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Chronic anxiety is a common anxiety disorder
that involves constant worry, nervousness and tension. Chronic anxiety is an intense,
persistent and excessive problem that can become extremely disruptive to a person’s
everyday life. Anxiety causes constant worry, feelings of
dread, the inability to relax and feelings of being overwhelmed.
While the behavioral and emotional symptoms of chronic anxiety are more widely known,
these 8 physical symptoms can also be signs of an anxiety disorder:
1. Muscle Pain One of the most common physical symptoms associated
with anxiety is muscle pain. 2. Headaches
Headaches are another common physical symptom of anxiety. Excess caffeine can also make
headaches worse. 3. Fatigue
Chronic anxiety is extremely stressful. The stress from anxiety can weaken the adrenal
glands, which play an important role in maintaining overall health and balance in the body.
4. Digestive Problems Chronic anxiety has been linked to poor digestion,
including irritable bowel syndrome. When the brain isn’t functioning properly, the digestive
system may also experience problems. Anxiety can cause poor digestion and low levels of
serotonin. 5. Sugar Cravings
Sugar stimulates a feeling of pleasure before causing a crash. Those suffering from anxiety
may crave sugar when experiencing distress. 6. Trouble Sleeping
Suffering from chronic anxiety can make it extremely difficult to be able to relax or
fall asleep. 7. Mood Swings
When the brain is filled with negative or worrisome thoughts, patience is reduced. Those
with chronic anxiety may have a tendency to lash out or snap at someone asking for attention.
8. Lack of Focus Someone with anxiety may have a hard time
concentrating or focusing, because the brain is generating a million other things.
There is no quick fix for an anxiety disorder, but a healthy and balanced lifestyle can help
keep symptoms at bay. If you’re battling anxiety, visit a health care professional,
and consider making these important life changes: Get enough sleep
Limit caffeine Avoid alcohol and nicotine
Eat a healthy, balanced diet Exercise regularly
Try meditation Practice deep breathing
Establish a reasonable schedule Identify unhealthy relationships
Talk it out when you start to feel overwhelmed Know who to avoid when you’re feeling anxious

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  1. Read Mark Manson’s stuff. The cure for this, according to him, is progressive desensitization (like in cognitive behavioral therapy)

  2. Man this doesn't begin to touch it.
    If you suffer from level 10, intense anxiety or panic attacks, you simply check out. Reality is too much, at times. So your body responds to that constant "threat" by shutting down. Numbness. ALL you can feel are worry, fear, anxiety, and doom. It can be a living hell, and a cycle that twists you up SO BADLY, you cant begin to find the end of the knot to even attempt to unravel it.

  3. Video uk I actually recovered A WHOLE FUCKING LOT, so I can absolutely tell you: THERE IS A WAY OUT. I recommend you go to Mark Manson Overcome Anxiety course (it is included in his membership to the site). If can’t afford, search for progressive desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy. The recovery process sucks, but when you actually recover it is heavenly blissful (I mean you start feeling normal, but compared to that shithole of SA it is heaven). Ultimately, it takes changing lifestyle (getting healthy, getting healthy relationships as well) because odds are bad lifestyle triggered the whole fucking thing. Also you should stop shaming yourself and start accepting yourself (Rene Brown wrote a lot on that). If you got OCD traits you should also go to therapy. Actually, therapy is good in whichever case, overall for talking with someone you can trust. You can beat this monster guys, don’t let it beat you! Just when you feel that night could go forever, suddenly arises the sun. Cheers!

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  7. Anxiety is the worst thing, I dont wish it on anybody. I get nervous and anxious over the littlest stuff. Mix that with being a hypochondriac and you'll believe every symptom of anxiety is actually cancer. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking and worrying. It is the worst

  8. I constantly worry myself sick about my cat. Like there's something always wrong with him. I know it's me that's sick and not him. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!! I started meds and hope they help

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