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Shilpa: Hi, I’m Shilpa
Pete: Hey, I’m Pete Shilpa: And today we’re talking about exam
stress Shilpa: So there’s a lot of pressure to do
well in exams. You can feel anxious, you can feel worried about the grades you’re going
to get and how that’s going to affect your future, so we wanted to talk today about how
we can cope with that a little bit better Shilpa: Sometimes we can think I haven’t done
this, or I’m not going to get the right grades, but actually flipping that on it’s head and
thinking about what you can do can be quite helpful
Pete: If you genuinely feel in yourself that you are trying your best, no one can take
that away from you Shilpa: Believe in yourself
Pete: Believing in yourself, yeah, and having faith in yourself
Shilpa: How do you think things like negative thoughts can affect you when you’re already
quite stressed? Pete: It really gives off a tendency to procrastinate
– I’m not going to be able to do this so what’s the point in doing it anyway? Trying to remain
as conscious as you can about those negative thoughts, you can kind of know what they are
and be able to catch yourself out when you’re having them
Shilpa: You have to boost yourself, because I suppose everyone else will be putting pressure
on you so yeah Pete: Absolutely, absolutely Shilpa: Try and find something that suits
you because everyone learns in different ways Pete: Regardless of what way you learn, whether
you’re visual or aural or however you learn, or having conversations with people or back
and fourths, or filming yourself now with your smartphone, you can do anything
Shilpa: Be creative with it as well, because I think that people feel like you’ve got to
just sit down with a pen and paper and read and remember stuff but that’s not the case
Pete: Trying to make a game out of it and having little challenges for yourself can
make the time go so much faster, and it can really take the pressure off because it’ll
feel like you’re having fun Shilpa: Just because you don’t learn something
at first, or it doesn’t go in, doesn’t mean that you’re thick or you’re stupid. You can
find another way to learn better Shilpa: Try not to compare yourself to others
because some people may be more academic or they may perform better in exams. That doesn’t
mean you aren’t good at something Pete: There was a lot of competition between
people. If you came out of an exam someone would say “oh how did you think you did?”
It’s that group mentality of wanting to do almost like the same as everyone else. Their
grades aren’t going to impact your career Shilpa: And you can really consume yourself
with that worry and you know, whether it’s friends or even siblings Shilpa: If you’re feeling pressured due to
other people’s expectations of you, try and talk to someone
Pete: I remember being under a fair amount of pressure from my teachers actually. We
expect you to get these grades Shilpa: Did you feel like you could talk to
someone? Pete: I spoke to my mum more than anything.
She said keep enjoying yourself, keep doing your best, don’t try and live up to anyone
else’s expectations Shilpa: That feeling of pressure shouldn’t
be something that you hold onto yourself and maybe even the people that are putting pressure
on you don’t realise that they’re doing it Shilpa: Don’t revise all the time. You really
should reward yourself Pete: I had like a big schedule blu tacked
to my wall, so it didn’t seem as daunting anymore. Lots of little bits to do. Do one
bit, watch an episode of something. I’d do another bit, watch an episode of something
Shilpa: But also being physical is a really good one too Pete: Exercise is brilliant
Shilpa: Going out for a walk Pete: It doesn’t even have to be running or pumping iron or anything like that. It can
just be like going out and walking and getting some fresh air. Breathing and getting your
body working so that you can come back feeling refreshed
Shilpa: You can get into a cycle of maybe cramming for exams, so you’re not sleeping
very much, drinking loads of energy drinks or trying to stay up all night
Pete: Yeah, it’s kind of counter-productive because your brain just goes NO! STOP! And
it just won’t. It’ll start rejecting the information Shilpa: When it starts affecting your well-being,
when it starts affecting your enjoyment, that’s really, I suppose, a warning sign Shilpa: Tip number six is there is life after
exams Pete: I definitely didn’t get the highest
grades, but I am more than content of what I’m doing now
Shilpa: You know that thing about giving yourself the time to still follow your hobbies or the
things that you’re interested in is really important, because they are skills as well
Pete: Exams are definitely important, but they’re not the only key to a successful future
Shilpa: And now we want to hear from you. We want to know how you would cope with exam
stress, so let us know in the comments below. There are more links in the description, if
you want to get support and advice around exam stress. Thanks so much Pete
Pete: Thank you Shilpa: We’ll see you next week. Bye!

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