6 Signs of High Functioning Depression (What is Dysthymia?)

today we’re going to be talking about
high functioning depression and make sure that you stay tuned to this entire
video for an exciting announcement towards the end what is up everybody
this is Chris from the rewired salt where we talk about the problem but
focus on the solution and welcome back to another video where we are diving
deep into the topic of depression and today we’re going to be talking about
high functioning depression which is a very very important subject because some
people go years of their life without realizing that it’s even there because
they’re out and about and they’re doing things so real quick like there’s not an
actual diagnosis for high functioning depression but it’s typically referred
to as dysthymia so high functioning oppression it’s kind of just another
term for dysthymia so please please please do me a favor and share this
video because we need to let people know that there are people walking around
going to work every day or going to school and they’re struggling with
something like this phobia and nobody even knows so this video might be able
to help educate some people by sharing this video you might be able to set off
a little red flag in the person’s brain and make them say oh maybe I’m
struggling with that and I need to go seek help so let’s jump straight into
this and let’s talk about the six signs of high-functioning depression the first
sign of high-functioning depression is being constantly tired you just feel
exhausted even though you’re going about your day you’re constantly tired now
this is a symptom of regular like depression or major depressive disorder
and we’ll talk a little bit more about this later on why this might happen but
if you feel like you’re just lacking energy and you don’t have as much energy
as you used to this can be a sign of high-functioning depression sign number
two is difficulty concentrating so if you’re doing things like working and
your mind’s constantly wandering or you’re reading a book or even watching a
TV show or a movie like sometimes you’ll have to like go back in your book and be
like oh my god I just read like five or ten pages I don’t even know what I just
read or if you just find yourself getting lost in movies or TV shows and
you’re constantly having to rewind this can be a symptom
of high-functioning depression so number three is avoiding social situations so
if any of you have been tuning in if you’ve been watching my videos
isolation is terrible for depression it fuels depression
it makes depression and anxiety so much worse but if you find that you have are
purposely avoiding situations and some of this can be because you just feel so
tired and so exhausted you just don’t have the energy to be around other
people because you feel completely drained or it’s just a lot of negative
self-talk like people don’t want to be around you and things like that number
four is a huge one okay these are unhealthy coping skills alright so if
you find that because of your folks because of your depression because of
your sadness because of your loneliness if you are turning to unhealthy coping
skills this can include alcohol or drug abuse
unhealthy sexual behaviors it can involve binge eating anything that is
not healthy for you these are toxic behaviors and this is when like you
really need to start seeking help because if you’re starting to notice
that you’re turning to unhealthy behaviors like if you watch any of my
other videos about how habits are formed like it is so much easier to treat your
mental illness when you’re in the early stages of these unhealthy coping skills
rather than later by working with somebody else you can start developing
healthy coping behaviors and this will actually help you get out of your
depression and start living a better life
so number five is constantly worrying about the past or the future like you
ever get stuck in your head or sometimes you’re just like you remember something
from weeks months or even years ago you’re like I can’t believe I said that
I can’t believe I did that like if your brain is latch latching on to these
thoughts from the past like this is a major major sign or your future tripping
you’re worrying about what’s gonna happen where’s your job going to go
where what are you doing with your life how are your relationships gonna turn
out are you gonna be alone forever and this goes back to symptom number one
latching on to the past or the future is something that can really mess with your
sleep so if you’re laying in bed just constantly thinking about the past of
the future this might be a major sign of high-functioning depression
lastly number six is that you are extra irritable all right just everything is
frustrating you annoying you like I used to live in this constantly one of the
reasons I avoided social situations was because I was just extra irritable just
being around people just completely frustrated me being drained I wasn’t
able like my ability to deal with the BS like was just non-existent alright so if
you are struggling with being just extra irritable really frustrated just
constantly this might be another sign of Disgaea alright so those are the six
signs of high-functioning depression and like I said if you think that you are
struggling with this there is help available one of the first steps that
you can do is like simply see your like your regular doctor like your regular
doctor go see them tell them about your symptoms tell them what’s going on and
they might be able to guide you in the right direction I am on antidepressant
medication called lexapro and this is actually prescribed by my normal regular
doctor it’s not from a psychiatrist or anything like that doctors can prescribe
certain things but not others so talk to your doctor but if you feel like your
depression is really bad and you need to talk to a mental health professional go
ahead and check out the link down below for better help online therapy they are
a very very affordable online therapy service and when you sign up not only is
it helping you but it also helps to support the channel so again like I said
please do me a favor share this video share this video to help people
understand as someone in their life might be struggling with dysthymia they
might be struggling with high functioning depression and they don’t
even realize it or it might help somebody else realize that this is
something that they have been struggling with and lastly for this exciting
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