginger works best or nibbling on saltine crackers you need to keep it dry in the food department. If you ever have Montezuma's Revenge follow the BRAT diet which is bananas rice applesauce and toast. No butter nothing on the rice but some salt.

  13. I'm a nurse and when all else fails I put an alcohol wipe on the patient's nose. Works every time even if it's only for 10 mins.

  14. I’d smell that fish and mask all day, but just watching them eat spoonfuls of mayo straight outta jar made me gag, I’d vomit before it even touching my tongue. so gross

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