7 Signs of Low Vitamin D (How Many do You Have?)

Hey, this is Dr. Berry. In this short video, I want to talk to you about the seven signs that your vitamin D Level might be low. Now some of you may or have already caught on to the vitamin D epidemic of low vitamin D in the US and Canada, but many of you have not and that’s what I want to talk about today Vitamin D is a big deal if your levels are low chronically it can lead to suffering Early disease and early death and so we want to avoid those three things all we can. Now if you already know about vitamin D And you take a good supplement I bet you have friends and neighbors who do not know Please share this with them on your social media email it to them you can text them the link you can share this in any Number of ways to help me help even more people now, let’s talk about seven signs that your vitamin D Might be low and I may even talk about what you can do to fix it at the end We’ll see. So the number one for an adult, the number one sign that your vitamin D might be low is bone aches. Okay. If your bones ache, not your joints, but your actual bones themselves That’s actually if your vitamin D is Low that’s a condition called osteomalacia, which means painful bones and when your vitamin D Level is below 20 or 25 you can have osteomalacia or painful bones This is a sign that your bones are starving for vitamin D, they’re not being able to keep their bone density up where it needs to be this is your bones yelling at you “Hey, dummy take some vitamin D Or get out in the Sun.” right? so osteomalacia is a big deal if you don’t have enough vitamin D You can actually lead to osteopenia and ultimately Osteoporosis which are brittle bones and that that’s the condition that older folks have when they fall on the carpet and break the wrist. When you fall down on the carpet you shouldn’t break any bones; if you do, then you’ve been vitamin D Deficient for a long long time. So achy bones… that’s sign number one that you may have low vitamin D Sign number two is chronic fatigue, and I know, I know, I know, that’s the sign of about a thousand different possible conditions; But if you go see your doctor for chronic fatigue, one of the very first things he should check is a vitamin D 25 level to see if your level’s low. That’s an easy fix it’s an easy catch and easy fix if he checks the right lab work. So chronic fatigue can be from low vitamin D The next is if you have a fracture, a broken bone, from just a little bit of force If you step off the curb and break your ankle if you fall and break your wrist on carpet Right if you just like to fall off the couch and break your wrist That’s not normal human beings are made to bounce not to break and so I’ve seen so many patients in my office come for follow-up after they’ve been to the orthopedic surgeon for a broken wrist just like this: “I Was leaning over to get something to pick it up off the floor and just fall off the couch and broke my wrist.” That’s not normal. Okay, and the orthopedic surgeon did not check any blood work so when I checked their vitamin D Level It would be 8 or 12, and it should be over 40, Okay? So if you have a broken bone for no real reason, like if you’re coughing a lot from bronchitis and you break a rib, That’s not normal! that shouldn’t happen. You probably have low vitamin D. If you have frequent (this is number four), if you have frequent viral infections, like it seems like you have a cold every 10 minutes, right? or you Just have just repetitive infections way more often than your friends do, that could be a sign of low vitamin D; because keeping your vitamin D where it needs to be can actually protect you from infection. If you have (number five), if you have depressed mood… I don’t mean you know clinical depression, I’m talking about just depress, kind of down in the dumps, that can be from low vitamin D. More and more research is coming out to show that vitamin D is very un-inflammatory both for your brain and for other body tissues and … and so one of the things that you could have is a depressed mood if your vitamin D is very low. So part of the workup for Depression when you go to your doctor should be some blood work and within that blood work should be a vitamin D 25 level checked, and if it’s low it needs to be fixed. Number six is slow wound healing. if you get a cut or an abrasion and it seems like it just takes forever to heal, [coughs] if it seems like you heal far slower than your friends and family, then you may have low vitamin D. vitamin D is in charge of hundreds of biochemical reactions in your skin and other parts of your body and your skin just doesn’t heal as effectively if your vitamin D is low. So that’s another red flag that you may have low vitamin D. Number seven, it’s kind of like number one, but it’s different: If you have muscle aches, just your muscles ache for no real reason, now if you, you know, if you walked ten miles yesterday and that’s the first time you’ve done that in years, It makes sense that your muscles would ache; but if your muscles ache all the time and there’s no real reason for it, you may have low vitamin D. Obviously there are other things that could be so go see your dock and get a full lab panel and a full exam, but you may have low vitamin D. And something as simple as taking Vitamin D3 every day could fix your achy bones and your achy muscles. Number eight is basically if you live in the US and Canada, this is a bonus, if you live in the UK, if you live in the US, if you live in Canada, if you live anywhere up in the higher latitudes, you don’t get enough sun to make vitamin D, okay? And so my hierarchy my solution for you if your vitamin D is low is to get more sun. If you can’t do that then take it… then you can get more vitamin D in a good Ketogenic diet. if you’re eating grass-fed butter, that has vitamin D. If you’re eating the egg yolks from chickens who were able to run around in the yard and eat bugs and worms Those egg yolks have vitamin D3, right? So butter and then if you’re able to eat pork that’s been pasture raised and that and actually was allowed to run around and eat grub worms and acorns and other good things and play out in the Sun all day, that pork will have good vitamin D. And so I’d much prefer you get your vitamin D from the Sun and from your diet. But if you just have to have a supplement then make sure you’re taking a good vitamin D3 supplement, not D2! Maybe your doctor says “Oh, you need to take this vitamin D2 once a week or once a month.” Don’t take that! It’s just not as well absorbed as vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a much more natural way to take it and so if… also a lot of people think dairy is a good way to get vitamin D. It’s a terrible way to get vitamin D. It’s been fortified with vitamin D2 as well, which is again not as well absorbed. So if you can’t get it from the Sun And you can’t get it from your diet then take a supplement. And some people need to get it from the sun, from their diet and take a supplement. It’s up to you; you decide which one of those people you are. But if you do take a supplement make sure it’s vitamin D3, make sure it’s in a in an oil-filled gel cap, and make sure that the oil they use is not soybean or canola oil. You can get one off Amazon with Olive oil and that’s much preferable to taking one with canola or soybean oil. So there you go, the seven signs that you might have low vitamin D And then just a bonus if you live in the US or Canada or the UK, Then you’re at very high risk of having it, because there’s just not a lot in the food supply And you don’t get enough Sun to really make up the difference. Now if you enjoyed this video Please consider subscribing to my channel and clicking that little bell, so that every time I get a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first to know; and if you feel like my videos have really helped you and maybe even changed your life a little bit click on the patreon link down below you can throw a buck or two my way And it just helps me have more time to make more videos Just like this. This is doctor Barry. I’ll see you next [time].

