7 Simple Tips To Reduce Your STRESS Right Now

Got stress? With 75% of adults reporting moderate to high levels of stress in the past month, there has to be a solution So what are the best scientific methods to deal with stress and anxiety? How can you genuinely relax your mind and body they say laughter is the best medicine. Turns out, It’s also the stress medicine when we laugh our oxygen intake increases stimulating the release of endorphins. Studies even show that simply waiting to see a funny movie can increase beta endorphin levels by 27% and Decrease stress hormone levels in the bloodstream. After a hilarious film, participants had lower levels of the stress hormone Chromogranin a in their saliva and while you’re at the movies why not make out with someone it decreases cortisol and increases Oxytocin from the pituitary gland in the brain creating feelings of attachment bonding Contentment and security study participants who kissed their partners regularly over six weeks has lower blood cholesterol Level of course some chewing gum might help your breasts But a japanese study also found that those who chewed twice a day for two [weeks] [increased] their feelings of well-being other study participants who chews gum while being subjected to a stress inducing task also shows lower levels of cortisol and their saliva than those who didn’t have gum and not because of the ingredients in the gum But simply from the Act of chewing known as mastication this repetitive motion is directly related to increased activity in the cerebral area of the brain and Relaxation time spent in Nature or even a simple house plant can lower stress levels [-] in 1982 the Japanese government started a Shinrin Yoku or [forced] [baiting] campaign Promoting the benefits of spending time [in] the forest for this purpose in just one short visit to the forest Cortisol levels heart rate and blood pressure have all been shown to Decrease even hospital patients who have a view of nature tend to have better pain tolerance and faster recovery rates compared to those who faced only a Blank wall speaking of leaves even though relaxation from tea may simply be a Placebo It turns out that the anticipation of a ritual linked with relaxing emotions may very well be a self-fulfilling prophecy [in] other words if you’re mentally preparing yourself to relax with your favorite calming tea or relaxing scented oils our brain is primed to slow down and can actually influence well-being the amygdala in the brain is responsible for emotional control and is directly connected to our olfactory system. Inhaling a candle scent reminiscent of a happy childhood time like warm apple pie may very well help us relive those memories creating a better mood. Music can have a similar effect. Songs with 60 to 80 beats per minute but no lyrics have been shown to reduce stress even in patients who have undergone various types of surgeries [and] If you can get or being near a pet do it having a dog correlates to lower scores on anxiety tests. 12% compared to 21% for those without one and being in the presence of a friendly dog has been shown to lower cortisol levels and increase Oxytocin. Finally, some people relax and focused by fidgeting which is why we made another video on fidget spinners the new toy craze and whether or not they actually work. Head over to that video by [clicking] the screen or using the link in the description and subscribe for more weekly science videos every Thursday.

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  1. Best way to relief stress:
    Stop watching this videos, face your problems and deal with the situation even tho it’s hard, and once u actually deal with the problem, u will be relieved

  2. I love all these studies! Do you have references for these studies? I’d love to include these in my health psychology course.

  3. Dont forget about light workout 45-60 min, yoga, meditation, dancing, playing music, riding something like bicycle, skateboard or boat, fishing, and most important positive thinking, focus on positive, not negative. ^)

  4. i'm so in stress today cus i have so many problems i cry so much so so so so much i dont know what is going on with me
    Comment and like if you are with me

  5. I always think that who ever help me just moraly in this situation i will never leave that friend.. but the problem is that i never share with my friends.

  6. i didn’t know i was gonna be a dad till today and the abortion appointment to my knowledge has already been set a week from a now. I don’t really know how to feel. Please God help me.

  7. I feel like my mom does this on purpose but i be gone till like 8 cuz of my program then get on my xbox then my mom sees me on the xbox and right after i sit down she says go read for 20 mins then when i am done she says 15 mins on the game

  8. My dog actually gives me anxiety by showing nervous and needy behaviour – not sure how they are thought to relieve anxiety. I obviously love her but to claim that dogs can bring relief of anxiety in all cases is pretty off. Especially when their health issues make you a regular at the VET.

  9. And simple and effective stress relief application

    check it out

  10. I can’t stop stressing at football , I just started playing and I’m tryna learn the plays and I always screw up and I can’t focus because I stress too much 😔

  11. Ok, I need this video kind of tweaking to the 9 – 15 yr old… maybe at home , or group activity, or school…. you guys are so good, can you do this… ???

  12. Before you comment: These aren’t supposed to be magic tips to get rid of intense stress, they’re just things to help you relax.

  13. I actually want to increase stress so I can increase the effect of xanax too but .. ok i guess? We all have job interviews one day

  14. I had freaked out and cried while studying sat every single day why does this stupid one test effect ur life so much! This is stupid!!!!

  15. I like to put a virtual walk on in the background because it helps me to feel like I'm out in nature. Like this virtual beach walk: @RZoQ Or this sunset river walk: @G5Gc Or this woodland oasis walk with a surprise double waterfall at the end: @itAg

  16. to reduce stress for the men here is to rise young lil white girls fucke her 2 times a day u loose stress by 4% but after u need to get rid of her or she tell on u

  17. to reduce stress for the men here is to rise young lil white girls fucke her 2 times a day u loose stress by 4% but after u need to get rid of her or she tell on u

  18. Stress is real but no worries with this link will help you on how to handle and be stressfree http://tenteaea.com/1h0B

  19. No wonder I keep wanting to go fishing, chew gum like im smoking cigarettes, drink tea then getting laid on the weekends lol

  20. I personally have a severe stress problem and can have stress so bad that I get physically sick and so I sometimes listen to asmr. “I prefer the ones that have beach sounds since I like the beach.” And it helps a bit. But it is different for everyone. So find something you genuinely enjoy and do it while you are stressed it may help.

  21. Haha, stress? What poor joke is that? I already migrated to disappointment in every aspect of life because of the people around me in my elementary childhood.

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