A depressed woman hires a professional cuddler on Christmas Eve. | Cuddle Buddy

Yes? Hey it’s Hi I’m Clara. Hi. Can I come in? Yeah. What a spacious apartment. Oh and I love your It’s just a really great book with a lot of different options in it. You know, cause’ everyone has their own preference so you just… Uhh…through the woods? Oh yeah! Perfect. Ummm Is there a position that you prefer? The…the bottom Perfect. Could you umm… Sorry…could you turn that off? Oh my God! I forgot about that. Sorry.
It’s fine. Just umm… Oh you’re all set! Okay. Umm… Maybe if I ummm…. What if just…if I went… over here? So I’m just gonna….I’m just gonna lower my body really slowly on the side of you and let’s just start out with some deep breaths. Inhale and exhale. And one more time. Inhale. Good. And exhale. Are you comfortable with me putting my head on your shoulder? Okay great. okay Is that okay?
Okay. Okay I….! Ummmm. hooof! I’ m uncomfortable.
I’m so sorry. Uhhh…. We can go slower.
This isn’t working. Oh umm…. Would you prefer to chat for a little bit?
Not really. Okay. umm…. You still have 57 minutes left in your session.
I changed my mind. I’m done! I’m…. I’m so sorry. Uh… Did I upset you? I’m pretty new at this so if I did something to make you uncomfortable, you can tell me. We…could try the bed?
My bedroom is private! Of..of course. Yeah.
W-w-wait! Is that what this is!? What what is?
Are you…like…. What! No!
Cause-Cause I’m not… No I know you’re not…I…well I….pfftt I don’t know you’re not…uhhh…if you are thats…
Just mmmm Excuse me!
My cousin is gay. I…uhh Would you like a hug?
No! I would not like a hug! This was just a stupid idea. you can charge me for the full session I don’t care. O-Okay…I’ll just grab my things. Would you mind filling out this questionnaire? No I know its seems silly but it’s actually a huge help.
Look! How about I just sign the bottom and let you fill out the rest. Okay? Go crazy! Best Cuddle Session Ever!…No. That’s alright. You know… I’m proud of what I do. I’ve been told I’m very comforting and a good listener. Now I’m-I’m not good at plenty of things but I know I’m good at this. I’m sorry you’re in pain. Could you umm… Could you just…lie down with me for a second? Sure. I’m so tired. I know. I’m really… really tired.

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  1. l got into an accident just yesturday. l was freaking out, a complete mess, sobbing uncontrolably. the girl pulls me in and hugs me and it felt sooo nice and calmed me. it was so warm. l have been so lonely. with no friends, no one to talk too. it was so nice.

  2. Although I didn't like this one, I like Omelleto's interesting twists to stories you think will be predictable

  3. i felt so bad when this thought came to my mind but when the lonely woman cried i just thought of a water sprinkler…

  4. from my perspective (young guy) id feel uncomfortable if another guy was to hug me and be in the same bed with me, but wouldn't mind if it was a girl

  5. I wanna a cuddle buddy, cuddles and hugs are literally the best thing ever to exist, only time I feel truly happy and I don’t want them to end
    My friend and I always hug but he’s started doing half ass hugs where he just pats me on the back like those dude hugs
    And no we don’t like one another he’s gay and has a boyfriend and I’m lesbian

  6. Some people just don't receive love, from family or "friends" even boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. They have to perform tricks to even get a bit of attention and imitation love, love is not free for any person or gender. You have to pay something, rather it's with money, your body, your dignity or sanity.

  7. Me, i know what that depressed lady is feeling all too well especially when she said she is tired, so tired

  8. This is crazy. Didn't know these services existed, but if you need a stranger to cuddle with you, you probably should be in therapy. Get out of the house. Travel to a third world country (e.g. India ) and see how people can be happy on the just the basics. Leave your first world problems behind. Live in the moment and get out of your head.

  9. don't know why I clicked on this and watched … maybe all we need is someone beside us to hold our hand .. maybe all I need ! being alone can hurt !!

  10. that seems weird to have a stranger hug you in a bed…

    a stranger…

    in bed with you…

    a stranger cuddling you in bed..

