Lie on your back with feet together. Using
your arms for support inhale and raise both legs slowly roll the buttocks and spine on
the floor raising the trunk to a vertical position The elbows should be about shoulders
width apart. gently push the chest forward so that it presses firmly against the chin.
Release your hands and place your arms on the floor beside the body with the palms down.
Slowly lower the torso, the buttocks, and the legs. Relax in Shavasana.
Lie on your back with feet together and hands under the hips. Inhaling arch your chest up
and rest your crown on the ground. Hold the posture for around 10 seconds.
Lie on your stomach palms to the side of your shoulder. Slowly raise your head and straighten
the elbows. The arms may or may not be straight. Hold the position for few seconds. Slowly
release the upper back by bringing the arms, lower the navel, chest, shoulders and finally
the forehead to the floor. Lie flat on your stomach, bend your leg upwards
and hold both the ankles with your hands. Inhale while raising your thighs and chest
simultaneously arching your spine as much as possible.Hold the position for as long
as its comfortable. Exhaling return to the original position.
Sit in Vajarasana. Stand on your knees with your hands close to your thighs. Stretch your
arms up lean backward and slowly reaching the heels with your hands. push the hips forward
and bend the spine as far as possible. Remain in this final position for as long as its
comfortable. return to the starting position by slowly releasing the hands from the hips
one at a time.Its important that this asana is followed by a forward bending asana like
Shashankasana. Sit in Vajrasana.Bend forward and raise the
body so its weight rests on the hands. Pass the right knee over the left one. Sit on the left
heel pressing the bodies weight on it. Bend your right arm raising he elbow high. Stretch
your hand up bring the left hand up to center of the back and try to grasp the fingers.
Stay in this position for up to 2 minutes. Unclasp the hands and perform the asana with
the opposite hand and leg.

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