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  1. So true. I broke my leg just falling down 2 steps. I used to have achy hips and they said I had osteopenia. Also, I broke my big toe and barely touched my toe on the side of my couch anyway, Vitamin D cured it.

  2. So I'm 52 years old and my doctor checked my vitamin D and my count was 9! However, I don't have any of these symptoms. I've never had low energy, I don't ache anywhere, and I'm not prone to depression. My doctor gave me vitamin D oil pills and I'm suppose to take one a week. They're 50,000 mg. But my body won't retain it. I'm Irish and very fair skinned, so the sun is not an option. I feel fine though. My hair is getting very thin on top and I wonder if that could be a symptom. I don't want to take a pill, once a week, for the rest of my life, when it's clearly not helping. So now I'm wondering what my options are.

  3. How much vitamin d though doc because the RDA is extremely low people take a supplement once a day and they could still not have enough. Do you need more than RDA to undo a deficiency? Thanks

  4. I didnt have a Boner for years. I took Vitamin D and now have a good stiffy. Now I know the Vitamin D stands for DICK!!!!!!

  5. New subscriber here…thank you!!!…I feel both my hubby and I are in that low vit d category…we live where there's 6 month passing rain clouds llol.

  6. I think I have this! I noticed these symptoms after I got a new job where my room is located in the inner part of the building. No windows! I don't remember having such aching bones, muscle aches, etc. It's so bad that when I stand up from sitting – and it doesn't have to be long – my joints ache. I wake up every morning feeling achy muscles and bones. I feel fatigued all the time. I do get congested very easily. I do feel down a lot, too! And my wounds are very slow to heal. I have a bruise on my upper lip that is still there from over 2 months ago! I have a doctor's appointment but they recently called to reschedule!

  7. Will it fix my achy breaky heart? 😂 seriously though thank you for the reminder now that winter is coming here in the UK

  8. Most people and especially vegetarians should get a blood test twice a year. Vegetarians suffer the highest rate of depression and should be monitored.

  9. I have 70% of those but dont drive I walk. As a manicurist i work sitting on a chair all lite hours see very little sun 15 min in am an 15min PM

  10. NO PORK Doctor you should know it’s bad for you and God says those who eat swine is an abomination to Him
    Leviticus 7:21 and chapter 11 unclean! Isaiah 65:4-66:3,17 Deuteronomy 14:3-21 acts 10:14 being a Doctor you should know better 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Vitamin D is where you get your son who are you I've been a surfer my whole life a ballet dancer for 23 years when I started coming inside recluse thing that's when I started getting these symptoms because I was out of the Sun

  12. Because your vitamin deficient cuz it living inside and you're falling on the carpet what if you fall outside from being inside so much and you hit concrete do you shatter like in Death Becomes Her

  13. Ok, listen up folks. In England the land of the sane we would describe this guy as reaching and exceeding the point of peak wanker. Look it up!

