A Case Of Paranoid Schizophrenia (Footage) – VIDEOTAPE #1 | Subs ENG/ITA

Psychiatric Clinic Alba
Interview of 3rd March 1994
Patient’s initials: TRS Tell me, what are these powers you speak about? You can tell me, you’re safe here. I c-c-can’t tt-t-ell you. You’d o-o-only tt-t-ell the vo-voices. I can’t tell the voices anything. The other day you yourself said that the voices were gone, didn’t you? That they were gone away? I-I c-c-can… …r-r-r-read peop-peop-people’s m-m-mminds. Th-the vo-vo-voices… …th-th-the vo-voices want t-t-to do it t-too. Th-that’s w-why they’re l-l-looking for m-me. Can you read my thoughts at the moment? This boy has developed an active form
of delirium in reading thoughts. Why don’t you write it down, doctor? You…

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