  11. Do you want to be cuddled? Are you lonely? I can do it. Just pretend we're alone tonight. In your bed. The lights are out. There's nothing but the faint noise of the city, but it provides a comforting hum. Proof that there is life out there. You are on the left side because the right side is mine. Always. And that's the right side while we are IN bed, not looking down at it. I can hear you breathing. It's getting a little heavier, and I know what you have in mind. I turn on my side, away from you, presenting myself, making myself vulnerable to your…charms. I think you are unsure at first. You impress me as a take-it-slow person, and so am I, believe it or not. I even ask permission first for a kiss. 🙂 What next? Well it's your move, hot stuff…

  12. But I am a man born with big veins on my sausage roll and blood flows freely giving a very stiff hard on.

    Maybe is just me.

    Now you telling me nothing will happen.

    Come on.

    Only IMPOTENCE people can do that I think 🤔

    Let me know what you think about my truth about myself.

  13. It all just hit be almost at 5 in the morning. I’ve been doing it wrong. Lately every night before I go to bed I’d engage in a mangi a moi to finish of the night relaxed but I realized why I’m not being satisfied even if I finish what I’m craving isn’t sexual touch it’s just a physical skin to skin contact and I haven’t had skin to skin contact in 3 months

  14. I spent two years volunteering on a suicide prevention hotline, and I can tell you that loneliness is at epidemic levels in America. The best way to overcome loneliness is to reach out to help and bless others. There are many ways to reach out. One excellent way is to volunteer at homeless shelters and rescue missions.

  15. Sometimes you get so used to being lonely and deprived of human connection that you adapt. And sometimes you get let down so many times that you don't want it anymore. You start find it repulsive and go out of your way to avoid it so that you don't have to wind up disappointed. But you know that you're human and you're "supposed" to want those connections, so it makes you angry that you can't just be normal. I understand this woman's struggle.

  16. I understood this …some of us go so long without meaningful human contact…it matters when you are in that sunken place and you're ready say goodbye to it all…I loved this

  17. Ironic that in this world of instant connection and "friendship" with disembodied total strangers (FB/IG/etc) the prospect of intimacy with a real person is suddenly frightening.

  18. More people than I think most people are aware of or would ever admit. We're really, really hard on ourselves. This was pretty perfect.

  19. I have a lot of difficulty being touched. Was told I have a sensory issue. I would try something like this, not saying it would work, but I’d try.

  20. This short film make me cry. I can feel her… loneliness give me hurt damn much. Its more than enough if someone can stay beside me for awhile. No need to talk. Just stay.

  21. It's beautiful… U know somewhere we all have that craving to just get hugged or something but somethings hold us back… Like there is a fleeting sense of wrong and guilt in it…. Like we actually are treating basic human touch as self indulgence… It's bad…. But I wish someday… Things would be better…

  22. This was fantastic. Raw, and so so surreal, that it felt real.

    The two actresses, were great, and so natural.

    She was physically drained, and too mentally, and just needed someone to be there for her.

    I think this short, was absolutely beautiful to watch.

    People who sexualise this. Need a reality check.
    Loneliness is an ugly feeling. Especially as this was a festive season short, really empathised, on just how lonely she was feeling.

    The anger. The bitterness. You could see, she felt awful about, because the young girl, when she said.
    She was proud of what she did. She made people feel wanted, and yearned for, it didn’t mean, that she was in anyway, initiating any type, of sexual encounter, with her host.

    Beautifully done.
    All aspects.
    A job, well done 👍🏻 Omeleto😊

    I really felt a connection to this. As I know, it’s an ugly place to be in😢

  23. a cuddle is the best thing on earth…No wait…A cuddle with a baby is the best thing on earth…No wait…A cuddle with a baby holding a kitten is the best thing on earth!

  24. You can tell the main character is in a bad place. I’m glad her cuddle buddy could help. Where do I sign up???

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  26. "I would not like a hug" that's just me lol
    I m surprised, does this really exist??
    I love her when she said "I m sorry, you're in pain" that line touched me 😍

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