A Community Conversation: Mental Health, Depression, and Suicide Prevention

I wanted to come out to buff state to talk about my experiences with depression and how it impacted my life including my work and my family and my friendships I’m doctor Caelius Picone and I am the coordinator of the Erie County Suicide Prevention Coalition I’m delighted to be a part of the community conversation that we are going to be having on September 6 this event is free it’s open to the public we hope you pre-register we hope to talk about mental illness to talk about risk factors of suicide warning signs that would alert you that perhaps a loved one our neighbor or a friend is in trouble and what you can do to help my name is John McCool and I’m the director of the Counseling Center at Buffalo State College we’re co-sponsoring this conversation we think it’s very important to get the word out that counseling is available and to understand the treatment does work I want to communicate the message that you can be diagnosed with depression but helps available you can recover you can leave a very successful [Music] you [Music]

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