7 Tips to Help Manage Depression, Anxiety, Insecurity & Low Self-Esteem

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  1. Hey Shawn, I just watched your first module (after this Youtube), and I had a nice thought when you mentioned your trek out of the Grand Canyon…a difficult journey, indeed. I've been with the Grand Canyon Field Institute for some twenty years and I know that big ditch of Northern Arizona quite well (with about 8,000 miles backpacking throughout the canyon and the Colorado Plateau Province). Anyway, that was good advice you gave the listener and that's always the good mark of an educator. You can find out more about me at www.richholtzin.com and I'm getting ready to publish and republish a slew of books on the Plateau, including, of course, the Grand Canyon…my other office. Anyway, something led me to your YouTube video, and I guess it's one of those "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" serendipitous moments. Thanks. I look forward to going through your course over the next day or so. Thanks for the uplifting journey thus far. Happy trails, Doc Rich!

  2. Depression and anxiety is a Spirit. I used to suffer from these demons before until Jesus set me free. Biblical typology..https://youtu.be/bBaoiyR4CWA

  3. i have a few people in my mind and some of them are good some are jerks and they are all constantly playing king of the hill to take over and they are arguing over who should

  4. I used to have severe depression and anxiety and I thought that my life was coming to an end. I thought that I had no future and Id never be anybody in life. But today Im more happy, confident, and at peace then Ive ever been in my life. I didn't heal myself on my own though nobody can. God saved me. I gave my worries and all my fears over to Him. And He's completely healed me and restored my life. YOU DONT HAVE DO ANY WORK. Just give everything to God. Ask Jesus Christ into your heart, and start reading His word and applying it to your life. He WILL guide you and He will set you free. If you don't believe me, just look up testimonies of Jesus Christ on youtube. He is real. He does love you, and He just wants to set you free.

  5. I don't know if anyone will see this but I hate my friends the started hanging out with out me and I'm fine with that but they get annoyed with every thing I do and they're slowly starting to replace me with their other friend 🙁 and they hang out with out me ALL THE TIME now with out even inviting me and worste of that is they text me pictures and videos of all the fun their having and bragging about the perfume and sweaters they got at the mall! sometimes I just cry myself asleep knowing that I can't leave them because I don't have anyone to fall back on and they'll just make fun of me the way they do to other ppl and they always tell me that I need to chill out when there yelling at me cuz I asked a question and they're feeling a lil stressed out. I just don't understand how that's my fault and when we're walking they'll pretend like I'm not there even tho they DO know I'm there and then they say oh where's S****a then look at me cuz they know I'm there and say oh nvm just to make me feel included with out having to talk to me. And even tho I've said a lot there's more. They ignore me we always do what the main mean person wants to do and do it and my other friend is being treated the same way when this happens but she doesn't care. And the person there trying to replace me with well they like her even better than me and it's fine but I've known for quite a while and they're rather hang out with her it's so hard to deal with but I'm glad I can say it somewhere😥

  6. It's hard to overcome anxiety and depression if u have physical pains.I want to get better,but i have nonstop body pains everyday which makes me feel helpless and hopeless.Idk what to do anymore

  7. I've had depression, anxiety, and self confidence issues since I was in elementary school. is there even a fix? I feel so crippled. I tell myself to stfu when i start overthinking every little aspect. in conversations i can sense the slightest shift in emotion and it automatically turns off the mood. I cant sit alone with myself or I get so depressed and I don't really have friends to talk to.

  8. Thank you very much! From this video I've learned there are solutions out there. I'm going to click on the link

  9. best way to overcome from depression is to be try to get into your self high version ….depression is all about thought so think good for your good .there are lots of people around world who are going through that low feeling like you are thinking right now …but the fact is we are mortal we die someday but death should be worth of it itself…get out from your negative feeling and start to feel the reality which is present world around you…like if you support me 🙂

  10. Psychiatry is a fraud where psychiatrist make up fake names for things people do normally and call them "mental illness" to make money off suckers who give them money and that they put people on psych meds that can kill them?

  11. Depression is the most difficult thing I've ever been through, but I do believe it has great spiritual value in a "dark night of the soul" kind of way.

    I am on the other side of a major depressive episode and doing well, and am now much more of an insightful person for having been through it.

    Meditation has helped me recover more than I would ever have believed it could.

    See my channel for my "Things they Don't Tell You About Depression" video. Much love.

  12. Thank you for making this video gave me more tips for helping my depression. This is the second time I've had depression. It is way worse than the last time I had depression. I think this video with seven tips will help thank you so much.

  13. I think self thought works. even directing your thoughts away from negatives. but sometimes it gets so hard.

  14. You helped me think differently this morning not suicidal. Thank you! Very good video. Hope to see more.

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  17. The Academy of Arts and Healing is launching a program to offer art therapy and potential income opportunities to people who’re struggling with severe depression and/or PTSD and are finding it difficult to support themselves. Visit: www.AcademyOfArtsAndHealing.com

  18. If I pay attention to my thoughts I'll end up committing suicide. I've already tried. No one cared. That's the best thing to do. No one cares now that I'm alive. They won't care if I die, will they?