  14. 2 opposite questions:
    1/ For people spending all days and nights & weekends in office, like most startups founders, (parallel to your example for people in NAmerica), should they take Vitamin D supplements?
    2/ What are the typical symptoms for Vitamin D overdose?

  15. Great video. I coughed once. Not sick just one little cough. I hot such a bad pain in the area of my ribs after that. I found out that one benign cough broke my rib. Thank goodness for my GYN who tested it and put me on mega dose of Vitamin D. My Vitamin D was 6. I can't go in the sun due to I've had skin cancer 5 times, 4 basal, 1 squamous.

  16. I was just put on vitamin d2. In your video you say don’t take it Can you tell me why. It is once a week. What should I do. I was taking d3 over the counter.2000. But she told me it wasn’t good enough.

  17. my vitamin d level was checked about 6 months ago.. My level was 9!!!! I had horrible aches and pains, kept bronchitis or respiratory infection, couldn’t sleep, depression was bad but i had anxiety horribly, i was dx with panic disorder i now believe it was due to my vitamin d level, my level is currently 48 and i feel like a new person. Wonder why doctors don’t check this more often?! This was a brand new dr that had just ordered basic blood work and i’m grateful he checked it!!!!

  18. Vitamin D deficiency: level should be over 40
    1) Bones aches
    2) Chronic fatigue
    3) Easily breaking bones
    4) Freequent Viral infection
    5) Depression & Anxiety
    6) Slow wounds healing
    7) Muscle aching
    8) Get more Sun, Diary, Egg Yolk, Pork, Supplement D3.

  19. All I can say is that I am 71 years old and in pretty good health. I'm strong and I don't break. I never bought into people saying it's normal to get aches and pains and be sick when you get old. That happens when you do not eat properly or exercise. And I do take supplements one of which is Vit. D3. This Dr. has some really good advice. And get up and move!!! I also take probiotics every day and I don't get all these colds and flus that go around every winter!!! Keep the immune system strong!

  20. I take a vitamin d-3 supplement 2000IU, but it's a small tablet. I had no idea I should be making sure it's oil-filled gel caps. I'll buy some next time and make sure it doesn't have the wrong oil in it. Thanks

  21. those sound like very vague symptoms, they are only attributes and don't define why you feel those things, for example if you are a heroin addict, taking vitamin d won't make those symptoms go away.

  22. I'm confused with the difference between vitamin D2 and D3. I took D3 supplements and my D levels never rose. I was taking 3 capsules daily of large dose D3. I started taking a prescription D2 and in somewhat small doses daily my D levels rose but that is not all. I had suffered bouts of painful muscle spasms in my thighs and buttocks for almost 10 years. When I started the D2 those spasms stopped. When I tried going back to D3 over the counter my D levels plummeted and after a month the spasms started again. It is hard to find D2 over the counter. Mostly I find them in stores that have health foods & natural foods etc.

  23. I have been supplementing D3 for many years now but watching that vid I was reminded of a time I was in a mess, aching legs, but not the joints as you say, so bad I could not stride out, I shuffled and debilitating fatigue. That has improved but I never thought it may have been the D3 that did it. I was trying a number of supplements to combat "chronic fatigue" at the time.

    BTW My wife is on that sad slope of dementia. Six years after diagnosis she is still at home and "doing better than expected". 25,000 IUs a week look to help but I also give her a few other sups and two prescription drugs that "they" admit can only slow down the advance.

    I have outlived dozens of friends but those who are still around have no interest in supplements 'cos they eat a good diet. I keep my own council.

  24. Thanks for this important knowledge. I just wanted to know if It's ok to take a tablet by using the sublingual method.

  25. Dear Dr. Ken. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and had a Vit D test done, and the result was ‘adequate’ so it was suggested I take Vit D3 supplement. I was on 1000iu per day but noticed the pains in my legs began to get worse, so much so I could not get out as my poor walking became unbearable. I had to stop the tablets. Have you seen this yourself in any of your patients? Is there anything else I can do? I trust you can help me with this. I have had these conditions for 30 years. Thank you for helping us. Hilary.

  26. Vegetarians and vegans can't take D3 supplements. I had Vit. D deficiency and my doc prescribed Ergocalciferol (D2). My levels are back in the normal range now.

  27. My husband and I started taking Vitamin D 2 months ago and we both feel amazing!! More energy, less aches and pains and better sleep

  28. My doctor told me I was one of the lowest he’s ever seen. I had no symptoms never have had any symptoms of vit d deficiency, I think its another scam to get you taking more prescription meds. Big Pharma coming at you again and again.

  29. I asked my doctor about being vitamin D deficient and he scoffed at me & said it was rubbish and declined my request for a blood test. Time for a new doctor I think!

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