  19. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about dealing with depression try Nevolly Depression Remover Nerd (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it.

  20. I have anxiety, depression, panic disorder, a lot of stress, sexual confusion, paranoia, inability to concentrate, trust issues and more. HELP ME

  21. I have suffered from anxiety for a few years. I struggle with social things sometimes as well witch is linked to my anxiety. It lead to other feelings about my self such as, not being good enough e.c.t it made me have low-self esteem about myself and insecurity and confidence. I hate a lot of things about myself, I hate my body, the way I look, my personality. It's lead to me feeling depressed, I'm not saying I have depression but I do have days where I do feel really down about myself and everything. Recently I have been having suicidal thoughts such as, I don't become anywhere, no one would really care if I left e.c.t and it upsets me that I have these thoughts because I don't what to feel this way at all. I feel like I don't even know what is happening anymore, I'm to scared to ask or talk to anyone about it as I feel like I'm being weak and that they will see me differently.

  22. the things that you showed in the video look very effective and i would try to use them in my daily life to feel better and to get involved in other activities. i hope for a good outcome.

  23. Easier said than done when people feel relentlessly bombarded with negative thoughts n feelings Real support is a big key Good information Anti depressants for me have had terrible side effects tried so many wish they worked A new thought is Imagine the depression leaving You

  24. Thing is, I'm really young. I'm current in 7th grade and I had depression since grade 5 and I have no one to talk to. Some people will say 'Don't worry, you can talk to me.' but I don't want that. I want to talk to someone, personally. Today, I was in school and a random stranger, a guy to be exact told me to go with him because he's going to drive me home, I was about to go with him but my 'friend' came and mouthed 'What the hell?' she said, "We're on the service of Gary." The guy just stared at me, hesitating and looking guilty and all that. Okay I'm done whatever. Telling this has absolutely no point. basically I cried after that because I overthink end about what would happen. I could be raped or even worst, killed.

    I just want someone to understand me 🙁

  25. Im 17 and Idk why but usually when im getting ready to go ti bed at 11:00 so i could go to school early tomorrow (my school starts at 7:20). I often get depressed i always have this thought like how many hours am i wasting by sleeping or sometimes memory came flashing back when my brother was around we use to share the same room and usually talk to each other (he's not dead he went to a university now). Sometimes i even thought about death. Because of that though which makes me feel depressed i procrastinate my sleeping and often get sleep deprivation in the morning.

  26. I have spent months investigating top natural treatment for anxiety and discovered an awesome website at Aghy magic method (check it out on google)

  27. Dear me, please, believe, you are meant for greatness. You will, eventually, achieve your goals. Just believe, and strive. And if you fail, that's ok, at least you leave no regrets.

  28. Whoever disliked this is clearly a cunt, I came close to shutting down my ROBLOX group: Over 50K members. This video helped so much.

  29. There are several factors in treating depression naturally. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Martos magic method (check it out on google) definately the no.1 resource i've seen. Check out the incredible information .

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  31. I have chronic pain day in day out and all my family & friends slowly faded out of my life because they don't understand chronic pain. I need to find new friends that won't judge me. I don't know where to find friends.

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  33. Thank you for this video, I really want to try your suggestions out, you seem to have got some answers I have been needing to act upon for some time

  34. I get lost in my thoughts and lose control of present and the negative thoughts overwhelm me . I am shy and awkward in school but at home I'm the loudest person . I can't talk to people when I'm in public situations . I know I have some kind of mental issue but I can't recognise it sometimes I think its ocd other times I think its bipolar disorder cause sometimes I have no confidence and other times I have a great boost in confidence . i become aggressive angry and other times i cry alot . i cant afford a therapist . is there any natural remedy for this. what the fuck I need to do ?

  35. i was born and raised in the hood. but I'm not hood and i don't like the hood. I'm 18 and i got severe anxiety and depression and hardcore paranoia. i can't get out. this world sucks.

  36. Excellent video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about – Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (probably on Google)? It is an awesome one off guide for beating depression fast without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my BF after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  37. Ive learned that reaching out to people doesn't make things better at all. It is sometimes best to try to handle things on your own, silently, so that no one can interfere with the process. People easily make things worse with their judgements and remarks that aren't needed at such a time. No hate towards the video! It made me feel a bit better so thats a start! 🙂

  38. Honestly it was all really good advice but i don’t think you need god to love yourself and be a better you. Thats just me though.

  39. I had a child that was drugged with pcp and was psychologically affected. I feel guilty and to blame for this. Had i chose a better neighborhood and a better time to have children i wouldn't have caused this. I feel… I needed this message thank you!

  40. This videos is helping me out and no one dost not understand me and I am getting worse like my mom she makeing me feeling more hurt wail I am depression and I am in axinty too and she saying navigation to me when I am. In so much in pain like I haveing prolems Share ing. My feelings to my mom and I trying to telling her how I am feeling. Can you please sending me some of your videos on my YouTube account on my YouTube channel

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